Secret PenPal - A michael fan fic

Written in y/n's point of view!

You have been builed since you started high school and there was only one person to blame; Michael. Everyone follows his lead and thinks he is sooo funny.
Luckily for you, you don't need anyone else but your best friend... until one day you write a song lyrics from a very unknown band on your table in the math class and someone continues the lyrics the next day. The messages on the table becomes small notes and you are bounding with this unknown penpal on levels you could never imagine. The person brights up your day and you help each other through troubles, but who might this secret pen pal be? (story is posted on tumblr as well under the name Calmimagines)


1. Chapter 1

”Morning tree-kisser!”

This was the morning greeting you got from people, just because of one stupid mistake and one stupid boy ruining everything for you. Every day since you were a freshman you had been greeted this way by everyone because you sucked at PE. Sport has never been your thing but the education system said that you had to be dragged through PE and actually get grades for it. But one day in freshman year you were playing handball because it was something that none of you were playing in your free time, so it would be equal fair for all of you. Yeah… no.
You were horrible at it but you had to try because your teacher was looking and judging you all. So you actually made an effort and eventually someone felt bad for you and for the first time threw the ball for you. You ran to get it and your focus was on the ball. Maybe your focus should have been on your surroundings instead because you ran directly, head first, into a tree. You fell to the ground and cracked your tooth. Everyone was laughing but a boy from the other freshman class ran up to you and helped you up. His name was Michael and he was drop dead hot, but he said the thing that no one would ever let you forget.

“You have to watch where you run, tree-kisser.” He said and laughed. Everyone was laughing and you were running away. But because stupid Michael Clifford was one of the popular kids from day one, everyone took in everything he said and eventually everyone was calling you a tree-kisser.

“Hey  y/n.” Your friend Kate said. She was maybe the only person on the whole school that didn’t call you tree-kisser.  She was a little geeky like you but never enough to get a nickname from Michael. She was a lot prettier than you and actually cared about her looks. Her hair was bland and her legs long. You never really understood why she wanted to be your friend, but you two had been inseparable since you were small.

“Hey Kate, how is Anthony?” Anthony was her boyfriend of a few months and ever since she got a boyfriend, she has been on your neck about you getting one too. So much that she have been arranging blind dates for you. And you hated so much. Not only was it awkward that your friend had to convince people to actually date you, but you were totally awkward yourself. You had no filter from your brain to your mouth at times and could let out some very stupid fact about something that no one was talking about and you we easy to be misunderstood. You were pretty much a geek. But not a very good geek because you horrible at math.

“He is good. We were at the cinema this weekend and he laughed so much that soda came out of his nose.” She explained and made a face.

“How charming?” You said sarcastic.

“So are you ready for another date?” She said and stepped a meter away from you like she thought you would hit her.

“No. Absolutely not. Not again. No.” You said and started to walk faster away from her.

“But this dude is great! He is almost as awkward as you!” She said hurrying after you.

“I’m not doing it, and Kate, you are not in my class.” You said because you had stepped inside your math class. Sadly you two was not in the same class.

“You will. You wait and see.” She said and pointed a finger at you because she walked to her own class. You sighed and turned around to see that the few people that was already there was looking at you weirdly. You kept your head down and sat at your usual seat next to Laura you had never really talked to, but she left you alone so she didn’t bother you.

When your teacher came in the class you found your notebook in your bag like a reflex. You had pretty much given up about math, so you used your time to write a few verse or something like it, because you enjoyed writing song and try to figure out how they could sound when you got home to your guitar. Though you had never showed anyone your lyrics or played a single not near anyone. Not even Kate. So your notebook was kind of a secret place for you to let out your thought and no one would ever see it.

Suddenly the class grew very quiet and you looked up and saw that everyone was looking at you and your teacher looked like he was waiting for you to say something.

“Oh… ermh… I forgot to listen. Sorry.” You said embarrassed and closed your notebook but your teacher was on to you and walked down to your seat and took it from you.

“I will keep this for the rest of the class. I’ll talk to you afterward.” He said and you could hear some in the class was giggling. That was it. Now you actually HAD to listen, because there wasn’t really anything left to distract you from the fact that you sucked at this class… Until your eyes caught a writing on the table.

If I was a balloon,
I would say goodbye to you.
I’d send a postcard,
from  where the clouds are floating me.

What even? This was lyrics. This was lyrics to a song from a band called Split that you were sure you were the only one on the school that actually knew. The song didn’t have much more than 3000 listnings on YouTube. So the person who sat at your table the class before must know the band too? You were looking around to see if anyone was looking at you, but they were all busy writing notes about something that your teacher was writing on the board. So you too a pencil and wrote the next part of the lyrics.

If I was the moon,
I’d be shining down on you.
To guide you through,
the darkest nights.

It was quite exciting to have a fellow fan on the school but who could it really be? There were two classes in the room before you had math in third period and the class was only used for seniors. So it had to be either the morning class or the class Kate was in.

After class your teacher held you back until all the other left the class. He found your notebook from his drawer and held it in front of you. But as you were about to take it, he snapped it away from you again.

“Y/n I will not tolerate you sitting and doing everything else but listening in the class. If you want this back, you have to promise me that it stays in your bag through all my classes. You understand?

“Yeah I do.” You said and took your notebook from him again. What was you suppose to distract yourself with in math now?

You were sat on a bench outside and were waiting for Kate as you always were. You never knew if she left the school to visit her boyfriend Anthony on the neighbour school or ate lunch with you. Either way you always had the best view at James and his friend. James was your crush with a big c. You have had a crush on him since you started at this school. He was a geeky kind of type and always had a book with him. You didn’t know what he was reading, but he was so attractive when he was concentration and his expression was all serious and his black hair was hanging a little over his face.  If Kate really had to get you together with someone, why didn’t she just try James?

The next day you sat down at your table in math the next day there was an arrow drawn on the bottom of the table and pointed to the other side. You were confused at first. Was it pointing a you? At your chair? You spread your legs and looked at the chair but there was nothing. Maybe under the table? But how was the person able to write under the table? And was the lyrics just continuing under the table? You had to find out. When you were sure that no one was looking you, you pushed you pencil off the table and as you reached down to get it, you looked under the table. There was only gum and… a piece of paper tucked up between the tabletop and the steel. You took it and hid it in your hand a little until people were done staring at the girl that dropped her pencil in class. Everything was more exciting than math apparently. You folded it out inside your textbook.

Wow another person that knows the song? You must be really special, huh? I thought I was all hipster for liking this kind of music.

You smiled at the paper and turned the paper around and wrote back.

Can you blame me? The band is awesome. It’s a shame that no one really knows them, but I also kind of want to keep them for myself, you know?
And no I’m not special. I just have an awesome music taste I guess.

You put the piece of paper back under the table and made another arrow on the table, so that the person could see that you wrote back. Hey, this could be your new thing in class, now that you couldn’t write in your notebook. 

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