The Big Bang Two (A Static Shock Story)

Join Static and Gear on a new Adventure. New hero's and crossover event await. Black Rose


1. Chapter One

“I can’t believe they made another big bang happen” said Virgil.

“Don’t be so down V I mean were still the same as we were Static and Gear” said Richie “Come on man lighten up I made a cure for the cure. But now they have no gas to make a cure from.”

“I just hope no one got hurt when Ebon made the gas go off” said Virgil.

“Virgil that happened a week ago” said Richie “More Meta humans are showing up Static and Gear are going to be needed come on.”

“Fine” said Virgil “Let’s go I got a new Video game I want to try out.”

“Now you’re talking” said Ricci.

“Are they gone yet Ariel” asked a girl with angel wings coming out of her back.

“No not yet Angela” said Ariel “Give it another try.”

“Here it goes” said Angela.

She pulled the wings back in into her back.

“And your good” said Ariel.

“I hate this” said Angela.

“At least you’re not a walking time bomb” said Ariel.

“Don’t worry we’ll find away to control it like I did” said Angela.

One week earlier

“Ariel what’s that” asked Angela.

“Smoke isn’t it” said Ariel.

It hit them head on.

“It’s gas” said Angela.

“I can’t breathe” said Ariel.

Angela grabbed Ariel and got out of the gas.

Ariel touched something and it turned red she let go and it blew up.

“What the” said Angela “What did you do?”

“Me look at you” said Ariel.

“Oh my gosh” said Angela when she seen her wings.

Back to present

“Hay come on lets go get something to eat” said Angela.

“Ok” said Ariel.

“Hay Richie look who it is” said Virgil.

“What” said Richie “Angela?”

“Go ask her out I know you like her” said Virgil.

“I’m sure she’s too busy to go out with me” said Richie “Let’s go before she sees us.”

“Hay Richie” yelled Angela.

“Too late” said Ricci “Hay Angela what’s up.”

“What’s up” asked Angela.

“Noting” said Richie.

“Oh” said Angela Ariel elbowed her in the side “I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie some time.”

“Sure” said Richie after Virgil elbowed him.

“Grate I’ll see you tomorrow” said Angela.

She and Ariel walked away.

“Well she asked you first” said Virgil “I think she likes you two.”

“Will you drop it” said Richie “IT’s just a movie.”

“Maybe to you” said Virgil?

Something blew up.

“What was that” asked Richie.

“Let’s go” said Virgil they changed as fast as they could.

“Someone blew up a building” said Richie.

“What happened” asked Virgil.

“I don’t know said Angela.

“I just blew up” said Ariel.

“You two better get out of here” said Virgil.

They left.

“Ariel what did you do” said Angela.

“I didn’t mean to” said Ariel.

“Oh no” said Angela her wings started to come out Ariel grabbed something and put it over Angela and they ran off.

“Well it looks like whatever did this took off” said Virgil.

“It’s a good thing the building was empty” said Richie.

“Let’s get back to HQ” said Virgil.

They took off there masks.

“Hay V I just realized something” said Richie.

“What?” asked Virgil.

“Angela and Ariel were the only ones near the building” said Richie.

“That’s ridicules” said Virgil.

“Virgil I’m serious” said Richie “You could feel that blast form space.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying” said Virgil “they weren’t anywhere near the big bang.”

“Not the first time” said Richie “They both work at the docks were Evon set it off the second time.”

“Hay anyone home” said a voice knocking on the door.

They grabbed there masks and put them on.

“Flash what are you doing here?” asked Virgil “Batman, J’onn, Green Lantern, Hawk girl. What are you all doing here?”

“We came to see what that explosion was” said Batman “We got it’s location when it went off.”

“There’s a problem though” said Flash.

“What’s that” asked Virgil.

“It wasn’t normal” said Green lantern “No normal blast could be tracked by our computers. Unless it was big.”

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