Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



44. Chapter 44 Gabrielle

It was late afternoon when Harry and Hermione returned to the Delacour estate. Dumbledore had remained in London to assist the Ministry in locating Voldemort's hideaway. Since Fawkes had been to the hiding place once, he could return and lead Dumbledore back there.

Fleur had put her arms around Harry and refused to let go again. Alain and Apolline were very glad to see him but the whole atmosphere of the estate was subdued. Grim-faced aurors arrived and departed bringing updates to Madam Arceneau who was busy marking off locations on the map in front of her.

"Sir," Harry started, "When will we find Gabrielle?"

"Hopefully soon," Alain replied but his eyes told Harry all he needed.

"How difficult can it be to find a single boat?"

A sigh escaped Mr. Delacour's lips. "Zere are many, many boats and many ports zat boat might be in. We 'ave everyone on eet, but...'ere look. Just zis area 'ere is just around Sète, look at all zee locations a boat could be. We are doing our best, but..."

"No buts sir...we have to find her."

Alain nodded but the weariness and strain showed through in his face. "Oui, we shall. Keep talking to 'er and let us know anything zat changes, anything zat can give us a clue."

Harry nodded in return. He looked over at Hermione who glanced up at him. She was sitting next to Sirius. He'd been dying to know what had happened in Harry's escape but knew Harry was too concerned about Gabrielle to give an accounting of the events. Hermione had taken over explaining what had occurred.

"…And so we were concerned that Voldemort might be able to see through the invisibility cloak and Dobby would get killed," Hermione was explaining to Sirius. "Dobby was more than willing to go anyway," Hermione continued, "but then when Harry mentioned the phoenix song he heard, it occurred to us that if Dobby carried Fawkes, it would provide the perfect distraction."

"That's a memory I want to see," Sirius said. "I want to see the look on old snake-face when Harry beat him."

"Are you sure? Do you really want to see Harry being tortured?" Hermione shuddered as she could feel the effects of that curse again.

"You felt it?" Sirius asked as he noticed the change come over Hermione. "Fleur cried out during that time as well, said Harry was being tortured."

"Sort of. We can feel... certain things in the bond. Like a powerful echo of emotions and feelings. It's not the entire full effect but it was..." Hermione paused as she remembered the pain. "It was bad enough. Though I know it was much worse for Harry."

"Is he really alright?" Sirius asked as he glanced over at the person in question. Harry and Fleur were now sitting on the sofa holding hands.

"He's only focused on Gabrielle at the moment," Hermione explained. "We all are but it's easier to talk and not think about it..."

"I just wished there was something I could do to help find her," Sirius sighed. "I feel useless but I don't know this country or the language. I'd just get in the way more than I'd help."

Throughout the remainder of the day, as the sun sunk lower and lower toward the waters, the vigil continued. Harry, Fleur, and Hermione all were keeping Gabrielle company mentally.

"Zey aren't going to find me are zey?" Gabrielle's voice was tired and strewn with fear, panic and despair.

"They will; they have to angel," Harry replied. His eyes wandered to the windows and noticed the bottom of the sun now touched the waterline. "I'm sure it will be soon. Your father has people everywhere. Don't give up hope. Soon you'll be in my arms and I'm going to hold you and never let you go."

"I'd like zat," Gabrielle replied, "But if..."

"No buts," Harry cut her off. "While I'm holding you, we'll go down to the beach and we'll celebrate with fireworks, and...and..." Harry's words trailed off as he started another line of thought. "Fireworks," He repeated, this time it was out loud.

Fleur looked at her bondmate, a puzzled expression on her face.

"FIREWORKS!" Harry exclaimed again this time much louder, "Or something loud," Everyone was now looking at him strangely wondering if he had suffered more than he'd let on. Harry had an expression of excitement on his face as he continued. "Look, Gabrielle can hear everything around her so we just need to make sounds like fireworks or explosions or whatever near these places with fishing boats. As long as it's loud and identifiable she can tell us and we'll know she's close," Harry explained.

"But 'ow?" Fleur asked.

"We'll go," Hermione said. Her brain had kicked into gear as she looked at Fleur.

"Oui," Fleur replied when she realized what Hermione was thinking. "We can do zree teams. Each wiz one of us."

"And...and we leapfrog," Hermione added. "As soon as we know she is not at a certain location that person goes to the next while the next location is tested. Properly coordinated we could do three sites every five minutes or so."

"Eet won't work," Alain said sharply, dampening the enthusiasm. "Look." He ran his hand down the map. Over three thousand kilometers of coast land. We can't do it even with all of you setting off fireworks all night. Zere is just not enough time."

"But..." Hermione started to argue but an Auror rushed into the room at that time.

"Ma'am, sir we might 'ave something. One of our Auror trainees..."

