Guess Me


1. Guess

I don’t make people feel good. I can make them feel scared, hurt, stressed, and weak. I will only visit everyone once, and once I’m there I won’t go away. I destroy people’s life, I make them feel like they’ve had chunks ripped out of their hearts, and I eventually hope they’ll repair themselves. I’m sure you’ve known someone who’s met me. They won’t be able to tell you how I made them feel, but one day they will. Not in this world, but in a far better place.

My best friend is grief, because once I’m done mutilating your life, grief steps into put it all back together. Sometimes I’m not always a despicable thing. Sometimes it’s good to put people out of their misery. It’s definitely not my most favorite thing to witness people suffer. That’s why I try making it quick, and painless. When I visit you, or someone you love just know... I will visit everyone

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