Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



9. Chapter 9

"Has it really only been nine days?" Harry thought as he sat in an armchair thinking of how much his life had changed in so short of a time. The armchair was located in the common room of the quarters he and his bondmates shared. It actually was the visiting family area that was part of the Hogwarts hospital. Harry and all of the women love bonded to him each had their own bedroom connected to a common living space and dining area. It was the best place for them to stay until the bond settled.

"A week and two days. I'm sure Hermione could tell me the..."

"Approximately two hundred and sixteen hours, depending on if you're more concerned about the days to hours or the exact number of hours," Hermione's voice said in his head.

"Thanks," Harry replied with a small laugh. It was things like that which made those days surreal. Actually surreal was seriously understating the strangeness of what had occurred. From the moment nine days ago that his friend Dobby the house-elf had found him in the library, to the mad dash to the lake and the subsequent events that happened under the waters, to finally being love-bonded to the three beautiful women who were currently sitting at the table discussing something, Harry's life had been turned upside-down.

"What if someone had told me ten days ago what I'd be experiencing right now?" Harry wondered with a smile. "I'd have thought them loonier than Professor Trelawney...well maybe," That brought a different thought to mind. "Wonder if she could have predicted something like this? Harry Potter, you will be love-bonded to three beautiful witches by the next full moon," He chuckled at the thought. "I'd have definitely thought she was crazy," Harry looked at the two Delacours and Hermione still sitting at the table. "But I am bonded and it is to three very beautiful witches."

The three women all looked over at him smiling.

"Professor Berceau promised it would get better," Harry thought. Right now if he thought their names or about them as a group, his thoughts went to them whether he meant them to or not. Soon, she'd said, the thoughts will only go if they were supposed to; though as opposed to the three days following the bonding, it was already much, much better. They had been very trying days as the Veela magic had started the process of protecting the minds of the bondmates. All of them had some issues, but Harry had suffered the worst. Starting just a couple of hours after the bonding was complete, Harry had lapsed into state of intense nausea and hallucinations as sights, sounds, and even smells and tastes fluttered rapidly in and out of his mind.

"I had hoped it wouldn't be this bad," Professor Berceau had commented as she and Madam Pomfrey examined Harry. "The Veela magic has to work extra fast to protect their minds," She explained. "Normally the protection and changes are a more extended process because the echos and thoughts are more of an annoyance, but with three, well it can't wait to be gentle," She looked over at the beds where the three ladies were all lying and watching. "But ladies, your beau is not in any real danger."

It had taken a day for Harry to regain some semblance of awareness again but he still had the echoes occurring. It was Hermione who had thought of a plan that would allow them to be in the same room. "They were really cute in those earmuffs," Harry thought as he remembered them wearing the earmuffs worn in Herbology when working with the Mandrakes. "Especially Gabrielle wearing the pink ones."

"I'll put zem back on eef you wish," Gabrielle said as she looked over at him.

"You are beautiful with or without them," Harry replied.

Gabrielle smiled from her spot at the table; a beautiful smile. Harry could feel the love she had for him as it seemed to pulse and grow in the bond. Harry was still getting used to how the bond felt. He now knew the feeling of sunshine pouring into his heart he'd felt right after the bonding was in fact the love of his bondmates. It had filled in cracks in his heart that had been created by the neglect and abuse of his relatives. He was still trying to put a word to the feeling that the bonds gave him, but so far he'd been unsuccessful. The closest he'd come was 'complete'. Though they did in fact make him feel complete, he knew it was severely inadequate of a description.

"Maybe there isn't a term to describe it," Harry pondered. "Complete will have to do," He knew that if ten days ago he'd learned the Delacours would force their magic on him, he'd have exploded in anger. Six days ago he understood why they had done it, but he still felt the resentment of it. "Now, I would never want to lose that which this bond has given me," Harry knew he was happier now than he'd ever been in his life.

As he looked over at the women again he remembered when Hermione's thoughts had disappeared from his mind. He could easily tell hers from Fleur and Gabrielle's just because he knew how she thought and had shared many experiences with her. When her thoughts had disappeared, Harry had almost panicked. He'd called out to her mentally and she'd responded almost instantly. "I'm still here."

