Pear Shaped ~ A Poem

And it's all gone pear-shaped.


1. A poem


And it's all gone pear shaped.

And someones squishing and squishing,
And squishing on it,
Till the last juices spurt out and,
It erupts.
It erupts like blood spurting out of a cut wound,
In fast forward,
So fast,
Too fast.
It's all a mess.

It would be fine,
It's just a pear.
I am the pear,
And the hands are my life.

Squished and squashed till I feel so small,
As small as the seed in the middle.
Except really the seed is just the heart of the pear,
Mush surrounding it,
The seed is what controls it.

But it's a messy seed heart.
Barely functional,
Confused, scared.

I am a mess,
With a messy heart.
And it's all gone pear shaped.

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