Snape's Story

This is the story of Severus Snape and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone through Snape's eyes. This is basically the first book rewritten so there's a lot of stuff that's the same. Disclaimer-I do not own the plot or story. It is basically rewritten through the eyes of Snape.


1. Potter's Sorting

   Potter. So, he has come to Hogwarts. The-Boy-Who-Lived.​Lily. He has her green eyes. But everything else, he looked exactly like his father. Probably just as arrogant too. Now it's his turn for the sorting. Probably Gryffindor like both of his parents. But maybe....? "Gryffindor!" the Sorting Hat shouted. Not a surprise. Dumbledore gave his speech and the feast started. I looked at Potter once but he also caught my eye so I didn't look at him again. When the feast ended. The first years went to their dorms. I remembered my relationship with Lily who was a Gryffindor and James Potter who was a Gryffindor. Potter boy is exactly like his father. He is arrogant, always in trouble, plays mean tricks on others and does not pity them. James Potter. I clenched my fists just to think of him. I will treat Potter bad. He will pay the price instead. He savored the thought of next day's Potion lesson and decided on a way to embarrass him.

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