Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



5. Chapter 5 Dinner with the Delacours

When Harry arrived back in the Hospital Wing Madame Pomfrey was in her office. Harry sat down on the foot of his bed and kept looking from one Delacour to the other. He released a sigh. "Why?" He whispered but he knew he'd have to wait before they could answer that question. He found himself looking again at their silvery-blonde hair, at their perfect complexion, and visualized the beautiful eyes that lay behind the closed eyelids. He remembered Fleur's from under the water, the look that was in them. "Was that the love?" He asked himself, not believing it could be true. As he looked at Fleur, his eyes came to rest on the smile that was on her lips. "It was those lips that gave me my first kiss." Harry thought. "A kiss that sealed my fate."

"Ah Mr. Potter you're back," Madame Pomfrey said from behind Harry. Harry didn't turn but heard her footsteps across the floor as she came over to him. He only turned when he felt her hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry Harry. I almost feel like this is my fault."


"I keep thinking that maybe I should have sent the young Delacour up here before you and her sister got to the platform," Madame Pomfrey said, "Or at least kept her unconscious. Maybe then none of this would have happened."

Harry looked at the concern in the school's nurse face and knew she did what she had to do. "You had no reason to. It's just the way things happened. This is definitely not your fault."

"Thank you Harry," Madame Pomfrey said, "You've spent so much time under my care Harry, I've grown quite attached to you." She turned and looked at the Delacours. "They were very concerned about you. Outside of the short time they met with their parents, they never left your side. Even when we gave them the sleeping drought, they fell asleep looking at you."

"I…I'm sure it's something to do with the bond," Harry said.

"Maybe, but Harry," Madame Pomfrey started. "I've been in charge of this wing for a long time. I've seen a lot of loved ones at bedsides and I've become very good at reading emotions. I can tell they care about you."

Harry didn't reply to this but his eyes came back to the peaceful sleeping face of Fleur then over to Gabrielle. "Why?" Was his only thought but in itself it carried many more questions.

"So where is that dog of yours?" Madame Pomfrey asked. "He's been in here so much in the last couple of days that I've grown quite accustomed to him. Never seen a better trained animal. He would sit and stare at you for hours."

Harry smiled at the thought of his godfather watching over him while he slept. "I think he's in the Great Hall, I understand that he's been popular there as well."

"Yes he has been. Oh, and Harry when you get a chance, you might want to let Miss Granger know you're awake. Poor girl has been asking about you every couple of hours. I think since we didn't let your friends visit you they might have presumed something far worse has happened to you."

At the sound of Hermione's name, an image of her floated in Harry's mind, he felt her hand from earlier intertwined with his. "I've already spoken to her, she found me as I was walking to Professor Dumbledore's office."

"Of course she would," Madame Pomfrey said with a sad smile. "Now Harry, I need you to drink this potion and lay back down in bed for a few minutes."

Harry looked at the thick yellow concoction she handed him. "What does it do?"

"It's going to release your negative emotions Harry."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

Madame Pomfrey looked at Harry for a few seconds, "Albus was concerned that you might lose your temper before hearing all that you needed to know, so he had me administer a calming potion that keeps the more negative emotions like anger in check."

"But I got angry earlier at Ron, I–" Harry started, but then remembered how quickly the anger had disappeared.

"Then I would have hated to have seen you if your anger hadn't been bound Harry," Madame Pomfrey said. "The potion only diminishes the emotions, it doesn't eliminate them, but if you were angry enough to feel it while under its influence, it was pretty severe."

Harry thought of what had caused the anger. Ron had called Fleur and Gabrielle 'Veela girls' as if they were objects or prizes, but why would that have caused so great of an anger? Images came flooding into his mind as if the question had burst a dam. He was looking at the mirror of Erised three years previous with Dumbledore saying "You, who have never known your family, see them standing around you," Then he was in the tunnel between the shrieking shack and the Whomping Willow. Sirius, the man who only an hour earlier Harry knew to be a mass murderer only to find out differently, was telling Harry he was his guardian and offering to have Harry come live with him causing Harry's heart to explode in joy, and finally Harry saw in a single instant, every moment he had spent unloved at the Dursleys. Every birthday gone unnoticed, every Christmas without presents, and every achievement unrecognized or even ridiculed. Then again in his mind he heard Dumbledore's voice,

"The bond cannot be formed out of nothing, there must be love for the individual before it can start. The love might not have been deep or it might have been from the depths of their hearts but it was there."

