Gambling for love.

Have you ever thought about whats behind the curtains of the town of Xaphon. It small town seems normal but there something or more like someone in the town. Gods of all classes ranks and backgrounds inhabit this town disguised as humans. One of these gods is called Quensie. She is the god of gaming and gambling. She attend Garia high. A school for normal humans. She is in the class 1-D which means she is a first year of the school. Alexander a boy living in Xaphon have a crush on the so called perfect girl of 1-D. His a upperclassman from the class 2-C. But the perfect girl of 1-D get request from boys all day. Will Alexander be a different case?


9. Tobias

"Wow really?!" Tiffany shouted:
"Yeah. Some of the upperclassmen assaulted me yesterday and Alexander saved me." I said:
"Your quite the hero then." Jaden said clapping Alexander back:
"If  you touch me again i will break your wrist." Alexander said:
"He also can sew." I said:
"You can sew?" Jaden asked:
"Yeah." Alexander answered:
"We get so much new juicy information today." Tiffany said:
"There is a creepy aura around Alexander right now." Phobia said:
"So this is the roof." A voice came up on to the roof. It was a boy. He walked around in sandals and shorts. He walked around in a Hawaii shirt the shirt itself open and showing his stomach. His blond hair was long resting down his shoulders. His eyes were teal. He walked towards us and i smiled:
"So you finally showed up." I said:
"Oh sorry I'm a bit slow. The system up there can be hard sometimes." He answered:
"Friends. This is Tobias Holohaku. His from my old school too." I said. This right here was Tide the god of water son. His the most laid back person i ever seen only rivaled by Alexander himself. He can produce water and heal wounds with his water. He was a lone god too since the god of fire didn't get a daughter but a son. The boy would grab a chair and sit down:
"Yo I'm Tobias Holohaku." Tide said waving his hand:
"Your starting in our class today Ti...I mean Tobias." Phobia said:
"Yeah. Its gonna be fun." Tide said leaning back in his chair. Then the speakers went on and i heard one of the teachers voice through the speakers:
"Will student Alexander Garin. I repeat. Alexander Garin please report to the headmaster office." Then the speakers died down:
"Yay. The daily routine." Alexander said standing up:
"Its maybe about that with Anabella yesterday. I should come with ya." I said:
"No its fine shorty. I got this." Alexander said leaving:
"So that is him?" Tide asked:
"Yeah." Phobia said:
"He seems so strange." Tide said:
"He is. But his truly strange." Phobia said:
"His maybe strange but his really amazing in regards to brain power." Jaden said:
"Yeah. I known him for only a few weeks now but his truly a genius." Tiffany said:
"Come back alive okay!" I shouted:
"Sure sure shorty if not i want it to be written. Fuck humanity. On my gravestone." Alexander shouted back. I smiled and giggled:
"She is happy." Tide said:
"Of course." Phobia said:
"She is in love." Jaden said:
"So jealous." Tiffany said pouting.