Across the room Hermione turned and looked at Harry, "Now and forever love, I'll never be more than a thought away."

"Next time Ron says you're mental...uh wait."

"I know what he calls me. He doesn't always wait until I'm out of range to overhear him."


"I don't think I've ever heard you say it first, though you've agreed on occasion."

"Yeah and I really am sorry."

"It was boy bonding; besides I know you didn't really mean it."

Fleur's thoughts had disappeared the next day and Harry had been ready. A reassuring "I'm 'ere mon amour," let Harry know she was fine. Finally yesterday morning his mind had finally fallen completely silent for the first time in four days. "Gabrielle?" Had been the call to his youngest bondmate.

"Of course I'm 'ere," She had replied and with that the bond was mostly complete.

Professor Berceau had spent the entire previous day poking and prodding. This being her first four person bond, she'd wanted to know if there were any difference between a normal bond and it. Over the hours she'd spent with them they'd discovered Harry could mentally speak to any or all of his bondmates just by thinking what he wanted to say. His mind seemed to realize who he wanted to 'talk' to and 'sent' it to that bond. Of course there was still leakage as his mind learned that just because he thought 'of' a bondmate didn't mean he wanted those thoughts to go to them.

They found out that the bonds were each separate connections to Harry which meant he could send and receive images and even other senses related thoughts to and from each of the ladies, but they could not do the same to the other women. Rachelle had been surprised that the bonded women could mentally speak among themselves. Though what was happening became obvious when Harry laid down for a kip in the afternoon after developing a headache. As soon as he fell asleep, the women could no longer 'talk' to each other. Rachelle quickly realized Harry's mind was acting as a subconscious relay, but only when he was awake.

After Harry's nap, they started experimenting with sharing their thoughts. The thoughts of each person consisted to two different possibilities, the immediate and the memories. Harry found that if he concentrated fully on one of his bondmates he could actually experience everything they were as it happened, sight, sound, everything. He had found it unnerving to see himself through Gabrielle's eyes while feeling her feelings. For a small period of time, it seemed to Harry he was in love with himself. His bondmates had found it extremely amusing when he mentioned it to them. Of course each woman could experience what Harry was doing as well, but they could not do it to each other. As for memories of past occurrences, though they couldn't delve into the memories of a bondmate, they soon found all they had to do was say or think a trigger which would bring the memory into an active thought which they then could experience. It was at that time they realized none of them could keep secrets from the others. As much as Harry had misgivings about it, he agreed with his bondmates, that they would never try to keep anything from the others. They all realized that the relationship they were going to have, required absolute trust among them all.

"Then there was last night," Harry thought. He'd wanted to introduce Fleur and Gabrielle to Sirius as soon as possible to prevent them from seeing something in his memories they might not understand. After they'd had dinner, Harry had requested 'his dog' join them.

Flashback – Previous evening

"E is such a well-trained dog, 'Arry," Fleur said as she scratched Padfoot behind the ear. "But why is 'e 'ere?"

Harry grinned at Sirius' antics, as he was panting with his tongue hanging out. "Do either of you know about Sirius Black?" He asked.

"Ze Murderer? Cedric said 'e tried to kill you last year," Fleur said. "Zat 'e made it all the way to your dorm."

"Sirius is no murderer," Harry growled. "It was thought he was the one who betrayed my parents, but it was another of their friends. Sirius was accused and sent to prison without a trial. I would like both of you to close your eyes and bring up my thoughts of something that happened last year. Hermione was with me at the time so she already knows the story."

Harry started his memory in the Shrieking Shack after Sirius had transformed. Fleur and Gabrielle saw the confrontation between Sirius, Remus and Peter Pettigrew, he let it proceed until Harry was talking to Sirius when he asked him to come live with him. When it was over he said, "Now don't probe for a few minutes please."

"So 'e ees innocent?" Fleur asked. "and 'e is your godfather?"


"Zat's good but what does 'e 'ave to do with your dog?" Fleur asked.

"Well I've met your family," Harry replied. "And I thought you should meet mine. Sirius, if you would please."