"since the bond is permanent you would eventually probably marry them both."

Harry looked over at the sleeping Fleur and Gabrielle and realized that was what they were offering him, unwavering love and a promise of a family. His family, no not his, but for them to be a family.

Madame Pomfrey had been watching Harry as he seemed to wrestle with his thoughts, "Are you alright Harry?"

"I think I'll be fine, thanks," Harry replied as he climbed into his bed. He uncorked the vial and turned it upside down, allowing the thick yellow liquid to pour into his mouth. "Disgusting, but at least it's better than Skele-Gro." Harry thought as he swallowed. Almost instantly, he felt his anger and frustration open up and threaten to overwhelm him. "WHY?" It was more of a demand than a question now. "WHY is it always me?" He looked over at the Delacours, and that word floated up from the depths of his anger; 'family' and with it came a sense of calm that enveloped him.

As Harry laid there thinking his stomach gave another grumble reminding him of the coming dinner. "Madame Pomfrey, Professor Dumbledore is having a dinner prepared. Fleur and Gabrielle will need to be awakened soon."

"Oh, then I better start making the preparations," And she strolled back to her office.

It was twenty minutes later when Albus Dumbledore came through the hospital wing doors followed by Padfoot. Madame Pomfrey who had been keeping an eye on the door came out to greet him. "Ah Poppy," He said. "I think it is about time to awaken the ladies."

"Yes Albus, Mr. Potter informed me of such. It'll be a couple of more minutes before we can."

Until that moment Harry hadn't thought about what that meant. He knew that Fleur and Gabrielle were to be awakened of course, but now he realized it was time to face them. Time to talk with the two ladies he was destined to spend the rest of his life with and time to ask them the question he'd asked a thousand times in the short time he'd been awake. Why? As with any true fourteen year old Gryffindor about to face an upcoming dinner with two beautiful ladies who were to be bonded to him, Harry's mind filled with panic and then went blank. Fortunately, either by chance or possibly Professor Dumbledore had noticed something in Harry's eyes, the Headmaster made a suggestion. "Harry, the ladies are going to need time to freshen themselves up a bit and maybe a change of clothes, so why don't you do the same. When you are ready just call Dobby to show you the way to the dining room we set up."

"Yes sir, thank you sir."

"Oh and Harry," The Headmaster said "May I suggest something semi-formal."

"Uh, yes sir," And at that Harry bolted out the door.

"Semi-formal?" Harry asked himself when he was half way down the hall. "What's that?" He knew of only one place to get the answer he needed. One person that is. Down one set of steps and then another. He raced along until he came to the large doors that led into the Great Hall. He threw them open and entered. The looks and whispers started immediately, but Harry ignored those. He looked to the Gryffindor table and spotted the person he needed. He quickly dashed to her side. "Hermione, I need your help." Then Harry saw every eye and ear within range was turned toward them, "Can you come with me?"

Hermione smiled at him. "Of course Harry."

They left the Great Hall and started up the steps. As they climbed, Harry explained what he needed. "I, I'm supposed to have dinner with Fleur and Gabrielle, but I don't know what to wear. Can you help me?" The last came out as a desperate plea as he stopped to look her in her eyes.

Hermione bit her lower lip and then smiled at her friend. "Of course Harry. I would be glad to."

The two of them rushed up to the Gryffindor tower, through the common room and finally climbed the circular steps to the fourth-year boy's dorm. "Professor Dumbledore said I should dress semi-formal," Harry said.

"Well that means you should have on nice slacks, a nice shirt and tie and clean robes Harry," At that she started looking through Harry's clothes. "Oh Harry, where do you get your clothes from?"

"Mostly my cousin's hand me downs," Harry replied honestly.

"You could buy your own you know?" Hermione told him. "You have enough money."

"I know, but if Uncle Vernon saw new clothes he would ask where they came from," Harry replied. "And I never want them to know about my parents' vault."

Hermione pulled out a shirt that was about two sizes too big for Harry. She took out her wand and said "Reducio" causing it to shrink some. She held it up against Harry and shook her head. She repeated the step and finally the size was acceptable. She did a similar spell to get his pants resized and another to get the cuffs unfrayed. She finished with a cleaning spell to get a stain out of his tie.

Harry just watched her in amazement, "Hermione, I don't think I ever tell you how brilliant you are nearly enough," and then in a lower voice, "and how much I appreciate you."

