Gambling for love.

Have you ever thought about whats behind the curtains of the town of Xaphon. It small town seems normal but there something or more like someone in the town. Gods of all classes ranks and backgrounds inhabit this town disguised as humans. One of these gods is called Quensie. She is the god of gaming and gambling. She attend Garia high. A school for normal humans. She is in the class 1-D which means she is a first year of the school. Alexander a boy living in Xaphon have a crush on the so called perfect girl of 1-D. His a upperclassman from the class 2-C. But the perfect girl of 1-D get request from boys all day. Will Alexander be a different case?


4. Your a god?!

"My pen!" The teacher shouted. I laughed as I left the class flipping my coin and having my new golden pen in my hand:
"So perfect!" I shouted. I had just shown the teacher my score of ninety-eight percentage correct:
"You really just enjoy kicking people when they are down huh?" Jaden asked:
"What. He asked for it. He bet with me." I replied:
"I know how to manipulate you can be. I'm one of the only people around this town there immune to your manipulating powers." Jaden said:
"No, you just know in an arrogant prick who likes to kicking people when they down and smooth it out with one more to the nuts," I said. I know I'm an arrogant prick who loves to see other suffer and I know how evil I can be:
"I know your evil but I saw a soft side of you yesterday." He said:
"Shut up...I was taken aback okay." I replied. He refers to my chat with Quensie on the roof:
"So are we gonna meet up with the short once again today?" I asked:
"Yeah, they wait for us outside," Jaden said. After we caught them yesterday and made sure they never pull such a stunt again. We made a deal of meeting up after school and have some fun:
"There they are!" Tiffany said as she saw us come walking.

I saw them come walking. This time that fool didn't have his smooth annoying grin. He was just smiling for once:
"There they are!" Tiffany shouted at my side. The two boys come walking:
"Yo shorty." He said:
"Hello, arrogant fuck," I replied:
"Yours truly." He said bowing jokingly:
"So did you pass the test?" I asked:
"Yes passed it and even took my teacher pen." He said spinning the pen around in his hand:
"Wait did you steal your teacher pen?!" Tiffany shouted:
"No. I won it fair and square." He said with an evil grin:
"Your really liking gambling don't you?" Jaden asked him:
"Yeah. Nothing better to cheat people out of their money and things." He replied carelessly:
"So what are we gonna do today?" Jaden asked:
"Oh yeah. Were gonna go to the shopping district and walk around then maybe see a movie or something?" Tiffany suggested:
"Sure," I said:
"Yeah. Why not." Alexander said. We walked down to the shopping district. Alexander was looking at me. Stealing glances all the way there. Like he was analyzing me. I just pouted and looked away:
"So here we are!" Tiffany shouted as was entered the shopping district. Tiffany is always so cheerful.

Is she always this loud? It's quite annoying but whatever. So back to my train of thoughts. Today I need to find out why she could see my hand when we played the game. She must tell me. Every trump card in your arsenal makes you better:
"Hey, lets go there first. I could use a snack!" Quensie shouted. She pointed her hand towards a small cafe. Jaden shrugged and walk towards it with the two girls. I stood there and looked at the cafe. My eyes scanning the place slowly. Why was I here? Why did I take time off my routine to go with these three? My eyes follow their movement. They were chatting away not even looking back at me. I was just standing there. I could reach out. But I knew that I didn't belong with them. I'm to great....No....I'm too arrogant. I'm too evil. These two girls are purely normal and Jaden have a nice side. He talked about my sweet side but it was a one-time thing. Because if I wanted to be nice. Why was the only reason I was here to check out her cheats for games? Everything has changed. I should avoid them. I turned on my heels and walked away. Everything around me turned gray. I was too deep in the darkness to let light help me now. If I wanted the light to help I should have listened to my brother. That was my last thought before I was out of sight.

"Hey, where is Alexander?" Tiffany asked:
"Oh shit. He was here a second ago." Jaden said looking around:
"He acted strangely too," Tiffany said:
"He didn't say a thing on the way here," I said:
"No. His usually not that quite." Jaden said:
"You know that maybe something happened to him?" Tiffany asked:
"Yeah..." Jaden said as he stole a glance at me: I didn't notice that:
"What do you think it is?" Tiffany asked:
"I can't tell. But we need to find him." Jaden said as he dashed forward. I was looking at Tiffany. She shrugged and ran after Jaden:
"Wait up J-dog!" Tiffany shouted:
"Don't call me that!" Jaden shouted back. I walked after them but soon set into a dash too to catch up. 