I walked through the halls and into the headmaster office. inside sat the three girls from yesterday. Anabella would shiver at the sight of me. I walked in with my hands in my pockets:
"Hello Headmaster," I said sitting down:
"Hello. Thanks for coming." The headmaster said. The headmaster was a okay enough person. He never really blame one before he heard both sides of the story:
"So you know why i called you here." The headmaster said:
"Yeah. I guess Anabella gave you a big fat lie about how i assaulted her." I said:
"You nearly broke my wrist!" She shouted:
"Calm down Anabella. I want to hear the story from Mister Garin mouth too." The headmaster said:
"Well did she talk about the other person there?" I asked:
"Other person?" The headmaster asked:
"I was on a date with the first year named Quensie Untoro. While i was on toilet the three girls here kidnapped her and took her to a alley to mock her a bit. Then i came and she first pushed Quensie towards me who i luckily caught while falling but also broke the toy i won for her in two and threw it to the ground. Then kept calling me disgusting for being on a date with a first year." I explained. The headmaster sighed:
"Anabella why didn't you tell me about this Quensie?" The headmaster asked:
"He tried to break my wrist headmaster!" Anabella shouted:
"I tried. I didn't do it. I would never hurt someone below me." I said:
"Below you!" Anabella shouted:
"Yeah. A girl who would hurt another person for the sake of reputation and popularity is quite a annoying person and i see it as below me-" I said:
"Garin." The headmaster said but i continued:
"You truly have no idea what your up against. I'm tired of you coming to my table every lunch break to talk down to me and scream at me like i was someone who had done the most horrible thing ever. Just because that girl could make me smile and you couldn't." I finished. The headmaster looked at me and Anabella:
"Seems like there been quite a fight between you two lately." The headmaster said:
"Excuse me but i don't fight. I don't care how much she yells at me but if she hurts Quensie I'm not gonna hold back next time." I said:
"So your only attacked because you wanted to protect your friend?" The headmaster asked:
"I didn't attack at all. I walked up slowly and took her by the wrist and then just softly pressed it until i scared her a bit. Then let her run away. I never intended to hurt her." I said with a smile. The headmaster would sigh:
"Can i leave now?" I asked:
"Sure just go. Don't do any shit again." The headmaster said:
"I promise." I said leaving. I grabbed my coin as i walked outside. I flipped it and smiled as i walked towards the roof again. I meet my friends gazes as i came walking. I explained to them what happened:
"Wow what i bitch." Jaden said:
"Yeah shes as bitchy as you." I said:
"You want something!" Jaden shouted:
"Yeah come and give me it!" I shouted back. Jaden leaped at me and we landed on the ground tumbling around beating each other up a bit:
"Are they usually like that?" Tide asked:
"Yes. They the best of friends." Tiffany said:
"You transgender fuck face. Get a girlfriend or get out of my sight!" I shouted:
"You bitch ass sadist. Get your face out of my sight before i turn to stone you Medusa-faced sociopath!" Jaden shouted back:
"Boys!" Quensie shouted.
"Yeah?" We said together as we stopped:
"People are looking at us." Quensie said:
"Sorry." Jaden said standing up:
"Coward." I said standing up:
"P-p-p-p." Phobia began to stutter the letter p:
"What?" Tiffany asked:
"People are looking?!" Phobia said as she began to shake:
"Calm down Sophia." Quensie said hugging her. Phobia would hug back. Truly the god of fear. I stood up and brushed off my pants:
"So what now?" I asked:
"Now back to school life." Tiffany said:
"Ah boring. Someone wanna gamble?" I asked:
"No!" All shouted at me but Tide:
"Fair enough. Fair enough." I said with a smile:
"Wow. Your smiling." Jaden said:
"I am?" I asked and touched my lips:
"Wow. His actually happy." Tiffany said:
"What no! I don't need anyone." I said:
"Yeah, you do!" Quensie shouted. She stood up on the table and tackle me. I would fall to the ground but use my strength to make sure she didn't get hurt:
"What was that for!" I shouted:
"Pile up on Alexander!" Quensie shouted. Jaden didn't to hesitate to jump down. Tiffany joined and Phobia too. Tide would join too:
"Damn it. Get off!" I shouted:
"No. For once I won't listen." Quensie shouted:
"Damn it Quensie. How hard is it for my girlfriend too-" I shouted but stopped myself. Everyone went silent and stood up even Quensie. They were smiling at me and I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks:
"What did you call me?" Quensie asked:
"N-nothing!" I shouted. Quensie would smile and walk forward:
"Come on say it!" Quensie said:
"No!" I shouted:
"Go get him!" Tiffany said. I stood up and rushed off with the shorty chasing after me:
"Come on Alexander say it!" Quensie shouted at me:
"I refuse." I shouted as I ran around the roof with her chasing me. The others would smile:
"They really grew close." Tiffany said:
"Kinda jealous." Phobia said:
"Yeah. We should maybe try to find someone." Tide said:
"Yeah. Good luck." Jaden said:
"Come here!" Quensie shouted:
"I refuse!" I shouted as I jump over a table and rushed forward the edge of the roof:
"Watch out!" Quensie shouted:
"No his fine." Jaden said. I jumped over and grabbed the rain gutter. I slide down holding it then leap from the school wall to grab the gym buildings rain gutter. I slide down it and landed on top of a dumpster before i ran of:
"That was close." I said as i slowly walked away from school:
"Girlfriend huh?" I said low before i left.

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