Have you ever played the same level of the same game to the point where you could be featured in an episode of "My Strange Addictions?" If so, you've come to the right place! No, this isn't rehab for cell phone addicts, but I promise it's even better. Step right up and read this Reviewz© series, which covers addictive apps both new and old. Feed your addiction. Read now and follow @Reviewz


2. Battle Text

Random Logic Games

500 thousand downloads

Available on Apple Store and Google Play

Google Rating: 4.2/5

"Battle through 48+ word puzzles using your vocabulary as your weapon!"

Category: Simulation 


I know it makes me a total nerd to be one hundred percent in love with this game, but hell I don't care. I'm addicted and nobody's gonna come in the way of that. I was skeptical at first, but once I started destroying people in multiplayer with the power of words, I was hooked. The game begins with a choice between story mode, where you battle a computer, and multiplayer, where you can play against random people or friends.

I started out with story mode to learn how to play. I'd rather not get merked on multiplayer because I have no clue what I'm even doing. You play against a series of characters. However, you must fully beat on before moving on to the next. The first opponent is called "Alyx Page." 

You must complete a series of stages before being able to move on, and take down, the remaining characters. I started off on stage one. In this stage, first to 40 points wins. 

The object of the game is to spell longer words in order to gain a larger amount of points. Your opponent will spell a words, and you must then retaliate with a word starting with the last letter of their word. For example, if your opponent plays the word "bingo," you must play a word that starts with "o."

Each letter gets you a point, and you are rewarded two extra points for every new words used, so get creative! To mix things up, each stage has a different ruleset. For instance, this stage says that words can't end in the letter "s," and first to 50 points wins. 

There is a time limit for each turn. So think of a word quick, or you will be left with 0 points for that turn. However, there is a sort of save option. You can use an "Auto Complete" which fills in a small word for you so you at least get some points. 

Auto completes can be earned through daily challenges and watching short video ads.

I quickly left story mode and began playing multiplayer games. I'd rather enjoy the feeling of beating an actual person rather than a computer. You can change your profile picture, username, purchase new emojis that are used to taunt other users, play a quick match, or battle your friends! 

If you're reading this, hit me up and let's play Battle Text. User ID above ;) 

Multiplayer works almost identically (that's a good one) to story mode. However, you can taunt your opponent and there is a random ruleset selected for each game.

Here's another quick look at the in-game aspect.


Reviewz© Thoughts:

I'm about to sound like I'm actually getting paid to promote this shit, but honestly this is my true opinion. I cannot stop playing. I can't tell whether it's my competitive nature, love for words, or want to prove that I'm smart that is keeping me on this app, but something about it is working. I'm addicted, and there's no doubt about it. I love that lack of ads (as always) and the feature to play with friends. I personally haven't tried that option out yet, but will definitely be putting it to use soon. The computers on story mode are not too easy, and the people on multiplayer always keep the competition up. I guess they're all a bunch of word nerds like myself. I 100% recommend you at least give this game a chance. Unless, of course, you're afraid of the addiction. 


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