Padfoot moved away from Fleur and a few seconds later Sirius Black stood before them. Fleur and Gabrielle had jumped back when the transformation started but quickly recovered.

"Sorry to startle you ladies," Sirius said.

"Are you alright?" Harry thought to his two Veela Bond mates. "I was trying to do this before you got to see something in my mind that might have startled you or you might not have understood."

"Oui," Fleur said. "Just surprised. Monsieur Black eet is nice to meet you."

"Likewise and to you too Miss Gabrielle."

"E's ze one who sent you ze broom?" Gabrielle asked.

"Yes, he is," Harry replied. "This is my biggest secret. Sirius is still wanted and it's instant Dementor's kiss if he is ever caught," All in the room saw Sirius's shudder slightly at the words. "So whatever you do, do not say anything about him to anyone."

"But you 'ad ze animagus," Gabrielle argued. "E confessed. Zat should 'ave proven Mr. Black's innocence."

"None of this Mr. Black you two. I'll be seriously ticked if you don't call me Sirius."

"The rat escaped unfortunately," Harry muttered after he rolled his eyes at his godfather's joke. "And we ended up having to break Sirius out of the school right before a Dementor was summoned for him."

"But 'ow?" Fleur asked.

"Well," Harry said as he smiled at Hermione. "It is an exciting tale of a Werewolf, Dementors and a lovable Hippogriff, not to mention the most beautiful woman I could have ever wanted by my side. But you'll get an idea of what you got yourselves in for by becoming a part of my life."

Harry and Hermione told the tale of the trip back in time to rescue Sirius Black later that evening.

"Zey actually gave you a Time Turner?" Fleur asked incredulously.

"Yes, well it was the only way to get to all of my classes," Hermione explained.

Fleur said a couple of words in French that Harry was positive didn't reflect to highly on the Ministry. "Zough I am very glad you 'ad a way to rescue 'Arry's godfather, zat was extremely dangerous of zem."

"After what we did, I agree. I gave it back at the end of the year."

The rest of the story had Fleur and Gabrielle on the edge of their seats as they viewed some of the thoughts of what had happened. From the thrill of riding a Hippogriff, to the near death experience by Dementors, to the Patronus that drove them away allowing Harry to save himself and Sirius.

"Zat...zat was beautiful," Gabrielle gushed at the sight of the glowing stag.

"My...my father," Harry replied trying to hide the sadness but then as love from three witches started to increase, he remembered hiding emotions didn't work anymore. "My father was a stag animagus. His friends called him Prongs."

All of the bondmates were amazed at the strength of the Patronus.

End Flashback

"Harry?" Hermione's voice cut through the thoughts Harry had of the previous days.


"What do you think is going to happen when the school gets word of our bonding?" Hermione asked.

Up until that moment Harry really had only thought of the bonding and the far future of spending his life with these ladies, he really hadn't thought of tomorrow or next week. His first thought was of his friend. "Ron's going to be jealous isn't he?" Harry sighed.

Fleur caught a glimpse of Ron's image from Harry's mind and from what she had seen last night in the shrieking shack when she was seeing Sirius being proved innocent. Her hand shot to her mouth. "I recognize 'im now. 'E asked me to ze ball. I was rude to 'im. I'm sorry 'Arry."

"I think you're even Fleur," Harry said, "right before our bonding, he wasn't the kindest talking about you and Gabrielle," Harry turned to Hermione. "Has he even been by to see us?"

"I don't know," Hermione replied honestly. "Though yes, I believe Ron will be jealous, he's the least of our concerns. What would Rita Skeeter do with this story? Especially if it gets out that…" Hermione grimaced at her bond sisters. "It wasn't exactly your decision. Can you imagine the headlines, 'Boy-Who-Lived trapped by Veela'?"

Harry ran his hands through his hair. "Yeah, she's going to enjoy that one isn't she?"

"Yes, I think so," Hermione continued. "She'll make it so Fleur and Gabrielle are run out of the country. Well Gabrielle anyway since Fleur still has to compete. You saw what she did to Hagrid."

"Merlin," Harry exclaimed as he looked up at his two blonde Bondmates. "She's right. Skeeter is nasty."

