The beginning in the end: Alphys’ after story

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  • Published: 10 Jun 2017
  • Updated: 10 Jun 2017
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This story is about Alphys' after story. Its dark so be prepared to cry.


4. Chapter 2

Alphys didn’t feel good. She barfed all the time and she couldn’t breathe well. After two days she finished Mettaton’ body.

‘’Sweetie you don’t look well… are you okay?’’ Mettaton asked concerned.
Alphys smiled and nodded. She kept the façade long enough to get Mettaton out of the Lab in good state.

‘’Tell me if anything happens, okay?’’
‘’Of course know go you super star’’ Alphys Snorted happily.

Alphys closed the door and ran over to the fridge. She could feel the hole getting bigger. I was dripping from her stomach. She opened the fridge furiously and drank the substance again. Alphys had tears in her eyes, and a hand searching for other places that were melting. She found nothing.

Sobbing noises made echoes throughout all the Lab.

Later that day there was a knock on the door. Alphys was exhausted but stood up anyway. When she opened up the door she became so happy that she felled like explosive dynamite.

Undyne stood in the Lab head door with a big smiling face. Alphys jumped and hugged Undyne.

‘UNDYNE! What are you doing here… I... I thought’’ Alphys stuttered. Undyne didn’t say a word, she just hold Alphys close. Alphys closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment who felt like eternity. Let stay like this forever.

‘’Today Alphys your coming with me to the surface!’’ Undyne yelled. She grinned and walked into the lab. They laughed together ang Alphys heard all the good stories from the Surface.

Alphys stayed quiet and listened to the stories. She loved staying with Undyne.

Alphys also sneaked her red medicine with her.

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