We split up and i was looking around the park and i saw him. That fool sat on a bench looking sad and by there i just knew what was going on. He was not scared he was getting manipulated:
"Phobia." I shouted out:
"Hey Gamia or should i say Quensie?" A girl said. The girl walked forward from the trees. She would have a purple hoodie on a black knee long skirt. She walked around in bare foot and her eyes was shinning purple:
"What have you done to him?" I asked:
"I poked fear into him." The girl said with a scared smile. This right here is Phobia. She is the goddess of fear and one of my kindergarten friends. Gods go to kindergarten together and the first years of school before we join the human society. I known Phobia for a while now. She was my childhood friend:
"Why have you done it?" I asked:
"Because he was getting to close." Phobia said as she hugged me close:
"Got to close?" I asked. Phobia would smile:
"Oh. I just don't like boys getting close to you. I saw it all...I was so scared. He was so nice to you." Phobia said:
"Nice to me?" I repeated:
"Just don't get close to him. You know the rules. Human and gods can't date." Phobia said:
"Just take the magic of him Phobia." I said. Phobia abilities as the god of fear is simple. She is mostly scared of everything but also can put fear into people of what they have struggle with lately. I don't know why Alexander left but i know that his struggling with something. She can see if people are scared and what their scared of and also produce a knife there cut right into people and remove fear but also able to kill those she fear. She snapped her fingers as a shadow would appear between her and Alexander. The shadow letting go of Alexander shadow and slowly pulling back towards Phobia. Alexander would look around confused where he was. He would keep sitting still:
"Well now god of games. Go over there and help your friend." Phobia said as she began to levitate a bit:
"Don't levitate in public. You could show your powers as a god." I said but i soon saw her wave her hands for me to shut up:
"Your a god?" Alexander asked:
"What!" I shouted my eyes widening as i turned around to see the fool stand behind me looking down at me curiously:
"No what your talking about im not-" I said but it was to late:
"That explain why you could see my hand. Well cool." Alexander said. I was shocked:
"Your not even..Surprised...Not even gonna like ask questions?" I asked:
"Im not that dumb. I knew something was going on in the world. Some people just seemed of. Like the fact that so many join school around the age of ours. Like they just appear out of thin air." Alexander said:
"Wow this guy is clever." Phobia said:
"Phobia shut up!" I shouted:
"Oh Phobia. The god of fear i presume and the reason i just turned into a five year old cry baby. How sickening. If i could turn back time i would slap myself. Im to good." Alexander said:
"So your not even shocked at all?" I asked:
"No. Quite awesome your a god and i would guess either god of cheating or god of games itself." Alexander said:
"Im the god games." I said. Why was i reveling it. It was like. I could trust him? 
"The god of games Gamia," Phobia said:
"Wait Gamia?" Alexander asked:
"Yeah...Its my real name." I said. He began to grin and the laugh:
"Why are you laughing!" I shouted:
"Gamia is such a weird name." He said:
"Sh-shut up!" I shouted:
"I really like Quensie more." He suddenly said. I could feel my cheeks burning suddenly:
"Like seriously. Gamia sounds like something you wanted to buy to eat or something. I don't know. Quensie suits the little hot head you are." Alexander said:
"Th-Thanks." I said:
"Now i got a mega-boost to my ego. I beat the god of games in a game. Woohoo!" He shouted and laughed:
"Shut up i let you win!" I shouted:
"Sure your did small fry. Come to my level. I'm above God now." Alexander said throwing his hand into the air:
"No your not. Your a pitiful human." I shouted:
"Sure then." Alexander said turning to me:
"Then. What about were friends?" He asked holding his hand forward:
"Friends?" I asked:
"I haven't really been friends with a god before." Alexander said:
"Wow...Your actually honest?" I asked:
"Sure why not. Your cool." Alexander said:
"Wait. Is this like a joke? Your have never been nice before." I asked:
"Your not like them. Your...Cool." Alexander said. My eyes were wide. Phobia would smile and walk of:
"I will talk to you later." Phobia said.
"Sure. Hey, Phobia!" I shouted:
"Yeah?" Phobia asked:
"You should start at our school. Could be fun." I said:
"Yeah. I'm having fun annihilating the teacher there." Alexander said:
"Shut up!" I shouted and hit him in the stomach. He laughed:
"Fine fine." He said putting a hand on my hair:
"Sure...I might consider it. I might bring Tide too." Phobia said vanishing:
"What...She vanished." He said surprised:
"We gods can teleport to the god world as long as were not injured," I explained:
"There you two are!" Tiffany shouted as she came running. Jaden ran pass her and hit Alexander down to the ground:
"Why the fuck did you do that your fucking ape!" Alexander shouted:
"Because your such an asshole running away like that you arrogant sin of fucking pride!" Jaden shouted:
"You want something your poo haired moron!" Alexander shouted:
"Come at me freak!" Jaden shouted back. The two would laugh afterward:
"You boys really are weird," Tiffany said. But I couldn't stop myself from laughing. Tiffany joined too. All four of us laughing.

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