Gambling for love.

Have you ever thought about whats behind the curtains of the town of Xaphon. It small town seems normal but there something or more like someone in the town. Gods of all classes ranks and backgrounds inhabit this town disguised as humans. One of these gods is called Quensie. She is the god of gaming and gambling. She attend Garia high. A school for normal humans. She is in the class 1-D which means she is a first year of the school. Alexander a boy living in Xaphon have a crush on the so called perfect girl of 1-D. His a upperclassman from the class 2-C. But the perfect girl of 1-D get request from boys all day. Will Alexander be a different case?


8. Disgusting!

I look quite good. My hair was gel so it would shine a bit more. It still lied down my face and all but it shined. Then my green jacket and white t-shirt were a good match. I was truly ready to go over there. I was actually on my way right now. I stood in front of her house. I didn't know what to say and all. I bit my lip and slowly walked up knocking on the door. She lived alone. All God live alone but they don't really need many things and usually get money from the god society:
"Coming." I heard inside. I was so scared right now. She opened up:
"Yes?" She asked then finally realized it was me:
"What are you doing here idiot?" She asked:
"I...Um...This...I....Ahh...I..." My words didn't come out. I was nervous:
"Here to rub your victory in again?" She asked:
"I no no no. I....You wanna....Here this is for you." I said holding out the white roses and pack of sour candy. She took it and smiled:
"I love sour candy and white roses." She said:
"You wanna...Like, go...To that market festival thingy with me?" I asked:
"What?" She asked:
"I said...You wanna go on a date?" I asked. My voice was trembling:
"Are you...Asking me out?" She asked me. I nodded hiding my face behind my collar:
"Don't get the wrong idea. It's just...I want happy." I said. She began to laugh. She laughed and laughed only making me more nervous:
"Stop laughing. I'm seri-" I was about say something but I stopped. She pressed herself against me and hugged me. My arms went limb and my mind went blank. My mouth became dry. I was...speechless:
"Thank you." She said low. I smiled and held up my arms placing one on her head:
"It's fine shorty...Let's go already." I said:
"Can you wait inside for thirty minutes. I wanna prepare." She said. I nodded and went along. I sat down on a chair watching television.

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. He asked me. He really did. He actually cares. That was my thought in that moment. That is why I hugged him. Like I just wanted to. His someone like me. Finally, I'm not lone anymore. I thought that as I charged into my room cracking open my closet and looking inside for orange dress. It was an orange flared dress and I had a blue cowboy jacket around it. I took on my ankle long shoes and grab my hand bag. I placed some makeup on my face and grab a bow from my closet and place it into my hair. I grabbed a golden bracelet and put it on my arm. I walked out and his eyes went wide as he saw me:
"How...Do I look?" I asked:
"Your....Wow." Alexander said. He was speechless:
"I never saw you...Like this before." He continued. I smiled and walked forward. The orange bow in my hair stood out from my already black and red hair. I hold out my hand for his to take. He stood up and grabbed it softly. We walked towards the festival. We would walk side by side. I would softly hum as I walked. He would be silent. We would walk a few minutes before hitting town square where the festival took place. There were a lot of people. I could see Alexander flinch in the corner of my eye. I hold out my hand and took his in mine:
"Don't worry," I said. Alexander would smile and we walked around:
"Wow look at that!" I shouted. It was a giant bunny stuffed animal in a game. You had to throw a ball at seven stacked cans. Alexander smiled:
"I can win it," Alexander said:
"I could too. I'm literally the god of games." I said:
"Yeah and I'm above the gods. Come let me try." Alexander said. I blushed:
"Sure," I said. Alexander walked up he grabbed his coin from his pocket and flipped it as he looked at the game owner:
"One ball please," Alexander said. He placed down a normal coin and the game owner gave him a ball. Alexander would throw the ball up into the air and catch it again. He was just looking at the cans but I knew what was going on. He was analyzing everything. The air power. The distance. The weight of the ball. The cans position. Alexander might be an evil and sometimes selfish but he really was a super genius. He could calculate anything in his mind and even break records I think. He suddenly tossed the ball forward hitting all the cans at once:
"I would love the bunny," Alexander said pointing his hand at the bunny. The shop owner flinched but took the bunny and handed it to Alexander. Alexander would hand it to me:
"Here," Alexander said:
"Thank you," I said and smiled. I grinned and pulled him along:
"Come on come on! I want to go there next!" I shouted. I pulled Alexander by the arm:
"Slow down shorty," Alexander said but I didn't care. I was having fun and Alexander was smiling too. We had so much fun.