Hermione looked back at him blushing, "You pretty brilliant yourself Harry," Then she gave him a shove toward the bathroom. "Go take a shower and get dressed."

Hermione was waiting for Harry in the common room when he finished with his shower. She looked him over and after straightening his tie, she said "You look very nice Harry."

"Only because of you Hermione," Harry said, then after a couple of seconds of silent pause. "Well I better go," Harry turned and called. "Dobby," Instantly the diminutive house elf was by his side.

"Harry," Hermione said, looking into his eyes. "Good luck and here these might help," She took two quills from her bag, and with a wave of her wand and an incantation, they changed into two pink roses. She picked them up and handed them to him. As their hands touched, Harry once again felt the thrill he had felt earlier in the day.

"Thanks Hermione," He said quietly. There was a lengthy pause as he just stared at his best friend. Finally he nodded for Debby to show him the way. If Harry had looked back one more time before departing the common room, he would have seen a tear had left one of Hermione's eyes and was leaving a damp trail down her cheek.

** E E **

Harry was the first to arrive in the classroom that had been converted into a makeshift dining room. He immediately noticed that a lot of effort had been put into making it very stylish for the occasion. A table large enough for three had been placed next to the window which had a sweeping view of the lake. The surface of the table was covered in real china and crystal glasses both with the Hogwarts crest emblazoned on them. The fireplace on a far wall had a crackling fire radiating heat against the February cold. There was also a couch and chair situated in front of the fireplace. Harry smiled at himself wondering if it was Sirius or Professor Dumbledore who had insisted on all of this.

Dobby had excused himself, saying he needed to prepare. "Dobby is to be your waiter tonight sir."

"That's great Dobby," Harry replied. "I'd want no one else."

Dobby was beaming with pride as he disappeared.

Harry was staring out the window in the direction of the lake a few minutes later. It was early evening and the sun had set a couple hours earlier, but he could still make out the dark outlines of the water. The lake would always be different now. It would forever be a reminder of the changes in his life brought on by the events that had happened beneath its surface.

He was nervous of course, as evidenced by the flip flops his stomach was doing in his midsection and he was hungry, but at the moment food was the last thing on his mind. He turned when he heard the door open and he was amazed at what he saw. He'd promised himself he would not, must not stare, but he could not help himself. Coming into the room were two angels who had floated down to earth and now were standing just inside the door looking at him.

Fleur had on a dark blue dress that accented her figure while the color complemented her light-blue eyes to perfection. Her silvery blonde hair flowed down her back and to Harry it seemed she was floating on air. Gabrielle wore a light-blue dress, one that matched the color of her eyes. She'd added curls to her normally straight hair. Each of them held an overly large book in their hands. As the door closed behind them they both turned and sat the books down on the table next to them.

It might have been a few seconds or a few minutes, Harry would never be able to say at any future time, the three of them gazed at each other. Fleur and Gabrielle fidgeted nervously as they looked at Harry. Their eyes were filled with uncertainty. Harry finally broke out of his reverie as he remembered the roses Hermione had transfigured. Picking them up from the table he crossed the space between them and handed one to each of them. That brought a smile to each of their lips as they each took the rose with a "Merci," from Gabrielle and "Thank you," from Fleur.

Harry smiled, or what smile he could muster under the nervous circumstances. "Would either of you want to join me for dinner?" He asked. At least that is what Harry had planned to say but it came out more like "wouldeitherofyou wantojoinmefordinner?"

"We would love to 'Arry," Fleur said, looking the young man in the eyes. "It is definitely the eyes," she thought to herself. "Even as nervous as he is now, they still gleam as beautiful as ever."

Harry motioned for them the lead the way to the table. Each girl stopped beside their chairs and looked at Harry as if expecting something. It took Harry two seconds to realize what he was supposed to do. He moved quickly to Gabrielle and held her chair for her, and then did the same for Fleur. Once he'd taken his own seat he looked at the two ladies. They were still fidgeting nervously; both were staring back at him seemingly waiting for something. Gabrielle was biting her lip and both had troubled, expectant looks on their faces.

It took several moments of silence before Harry realized what they were waiting for. He knew he was accepting their bond, but they were still wondering if they had condemned themselves to a fate they didn't want to think about. He was about to blurt out that of course he was accepting the bond, but then he remembered Professor Dumbledore's words.

"It's much deeper than marriage, at least for them."

