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I have chosen to write about horses and their development from wild horses to domestic horses. When I look at a horse I see this beautiful creature and I wonder where the beauty, pride, and freedom has gone. I feel this passion when I am with horses. I cannot explain it but I just feel like horses are the only creatures I can be with and still be myself.

Sometimes it can be hard to be together with horses. If we don’t know what we do with the horses it can be dangerous for us. If you don’t know how the horse will learn to trust you, the horses might resist. If you are going to the left the horse might go to the right. And we think that the horse says, ‘You are not good enough’. And if we keep pulling in the opposite directions we might think after weeks, months, maybe years, ‘I am not good enough’.  In other words, the horse can be very challenging to work with and can test your confidence.

Horses living in captivity have a different life to wild horses. When horses were free in the wild they ate grass about 18 to 20 hours a day. They could walk a long distance, they could move 8-20 miles a day - which is a long distance compared with what they walk today in captivity.

A relationship with a horse can cause a lot of problems and frustration. Frustration and negative feelings are things humans have every day. We should be in the moment to be content with the horse. We must stop expecting a lot of things from the horses and let the horses be horses. Sometimes we should ask “What is in it for the horse?” and not “What is in it for me?” The horse has to be comfortable with what we are doing.

For many people, a horse is only a money machine. The horse has to win, and if the horse gets sick they can no longer use it. The horse can never make any mistakes in training and its whole day is taken up with activities they are forced to do. The horses cannot be free to do what they want to do. Because this is the lifestyle we have created for them.

Alexander Nevzorov is a well-respected horseman. When I look at his horses I think they have a very good life. Sometimes it seems like they are flying. Alexander Nevzorov is one of the best horse whisperers in the world. He has learned to understand horses by reading their body language.  He never uses any punishment to teach the horses things.

But when I look at how some people teach their horses to ride, it looks like abuse. They use spurs and whips, and they pull on the bridle placed on the horse’s head. It look really cruel.

For some people horses are their best friends. Horsemanship and Liberty is a movement that has the horse’s interests at heart. It's a way of training where the feelings of the horses are very important. If the horse doesn’t want to do something they can say stop. 

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