Secret PenPal - A michael fan fic

Written in y/n's point of view!

You have been builed since you started high school and there was only one person to blame; Michael. Everyone follows his lead and thinks he is sooo funny.
Luckily for you, you don't need anyone else but your best friend... until one day you write a song lyrics from a very unknown band on your table in the math class and someone continues the lyrics the next day. The messages on the table becomes small notes and you are bounding with this unknown penpal on levels you could never imagine. The person brights up your day and you help each other through troubles, but who might this secret pen pal be? (story is posted on tumblr as well under the name Calmimagines)


4. Chapter 4

“Don’t look to your left.” Kate said as soon as you stood out of your car. She never came out to you at the parking lot. She was always waiting for you at the entrance. She linked her arm with your and started to walk away with you, but you did exactly what she said you shouldn’t. To your left was Michael arriving and at his side was Jenna. She was like glued to his arm as she looked down at everyone they passed like she was afraid that anyone took him from her, like she was actually lucky. “Wait are they together now? For real?” You asked Kate. Was that what she was trying to save you from? That the jerk king got a queen now? “Ermh yeah. They arrived together and it looks like she is stuck to his arm or something. Don’t worry about it.” “Why would I worry about it? They are the perfect couple! They are both horrible people and just yesterday Jenna stole my seat in math. So I didn’t get my note yesterday. I hope he doesn’t think I hate him though.” You were talking more to yourself than Kate at this point. What if he actually thought that you hated him and didn’t want to write him anymore? You couldn’t stand the thought, because he was such a big part of the reason that you wanted to get up in the morning. He made the school enjoyable. “With what you tell me about the letters, he doesn’t hate you. It sounds more like the opposite.” Kate pointed out. “It doesn’t matter. Because the second finds out who I am, I’m sure he is going to stop writing anyway.” “That’s not true! He will miss out on the most wonderful girl. And at this point, I’m sure he don’t care who you are anymore. You two are like… soulmates.” She said and patted you on the bag. Soulmates? That word made you cringe so hard. “Yeah I don’t know about the whole soulmate thing. Anyway I have to go and get something in my locker before class.” You said and hurried away from the conversation that became a little too serious. You didn’t dare to think about when he found out who you were. You liked the way things were. You walked down the next hall to you locker and your heart skipped a beat, when you saw James standing at his own locker. It was surprisingly close to yours and you never realized. You slowed down and tried to keep it cool. You got your books and were about to leave when you noticed that James had dropped his headphones was about to leave as well. You picked them up and hurried after him. “Hey James! You dropped these.” You called after him and he turned around and gave you a relived smile that almost gave you a heart attack on the spot. Maybe you should just pretend it anyway? Mouth to mouth was still used to save lives right? “Oh. Thank you. I don’t know what I would do without these. I can’t get thought a day without my music.” He said and rolled the wire around his fingers. “Me neither. It’s like gasoline for the soul.” You blurted out without thinking. “Yeah. Yeah exactly. You know how it is.” He said and he actually giggled. He giggled. At you and just you! You didn’t know what to say so you just laughed a little awkwardly and ran. You ran away from your first ever conversation with James and it was too real. Could he be your secret pen pal? He loved music as much as you. It felt just right to talk to him. When you got to math class the first thing you did was to through yourself down in your seat. Jenna shouldn’t get anywhere near your seat today! It was your and your secret pen pal’s table. You hurried to feel under the table and to your relieve there was two notes hiding under there. Is it weird that I have been looking forward to Monday and math class? I have been wondering around all weekend with nothing to do and wished that I could break into the school and read your letter. That’s the effect you have on me now. You are really the only one I can talk to about everything. It’s like talking to psychologist but so much better I imagine. You kind of inspired me to actually start to write my own texts again. I use to do that when I was a little younger and went to guitar lessons. It was pretty bad back then though, but I have faith in this song I’m writing right now. I hope you don’t mind me writing a song about you? It’s just the first time I actually feel something like this. Your heart was pouting so fast it was ridiculous. This boy had stolen your heart in your words. No sexual attraction, no talking. Just written words. You didn’t want to admit this to Kate, but the soulmate thing she was talking about? You were so close to feeling it. You had never thought that someone would ever write stuff like this to you. That’s why the next letter almost broke your heart. Do you know how depressing it is to pull out a note and expect it to be a letter from someone, but you only sees your own bad handwriting staring back at you? It really sucks. I figured you must be sick and therefore wasn’t at school yesterday. That can’t be good either so I