Gambling for love.

Have you ever thought about whats behind the curtains of the town of Xaphon. It small town seems normal but there something or more like someone in the town. Gods of all classes ranks and backgrounds inhabit this town disguised as humans. One of these gods is called Quensie. She is the god of gaming and gambling. She attend Garia high. A school for normal humans. She is in the class 1-D which means she is a first year of the school. Alexander a boy living in Xaphon have a crush on the so called perfect girl of 1-D. His a upperclassman from the class 2-C. But the perfect girl of 1-D get request from boys all day. Will Alexander be a different case?


2. Game against a god.

I was sitting at my desk. Jaden was speaking to me but i was all gone. In front of me was a deck of cards. I could feel my heart pound as my head went over every scenario there could happen at today duel. I wanted to tease that girl a bit more. Wanted to beat her and show the school that no one is better at games then Alexander Garin:
"Dumass. If you keep looking at the deck like that im gonna hit you." Jaden said. This time i heard it and i turned my attention to my brown haired friend:
"Your gonna hit me? Your really an asshole today." I replied:
"As i said. Let the girl win. You will totally win points." Jaden said. I sighed:
"Listen to me closely Jaden. If you ever suggest i lose again. I will hit you." I replied. Jaden sighed:
"Man. Your only love is for yourself. Meanwhile we boys actually try to get a girlfriend. Then suddenly a cute girl walk up to you and challenge you. You carefree ass have it to easy." Jaden said. It was closing in on the last break. We had a relaxing class where we could do our homework so i was sitting with Jaden and preparing for the duel:
"Were are gonna play Monster duel. A easy enough game. You both have a deck and both draw three cards. From these three cards you will chose one monster and face of against your opponent. There four elemental's in this game. Fire, water, earth and wind. You can't play a card with the same element you used last turn. So its not a game of chance but tactic. You need to read your opponent. Other then that there item cards. They can be used in mid fight to turn the tides. If you lose five times you have lost the game. Its a complicated game of thinking. So its all up strategy. That girl is not bad at games. She have won again and again. But im gonna show everyone that the perfect girl of 1-D can lose." I said under my breath:
"You dude are really a fucking asshole." Jaden said:
"Why?" I asked:
"See. You don't care. She just wanna play. You should fucking man up and just have fun. Forget about that damn ego." Jaden said:
"Maybe....You right. Fine...I will not beat her...To much." I replied:
"That is a step forward. Acknowledge you got a problem." Jaden replied. The break hit and now it was time. Me and Jaden was slowly walking towards the rooftop. I held the deck in my hand. I open the door and saw a crowd of students around a table. She was sitting at the table and we got eye contact the moment i enter the rooftop. I grab the coin from my pocket and began flipping it as i walked. She was sitting her deck ready and at her side was Tiffany. I was walking towards her with Jaden at my side. I sat down and bowed my head softly:
"So are we ready to have some fun?" I asked:
"Your not gonna win today." She replied. I smiled.

Why is he smiling. I don't like that smile. I could feel Tiffany elbow hit me:
"So shall we begin Alexander." I asked him. The boy with black hair smiled:
"After you my lady." Alexander said as he placed his deck on the board. We both drew three cards and i looked down at mine. I had two water cards and one fire. My best card was my water golem with two damage but i could trick him and use lesser water golem with only one damage and try to get a new card. The fire card was a simple imp with two damage. He had a effect if he was against a water card he would get one more damage. What was that boy thinking right now. Then Alexander placed a card down on the table face down. That a sign for him to be ready. I sighed and picked a card from my hand. Then suddenly he smiled. That smile made me freeze. I shook my head and placed my imp card down. We both flipped our cards and then it happen. His was a earth worm. two damage but get one more damage against fire. I lost the first round:
"Nice card...A imp." He said. We drew three new cards again.

That was pure luck. I need to throw her off. I act strangely every time she makes a decision she will get thrown of. Okay, I have one more earth worm. An item card there boost your damage with one and an air eagle with one damage but it wins over any earth card. Does she have earth? I don't know. She could play any card. Not any she can't play a fire again. Means there a bigger chance for me to get an earth. I can't play my earth worm since I played Earth last round. I must just play the eagle. But should I use the item or save it. This game allows you to put one card aside for your next hand...Should I do it or not...How many possibilities. How many outcome. Think...Think:
"Are you gonna pick a card or what?" Quensie asked. She had already placed a card down. I have no choice. I save my item for next round and try to gamble on her using a earth card. I placed down my eagle card and then placed the item over at saving. We both flipped and to my luck she used a earth worm. I took second point.

I lost again. How lucky can he be! No matter. Three new cards. I drew three new and got three fire cards. One of my best cards were there. The fire centaur with five damage and return to the hand if it wins over any water card. I could save it because I also have the volcano rock golem with three damage but it loses two damage if up against a wind card. Then there one more imp. What would he play? I don't wanna use my god powers to look at his hand. I wanna win myself. No matter I save the centaur and use the golem. I placed down my card but the moment I did that I realize he already placed down a card and attached an item to it. It's too late. I already placed down my card. I never get this upset when I play. How is he doing this! We flipped our cards and he was a volcano rock golem as mine but his item boosted him with one more damage. I lost again. The people around us began to whisper. I don't know what to do. I never felt this way before.