*** E E ***

Alisha Bonnuet, age twenty-five, was sitting in a pub near the port in Lorient. She was picking up dinner for her and Marcus, her partner. As she waited for it to be prepared, she glanced up at the television that was turned to the local news. The current story was of a fire that was blazing in some city she hadn't caught the name of. The video showed what looked like an apartment building with several floors fully engulfed in flames. Alisha swallowed as old memories emerged. She subconsciously rubbed the circular scar tissue on her right hand. Scar tissue that was hidden under her current glamour charm but was still there and still could be felt.

Her mind took her back fourteen years earlier to a day, three days prior to her eleventh birthday when a similar fire had happened. Her name hadn't been Bonnuet then, but Matin. Alisha Matin had not had a happy childhood. She had been mistake. A mistake that was constantly thrown into every argument her mother and father had and they had a lot of them. As a child she'd felt like a wart on the body of the Matin family. A part of the body, but a part that they'd preferred not to have. Then of course there had been all the unexplainable things that seemed to occur around her. At the time she hadn't know she was a witch. In fact it would be several more years before the world of magic opened up to her.

Alisha again looked at the television screen and the fire that raged there mimicked the fire that had raged that night. She'd gone to bed while her mother and father argued once more. As she listened to them argue, again about her and every little thing that happened, she'd made a wish, or a curse. To this very day she still felt those words had cursed her parents. As she listened to their arguing voices she's muttered how she wished they'd burn in hell. Later that night she'd awoke to the sound of alarms in the streets below her window. Realizing she smelled smoke, she'd climbed out of bed in a panic. Smoke was coming from under her door. Fighting terror, she'd grabbed the doorknob and yanks as hard as she could. The doorknob had seared her palm as she'd grasped it, but she'd refused to let go as she pulled and pulled trying to get a door to open so she could escape her room.

Again Alisha rubbed the ridges of the scar tissue on her palm, circular, the exact shape of the doorknob of that room as again she felt the guilt that still coursed through her. That night her parents had died and Alisha felt it had been her wish, her curse that had caused it.

What she didn't know was the day after the fire an owl had tried to deliver an important envelope from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Finding the residence destroyed, the owl had returned to the school. A school teacher had looked into the matter, but it had been a busy time, and when he'd been given incorrect information that no one had survived the fire, he solemnly updated the magical chronicle of their school that Alisha Matin, muggleborn witch, had died in a tragic accident. Alisha had become one of the few magical people that never get notified of who they really were.

Alisha had been placed in a foster home. They had been a nice young couple who truly seemed to love her. Everything was fine for a year and she had been happy for the first time in her life, even to the point where she'd started using their last name, Bonnuet. But then the unexplained things had started again. First they tried to ignore them, but finally when Alisha had come home from school angry and every window in the house shattered, the Bonnuets could take no more. As much as they cared for the young girl, they feared her. Without explanation they gave up foster care of Alisha, returning her to the system.

For the next two years, she'd moved from foster home to foster home until finally she'd had enough. On her fourteenth birthday she had taken the sparse amount of money she'd been given as a gift and ran away. That money had quickly run out and she'd found herself on the streets of Nice, cold, hungry and all alone. As she sat at a sidewalk table one evening ignoring the rain that fell, a man had found her and offered to buy her food. She'd gratefully accepted the food and later when he offered to provide her with a hotel room she again accepted, though warily. It was that night that she found out who she really was.

At the recollection of that night, Alisha smiled. She remembered him bringing out a small polished stick, his wand, she knew now. He'd planned on Imperiusing her, raping her and then leaving her with no memory of what had happened, but he'd been shocked to find his curse hadn't worked. The look on Marcus' face when she'd just asked him about the voice in her head that went away had been priceless.

"You..you're a witch," He'd proclaimed in shock all of those years ago.

Alisha had been more than upset to be called such a name and had got up and started putting what few clothes she had back into her bag preparing to leave, but he'd stopped her. Over the next couple of hours Marcus had explained and even shown her real magic. He'd even let her use his wand to do a simple test of her abilities. She'd stayed with him that night and the next few, along the way the young teenager had gladly given herself to the much older man. He showed her why her life had been the way it had been. And those explanations had set her mind free. Marcus on the other hand had realized the value of an unidentified underaged witch to his operations; especially one that could throw off an Imperius curse without even trying. Marcus Knight was a smuggler, a very successful one at that.

They'd been inseparable from that day. He'd bought Alisha an untraceable wand and over the next few years taught her all the magic he could. She'd developed a ruthless streak unmatched in many of his rivals. She personally had captured twelve of the Veela they had sold in the last four years. She'd bribed, stolen and even killed without a single thought; the only regret she carried in her heart was of that night before she turned eleven. Her parents had not wanted her, but they had been her parents.