Harry knew if he was going to commit his life to these women it should be done properly. He took a deep breath and stood from his seat. As he rose, the realization, the permanence, of what he was about to do threatened to overwhelm him. This was his life he was sacrificing. The resentment he'd felt earlier welled up again, but as before, as he looked into the eyes of the women waiting, that word, 'family' fought its way through the darkness that threatened him and it allowed him to force the negative thoughts from his mind.

He took another deep breath, then walked over and knelt beside Gabrielle's chair. He looked up into the bright blue eyes and smiled to reassure her. "Gabrielle right?" and when she nodded he continued. "I do not know the correct words for this, but Gabrielle Delacour, you honor me with your love. I will accept your bond and become your bondmate."

The change in Gabrielle's eyes was immediate. She launched herself out of her chair and wrapped her arms around Harry and started to kiss him. Harry stopped her with a finger to her lips. "Later," He said kindly. He helped her regain her seat and then walked to her sister's chair where he once again knelt and looked into Fleur's eyes. The nervousness had already left them but she now had a look of anticipation.

"Fleur Delacour, you honor me with your love. I will accept your bond and become your bondmate."

Fleur rose from her chair as Harry stood. She wrapped her arms around him. "I am sorry 'Arry," She said quietly. They held the embrace for several seconds, before they separated. Still holding Fleur's hand, he looked into her eyes, searching for answers to questions he didn't know how to ask.

Finally they both took their chairs and Harry spoke first. "I...I don't know how we got to this point, but we definitely need to discuss it. Understand that I just gave my word. No matter what is said, I will be your bondmate. Let's just be honest about everything and help me understand," When both Fleur and Gabrielle nodded their agreements. He continued "But first, shall we start dinner?"

"Oui, I am very 'ungry," Fleur replied. "I've been too nervous to eat."

Gabrielle didn't reply, but only nodded her agreement.

"Dobby," Harry called and the house-elf appeared immediately. Harry looked at his friend and had a hard time suppressing the laughter. Dobby had obviously tried to dress like what he thought a waiter would wear, but the assortment of clothing he had on was purely Dobby.

"Harry Potter is ready for dinner sir?"

"Yes we are Dobby, but first have you been introduced to," Harry remembered how Ollivander had addressed Fleur in the weighing of the wands, "Mademoiselle Fleur Delacour, and Mademoiselle Gabrielle Delacour. Fleur, Gabrielle, this is Dobby, my friend."

Tears welled in Dobby's eyes, "Harry Potter is too good to Dobby, he introduces me to his friends and calls me friend too."

"That's because you are my friend Dobby," Harry said.

"Dobby, zat ees an unique outfit, but why do you not dress like ze other 'Ogwart's 'ouse elves." Fleur asked.

Harry was amazed, he had spent three years at Hogwarts without knowing there were house elves here. And Fleur not only knew about them but knew what they dressed like? Fleur looked at Harry and seemed to know what he was thinking. With a shrug "I spent a lot of time with Cedric and ze 'ufflepuff common room ees near ze kitchens, we would grab snacks from zere."

"Miss, I usually do," Dobby said, "But Dobby is a free elf and can dress as he pleases. Harry Potter freed Dobby."

"E was your 'ouse-elf and you freed 'im?" Gabrielle asked Harry.

"No, he had a very bad master, and I helped him get free," Harry replied blushing.

"That was right after Harry Potter killed the great Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets," Dobby said.

"Uh, Dobby how about dinner now?" Harry suggested, realizing that having the house-elf representative to the Harry Potter fan club wasn't helping.

Fleur looked around for a menu. "What are ze choices of food Dobby?"

"Oh Harry Potter suggested we ask your parents what your favorite foods were and we have it all prepared," Dobby said and Harry's blush deepened even further as Fleur's eyes flickered over to him as Dobby continued. "There will be asparagus on greens and…" Dobby reeled off the rest of the meal.

"Zat sounds wonderful," Gabrielle said.

With a crack, Dobby was gone and at the same time their goblets filled with pumpkin juice and platefuls of asparagus on salad greens appeared in front of them along with a plateful of sliced fruits as well as a basket of bread.

"You did not 'ave to do zat 'Arry," Fleur said after looking at the food. "But thank you."

"I've heard you complain about our food," Harry said with a shrug. "I thought it would be a nice change for you."

"We 'ave to get used to English food sometime," Fleur said then seeing the look on Harry's face. "You 'aven't zought it all out yet 'ave you?"

"What do you mean?"