"I saw ze things she wrote," Fleur said. "But we," She indicated Hermione and Gabrielle, "ave a plan."

"What kind of plan?" Harry asked nervously.

"We aren't going to tell anyone about the bonding," Hermione said. "Not yet anyway."

"You mean I have to stay away from you?" Harry asked. "I…I don't want to do that."

"Of course not Harry," Hermione explained. "You are going to have a girlfriend, our lovely Gabrielle," Gabrielle blushed as she looked at Harry. "You saved her life so no one is going to think too much of her wanting to date you. Though once they hear about it, half the girls in the school might start throwing themselves in the lake whenever you are near them, hoping you rescue them as well," Hermione finished with a smirk.

"But...but…you and Fleur," Harry sputtered.

"I am still your best friend aren't I? I've been by your side for how many years? No one's going to think twice about it. Even if you're with Gabrielle," Hermione explained. "I know you love me. I can feel, hear, taste and smell it over the bond. If I look into my mind, I can even see it, so I don't have to kiss you every thirty seconds to make sure like some people do. Not to say I don't want to snog you senseless every thirty seconds," She grinned at the blush Harry had developed.

"And you?" Harry asked turning to Fleur. "What about you?"

"Me? I definitely want to kiss you until your toes are curled around your feet," Fleur replied innocently. "Zo every thirty seconds might not be enough time for your toes to uncurl. Oh, as for ze plan, do you think I would let my baby sister go wander around wiz some English wizard wizout proper chaperoning? She is but thirteen," Fleur finished with a smile.

"I'll be fourteen in three months," Gabrielle retorted.

"So we still spend most of our time together, but the school only sees me dating Gabrielle?" Harry asked, summing up his understanding of the plan.

"Exactly," Hermione replied.

"But eventually we have to tell people about it, don't we? How else can I marry...I mean for us to be together later in life?" Harry asked.

Fleur winked at Hermione, "Did 'e almost propose to us already?"

"But…I…" Harry sputtered helplessly.

All three women giggled. "Is 'e always zis easy?" Fleur asked Hermione.

"When it comes to women, most definitely," Then Hermione turned back to the blushing Harry. "We thought of that as well. Fleur and Gabrielle will invite you and me to stay with them during the summer and the bond will be announced during that time; doesn't even have to be made in context to the Triwizard. Plenty of time for the Daily Prophet to get over it before school starts back."

"So do I ever get a say in any of this?" Harry asked.

"Your job is to defeat basilisk, dementors, and dark wizards. We will take care of ze relationship," Fleur explained. "Now you need to go get ready, our parents will be 'ere in a few minutes."

Harry had almost forgotten that the Delacours were due very shortly for lunch and the Grangers were coming later in the evening to have dinner. But before he left his bondmates he decided it was time to fight back a little. "You forgot one other thing I am supposed to fight," He said innocently.

"And what would that be?" Gabrielle asked.

"Giant Spiders," Harry said lightly, and put an image of Aragog and his brethren into their minds. He got a small amount of satisfaction at them being startled. But when he felt Gabrielle become frightened he was instantly sorry and went over and held her. "I'm sorry," He whispered to her. "I shouldn't have done that. I was trying to be funny and it didn't work out that well."

"Was that…" Hermione started.

"Aragog…yeah. Nice pet isn't he?" Harry replied then to Fleur and Gabrielle, "If our Care of Magical Creatures Professor offers to show you something 'interesting' run away as fast as you can."

"Did you kill it?" Fleur asked.

"No. Ron and I barely made it out of there alive," Harry explained. "If you want I can show you those memories, but they're are not pretty," He pulled Gabrielle closer, "Are you okay?"

She nodded at him, "You must think I'm silly being afraid of zat."

"No I definitely don't think that," Harry replied truthfully. "I was terrified of it. I definitely shouldn't have made you see it. Your sister maybe, but not you," The last he said as he smirked at Fleur. When Gabrielle looked up at him, he kissed her tenderly on the lips.

When Harry looked back up, he could see Fleur was smiling at him and Gabrielle. "When do I get to curl your toes 'Arry?" Fleur asked in that innocent tone.