Alisha was brought out of her reverie by a tap on her shoulder. "Madam," A young man's voice said. "Madam, I apologize, but we are asking everyone if they have seen these people," The young man pushed a sheet of paper in front of Alisha.

Alisha had a good eye for people and instantly recognized the clean cut young man as a police officer, no...an Auror. She swallowed down her nervousness and then looked at the sheet of paper. On it were pictures of three people. One was of that Veela that was on the boat, one of Marcus and the last one was…one of herself. Another picture even showed the scar that was on her hand.

"How did they get these pictures?" She thought as she acted like she was studying the pictures carefully. She was thankful Marcus had insisted she glamour herself for the trip out. Finally she looked back toward the young man and shook her head. "I'm sorry, no. Who are they?"

"The young lady was kidnapped by the two older people."

"Really," Alisha said. "Well I'll..." she paused as the food she'd ordered was brought to her. "I'll definitely keep my eye out for them. Who is she?"

"Daughter of some high-ranking official it seems, not quite positive."

Alisha eyes rose sharply to look at him. "High ranking official?" she thought. Then she waved the paper at the man. "Can I keep this?"

"Of course," the young Auror said. "Thank you for your time and have a good evening," He offered his hand for a handshake as he smiled at her.

Alisha returned the smile and started to lift her hand to grip his but then made a self-conscious jerk of her hand as she remembered her scarring and that it could be felt. She rose from her seat and put the money down to cover the bill. She then picked up her food and walked quickly out the door. Alisha didn't need to turn and look to recognize the footsteps of the young auror following her.

Self conscious and nervous she walked outside where another young man seemed to be waiting, his hand also filled with the same sheets of picture covered paper. Alisha turned away from him and quickened her pace, but the man completely ignored her as he started talking to the man who followed her out.

"Find anything?" Alisha heard the second man ask.

"No," the first man answered with a sigh. "Guess we keep trying. I'll go there while you head for that restaurant down the street."

Alisha wasted no more time, she turned a corner and with a spin she was gone. Unfortunately with her nervousness she wasn't as careful as she should have been and left with a much louder crack than normal.

*** E E ***

Paul Durand, second year French Auror academy trainee was tired. He and his whole class had been turned out to search every nook and cranny of every city for a young girl who had been kidnapped. At first they'd had very little to go on except her picture. Later in the day they were told it had been confirmed she was being held on a boat which was either a fishing boat or near a fishing fleet and it was part of a human smuggling ring. Finally they had been given pictures of the two people who were holding her. He and his partner were currently combing the bars and restaurants where the fishing crews normally spent their time in Lorient showing the picture of the kidnappers and the young girl to everyone hoping someone had seen something.

"No," he'd just replied to his partner. "Guess we keep trying. I'll go there," He nodded toward another bar, "while you head for that restaurant down the street."

He'd only walked three steps when he heard a familiar sound.


Paul knew it was an apparation; a careless one at that. He glanced to where the noise had come from and then looked around to make sure no muggles were close by to have witnessed it. He shook his head at the indiscreet witch or wizard who'd do such a thing so close to a muggle establishment. He had taken another step toward the next bar when he remembered the woman he'd last spoken to had been walking in that direction. "Was she a witch?" He shrugged at his own question as he realized he had more important things to worry about than a witch apparating too close to a muggle establishment.

He'd taken two more steps when he remembered what the woman had been doing when he first saw her. She'd been running the finger of one hand on the palm of the other in a circular motion almost like she'd been tracing something, something that wasn't there. Then he remembered how she'd started to shake his hand and then stopped. Paul glanced down at the pictures on the sheets of paper in his hand.

"What is it Paul?" his partner asked. He had seen the young auror trainee stop and then look down.

"Maybe nothing but..." Paul replied, but then he relayed to the other trainee what he'd seen. "What if she's glamoured? I mean the way she was tracing her palm," He pointed at the picture, "Exactly like the outline of that scar."

"That's a bit of a stretch isn't it?" His friend asked but then shrugged. "But I think I'd prefer to be wrong on the side of caution. Besides you did say she left in a hurry as soon as she saw those pictures. I think we should floo it in."

Paul nodded but as they walked toward the local floo, he hoped she hadn't been just a very hungry witch hurrying home.

** E E **

"Lorient?" Christelle asked as she looked down at the map. She cast a spell that enlarged that area and then sighed at the size of the port there. A boat could be almost anywhere within a five kilometer area. She now had not slept in almost two nights and her mind, even with Pepper-up potions was lagging. "Ze possibility zat a woman rubbing her palm? 'E thinks eet MIGHT be a glamoured scar?" Christelle shook her head at the small chance this would amount to anything. The worst thing was this had been the best clue they'd had so far. She turned back to the Auror who had brought the news. "Fine, send some investigators zere, see if zey can uncover something."