The evening came by and I was waiting for Alexander. He was on the toilet and I stood outside the restrooms with my soda in one hand and bunny pressed up against my body. Suddenly a group of three girls walked up:
"Oh, so you're the squirm who this Alexander likes." The blond haired girl said:
"Excuse me?" I said:
"So you're the first year girl who everyone talks about. You know. I use to be the talk of the school before you came here and thought you were something." The blond girl said:
"What are you talking about?" I asked:
"Don't you know me. I'm Anabella. The cool girl in the school but everyone talks about the gamer girl now. You're so annoying. Why did you need to come here!" The popular girl shouted:
"If your just gonna scream at me then please leave," I said:
"Take her," Anabella said. The two girls took Quensie and pulled her along. She dropped her soda.

"I'm back," I said as I stood outside but she was gone. Her soda was lying on the floor and the trash can was kicked over to the side. My eyes widened:
"I thought I heard something," I said rushing towards the trash can and looking around. I could not see her any place. My head started to calculate. If I wanted to take someone somewhere close. Where to. Where to. The alley! 
I rushed towards the alley and stood up the wall. Inside I heard the bitch Anabella scream at someone. I could hear the two others girl laughing. I looked at them. They would force Quensie up the wall and Anabella would hold the bunny stuffed animal:
"Let it go. It was a gift from Alexander." Quensie shouted. There was my queue. The girls all turned their attention to me as I flipped my coin the sound of it echoing through the alley:
"Oh look who it is," Anabella said:
"Would you please let her go and also give her the bunny?" I asked. Anabella would push Quensie towards me:
"Take your bitchy girlfriend!" Anabella shouted. I caught Quensie and smiled:
"Its fine now," I said as I looked up at Anabella:
"Hand over the bunny," I said:
"Here take it," Anabella said tearing into two pieces and threw it to the ground. The broken stuffed animal hit the ground. Quensie eyes widen as she looked at it:
"My bunny," Quensie said as she fell to her knees sad. I looked up at Anabella who was laughing:
"Take that. Your not so sharp now are you!" Anabella shouted. The two girls laughed:
"My bunny..." Quensie repeated. She was really sad. A small sob leaving her lips. My mind was blank. I looked down at Quensie then up at Anabella:
"Happy now?" I asked:
"What?" Anabella asked:
"I asked. Are you happy now?" I asked. Anabella would grin:
"She got what she deserved. It's disgusting that you like such a small child." Anabella said:
"Hold this," I said placing my coin into Quensie hand:
"please watch it close for me. I will be back in a second." I said.

I would look at the coin then at Alexander. I remember for a second that Jaden had told me the coin was Alexander most dear item and that he would never let go of it.

I would leave Quensie behind walking towards Anabella:
"Say that again please," I said:
"It's disgusting," Anabella said:
"One more time," I said:
"It's disgusting. Get a girl like me. I'm more beautiful and-" She said but I rushed forward and grabbed her by the wrist:
"Really now?" I asked:
"Let go your sicko," Anabella said:
"I'm sick? The sick girl is the one kidnapping a girl because of popularity. The girl who would go to such extreme to get a boy affection." I said looking up at her my eyes calm:
"You're scaring me, Alexander," Anabella said the two other girls moving back slowly. My grip became tighter:
"I could break your wrist right now," I said. Anabella's eyes widened:
"If you ever pull a stunt like this again I might get violent but for now let me do this," I said as my hand grip tighter and tighter. Anabella would begin to scream in pain but I let go before I broke it:
"Run," I said. The three girls ran off. I walked over to Quensie and kneeled down before her. Quensie would shiver. So even gods can be scared. I took off my jacket and placed it around her shoulders:
"You okay?" I asked. She leaped forward and hugged me:
"Thank you." She said. I would smile and wrap my arms around her:
"It's fine," I said. She would softly sob. I looked at the stuffed animal and sighed:
"Come. I have an idea." I said as I helped her up. I walked with her clinging to my arm. We walked into the festival again with the broken stuffed animal. I found a booth which sold threats and needles and other handy work. I bought it and sat down on a bench beginning to sew it back together. Quensie would look at me while I did it. I sew it back together perfectly and handed it to her:
"Here you go shorty," I said giving her the stuffed animal. She hugged it:
"Thanks again." She said:
"It's nothing," I said:
"it was. They were so mean...I didn't do anything." Quensie said shivering again. I would look at her. In that moment I didn't know what to say. So I had to act. I pulled her close and placed her head up my chest. She would look up at me. I would not smile or anything just look calm as ever but pet her hair softly. She would smile and giggle:
"Thanks...I needed that." She said:
"Yeah yeah. Don't let anyone know this." I said. After that little thing, we went home. I escorted her home then went home myself. Tomorrow was a Sunday so I could sleep all day long.

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