1. Gone

All my life I had a normal life. Until, high school started. There I had felt many...many emotions. Heartbreak was the most. Dreams crushed...goals failing. I wanted to kill myself...but there was one person always keeping me alive. My teacher, she was really close to me...she's even closer to me than my parents. She knew my favourite food...drinks...colour...she even knew what I like doing the most. She was close to me, but she only kept me from killing myself. Her care for me wasn't enough to keep me from being sad. But she tries anyways...to keep me happy. Then one day, at the most crushing....heartbreaking moment. Her 32 year old daughter called:

"I am very sorry, but teacher....she...she's gone."

My heart was crushing even more than before:

"Why now? Why? At my most crushing moment...I didn't get to say goodbye...not even a hug... Who else can help me? No one can understand me more than she does...."

At that slightest moment...I wrote a note:

"She was the greatest teacher...the greatest person I ever met. She was like a mother to me. Without her care I'd be dead...and this is why I'm doing this.."

I went to kitchen...still holding the note on my hand. I picked up a knife from the drawer. Then and there I slid it on my wrist.

The next day in the news:

"A girl found dead in the kitchen, with a note on her hand. Investigators say that she killed herself because of personal reasons."

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