"What about the the young people's idea," Alain suggested. "We could set off fireworks. Zat would allow us to cover a wide area and quickly find out if my daughter is zere."

Madam Arceneau looked at Alain and then back down at the map. Finally she nodded. "It definitely can't hurt. I'll arrange it."

** E E **

"I 'EAR ZEM!" Gabrielle mentally shouted as she heard small pops and bigger explosions in the distance. Even a glance out of the window showed various colors of red and green. "I 'ear ze fireworks."

Harry felt a huge amount of relief flood through him. "We'll come get you now, just hang on angel."

"She can hear them," Harry said to Christelle and Alain. "She's there."

The entire atmosphere of the room lifted at once. Smiles appeared on faces that hadn't seen one in hours.

"I'll go and coordinate zis from zere Minister," Madam Arceneau said to Alain. "We'll find 'er now."

"I'm coming as well Christelle," Alain said. "I want to be zere."

Apolline and the teens each added they would go as well.

"Stay 'ere," Alain said. "I'll bring 'er back when we 'ave 'er."

"No, sir," Harry replied in a very determined voice. "I need to be there sir. You need me anyway. What if something comes up?"

"I can take Fleur," Alain said. "You've been through too much today, you and 'Ermione. We'll let you know what's 'appening."

"Sir, Gabrielle needs me," Harry insisted. "She's the one who's been through the most and I will be there when she's found."

"I'm going too, sir," Hermione added.

Alain looked at the determination in the young man's eyes and nodded. "Very well, but you must stay with ze people we 'ave protecting you."

"I'll take care of them, sir," Sirius said. "Just get us near there."

"I can help," Tonks added. "That way you don't have to give up any of your local Aurors."

"What about you, Marl?" Alain asked his old friend.

"I'd prefer to go in and deal with the slavers, but if you want me to watch them I can," the man answered.

"Please my old friend," Alain replied. "I'd feel better knowing I don't have worry about zem," Once Marl had nodded, he turned to the teens, "Get warmer clothes on, it will be chilly in Lorien. Also 'ave food prepared, it might take a while to find 'er."

"I'll have Winky get the food," Hermione volunteered and called the house-elf. By the time they had their warmer clothes on Winky had prepared enough food to feed them for a couple of weeks.

"Winky wants Winky's Gabi back," The little elf said. "Gabi was the one who wanted Winky first."

"We'll bring her back," Harry promised the elf.

*** E E ***

"Marcus," Alisha called when she walked onto the boat. It was a common practice to apparate into an area away from the boat and walk the rest of the way. That way the sound of apparation would not draw attention to the boat nor would there be a trail directly to them either.


"We have a problem," Alisha said as she thrust the paper into her partner's hand. "They have our pictures, even my scar," She quickly explained what had happened.

"Any reason to suspect they recognized you?"

"No," Alisha admitted. "It was only a kid, probably still in training."

For several long seconds Marcus stared over the railing of the boat toward the docks where the bar was located. The area was well lit in street lights but he couldn't see anything of concern.

"Nothing's happening."

I still don't like it though," Alisha Bonnuet continued. "How did they get our pictures?"

Marcus shrugged. "I don't know, but it is troubling," His eyes were still focused on the far shore.

"Think we should leave now?"

"No, but keep an eye out. If anything happens we'll leave then, but I think if they knew where we were, they wouldn't be passing our pictures out in bars. We haven't been off the ship unglamoured, so I don't think we have anything to worry about," He shook his head. "But it does mean we'll have to rethink coming back here. As for now though, I'm going below and eat some of that food you bought."

Twenty minutes later the night sky above the port illuminated in a brilliant display of fireworks. "Damn," Alisha muttered to herself. "All we need is someone calling attention to this area."

Marcus reappeared a couple of minutes later and looked up at the continuing lights of the bursting rockets. "A couple of days late in their celebration aren't they?" He asked. As he continued his gaze into the night sky, he reached into a pocket and brought out a pack of cigarettes. He tapped one out without even looking and after lighting it he took a long drag. Soon the fireworks disappeared and silence once again descended into the moonlit night.

"Something isn't right Marcus," Alisha said. "It doesn't feel right. We really should leave now."

"Relax, it was just some kids playing around," replied her partner. He leaned on the rail and lifted his right hand with the cigarette in it to his lips and inhaled. As the smoke left his mouth he shrugged. "They are all the way over near the fishing boats anyway," He took another drag from his cigarette.

For the next couple of minutes they continued to gaze across the water.

"Look," Alisha said pointing at a group of individuals on the dock area of the fishing boats. They were moving in a way that allowed concealment from the people who might be on the boats. "Those aren't kids are they?"

