That Boy

It's all about the boy you spend your days thinking and worrying about. You love him, you want him, you always have. Get him then, nothing is ever stopping you.


1. Feelings

           He won't understand, they never do.  How we always seem to care more. I love him, I do. Everything about him makes my heart melt.  How we don't go to the bathroom to actually use it.  I don't have to pee, I need to make sure my hair is in place, and I look beautiful for you. I want to make you laugh, but you always seem to make me laugh instead.  Hopefully you see the way my face shapes when I smile and fall in love with it like I do you.  Hopefully once I leave I'm the number one thing on your mind like you are on mine.  I can see the my future through his eyes. They make me calm and make me focus more on him than the hair on my head.  His eyes read all my secrets, and they know when somethings not okay.  The feeling of his hands pressed against mine makes me feel secure.  When his arms are wrapped around me I feel at home, and I never want to leave.  It's hard to explain to the person you love how much you love them. Why is that? Only if they knew, he wouldn't ever break my heart. He would actually believe in love. It does exist because I am in love with him and I am not quite sure he knows it.  No boy will every catch my eye like he does.  You have all my attention.  Every time I look at you it feels like the first time I laid eyes on you, and how deeply I fell in love with what I saw. He won't ever know how you truly feel about him. If he ever let you go he's stupid. He let go of something that loved him for him, and he won't ever find someone who loved him just as much as you did.     



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