Pokemon Yellow Origins

This is the story of Red but with a Pikachu


2. Blue wants to battle!

Blue: Well Red do you accept

Red: Yes let's battle

Blue: OK then go Eevee!

Eevee: Eeeveee!

Red: Go Pikachu

Pikachu: Pikaaaa!

Blue: Eevee tackle!

Red: Pikachu dodge! and use Thundershock

( Pikachu attacks Eevee with its Shock)

Blue: Eevee Tackle!

(Eevee attacks Pikachu directly)

(Pikachu is directly hitted to the wall and faints)

Red: Pikachu no!

Blue: Ha! my Pokemon is too powerful for you

Red: Return Pikachu

(Returning Pikachu fails!)

Red: What!

Oak: Oh! so Pikachu is special

Red: What! why?

Oak: Some Pokemon dos'ent like Pokeballs and you're Pikachu is one of them

Red: Oh!

Oak: Well you two run along now!

Red and Blue: Bye Professor!

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