"No..." This time a flick and the cigarette went over the side to extinguish itself in the waters below. All they needed was a glowing cigarette making a light that catches someone's eyes. He glanced up at the sky wishing the moon wasn't quite so bright as well. A slight wavering of a star caught his attention and he glanced at it, then another wavered and another. He was about to look back at the docks when he realized it was happening in a straight line. That forced him to concentrate harder on what he was seeing. He then noticed another set of stars doing the same thing, again in straight line that curved back ever so often. "Damn, there's something up there. Disillusioned I think. Brooms probably," He nodded toward to the area where he had seen the distortion.

"Where...oh..." Alisha saw it then. "The kids who set off the fireworks?"

"No," They could now hear voices from across the water. The fishing boats were coming alit one by one as the men they had seen on the docks started to board them. "They are searching for something and if those are brooms up there, that means those people are probably Aurors."

"Do you really think they know we're here?"

"I'm not sure I want to stick around and find out," Marcus looked up again, trying to find the distorted stars or hear the sound of a broom in motion, but he could no longer find them.

"I think I'll apparate over and see if I can hear anything," Alisha said and started to move away.

Marcus grabbed her arm and stopped her. "No. There are too many of them. If you go in too loud, you'll be caught."

"We're just going to sit here?"

Marcus pulled out another cigarette forgetting why he tossed his other one away and lit it. As he took another long drag he kept watch across the port. After a minute he finally shook his head. "No, we should leave. Go a few blocks away and then apparate back to the apartment. See if it's being watched."

Alisha reappeared less than five minutes later, slinking back aboard the boat quietly. "Anti-apparation wards are up. I was almost discovered. There are Aurors everywhere. I think they have muggle-repelling wards up on the streets as well. We'll definitely not get that thing off the boat from here."

A few quiet curses escaped Marcus' lips as he tried to figure out where they'd slipped up. He stared back out at the water and he noticed something strange. "They aren't stopping any of the boats that are currently moving. If they really knew we were here, wouldn't they be searching every boat?"

"I'm sure they'll get to it once they finish with those fishing boats or they'll come over here."

"Maybe," Marcus replied. Over the next few minutes he studied the far shore looking for any patterns to what was going on. Still no moving ships were being searched.

Finally he looked out toward the sea before he turned back to Alisha. "Be ready to cast off. They can't extend those wards that far out. We should be able to make a run for it. If they aren't stopping moving ships, we should be alright."

"What about if they attack boats that start moving?"

"We do still have that Veela they seemed to want so badly."

Alisha shrugged as she moved toward the lines and pulled out her wand.

"No, no magic," Marcus said. "Nothing that will draw attention to us."

Alisha looked annoyed but put her wand away. She looked expectantly at her partner who was watching the far side, waiting.

"What are we waiting for?"

"I'm still worried about those brooms up there. I'm hoping…yes there they go," On the far side two of the fishing boats started moving. Yells could be heard, even a red beam as a stunner was seen going from the docks to the boats moving more quickly now.

"Guess that answers the question about boats moving, but hopefully we aren't seen," Marcus said as he slid a small piece of metal into a slot on his boat panel. There was a rune on the metal that completed a series creating an undetectable silencing charm on his engine compartment. He'd paid a lot of money to have that installed, especially in a way to not interfere with the engines running. He then cranked the engines and smiled as he felt the vibrations and saw the gauges indicating they were running smoothly. He knew the propellers on the water would make some sounds, but that should only be a negligible amount as long as they went slow.

Marcus slowly maneuvered the boat out of the slip and started to inch his way out to the open sea. He planned to hug the coastline as much as he could in anticipation that the outline of his boat merged into the background lights. They had just cleared their dock area when a loud high-pitched noise started. Marcus glanced toward the dock area where it had seemed to come from. He couldn't see what was making the noise, but he knew it was moving and moving incredibly fast.

Below, in the cabin, Gabrielle was lying on her bunk when she felt the vibrations as the engine started and the slight movement as the boat moved out from its slip.

"ARRY WE'RE MOVING!" Gabrielle mentally shouted to her bondmate.

*** E E ***

When Harry, Hermione, and Fleur as well as their guards of Sirius, Tonks, and Marl arrived in Lorient, they were directed to a building that had windows facing the water. Madam Arceneau had set up a command center in the building. When they entered, they could see her standing over a map detailing the area and was directing responses.

"How will they find her?" Harry asked as he looked out the window. Lights from many sources pinpointed the port giving an indication of just how large the area was. Across the water were more lights and more boats and ships.

"Standard procedures would be to put up anti-apparation and portkey wards, muggle-repelling wards on the streets surrounding the area to prevent further confusion," Marl explained. "That allows them to know that if anyone is walking the streets, they are magical. After that, they'll start inspecting the boats. It'll take time, but no one's going anywhere tonight."

