The woods of Washington are well known. But some people don’t know the horrors that go down in those woods. Only a few do, and only one of them is still alive. Barely.


1. Ten Years Ago

Walking past the woods was one thing I dreaded most about my mornings. Everyone thinks I’m insane for thinking the woods are haunted, but I’ve never been a fan of dark and crowded spaces. That all started when I was four. Before my parents divorced, my father used to lock me in a freezer in our basement. That is actually the reason for my parents divorce. My mom found out about it about three years ago, and we ran away, never looking back. Now I am 15, living my life as best I can, but sometimes when I get stuck in places, or even when I get a hug, I have a huge panic attack. None of my friends know why because I’m too embarrassed to say anything. I used to live in Arizona, but when we went on the run, my mom took us to Washington to live with some family and we’ve been here ever since. I have three close friends, Mandy, Jeff, and my best friend Archie. We have been inseparable since I moved here and they never cease to make me smile. They know I’ve had a rough past, they just don’t know what rough actually was. If I were ever to tell them what went on, what would they think of me? I know I have to tell them some day. I just don't know when I will be ready. Maybe I will have to do it today, because if I don't tell them soon, I might lose them.


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