Gambling for love.

Have you ever thought about whats behind the curtains of the town of Xaphon. It small town seems normal but there something or more like someone in the town. Gods of all classes ranks and backgrounds inhabit this town disguised as humans. One of these gods is called Quensie. She is the god of gaming and gambling. She attend Garia high. A school for normal humans. She is in the class 1-D which means she is a first year of the school. Alexander a boy living in Xaphon have a crush on the so called perfect girl of 1-D. His a upperclassman from the class 2-C. But the perfect girl of 1-D get request from boys all day. Will Alexander be a different case?


6. Sophia.

"You're disgusting. Why do you go after the girls under your class? Are we not good enough for you?" The popular girl in class said. I looked at her and grinned:
"Oh, so it disgusting. That cheap perfume and eyeliner are really making you look and smell like a clown. I must say you're also trying to be fun. Is circus your prefer career choice?" I asked. The girl frowned:
"You want something!" She shouted grabbing me by my collar. She was glaring daggers but I just showed my usual smile:
"Of your perfume or eyeliner. No. But thanks for the offer." I said as I smiled. Jaden would walk up behind me but I hold up my hand to stop him. Jaden would stop and look confused:
"Your quite the ladies man aren't you!" She shouted. I smiled:
"Oh thank you. You wanna join me harem or should I sign you up for another mans list?" I asked:
"What did you say." She shouted:
"Well. You look like a whore who thinks her beauty can take her to the ends of the world. I don't really care about your cheap eyeliner and perfume. Or you fine blond hair and blue eyes." I said standing up grabbing her by the arm and removing her hand from my collar:
"Now if you will excuse me. I have business to do. If you want to talk to me again. Please go behind the line of people I don't care about." I said as I left. Jaden followed suit:
"So where are we going?" Jaden asked:
"To the short people's area. We going for lunch." I said:
"Wait you always let her walk to us. Is this a soft side you're showing?" Jaden said smirking:
"Shut up. I just don't want her to come to me every time we need to eat." I said. He laughed at me but that didn't change my mood.

I was sitting in class. All I waited for was it to become break so I could see him. We had a promise now. Finally, i had someone. Even if it was a human. I didn't care. Because he was mine. Most gods were born in pairs but I and my two friends were lone gods. Phobia had none. Tide had none and I had none. That is why we became friends so fast. Our teacher then suddenly stood up in front of us:
"Students were gonna have a new student today. Please welcome Sophia Deliana." The teacher said. In stepped a girl in a purple hoodie and a black skirt going to her knees. She would walk around in flip flops:
"Hello. I'm Sophia." She said. She looked around scared. I sighed. Phobia why are you so scared. Phobia human name was Sophia. So she took my advice and joined the school:
"That is all. Enjoy your break." The teacher said leaving the room. The boys in our class stood up and looked at her. Phobia walked through the over to me:
"Hello G...I mean Quensie." Sophia said:
"Hey, Sophia. How are you." I said:
"Oh, you know her Quensie?" Tiffany asked:
"Yeah, shes a friend from my old school," I said:
"Oh how nice. Hey is that not-" Tiffany said but Alexander and Jaden already peeked into the class:
"You coming?" Alexander asked clearly abashed by this:
"Yeah," Tiffany said and walked towards them:
"Shorty hurry up. before the line gets too big." Alexander said:
"Can my friend come," I said pointing at Phobia:
"Sure," Alexander said as he saw it was Phobia. I walked towards him and stopped in front of him. Our eyes meet:
"Sup?" He said confused:
"Come on you can at least compliment me somehow," I said:
"Fine, you have a nice ego get going shorty," Alexander said pushing my back I giggled as we walked out the class:
"If someone had a nice ego it should be you Fuck face," Jaden said:
"Shut up you gay ass motherfucker. At least I have a girl their semi-interested in me." Alexander said:
"Oh, who is that?" I said jokingly:
"Oh fuck you," Alexander said to me. I just laughed:
"Oh, so you're new. Nice to meet you I'm Jaden Okonaki." Jaden said:
"I'm Sophia Deliana," Phobia said:
"I'm Tiffany Mimico," Tiffany said:
"Yeah, sure I'm Alexander. Just Alexander." Alexander said as he walked:
"His last name is Garin," I said:
"You!" Alexander shouted bonking me on the head:
"Ib!" I let out a surprised sound as he bonked me. We kept walking. We got our food and headed for the roof.

Maybe I shouldn't have walked to her class. She might get asked dumb questions later. I am quite dumb sometimes. But sometimes even a genius can fuck up. I thought as we sat down at a table and began eating. It seems like the god of fear Phobia had started in her class after the recommendation. The new girl was looking around like a scared kitten. She looked everywhere and made a big scene out of avoiding any contact with other students. We arrived at the roof and found a table to sit at. I sat down and leaned back in my chair:
"Man could teach be more boring!" I shouted:
"You really hate school don't you?" Jaden asked:
"No i don't hate school. I hate the people here." I said:
"Why do you come here then?" Tiffany asked:
"Because i need my daily dose of Jaden's shit talk." I said:
"Fuck you man...Just fuck you." Jaden said:
"They hate each other?" Phobia asked:
"No their the best of friends. They just like to beat the other one down." Tiffany explained:
"I see." Phobia said:
"Oh by the way fool." Quensie suddenly said:
"Yes?" I asked:
"There a festival coming up next weekend. Maybe you wanna...Like come with me there?" Quensie asked. All eyes fell on me. I was not even looking at her:
"Festival. So like a market with food there smell worse then your teacher and noisy kids running around between your legs trying to snatch things. Then there the games which is just made for cheating?" I said:
"Ye-yeah..." Quensie said. All began to narrow their eyes:
"Why would i waste my day on such a place when i have more important things to do." I said:
"Oh i just...Thought." Quensie said:
"Thanks for asking and all but such a place is just boring and annoying." I said:
"Yeah...Sorry." Quensie said:
"There no need to say sorry." I said as i kept my eyes on the sky. But there was no responds. I looked up and saw that Quensie had walked away. The others would look at me with glares. They would stare daggers at me:
"What?" I asked:
"She wanted a date your heartless asshole." Jaden said:
"And? I don't like festivals." I replied:
"Think about her. How much courage she made for asking you out and you just gonna be a dick?" Tiffany asked:
"I wasn't being a dick. I was being honest?" I said:
"Yeah with a side of asshole." Jaden said:
"She was scared of him saying no." Phobia suddenly said:
"Oh so that is how it is. Well i don't see a reason to go there if one of us won't have fun?" I asked. I had no clue why they were so mad:
"Sometimes you need to take one for her. Like seriously. Your just an ass sometimes." Jaden said:
"Oh come on. What do you want me to do?" I asked:
"Say yes. Go with her and have fun even in a shitty place you don't like." Jaden said:
"Yeah. She rarely like boys. Now she saw something in something like you and you go make her sad." Tiffany said:
"I won't stand for this. Its not my fault. If you ask someone out you should be prepared to get rejected." I said taking my food and leaving:
"Where you going!" Jaden shouted:
"Away." I answered as i slowly walked down:
"Dumass. Thinks he can order me around. I'm the man who beat God-" I said but stopped myself:
"Say...Your broken aren't you?" She had asked me that:
"Damn it." I said as i stopped on the way down the stairs and leaned up the wall:
"Just damn it." I said. I walked into my classroom grabbed my bag and left school early. Taking a walk around the town and park. Just to clear my mind from all this confusion.

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