Ten minutes, twenty, then a half hour passed. It was extremely frustrating to Harry to be so close to Gabrielle but still have no idea where she was. "Well?" He asked the senior inspector who was really showing the fatigue she felt.

"Monsieur Potter, we are doing everything we can, but eet is a very large place. Eet will take time."

"Ma'am what about sounds?" Hermione asked. "Like the fireworks. We know Gabrielle can hear things. We could use the Doppler Effect and find her that way."

"What is ze Doppler Effect?"

"Muggle science term," Hermione replied. "You know when something making a sound changes the way it sounds when it's getting closer and again as it moves away?"

"Oui, so what are you suggesting?"

"Get someone on a broom and make a steady loud noise. As the noise changes to Gabrielle we should be able to pinpoint her location."

"I can do it," Harry said. "In fact, it would have to be me since we'd need to know the exact instant the sound starts to shift."

"I can go as well," Fleur said.

"Non, I cannot permit you, either of you to go. Eet would be too dangerous," Christelle replied. "We 'ave people on brooms and as soon as zey land we can do something."


"NON," Christelle erupted this time. "I will not 'ave you captured or worse, Monsieur Potter. We already 'ave enough problems. I 'ave over a 'undred and fifty trained Aurors around zis port. Let us do our jobs s'il te plait. We WILL find 'er."

Harry stared at her for another five seconds and then gave her a curt nod. He then turned and walked back to the window and stared out.

"You're planning on going anyway, aren't you?" Hermione asked as she walked over to stand next to him.

"Why would you think that?" Harry asked trying to sound innocent.

Hermione glanced at him with a smile. "Besides the fact I can read your thoughts, I've seen that look in your eyes more than once before. Just be careful. Take Fleur with you."

"I need my Firebolt."

"Dobby can get through the anti-apparation wards at Hogwarts and also was able to get in our tent. I'm sure he can do the same here."

"Can we get out of here?"

"Leave that to Fleur and me."

"How?" Harry asked but Hermione had already started.

Hermione gave a loud yawn. "I'm sleepy."

"Sleepy? When we're about rescue Gabrielle? Well go 'ome zen," Fleur replied in an angry voice. "You don't 'ave stay 'ere. It isn't like Gabrielle is your sister."

"WHAT?" Hermione responded indignantly. "IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK? OF COURSE I CARE."

"Of course you DON'T care what 'appens to 'er," Fleur spat. "How could you be thinking of sleep if you were worried?"

"I...I DO CARE!"

"GIRLS!" Madam Arceneau exclaimed sharply as she looked up from her map. "Stop arguing. It's been a long night and tempers are bit short."

Fleur glared at Hermione and then spun on her heels and walked out the door.

"Follow her," Hermione directed Harry.

Harry stared at Hermione for a second and then caught on. "FLEUR WAIT!" He yelled at the closing door and dashed out of it.

A block away, Fleur ducked into an alley and Harry followed.

"Dobby!" Harry said and an instant later the little elf was beside him.

"Bon joy. What can Dobby do for Harry Potter sir?"

"Can you get my Firebolt and my cloak out of my trunk?"

"Ave Winky bring my 'eavier cloak," Fleur added. "Eet will be colder up zere."

"That won't be necessary," A female voice said from behind them.

Harry and Fleur spun around to find themselves looking at Tonks, Sirius and Marl.

"Nice argument, but I spent too much time in that chamber to fall for it," Sirius said with a smirk.

"Guess you're going to try to make us go back in there?" Harry asked. "If you are, save your breath. I'm not going. I'm going to find Gabrielle."

"Nope. No plans to haul you back," Tonks replied. "But Fleur won't need her cloak because I'll be going with you."


"It's a good idea," Sirius said with a shrug. "We need to find Gabrielle soon. The Aurors won't go unnoticed too long and eventually the bad guys might do something stupid if they feel trapped."

"And you?" Harry asked Marl. "You don't think I should just run away?"

"Kid, this isn't about fighting Death Eaters, this is about saving someone you love. Just don't be stupid; stay in the air and only fight if you have to."

Dobby was back within three minutes with the Firebolt and the invisibility cloak.

"Find 'er," Fleur said to Harry as he put his invisibility cloak over him and the broom. It wasn't large enough to cover Tonks as well, so she was going to disillusion herself.

She turned to Tonks. "And you take care of my...of 'Arry."

"Of course. Wouldn't be any fun later bragging about how I'd ridden Harry's broomstick with his fiancées' permission if I let anything happen to him would it?" Tonks replied with a wink.

"Tonks!" Fleur said.

"Don't worry, I won't mention how much thrust it has when Harry's really putting his best effort into it."


Tonks grinned and tapped herself on the head and slowly disillusioned herself.

"Love," Fleur started to Harry. "Could you make sure Tonks has a GOOD ride?"

"Now," Tonk's voice said. "Where shall I hold onto?"

