Book of Dream Magick

Dream magick instructions.


9. 9. Flying In Your Dreams

Flying is freedom; it is the experience of movement combined with the ability to choose any vantage point - including one so high as to be free from any particular context or reality and observe it openly from the outside. One can even be free of oneself: sleep is one such mechanism, death another. A Mage has more options. ["Movement and Awareness", Dreamer's Handbook]


You have the ability to fly in your dreams! I myself have experienced it many times, and in this manner many times I have escaped from many enemies. Just push (with your mind) your astral body up (like in an elevator), if everything goes well, you will start to go up. It's called flying, but I rather see it as a sort of levitating.


In dreams, the only thing keeping you from flying is your own fear. Behind the fear of flying is the fear of falling, and behind the fear of falling is the fear of a painful death.

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