hope you are doing well now. I wish I could come with some soup for you. Well, if you are having a cold. I don’t know. But I hope to hear from you again. You could have murdered Jenna at that point. She was the reason that you hadn’t been able to write back and even though he wrote to you that he thought you were sick, it sounded like he was afraid that you wouldn’t write him back again. You took out a paper and started to write immediately. I’m sorry I didn’t write you yesterday. We had a substitute teacher that didn’t know who was who, so some of the others took the opportunity to switch seats to sit next to their friends in class. So someone took my seat. I was about to kick some ass if it wasn’t for the invention of the detention. About the song; I’m really honored that you want to write about me. Makes me wonder about which kind of song it is. I know your music taste and it’s normally about breaking free from the norms of the society and heartbreak. I wish I could write songs. I do write a few things down from time to time, but I never get further with it. I just like the rimes I guess. Hope you will share a bit of your song at some point. No pressure of course. You stuck the note under the table and took his two other notes in your backpack. You didn’t know if you wanted to show them to Kate this time. It felt too intimate and you knew she wouldn’t shut up about the whole soulmate thing if she saw what he wrote her, when she was gone. The next day you walked into your history class. You were a little late and your teacher was giving you a look. “Thank you for joining us today, miss. y/l/n.” She said and looked over her thick glasses. She was a small angry woman and she basically looked like a mole with boobs and a bobbed haircut. “I’m sorry. There was something with my car.” You explained. There wasn’t really anything with your car. You just overslept and raced all the way to school in action movie style. “Now that you are here you deliver these for me. It’s for Mr. Harris.” She gave you a stack of papers and a note that gave you permission to leave your classroom. You laid down your bag next to your seat and walked out of the class again. You stood outside the door for a moment. Mr. Harris was your math teacher. He would be in the math class. So would your possible pen pal. You didn’t want to find out this way. You wanted you two to be a secret for each other. No one, not ever yourselves, knew who you were. But the possibility was 50/50. Your pen pal could be in the other math class. You sighed and started walking towards the math class. You knocked two times on the door and Mr. Harris asked you to come in. Everyone’s eyes were on you. Naturally, because someone coming through the door in the middle of class would always be the most exciting thing to ever happen in math class. “I should deliver these papers to you.” You said and Mr. Harris waved you up to him. You walked through the class and everyone was starting at you except one. You caught eyes with Kate for a split second and you could see the pain in her eyes, because she knew that you knew now. The only person that wasn’t staring at you was a person that was too busy reading a note. A note that with your own handwriting on it. Michael was bending over the table and was smiling down at the paper. He didn’t even look up when you passed him. You felt like you could have broken down in the middle of the classroom. You hurried up to Mr. Harris and threw the papers on his desk and almost ran out of there. The tears ran down your cheeks as soon you closed the door. Why this? Why would the only person that you ever cared this much about and liked this much, turn out to be the person that had cured you the most pain through high school? You walked back to your history class but you couldn’t focus. After class you stormed out and ran to your locker to get the rest of your books. You were ready to go home. You didn’t care that you still had a class after lunch. And you didn’t care about it being math. When you got to your locker, Kate was already standing there and she looked like she was about to cry as well. “I’m so sorry! I should have told you!” She said and tried to hug you, but you backed away from her. “For how long?” You asked her. Giving her a dead glare. “What?” “For how long have you known?” You asked again and you could see that she was holding her breath for a moment before answering. “For a week or something. I know where you are sitting in math so I kept an eye on him and then I saw the notes he was reading. But y/n I didn’t tell you, because I knew it would break your heart. I know how you feel about him but you were so happy. I wouldn’t ruin it for you.” She explained and took a step again you again but you slowly backed away. “I have to get out of here.” You whispered, but you knew she heard you. She just nodded. Lucky for you, she knew when to give you some air. So you walked towards the parking lot without caring who saw you. You tried not to cry, but it was simply too hard. “Hey tree kisser! Why in such a hurry?” Someone shouted at you and you stopped to look at Michael. He was wearing a blue denim jacket and he had Jenna glued to his arm again. He was giving you his most cocky smile but when he saw your face it changed. He actually looked worried for a second. “Is everything alright?” He suddenly asked you but before you could answer Jenna interrupted. “Who cares? Come on.” She said and dragged Michael away from you. You were kind of grateful for that, because you didn’t want to talk to him at all. You just wanted to go home.
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