"You mention 'olding onto 'is wand and I'll make sure 'e drops you in ze ocean," Fleur replied. "But I would suggest you 'old on real tight..."

"WH...AWWWWWWW" The last sound disappeared into the night as Harry guided his Firebolt into the sky at full acceleration.

When they were aloft, Tonks pulled out her wand and started a spell that emitted an ear splitting noise.

"HARRY, WE'RE MOVING!" Gabrielle yelled a couple of minutes later.

Harry looked down at the port and could see two boats had pulled away from the docks. Aurors were sending stunning spells after them trying to make them stop. He suddenly felt a whoosh of air pass him as another disillusioned broom swept passed him headed for the escaping boats.

Harry spun his broom and descended rapidly toward the boats as well. "We're coming. Can you hear the noise?"

"Oui, but it's faint," Gabrielle replied. "Like you're far away."

"It's not those boats Harry," Hermione said. "You're right over them," She could see through Harry's eyes and knew exactly where he was in relation to the moving boats. "She has to be somewhere else."

Harry turned his broom in a sweeping arc and started out toward the sea. "Let me know when the noise gets louder," he instructed Gabrielle.

"Oui, 'Ermione and Fleur 'ave already told me," Gabrielle replied. "It's a little louder, non...now it's getting fainter."

Harry realized he needed landmarks to fly toward or he'd just keep flying over the same area. He noticed an island in the middle of the port waters and started toward it.

"It's getting louder...louder...going away now."

"Further north Harry, your…right," Hermione instructed as she mentally thought of the layout of the port.

Again and again Harry sped over the waters until he noticed a boat that was barely moving in the water near the far shore. He shot in that direction.

"Louder...louder... VERY LOUD," The last Gabrielle had said as they were directly over the boat Harry had seen. "Now it's going away."

Harry inverted his broom and looped toward the ground in a maneuver most commonly called a barrel roll. He and Tonks were pressed firmly into the cushioning charm that protected them from the hardwood handle of the broom as he accelerated even faster into the downward arc, pulling up a bare ten meters from the water.

"Coming back now..louder...VERY LOUD AGAIN," Again he was right over the boat.

"We know where you are angel. Hold on," Harry told Gabrielle as he slowed his broom and tapped Tonks' leg. "She's down on that boat."

"KEEP FLYING...AWAY!" Tonks instructed him.


"We don't want them to think we suspect she's there."

Harry started the broom back up to speed and then let Fleur and Hermione know.

"Papa and Madam Arceneau say to come back. Zey're preparing a team of Aurors to bring 'er back," Fleur said. "Zey are not 'appy you didn't obey, but are 'appy it…"

"Arry," Gabrielle said very nervously overlapping Fleur. "I just 'eard zem talking outside zis room. Zey are scared. Ze woman...she thinks it would be best to kill me and escape to shore. She said to leave ze boat for ze Aurors to chase while zey escape."

"Hold on," Harry said to Tonks. "And stop that spell on your wand."


"We have an angel to rescue," Harry said as again he executed another barrel roll, this time coming out of it only 2 meters above the water, headed directly back toward the boat. Harry pushed his Firebolt faster than he ever had before. This wasn't a snitch he was chasing but his bondmate. The broom was moving so rapidly they were leaving a furrow of water caused by the air disturbance in their wake. The boat was ahead and so was his Gabrielle. It only took ten seconds to cover the distance, but each of them felt like an eternity. The boat was now stopped. Harry brought the broom into a landing in the darkest spot he could on the boat.

"JUST KILL HER AND GET UP HERE!" A female voice said as they could hear noises on the steps. "I'LL START THE BOAT BACK UP AND PREPARE THE RAFT."

Neither Harry nor Tonks could understand what was being yelled since it was in French but Gabrielle gave Harry a terrified translation.

Harry didn't hesitate when Gabrielle finished; he sent a blasting hex at the controls of the boat.

"What did you do that far?" Tonks hissed as she grabbed at Harry's arm sticking out from under the cloak. "Now they know we're here."

"Yes," Harry quickly relayed what was said to Tonks. "Now they won't kill her since they think they need a hostage."

"Okay, good thinking," Tonks replied as she looked around. "I'll go after Gabrielle; you see if you can stop the woman."

"No," Harry argued. "I'll get Gabrielle. I can talk to her remember. You get the woman."

"MARCUS, get up here. We have company," the female voice said. "Bring that thing with you."

Again Gabrielle explained what was said.

"You just get to Gabrielle," Tonks said as she glanced around the corner and could just make out the woman crouching behind a metal extrusion. Tonks cursed as she recognized the feeling of the revelio charm that passed through her.

"I know you're there. Right behind that wall," The woman said. "Come out peacefully and I might let you live or at least die quickly."

