Pokemon Yellow Origins

This is the story of Red but with a Pikachu


1. Pikachu

(Pokemon Red and Blue appears then something comes in between Pokemon Yellow appears and the screen zooms in

then a flash of light lightens the screen and a man in white appears)

???: Hello and welcome to the world of Pokemon my name is Oak.

Oak: This world is inhabited by creatures known as Pokemon.

Oak: Pokemon live with us some people keep them as pets some use them for fights

(Gets a Pokeball and throws it releasing a Pikachu)

Oak: This is what we call Pokemon know that you know let's get started!

Red's Mom: Red wake up it's 6am you're late to get your Pokemon

(A child wakes up and wears his clothes and rushes down)

Red: Finally! bye mom!

Red:(Narration) It's time time to get my first Pokemon!

(Red rushes to Oak's lab)

Red: Oh Professor Oak's not here

Red: Oh! there's Professor Oak

(Red runs over the patch of grass)

Oak: Red stop!

(Red stops)

Its dangerous here you need you're own Pokemon for you're protction

(A Pokemon suddenly jumps out of the grass)

Prof.Oak throws his Pokeball and catches the Pokemon

Oak: Phew! good thing I have a Pokeball Red let's go to the lab

Red: OK Prof.Oak

(Red and Oak goes to the lab)

Blue: Hey gramps,Red i've been waiting for ages

Oak: OK Red you can have the Pokemon there in the table

(Blue runs over Red)

Blue: This is my Pokemon!

Red: Hey no fair!

Oak: Blue (sigh) fine Red come here

(Oak gives the Pokemon he caught earlier)

Red: This..is

Oak: That is Pikachu an electric Pokemon

Red: Thanks Professor!

Blue: Hey Red now that we have our Pokemon let's battle

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