Have you ever played the same level of the same game to the point where you could be featured in an episode of "My Strange Addictions?" If so, you've come to the right place! No, this isn't rehab for cell phone addicts, but I promise it's even better. Step right up and read this Reviewz© series, which covers addictive apps both new and old. Feed your addiction. Read now and follow @Reviewz


1. White Trip

Appliss Inc.

1 million downloads

Available on Apple Store and Google Play

Google Rating: 4.1/5

"It is an endless run game the birds you control fly around in the winter sky"

Category: Action


At first I thought this game would not be able to keep me interested or wouldn't live up to its 4.1 star rating, but it soon lived up to expectations. It is a simple game where you control a golden bird as it flies over a winter landscape. There are two controls to choose from: drag and tilt. I decided, since I am currently laying down and would rather not move as much as possible, to try out the drag control option.

At first, it was tough to get the bird to move where I wanted it, but after the tutorial was complete, it became much easier. As you fly, there will be other birds that come into view. Some are shiny and lit up the same as your bird, while others are dark and shadowy. You must hit the shiny birds, and avoid the shadow ones. 

There is a timer that sits at the side of the screen. Once that timer is close to up, your bird will start to glow red to warn you. Once the timer is up, your flight ends. The goal is to travel as many meters possible without the timer running out.

To add time to the bar on the side, you must hit the shiny birds. There are a multitude of them in the sky, and when you hit one, your time bar returns to a full 10 seconds and 20 shiny animals are added to your inventory.

The golden animals will add up in the top left screen. You can use these to speed your bird from 15 m/s to 18 m/s or increase flight time from 10 seconds to 11 seconds. After these are unlocked, it is possible to upgrade even further.

However, if you hit a shadowy animal, your flight is immediately over, no matter how many seconds are left on the time bar. If you traveled far and would like to continue your flight even after running out of time, there is an option to play an ad in exchange for continuing the flight. This is a nice feature, as the ads are optional and there to help you advance in the game, rather than at the bottom of the screen during game play. 

There are a range of levels and terrains to play on. After you travel a certain number of meters, you can move on to the next level in the game. 

My Thoughts:

Overall, White Trip is a game worth your download. The controls are simple, yet effective (I tried out the tilt control and it is not too sensitive), the graphics are average but not pixelated, and the upgrade features make for something to work towards. There is also a Training Mode featured to help improve yourself in controlling the bird. I wish it wasn't so easy to avoid the shadow animals, as it seems that they are somewhat pointless if they aren't too bad of an obstacle. White Trip isn't as addictive as I hoped, but that may only be because the first level isn't much of a challenge. Also, there are some popup ads which can be annoying in any app, but those can be taken away with a payment of $1.49. Still, I will continue to play, upgrade, and advance through the levels of White Trip.


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