"What 'appens after ze tournament? Do Gabrielle and I leave our bondmate and go back to Beauxbatons and France?" Fleur asked.

"She's right," Harry thought. He hadn't considered anything beyond telling the ladies he'd spend his life with them. He hadn't actually thought what 'life' meant. Where would they live? What would they do? He always considered Hogwarts his home, but they were from France, a place that was only a name to Harry. "I...I could come there I guess," He replied.

"Non, 'Arry, zis was our doing," Fleur replied with a slow shake of her head. "Your life ees 'ere with your friends and family," At the mention of family, Fleur saw Harry's eyes lower to the table.

"I don't have any family," Harry murmured. "At least none that care about me."

"I'm sorry 'Arry," Fleur said with true sorrow in her voice. "You know you will be a part of our family. My Maman and Papa will love you. If you don't mind maybe we can go zis summer and visit zem. You'll love our 'ouse, it ees on ze sea and it ees very beautiful."

Harry stabbed a couple of spears of asparagus and ate them while thinking. "So what are you thinking will happen after this year?" Harry asked her.

"I finish school zis year–" Fleur saw another look on Harry's face, and again knew what he was thinking, "Arry, your age and mine are not important. I...I do love you."

"How? How did that happen Fleur?" Harry asked his voice rising slightly. "How did I go from being 'just a boy' to someone you now say you love, and according to Professor Dumbledore you must, and want to bond with. Someone you want to…to," Harry's voice lowered to a whisper, "to spend your life with?"

Fleur's eyes floated in wetness as she looked at him. "You grew up in my 'eart. I won't deny zat was what I zought when we first met," Fleur acknowledged. "But I...I've never met anyone like you. 'Ow do I explain zat what you are me? 'Ow do I tell you about your own bravery and your 'eart...'ow? You are ze most caring man I've ever met and I mean zat, MAN, not boy," She took a breath before continuing. "Ze first task, eet was your smile zat gave me the courage to face my dragon 'Arry. Eet was a smile zat said I care what 'appens to you."

"Of course I cared what happened to you, but so would anyone else."

"Non, you are wrong. Zere was no smile, no hint of care from Viktor nor Cedric, 'Arry, I only got it from you. You were ze only one who saw past your own dragon and zought about someone else," Fleur explained. "And you 'ad ze worst dragon to face, yet you didn't seem to be afraid."

"Oh I was terrified," Harry said. "You must not have heard the sound of my heart beating by the crowd noise."

"I don't think eet was zat bad 'Arry," Fleur smiled, "I was so afraid for you, but once you got on your broom eet looked like you were actually 'aving fun."

"Did you miss the tail hitting me?" Harry asked as his hand went to the spot where the cut had been.

"Non, I saw eet, but it didn't even slow you up," Fleur said. "I was angry at Karakarov when 'e gave you zat ridiculous score. Zen Cedric told me about 'ow you 'ad faced Voldemort when you were only eleven, and killed a Basilisk when you were twelve. 'Ow could I think of you as a boy when you 'ad faced challenges zat I could not face? 'Ow? You've faced zings even ze bravest people would run from and still, zrough it all, you care."

"I had help with all of that, without my friends, without Dumbledore's phoenix's help I wouldn't have been able to do what I did," Harry replied dismissively.

"You were so 'andsome at ze Yule Ball," Fleur changed subjects. "I was jealous of your date."

"You were jealous of Parvati?" Harry scoffed. "But you had Davies draped all over you."

"Draped ees an accurate word 'Arry," Fleur agreed. "E never saw me, 'e only saw my beauty. 'E never once looked into my eyes and smiled like you did 'Arry, not once. I kept stealing glances at you, but you didn't seem to be 'aving fun zough."

"No, it definitely wasn't a great night," Harry agreed.

"Maybe if you 'ad a woman on your arm zat loved you?" Fleur suggested. "Gabrielle and I will teach you 'ow to dance this summer so next time you can 'ave fun."

"We'll see," Harry replied and Fleur smiled that he didn't outright reject the idea.