Harry swallowed nervously as he stood up to go to his bedroom. "Uh...later maybe."

"Non, I think now is a great time," And Fleur stood up and intercepted him. She looked in his emerald green eyes and closed the final distance between their lips. Harry wasn't sure if his toes curled since he couldn't feel anything except the heat radiating from Fleur's lips as her tongue started attacking his, he felt a nudge in his mind making suggestions of what would make the kiss better and he endeavored to fulfill those recommendations. As the seconds continued on, Harry's learning curve spike sharply and Fleur melted into his arms. Her thoughts as they finally broke away were he might be inexperienced but he had a lot of potential. "He just needs practice, a lot of practice," She thought happily.

When the kiss finally ended Harry looked into Fleur's eyes and saw a look of love and of desire. He could feel how much she had enjoyed the kiss and how much she loved him. When their mutual eye contact finally ended, Harry looked to the other two bond mates and saw that they were both staring back at them and had felt some part of the kiss as both of them had a slightly dazed look on their faces.

Harry blushed when he heard Hermione in his mind, "Would you kiss me like that Harry?"

Harry walked over to his love, his best friend, and looked into her brown eyes. "Most definitely love," His lips touched hers and trying to remember what he had just done, he let the kiss develop into a deeper kiss, he felt the bond connection between them, felt what she liked most with the kiss and using that he made the kiss exactly how she wanted it to be. When the kiss finally ended, they both stood there with silly grins on their faces.

"My turn," Harry heard Gabrielle say happily as she rushed over to him.

"Remember she is only thirteen 'Arry. I better see zose 'ands," Fleur said with a mental giggle.

Harry didn't hear much of that since his mind was locked into the lips and mind of Gabrielle. It took a little while for Harry to realize he needed to lead this kiss as Gabrielle was expecting him to show her what needed to be done. The kiss didn't last as long as the one with Hermione but Gabrielle was still very satisfied.

If Harry had concentrated and listened to what the ladies were talking to each other about as he headed for the shower his male ego would have been inflated several times the size of the castle. Each of the ladies was sharing exactly how great the kiss they just had was.

By the time Harry had finished his shower and dressed in fresh robes the Delacours had arrived to enjoy a lunch with their daughters and bondmates. When he arrived back in the common room, Mr. Delacour jumped to his feet and greeted him warmly. "Arry, Apolline and I once again wish to thank you. You are definitely a part of our family now. We were just telling 'Ermione she should consider 'erself one of our daughters as well."

Apolline Delacour seemed to almost float over to Harry and wrapped him a delicate hug. "Our daughters 'ave been telling us about your last few days. So 'ow are you enjoying ze bond?"

"Mrs. Delacour," Harry started.

"Non, Apolline or even Maman please. None of zis Mrs. Delacour."

Harry smiled nervously and nodded before continuing "It's really only been a little more than a day since it settled, but I will tell you something even your daughters haven't got out of me yet," Harry felt the soft touches of each of his bond mates minds as each were wanting to know what he was about to say. "When I first woke up and found out about the bonding. I was frustrated and possibly angry," Harry gave a gentle reassuring thought to Fleur and Gabrielle. "But a single word kept coming to my mind that helped calm me. That word was 'family'. You know my story. I have no family, but it is the one thing I have always wanted in life," Harry turned to his three bond mates. "I have that now; these three very special women are my family. We will spend our lives together, and that is everything I want. When I was talking to a special person in my life about what Fleur and Gabrielle had done he suggested that fate is giving me the happiness that it's kept from me for so long. After only this short time, I am starting to agree. Fleur, Gabrielle and Hermione are all very special women, all are beautiful, all are intelligent, and all, for some reason I'll never fathom love me," Harry felt all three of his bond mates respond with happiness, each thinking fiercely that they were going to give Harry the happiness he deserved.

