Gambling for love.

Have you ever thought about whats behind the curtains of the town of Xaphon. It small town seems normal but there something or more like someone in the town. Gods of all classes ranks and backgrounds inhabit this town disguised as humans. One of these gods is called Quensie. She is the god of gaming and gambling. She attend Garia high. A school for normal humans. She is in the class 1-D which means she is a first year of the school. Alexander a boy living in Xaphon have a crush on the so called perfect girl of 1-D. His a upperclassman from the class 2-C. But the perfect girl of 1-D get request from boys all day. Will Alexander be a different case?


13. Hardship.

"Demon." A voice said:
"Dream Destroyer." Another voice said:
"Loner." A voice said. I just kept walking while I heard the dark comments around me. I ignored them. I had gotten used to them. Then I stopped when I heard a unique comment:
"I feel bad for Untoro. She always gets mocked by this demon." A girl said. I stopped my eyes widen as I heard that. I looked around me and saw all eyes on me:
"Yeah. I heard that she likes him." A voice said behind me:
"I heard that he decline their first date quite coldly." Another voice said:
"I heard-" Another voice said but then a voice rung out:
"Leave him alone!" A girl's voice shouted. I thought for a moment it was Quensie but realized it was Anabella. She walked up to me and people started to scatter. She looked at me. I knew what I looked like. I had cold eyes. They could have been pale eyes right now. All emotions had drained from me:
"Don't listen to them. As I said yesterday. Whatever you did. You did it in self-defends." Anabella said before grabbing me by the arm and pulling me along:
"Let's go to class." She said and I pulled my arm to me and walked behind her:
"Sure," I said:
"Now his backstabbing Untoro-" A girl said:
"What a fucking idiot. Playing with Quensie feelings." Another one said:
"Ignore them," Anabella said:
"Sure," I said. I sat in class and for once listened to the teacher. I needed to get my mind of the subject. I know that I did it in self-defends or that is what the two of them said. The only people at the incident was me, Jaden and Anabella and the soccer team. The soccer team had convinced the headmaster it was me who assaulted them. but in reality-
"Dude." Jaden suddenly said as he stood in front of my desk. I must have dozed off in the lesson:
"What is it?" I asked:
"You should talk with Quensie," Jaden said:
"I know..." I said as I stood up. I walked towards the first year's area and when I came close I saw that the door opened. I saw Quensie be pulled by the arm by some girls from her class.

"Come on. Before he comes." The girl to the right said:
"But I'm actually waiting for him," I said. I saw that Alexander stood in the corridor looking at us:
"You should not speak with such demon. You too good for him." The other girl pulling me along:
"Wait!" Tiffany shouted but it was too late. I got pulled away and cover like a precious diamond.

I heard it all and just slowly walked over to Tiffany:
"You were coming to tell her right?" Tiffany asked:
"Yes. Seems like your class has started an uproar to defend her from the demon." I said.

"You should not see him. I saw him with another girl this morning." A girl said:
"Another girl?" I asked. I could not imagine Alexander with another girl:
"Yeah, it was Anabella Fubitoka. She in the same class as him." The girl answered:
"Yeah. She screamed for him on the corridor. Like she was his girlfriend." The other girl said:
"That can't be..." I said...I couldn't believe it. I didn't believe it. Not after all that happened. I promised to make him into a diamond and he promised to overcome God for me:
"Why do you even speak with such a bad man? You will be seen as an outcast too if you continue to hang out with him." The girl said:
"Outcast?" I asked. What did they mean with outcast?
"There three outcast on this school. Jaden Okonaki. Anabella Fubitoka and the demon lord himself. Alexander Garin. The three of them was involved in the incident but it was Alexander himself who did the job. Seems like people have forgiven Anabella and she is not that much of an outcast anymore and more a popular girl in the second year of final department. Then there Jaden who have just done homework and are a top tire in the class but then there Alexander who only fell more and more. He became more alone and only take two things serious. Breaking others will and gambling." The girl explained:
"Wait so that is why Alexander only one having a hard time?" I asked:
"Yes. The other two only had a minor role in the incident. But Alexander was the one to-" The girl said but I opened my mouth and shouted:
"Don't tell me!" I shouted. The two looked at me and let go of my arms:
"I don't wanna hear it! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Alexander is not that kind of person!" I shouted. I was getting angry. They called my boyfriend demon and monster. They kept saying he was a bad person but I knew better. I knew that Alexander was a different kind of human. He saw the world as worthless because of war. He saw humans as low beings and saw himself above them because he didn't wanna hurt anyone. So why do people see him as one there hurt people:
"What is your relationship to him.?" One of the girls asked:
"He is my-" I was about to talk but suddenly I felt a hand over my mouth. The two girls trembled in fear as they saw the person behind me. I knew this hand:
"I'm your what?" A male voice said. It was Alexander:
"What are you doing! Unhand her right now!" The girl shouted. I could see my friends walk up to us. Jaden, Tiffany, Tide, and Phobia. They all looked at us as Jaden eyes widened. He saw Alexander gaze. I didn't know what he looked like but I turned around and saw it. Alexander's eyes had red stains under them and his eyes shivered:
"I'm what?" Alexander asked:
"You're my-" I tried to say boyfriend but he stopped me again:
"No..." Alexander said before turning around and slowly walked off:
"I don't wanna hear it...I really don't wanna hear it." He said as he slowly walked off:
"What..." I said:
"What is with him?" The girl asked:
"He's such a demon." The other girl said. I finally knew. He was scared that I was gonna leave him. So there was only one thing I could say. No one knew this and I knew what to do now:
"He's not a demon! So shut up because that demon is my boyfriend!" I shouted. My voice echoed the corridor and all students stopped even Alexander. Jaden smiled and looked towards Alexander. Alexander turned around his eyes blank:
"Do you know what you have done! They gonna treat you as an outcast too now! That was the one thing I tried to avoid!" Alexander shouted. People began to whisper:
"Really her boyfriend?" One whispered:
"So she's a psycho too?" Another one whispered:
"Wait, what?" The two girls in front of me said:
"Alexander Garin is my boyfriend!" I shouted. I set into a dash towards Alexander:
"He's my boyfriend and I don't want anyone else!" I shouted:
"That boy right there! Is the perfect one for me. So I don't wanna leave you no matter what!" I shouted. Alexander would look at me as I dashed at him. I leaped forward and hit Alexander softly on the chest:
"So stop avoiding me god damn it..." I said I could feel the tears down my cheeks. I kept hitting his chest softly again and again:
"I don't care if I'm an outcast! Because then we all are!" I shouted. Alexander looked at me and placed a hand on my hair ruffling it:
"I get it...I get it..." Alexander said:
"You guys fine with this?" Alexander asked:
"Outcast? We are not outcast since we are more than one. We are six people after all." Jaden said:
"Fine then. Sorry......." Alexander said to me as he pets my hair. All the students looked in terror at Alexander. The demon was smiling:
"You such an idiot..." I cried out. Alexander would smile and wrap an arm around me:
"It's okay. Come now. I follow you home." Alexander said. I nodded and walked off with him:
"Your gonna tell me?" I asked:
"Yes, it's about time. It's a bit of a long story." Alexander said. I nodded. Now I'm gonna know what the eleven feet break was.

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