Damn, I'm lucky. I thought she would use a better card. I saw the smirk on her face as she drew last round. She really had good cards and not to mention i had this fire golem and one wind card. I was lucky i won that round. Now two more rounds. Two more rounds. Okay let me draw. I drew three new cards one of them was my best card. It was the elemental lord of thunder. Seven damage and make all items break. This one could win me the game. I will save it for later. I started by placing it down so i would save it then i resume to look at the two others cards one was a fire card so i only had my massive water golem for three damage. So that meant i needed to use the water golem. I placed down the card and made sure i gave a big smile as i did. She seemed to notice it and shiver a bit. Perfect. She would look at her cards. I could tell what she was thinking:
"Not that one. Not that one. Not that one. What is he using." That was her thoughts. I smiled softly:
"Take your time. Its only a game." I said softly and nicely. trying to soften up the mood a bit. She looked up and gave me a smile. Was this playing for fun. Did i actually just wanna play and not win. Whatever. She threw down her card and now we flip. I win with one damage against her wind golem. Four points to me.

He won again. Now I'm gonna win. I use my god powers to look at his cards. Wait he already placed one down. No matter he can't use that. His using a wind elemental and boosting it with two damage. I need to use my centaur here. I can see his cards perfectly. We flipped and I won. The surprise on his face was amusing:
"Better luck next round," I said. He flinched. Did he know I was looking? We drew and before I had a chance at looking at his cards he already placed the card down again. He had two water golems. All I needed to do was play this massive wind golem card and again we flip and I win. I gave him a smile and he looked at me in disbelief. I could read what his eyes were saying:
"How is she suddenly so good?" That is what they said. We continued and again I won the next round catching up to him now he was only one point above me.

She can see my hand. Something about her seems wrong. I get the felling she is not looking at me but at my cards. I have hidden away the Elemental lord of thunder each round. I will lower my guard this round and then take her out next round. So i just play whatever lets say this fire imp and lets just put on the item and smile. Make sure she doesn't know about my thunder lord and of course she knew that i used a item and used a counter item to take my item and win. Now we were tied. before she even could act i placed down my thunder lord and then i waited for a second. I want her to look at my hand and as i thought that she looked up at my cards. I took the item card from my hand and placed it onto my thunder lord. I looked nervous but inside i was smiling. She took the bait as she placed down a monster and placed two items card to it. We flipped and the face she made was priceless. I just smiled and then i won. Her items got destroyed plus mine and i won using the Thunder Lord. She went silent. I took up my cards and smiled:
"Pleasure battling you. Your good. Really good. See you later." I said as i turned around and walked of Jaden following me:
"Well that was intense but you won fair and square."  Jaden said:
"Yeah. There is just something about that girl there interest me." I said as i looked behind me the students leaving the table but the girl still sitting there dumbstruck.

I lost...I lost...He tricked me...He tricked me...What happened...I'm the god of games...I should not lose:
"Quensie...Let's go." Tiffany said. I heard her but I still couldn't move. My eyes were agape my hearing was gone. All I could think about was his words:
"Pleasure battling you. Your good. Really good. See you later." He had said those words and those words echoed in my mind. That boy beat a person who could see his hand in a game of strategy. That boy has skills. Inhuman like skills:
"Tiffany...Just...Go on ahead." I said. Tiffany sighed but walked off. This meant only one thing. I was no longer the best gamer on the school. Because I just lost...I lost a game...

A few days passed on by and nothing really happened. I still attended school and Jaden was still annoying as ever:
"Make your homework for once. Damn it." Jaden said:
"Listen. I will work on my homework for tomorrow. If you go buy me juice." I replied:
"Don't say that with that smug ass smile on your face." Jaden replied:
"Well. Let me tell you. If i tomorrow walk into class and walked up to you like. Hello Jaden my best friend. Shall we have some good lessons today. Would that not be more creepy then me actually being an asshole." I replied:
"Umm....First of. What the fuck. Second of that is true." Jaden replied. The classroom was empty. I was hanging out with Jaden after school as he did his homework. I just so enjoyed lying on the teacher desk when he wasn't there. I heard a knock on the door as i turned my attention to it. Tiffany walked in:
"Oh you were here. Thank God." Tiffany said. I smiled:
"Isn't that shorty's friend?" I asked:
"Stop being a dick man. What did you need Tiffany." Jaden said. I began to talk before Tiffany could answer:
"Oh sorry my good pal. Would you like me to get some tea for you or something good chap friend Jaden." I said. He looked at me with disgust:
"Shut up Alexander." He said. I just pointed my tongue at him. Tiffany would giggle:
"So your not a complete asshole. Your just like teasing people." Tiffany said:
"Alexander my name teasing my game." I replied she answered with a giggle:
"So what did you need?" I asked finally sitting up on the teacher desk:
"Well its about Quensie." She said:
"Oh something wrong with shorty?" I asked:
"She have been really down lately. I think its because you won. I would really like if you took the time to talk with her." Tiffany asked of me:
"Yeah. You haven't even like talked to her since you won." Jaden continued:
"I know. But its not like i don't try. Every time she sees me she run away." I said:
"Really?" Tiffany asked:
"Yes. Like it came to this. She paid a student today to get one more step closer to the canteen line today to get away from standing in front of me." I said:
"Oh that is why she suddenly lost double the money." Tiffany said:
"You were a dick. I told you to play nice. Now see. You have destroy any chance of you becoming her friend." Jaden said:
"Thank you captain obvious." I said:
"Its nothing i won't do for my good pal friend Alexander." He said copying my joke. I just looked at him with disgust. Tiffany giggled:
"You two are just the best friends aren't you?" She asked:
"Yeah we can't get away from that." Jaden said:
"No one likes me other then him. So i have to manage." I replied:
"You don't like me pal friend Alexander?" Jaden said again:
"Shut up." I just said:
"Will you speak to her if we can force her?" Tiffany asked:
"How?" I asked:
"Just leave that to me. Jaden was it? Can you help me?" She asked:
"Sure. Put my friend in a bad spot. That is my specialty." Jaden said:
"I hate you." I just said. They began to whisper as i looked at them. Then they nodded:
"Okay its all set. Just meet me after school on the rooftop." Tiffany said. We both nodded. 

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