Mrs. Delacour could see that fate might have played a part in this. Though she personally wished it had taken a lesser toll on her nerves. When she had found out how close to dying her daughters had come in that lake she had been horrified. Then to find out they both had declared the same bondmate had been staggering especially since both had done it without his permission. Apolline had rushed to the school to find her daughters' bondmate was unconscious because of the bond initiation and nothing the nurse could do to bring him out of his state. She had felt her daughters anguish. Watching them sit beside their chosen mate, concerned for his safety, crying over the fact they had initiated the bond without his agreeing to it and the uncertainty of their futures had broken her own heart. Apolline had watched as her daughters were given the heavy sleeping potion that sent them off to sleep while she and her husband had to sit and wait to find out their daughters' futures. Almost three days of pure misery. They had looked at the raven haired young man lying in the bed and wondered who was this boy who held their daughters' lives in his hands? As he laid there in the bed, he didn't look like he could take care of himself much less their two daughters. But then they had talked to the Hogwart's Headmaster, and to the Mr. Brown who was a friend of Harry's father. Both had told them Harry had strengths others could only imagine. They had described the young man as one of the most caring people they had ever known, but willing to go against insurmountable odds to protect others. They had provided instances of such strength. Surely they must have exaggerated the stories to make Apolline and her husband feel better. How could an eleven year old boy defeat a troll and Voldemort possessed person? How could a twelve year old kill a basilisk with only a sword. Professor Dumbledore had even shown them the ruby-hilted weapon that Harry had used in that endeavor. Then the young man had awakened, and had dinner with his daughters. The next morning Fleur had been deliriously happy about the night before. Telling how Harry had got down on his knee as he agreed to be their bondmate, recognizing the seriousness of the act and how they had enjoyed each others company. Seeing her daughter so excited about her bondmate gave Apolline and Alain so much happiness. They had never seen her so happy. Then the actual bond itself, the difficulties that had ensued, and then finally the bond completion, only to find the third person who was acting as guide had joined the bond.

Now Apolline looked at the young man who had done so much and captured the hearts of both of her daughters, not to mention the heart of the beautiful young lady that Professor Dumbledore had said was the brightest witch he has seen in many of years. Of all the things he had done, of all the fame he had, all he wanted was a family and love. Looking into the nervous emerald eyes of the young man, she could see the strength that was hidden behind them. She definitely could see why her daughters chose him, and she whole heartily approved. She might have wished only one of her daughters had bonded but at least they weren't fighting over him. She once again looked at the happiness in both of her daughters' eyes, and readily agreed; fate seemed to have done a pretty good job on both sides of the bond.

"Maman, Papa," Fleur started. "We would like to make a request of you. I know you probably want to follow tradition and acknowledge ze bond publicly. But we would like for you to wait."

"Why may I ask?" Alain Delacour responded.

"Zere are several reasons, but ze biggest one is to simplify matters for 'Arry," Fleur replied.

When both elder Delacours turned to Harry he said "It was their idea, but they're just looking out for me," He went on to explain what they wanted to do for the remainder of the school year and then make it seem like the bonding happened during the summer. "It gives us additional time to come to terms with the bond without the pressure of the publicity that a public acknowledgment would cause."

"Can 'Arry and 'Ermione visit us zis summer Papa?" Fleur asked.

"Ma Petite, of course zey can," Mr. Delacour responded then turning to Harry and Hermione, "As I said you two are family, our 'ouse is yours."

"Thank you sir," Harry responded as he felt his cheeks blush.

Dobby showed up a little after that to set a lunch for them. They had a nice banter of conversation discussing various things including some stories of Fleur and Gabrielle when they were younger much to the younger Delacours embarrassment. Harry loved to see the memories of his two bond mates when they were doing things they liked to do. He really started looking forward to a summer filled with gazing at the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. He just couldn't imagine water that never ended. He remembered the shack that his Uncle had tried to hide them in when the owls and letters were pursuing them but he never got to really see it through the storm.

"Arry," Fleur's thoughts came through. "Can I tell Papa about Sirius, I don't mean zat 'e is 'ere, but zat 'e is your godfather and zat you believe 'e is innocent. And zat 'e never got a trial."

"Why? What good would that do?" Harry replied.

"My father is ze adjoint au ministre de la magie, 'arry. Ze Deputy Minister of Magic in France," She replied.

Harry's fork fell to the ground and he scrambled to retrieve it. "Your father is what?"