"So by ze Yule Ball I already 'ad feeling for you 'Arry. I'm not sure if it was love zen but zere were feelings," Fleur continued her explanation. "Zen came ze lake. When I got caught by ze Grindylow and realized zat I couldn't fight zem off, I was afraid. Afraid zat I couldn't rescue Gabrielle, even a little afraid I might not survive. Eet was dark and I was so alone; zen out of nowhere a 'ero, my 'ero came, you saved me, protected me, 'elped me rescue my sister... well somewhere under ze waters my 'eart became yours. When you didn't leave immediately, I knew I 'ad to stay with you. Zen Gabrielle transformed and ze Grindylow attacked again, but zere was my 'ero again, risking 'is life fighting to save me, fighting to save my sister. I was terrified for Gabrielle, but once we were on ze platform and I knew she was safe. All I could think of was you. 'Ow much I wanted you, 'ow much I wanted your love. You 'ad just saved our lives and when my magic returned, I couldn't stop it. Not sure I wanted to stop it. I named you my bondmate," Fleur took a second to catch her breath, "I'm sorry 'Arry. I am sorry zat you are being forced into something you don't want, sorry zat you might never love me ze way I love you, but I am not sorry to 'ave fallen in love with you," By this time Fleur's composure was gone; tears were streaming down her face but she kept a defiant look in her eyes.

Harry was shocked, the pure feeling she had put in the words had almost a physical quality as it poured into him. He knew right then and there that she really did love him, not just loved him but was deeply in love with him. His own heart gave a lurch, and before he could stop himself, he had pulled Fleur into a hug and then found his lips upon her, flashes of white and gold were going off in Harry's mind. As Fleur kiss became more, Harry pulled away and looked into her eyes. "What's wrong?" Fleur asked.

"I, I've never really kissed a girl before," Harry admitted.

Fleur couldn't help but give a slight giggle, causing Harry to blush. "I'm sorry 'Arry, eet's just with all zat you 'ave done, I would think girls would be dying to go out with you. You've never 'ad a girlfriend?"

Harry looked down, "No, I haven't."

"I'll let you in on a little secret 'Arry, I 'appen to know of two lovely ladies who want you to be zeir boyfriend," Fleur said.

Harry couldn't help but smile at her, but then he remembered Gabrielle. He turned to face her only to find her crying as well. Harry walked around the table and put his arm around her. "What's wrong?"

"I am sorry 'arry, I am so very sorry," Gabrielle said through sniffles, "I shouldn't have claimed you as well. I didn't realize 'ow much Fleur loved you."

"It's alright," Harry said, his heart breaking from her tears. "Why don't you tell me about it?"

Gabrielle took a moment to compose herself before starting, "I know you're going to think zis ees silly, but I've 'ad a crush on you for ze longest time."

Those words made Harry think of a red-headed witch that couldn't stay in the same room with him without blushing when he first met her. "It's not silly Gabrielle. I didn't deserve it, but it's not silly."

"Well, I use to think about ze boy-who-lived, and played around writing zings like boy-who-loved-Gabrielle or boy-who-lived-to-see-Gabrielle," Gabrielle's perfect cheeks were a dark red now from her blush. "I dreamed about you, zat you must live in a castle–" at this Harry couldn't help but laugh."What?" Gabrielle asked.

"Before coming to Hogwarts, I didn't even know about magic," Harry admitted, "I lived with muggles until I came here."

"What were zey like?" Gabrielle asked.

Harry's face darkened as he thought about the Dursleys, "Not tonight Gabrielle, not tonight, they are not nice people."

"Oh," Gabrielle replied innocently, "I'm sorry 'Arry. I shouldn't 'ave asked."

"You didn't know, but please finish your story."

"Well zen Fleur came to 'Ogwarts and told me she 'ad met you," Gabrielle continued. "She wrote to me all the time and a lot of it was about you. I knew she had some feeling for you, but didn't know 'ow much, but ze letters fueled my fantasies about you. Zen zere was a picture of you on your broom in ze newspaper at 'ome."

At the confused look on Harry's face, she explained. "Ze were covering ze Triwizard event because Fleur was one of ze Champions and because Papa..." Gabrielle stopped. "Anyway you were in ze dragon arena fighting your dragon. You were so 'andsome and courageous and your eyes seem to look right into my 'eart. I 'ave zat picture in my room at 'ome," Gabrielle confessed shyly. "Zen I found out father was coming to ze second event and I begged 'im to let me come. I wanted, non, I needed to meet you. We got 'ere and ze next thing I know I was agreeing to be Fleur's 'ostage. I would be in something with you. I knew when eet was over I would get to meet you. Ze next thing I know I'm waking up in ze water, I couldn't breathe, zose creatures were trying to pull us down and I knew I was going to die. Zen I see you. I didn't know it was you at ze time, but you were zere, you were pulling me up zen everything went black. When I came too, ze nurse was 'elping me, but I was looking around for Fleur and for 'Arry Potter. Zen you and she were beside me, and I recognized you from ze picture and from your eyes under ze lake. 'Arry Potter 'ad saved my life. All of fantasies seem to rush out of my 'ead, because ze real man beside me was so much better. Zen I 'eard Fleur, I knew what was coming; I could see it in 'er eyes. I knew she was trying to steal you away from me. I couldn't 'elp myself 'Arry, I 'ad just met you, but knew you were ze one for me, and I couldn't let 'er take you. Something inside of me came breaking through and I named you. I'm so sorry 'Arry."

