LOVE || h.s

Most girls don't hit puberty when their 15. I guess you could say I'm not most girls. I'm Emily Gray and I hit puberty a little late, and it did me pretty good. You know those transformation pages on Instagram? Yeah, I could be on one. But that wasn't the only change in my life that summer. I didn't think I would move or become internet famous or go on a world tour. Or meet One Direction. Or almost get pregnant or even a trip to the ER in the middle of the night. Remember what I said before? I'm Not like most girls.
And this is my story...


1. Before We Begin


Emily~ imagine

Jessica James~ as Kylie Jenner

Abby Long~ as Hannah Stocking

The Mom and Dad~ as whoever you'd like them to be

Benjamin Gray (Ben)~ as young Zach Efron

Layla Gray~ as Loren Beech

(More characters will be added later on in the story but for now these are the ones you need to know. I'm going to call you readers Loves just so you know! Love you guys!)

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