Gambling for love.

Have you ever thought about whats behind the curtains of the town of Xaphon. It small town seems normal but there something or more like someone in the town. Gods of all classes ranks and backgrounds inhabit this town disguised as humans. One of these gods is called Quensie. She is the god of gaming and gambling. She attend Garia high. A school for normal humans. She is in the class 1-D which means she is a first year of the school. Alexander a boy living in Xaphon have a crush on the so called perfect girl of 1-D. His a upperclassman from the class 2-C. But the perfect girl of 1-D get request from boys all day. Will Alexander be a different case?


1. The perfect girl of D-1

Class 2-C. I Alexander Garin attend this class. I'm seen as quite a arrogant prick. I like to spend my days playing cards or flipping coins. I like to flip this one dear coin i have. No one have manage to beat me yet in any game. I'm the master of games. But i know something gonna happen soon. This year a new student started in the class of 1-D. Her name is Quensie Untoro. She is by far the best gamer i have seen. She win every match and every heart of any boy in her class and upper class. I don't see whats so special about her. I thought as i tried to keep my attention on the teacher. The class was boring. All i could think about was this new girl who suddenly just played all the games the boys in her class played. Not only played them but she mastered them. She won everything:
"Mister Garin?!" The teacher shouted suddenly. I was taken aback at first. I looked up at the teacher:
"Yes sir?" I said as i looked at the man:
"Can you answer the question?" The teacher asked. I was so fucked. I didn't know what the questions was:
"Umm. Can you repeat it?" I asked. The teacher would sigh:
"Mister Garin please focus on the lesson." He said. I nodded:
"Sure sir...I'm sorry," I said. I heard the snickers of the students around me. Of course it had to be me. I knew a few people around class who didn't really care about the lessons. The class ended and my friend Jaden walked over to me:
"Sup. Seems like you were on your own little planet again..." Jaden said to me:
"Fuck you. I know you weren't listening too." I answer:
"Well. I have good grades and i at least try to pretend I'm interested in the lesson. You need to step up your game dumb ass." Jaden replied. I could not argue. Jaden was quite the cleaver boy. His grades was only outmatch by the geeks of the class. I on the other hand had shitty grades. Not that i wasn't cleaver. I was a super genius but i just didn't care. I use the most of my free time practicing the games i play so i sometimes forget to do homework. Then the routine starts. My teacher scold me. I say I'm gonna do it better and then repeat. Its not like i don't care about school. Its more like it doesn't interest me. The lessons are long and boring and the teacher usually only pick people from the front row to answer questions but his ruthless if he finds out your not listening his gonna point at you and make you answer to something you haven't listen to:
"I know i should focus in the lessons. But you know my problem. If i don't care. I don't care." I answered:
"I know man I'm just joking. If you have problems with your homework i can always help." Jaden said:
"Well thanks mister nice guy. Who are you trying to impress." I answered:
"Well fuck you. I only tried to be nice for once your ass hat." Jaden answered:
"If i wanted you help i just look into your notes or something. But thanks anyway dude." I answered as i leaned back and sighed.