Harry found himself hugging Gabrielle as he rocked her gently to sooth her. "I don't blame you Gabrielle. I'm to be your bondmate. We'll make it work."

"I...I" she started again, but this time it her voice ended when his lips touched hers for their first kiss.

Harry looked at the two Delacours, how could he resent them, they both loved him, and he felt his own heart tugging toward them. From what he'd seen and heard, they were both exceptionally beautiful, both physically and in their hearts. "Let's finish our meal, I'm sure Dobby is waiting to serve the next course," And they did just that. Though the next time Dobby had appeared, Fleur had pulled him aside and whispered a couple of things to him. Dobby had nodded and disappeared as the next course was served. The three of them seemed to mutually agree that after the heartfelt confessions of earlier, they needed a little break before the issue was discussed again.

"Thank you," Fleur said to Dobby who handed her a small bag as dessert was being served. She just smiled and shook her head when Harry raised a questioning eyebrow.

Once dessert was finished and the dishes cleared, Fleur brought out the little bag. From its depth she pulled out a small mirror that she quickly transformed into a full length one. Again her hand reached into the bag and this time she held three small vials.

"Arry, Gabrielle, come over 'ere for a minute," She instructed them. Harry was curious to what this was all about but did as she requested. "Arry, I know you might still feel a bit unsettled about my age and yours, but 'ere drink zis," She handed a vial to him and Gabrielle. When they both hesitated, she rolled her eyes. "Drink eet, eet's not going to 'urt you," She pulled the stopper on her own and downed it with a single swallow. Harry and Gabrielle did the same.

It only took a few seconds before the potion's affects started. Harry felt himself getting taller, his shoulders broadened and several buttons flew off his shirt as it stretched tight across his chest. "Hermione is going to kill me," was the thought that came to mind as he quickly loosened his tie.

Fleur waited for the changes to settle down. She pulled Harry and Gabrielle closer to her, and pointed at the mirror. "Zat was a ten year aging potion 'Arry. Zis ees us in ten years," Harry looked in the mirror and saw himself, a little taller and sturdier, his face slightly darker from beard stubble. Beside him was Fleur, she didn't look like the potion had aged her a single day, and Gabrielle, now looking the same age as her sister, similar but distinctively different. Both as beautiful as could possibly exist. "Can you see anything wrong with zeir ages 'Arry?" Fleur asked pointing at the mirror, then as she looked back in Harry's eyes, her hand found the opening to his shirt that the lost buttons had created and she reached in and laid her hand upon his chest. In that one instant, every fiber of his body felt like it was centered on the palm and fingers that were touching his skin. As good as that felt, he was glad when several seconds later he felt himself shrinking back down to his normal size. When Harry looked at Fleur he could see the twinkle in her eyes, making her even more beautiful.

"Now eet's time for you to get to know us 'Arry," Gabrielle said. The two ladies walked over to the table they had rested the books they had brought with them on. "Since we don't 'ave much time before the bond needs to finish, mother thought zese would be a good start. But you 'ave to promise not to laugh."

"Laugh at what?" Harry asked.

"Zese are out albums, 'Arry."

"Well I can't promise not to laugh, but I promise not to laugh at you," Harry said. "Now let's see the baby pictures."

Harry, Fleur and Gabrielle spent the next few hours sitting on the couch in front of the fire looking through the albums. Gabrielle and Fleur told stories of their childhood, and places they have visited. What their home was like and what the sea looked like. After a couple of attempts Fleur and Gabrielle realized that Harry would enter a darker mood if they asked about his life away from Hogwarts. Harry told the ladies his versions of his previous three years; he even opened up enough to tell them about hearing his parents when Dementors were close. He found talking about it much easier when he was surrounded by these two ladies who loved him.

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