"You 'eard me 'Arry," Fleur responded back. "I'm sure 'e would let you know if anything can be done to 'elp 'im."

"Let me talk to Sirius first," Harry said. "It's his life."

"Ok, 'Arry, I just want to 'elp you," Fleur said with a hint of sadness.

"Fleur, I know and that means everything to me. Feel my thoughts and emotions. You know I'm not mad," Harry started. "In fact I would love to have an opinion outside of the government that sent Sirius to Azkaban in the first place. I just think it has to be Sirius' decision on who we tell."

Mr. and Mrs. Delacour recognized the look in the Harry and Fleur's eyes that they were talking to each other. "Is zere something you wish to share you two?" Apolline asked as she looked at them.

Fleur looked a little embarrassed, "Not right now Maman."

The rest of the lunch passed with minor conversations but toward the end, one major topic came up, the future.

"Ave you started discussing your futures yet?" Apolline asked. "Is eet going to be 'Ogwarts or Beauxbatons?"

Before Harry could reply, Fleur responded. "Ogwarts Maman. Both 'Arry and 'Ermione attend 'ere, and I can get a job close by after zis year. Gabrielle can transfer 'ere and I can take up guardianship until she is of age or," Fleur looked over at Harry, "she gets married."

Harry felt every eye at the table turn toward him and his blush crept completely under his collar. Apolline laughed, "Don't do zat to 'im Fleur. Look at ze poor young man."

Mrs. Delacour turned to Harry. "It is generally accepted that you wait until she turns of age before marriage," She explained. "But you might find it difficult to wait zat long in zis situation."

"What…what do you mean?" Harry asked looking like he was ready to bolt.

"I think you will find out shortly 'Arry," Mrs. Delacour said then changing the subject, "Gabrielle will transfer to 'Ogwarts," Turning to her youngest daughter. "Do you want to transfer for ze remainder of zis year, or let Madame Maxime teach you for ze rest of ze school year?"

"Actually she needs to wait until next year," Hermione spoke up. "Since we aren't announcing our bond until the summer, what would the reason be for her to transfer?"

"How about a little of both?" Harry asked. "We get the headmaster to allow her to attend classes here without making it a formal enrollment, say that because of her age it would be difficult to instruct her otherwise. Maybe even get her sorted into a house and let her sleep in a dorm. That way she can get comfortable with Hogwarts and we don't have to announce anything about the bond. "

"Do you think ze 'eadmaster will agree to zat?" Mr. Delacour asked.

"I think right now the Headmaster owes my bondmates and me too much to argue with it," Harry responded forcefully.

Had Harry been listening to the women's thoughts, he would have heard Hermione asking the other two bondmates if they heard how protective Harry was of them already. She suggested they get used to it. Harry had committed to them and he would move the earth and sea to protect them if it required it.

When the elder Delacours had left, Harry realized that he only had three more hours to live. Or at least that was his way of thinking since that was when Hermione's parents were going to show up for dinner. Professor Dumbledore was personally transporting them to Hogwarts so they could pass through the muggle repelling wards. Harry thought of how accommodating Professor Dumbledore had been. He wondered if it had to do with the Dursleys or if it had to do with the fact that his bondmates' father was the Deputy Minister of Magic for France. "Maybe it would be a good time to talk to him about the summer," Harry thought.

It was nearly time for the Grangers to arrive and Harry had taken up pacing. Back and forth, back and forth he strolled across the common room. The ladies could feel his anxiety and he could feel their frustration at his pacing.

"Love, they really aren't going to kill you," Hermione said.

"But they're your parents Hermione," Harry replied. "I just want them to like me."

Hermione strolled over to him and put her arms around his waist. "They will love you Harry. They already know a lot about you from my letters to them," Then her lips found his and he found himself lost once again in her lips, her smell and her love pouring through the bond. In their kiss they didn't hear the door open or the Hogwart's Headmaster enter with two guests.

A mental shout from Fleur brought them to their senses and they looked around to see Hermione's parents looking like they were in total shock.

"Well now that you are safely here," The Headmaster said with a twinkle in his eye. "I shall leave you. Call me when you're ready to depart."

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