In the classroom 1-D
This is so easy. All these boys try again and again to try to win. I know what they gonna do even before they do it:
"Quensie. Wanna come eat with me?" A girl asked me:
"Oh yeah sure." I answered. I'm Quensie Untoro but my real name is Gamia god of games. My job is to make sure that games exist. As a god i live among humans. All gods do. Most gods are born in pairs. Order and Chaos. Water and fire. Death and life. All are born in pairs...Except me. I was born alone. Most gods are born in pairs in two. A boy and a girl. These two are born to be together. So when I'm alone i can't have a boyfriend. The sad story is that our leader the god of gods. Have chosen that we can't love a human. His scared of the child there will follow it. Is is a god or a human. Some would call this a demi-god but i don't think this world needs that. So as a lone god i can't find love. Its quite hard when so many boys have already asked me. Like they call me the perfect girl of 1-D. I play video games. I'm not bad looking i guess or that is what they tell me. It seems like i have all the traits the boys need and i can't accept anyone because I'm a lone god:
"Quensie you coming?" The same girl asked. That is Tiffany. She is my best friend:
"Yeah sure. I'm coming." I said as i stood up and took out the small lunchbox from my bag. We walked outside towards the rooftop:
"You really are a strange one." Tiffany said:
"Well just ruin my mood. What makes you say that?" I asked:
"Well its not every girl who likes so many games as you." Tiffany said:
"Your just jealous that the boys give me all the attention." I answered. Tiffany would pout a bit:
"Maybe. Shut up." Tiffany said. I just let out a giggle. We walked up to the roof and sat down. The roof was a big area. It was fenced so you could go to the edge but don't fall of. There were a few benches and already a few students. It was mid-July and the sun was shinning softly down on us:
"So have you challenged him?" Tiffany asked:
"Challenged him?" I replied confused:
"Yeah. There is this boy in the upper class of 2-C. His like the best player i seen to that card game you like." Tiffany said:
"I haven't heard about him." I replied:
"I think its him over there." Tiffany said as she pointed at a guy. The boy had black hair. It was a bit spiky and was lying down over his neck and face. His eyes were light blue and he would walk around in a white shirt. His pants black with a belt in it. His shoes was black as well. His shirt had short sleeves mostly because of the summer weather. He was talking to someone. The other boy was a brown haired boy with short hair. He would wear a black t-shirt and blue jeans with some white shoes:
"Lets go up and talk to them." Tiffany said. I was pulled by the arm before i knew it:
"Look dude. Its her." I could hear the boy with brown hair say:
"Hello boys." Tiffany said:
"Something you want?" The boy with black hair said. He had a grin on. This stupid annoying grin:
"Come on. Challenge him." Tiffany said to me. I was a bit dumbstruck for a few seconds:
"Challenge him? You wanna fight him?" The boy with brown hair said:
"Shut up man. Not now." The boy in black said:
"Hey fuck you." The boy with brown hair answered. What is with these two. I came to challenge him with black hair but it already sounds like these two are fighting:
"So what do you want shorty." The boy in black said:
"I'm not short!" I shouted. The others around us began to gather:
"Well what did you want anyway?" The boy with black hair asked:
"I heard your good at this." I said as i picked up the deck of cards. Just a normal deck of cards:
"Yeah. I'm good." He replied. What with that grin on his face. Is he mocking me?
"I'm here to challenge you to whatever you like," I said confidently. Try to smug your way out of this one:
"You wanna fight me. Say are you this famous good for nothing girl I heard about?" The boy replied:
"Oh you mean she is the perfect girl of 1-D?" The boy with brown hair asked:
"This right here is Quensie Untoro. She is the best gamer ever." Tiffany said. Why aren't I replying? I want to give him a snappy comeback but how. His just so careless:
"Oh your really her. Right...Umm, so you wanna play a game?" He replied. He sounded so careless. How can the best gamer of the school be so careless:
"Try to act like you wanna!" I shouted. The whispers from all around us began. I could hear some of them:
"The two best gamers gonna duel." 
"Oh my god. Who do you think will win."
"I never saw Quensie this upset." I heard all these whispers around me. I'm not upset. Wait...I'm upset!
"So. Did you want to game...Or just stare at me awkwardly?" The black haired boy asked:
"We are gonna play," I said my voice cracking. What is happening? I never felt this annoyed before and that grin. That smug ass grin:
"Fine. Come sit. Let's play something." He said patting the seat at his side. I slowly sat down next to him and Tiffany sat down next to me. The boy with black hair smiled:
"So what do you wanna play?" He asked casually. Why is he so relaxed:
"Um. What about you just pick a game." I replied confidently I would win:
"Then let's play a game of chance." He said. A game of chance? What does that mean:
"See this. Just a coin." He said as he took a coin. The coin was made of pure silver:
"Yeah and?" I replied a bit confused as I thought he mostly played cards:
"See. We chose what side its gonna land on. Then my friend or yours is gonna just throw the coin on to the ground let it bounce and we see who wins." He explained. That is not how to chose skills. That is pure random luck. But whatever:
"Fine. Tiffany will throw the coin." I said confident:
"Sure," Tiffany said grabbing the coin:
"We chose what side it will land on as it bounce." He explained:
"Okay and?" I asked confused:
"I will chose first as you challenge me. Fair?" He asked. I just nodded. Tiffany threw the coin to the ground and it bounced up into the air. Time seems like it stood still as the boy would grin:
"Its gonna hit heads," he said as the coin landed and sure enough it was heads:
"Best out of three." I quickly said. The boy nodded and took up the coin:
"Okay. I will throw it now but you chose first. Fair?" He asked. I nodded. I didn't really care how he changed the rules. Its only luck. The boy threw the coin to the ground and it bounced. He smiled:
"Heads," I said but it landed on tail:
"I win. Thanks for playing. Come Jaden we better get back." The black haired boy said as he casually picked up the coin and left:
"Wait!" I shouted out of nothing. What am i doing?
"You cheated," I shouted. Again what am I doing! He couldn't cheat, could he? I never lost. How did he plan he was gonna win:
"Not now shorty I'm still hungry and your just gonna annoy me if I stay." He said so casually. He gave me a wave:
"Whats your name!" I shouted:
"Oh. Yeah sorry about that." He said as he turned around. His grin still planted on his face:
"My name is Alexander Garin. A pleasure to beat you." He said as he bowed down before me. The smug grin following. Then he left. He left me. All the students around us left. Only me and Tiffany stood there:
"It was a game of chance," Tiffany said:
"No, it wasn't...He knew he was gonna win and I didn't see how he could cheat...You had the coin. You would feel if it was heavier or not...He won by pure skill." I said. I knew it. I was the god of gamers. No one could win over me with cheating. Its one of my godly powers. He had pure skill. He knew how hard and where to throw the coin to land on his behave. He knew what the coin would show by looking at its direction in the air. His eyes and skill match that god of gamers itself. 

"You could not be a bigger asshole could you." Jaden said as we walked downstairs. I was laughing so hard:
"That girl is the perfect girl. She is a hot head. She is smart and she thinks she better then us. I just would love to see her mouth agape just a bit more. But i was bit hungry." I replied. I was flipping the coin in my hand. My skills of seeing coins direction and predictions had taken years to learn but i mastered it:
"Yeah but you were kinda an asshole." Jaden said:
"Yeah i know. Maybe i should apologies or something later." I replied:
"She a girl. You have to use smooth moves to make them like you." Jaden said:
"Well. I don't really care about girls. And i think i heard something about her turning down like all in her class and i think half of ours." I replied:
"That is true. Maybe she don't like-" Jaden said but he was interrupted by a sudden shout from behind us:
"Stop!" The princess of 1-D shouted at little old me. I turned around and looked at her again. The girl had black hair with red stripes. She had green eyes and had a white t-shirt with a purple vest over. She still had those white jeans and white shoes. At her side was her friend. Tiffany was her name. She was blond with two pigtails and blue eyes. She had a yellow shirt on with black jeans and black shoes. They were looking directly at me:
"Hey shorty." I said:
"Stop calling me that. I want a rematch in something with cards." She shouted at me:
"Well you said i could chose the game." I replied. Jaden would hit my arm:
"Oh yeah. Sure I'm sorry about all the smug talk up there or whatever." I said. I tried try to apologies but there something about that girls temper that annoys me:
"Well. Your forgiven if you rematch me tomorrow in a monster card game!" She shouted at me:
"Sure. Whatever. Meet me at the rooftop around whatever and i beat you again." I replied but got hit with a elbow again:
"Fiiiine. Last break. Rooftop. I'm looking forward to it." I replied as we walked of. The girl would grunt annoyed:
"His so annoying." I heard her say behind me:
"Oh by the way. Whats your name shorty?" I asked:
"I'm Quensie Untoro." She said:
"Oh I'm Tiffany Mimico." The other girl said:
"I'm Jaden Okonaki." Jaden said at my side:
"Fine fine. Looking forward to beat you again tomorrow byyeee." I said as i left with Jaden who began to scold me like a teacher when we got away from the girls. Maybe I'm a bit mean to that girl but something just special about her i think. Something weird. 

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