Tonks cursed at being stuck in the middle of a battle and unable to understand what anyone is saying because she didn't know French. She tried her best to reason what the woman had said. The thought was interrupted by a chunk of wall disappearing from a blasting hex. As she moved further back an idea came to her.

"Don't 'urt me," She said in a higher-pitched panicky voice as she morphed herself. "I 'ave no wand." Tonks stepped timidly out from behind the wall but every muscle in her body was ready to dive back if the ruse didn't work.

Alisha was about to send a stunner at the person who had appeared, but stopped when she saw the blonde-haired Veela that was supposed to be in the cabin below. "How did you get unsilenced and out of that cabin?" Alisha asked. "Who freed you?" She knew her partner must be dead or at least captured for the Veela to be free. Alisha glanced around nervously, expecting to see Aurors. She was confused why her spell only showed the one person. "At least with her, I'd have a chance to negotiate," She darted from behind her protection and toward the young creature. In the dim light, she didn't notice her clothes were different.

Tonks, disguised as Gabrielle smiled to herself as she ducked back into the darkness behind the wall and pulled out her wand.

"HARRY!" Gabrielle cried out. "He's...he's going to kill me."

Harry had been moving cautiously but at that he rushed toward the steps. Just as he got there, the door to the cabin burst open and a man stood there. He had Gabrielle in front of him with an ugly knife poised at her throat.

At that moment a serious of crashes and yells could be heard on deck.

"WHAT'S GOING ON ALISHA?" the man called. When he didn't hear anything he called out. "SHOW YOURSELVES OR I'LL KILL HER."

"I'm right in front of you Gabrielle, can you do anything?"

Harry could see her try to wiggle, but the man firmed his grip. A small drop of blood appeared at the tip of the knife. "BOUGE PAS!."

"Non," Gabrielle replied nervously.

The knife moved again. "SHOW YOURSELVES!" Marcus yelled again in French and again it was translated to Harry.

The passageway was too narrow to do anything, so Harry did the only thing he could, he pulled off the cloak to reveal himself. "Let her go."

"Harry, aurors are taking off now," Hermione said.

"NO!" Harry replied. "I think he'll kill her if they show up."

"An English kid?" Marcus scoffed. "What are you doing on my boat? Who brought you?"

"She's my girlfriend," Harry nodded toward Gabrielle. "I...I just want you to let her go. You can go where ever you want, just let her go."

"Non, I'm sure ze Aurors will be 'ere soon," Marcus said. "And zis creature is my way to escape. Who's with you?"

"Uh...no one. I...I flew my broom here. I…I just wanted Gabrielle."

"ALISHA!" the man called. When no answer came he started toward Harry slowly with Gabrielle still firmly in his arm. "Back away kid. You try anything stupid and she will die and zen you will."

"If she dies, you'll be dead right behind her," Harry replied as he kept his eyes on the man.

"Brave, but foolish aren't you? Now get out of my way unless you want 'er to die right 'ere."

Harry backed away but kept a firm grip on his wand.

"ALISHA!" the man called again as he guided Gabrielle to the side of the boat.

"Yeah, 'ad to deal with anozzer one," Alisha said sounding hoarse as she kept a hand on her throat. "Bitch 'it me in ze zroat and I couldn't breathe. She was ze only one."

The man said something in French and kicked a small inflatable boat which Gabrielle told Harry that it was 'Get the raft ready'."

Harry took a step forward and raised his wand. "No, leave her here."

"I wouldn't do zat kid," Marcus said. "Who are you anyway?"

"I...I'm Harry Potter," Harry replied.

"Zat's interesting," Marcus smirked as his eyes immediately found the scar outlined on Harry's forehead. "Thought you were being sent off to zat Dark Lord," Then he shrugged, "Eet is better for us zis way." He glanced at his partner. "E'll make another good 'ostage. Get 'im."

Alisha raised her wand and pointed it at Harry, "STUPFY' the sound was rough and nothing happened, but Harry didn't wait any longer and dove out of the way behind the wall.

Alisha grabbed her throat. "Can't…"

"Here, you take her then. I'll get the boy," Marcus said in French. Alisha eyes grew wide but when Marcus shoved Gabrielle toward her, she pulled out the knife on her belt and wrapped her own arm around the young Veela.

Harry eyed the two slavers from around the corner. He wanted to kill them both but didn't dare. "Let her go!" He yelled.

Alisha pulled Gabrielle in front of her and lifted her knife but then as Gabrielle's hair blocked her face from Marcus, she gave the slightest of winks at Harry.

"Get out 'ere boy or she'll die," Marcus instructed him.

"TONKS!" A wave of understanding passed over Harry. "Gabrielle, the woman is Tonks. Don't worry."

"What is she doing?"

"I don't know but wait," Harry replied. Alisha moved her head slightly and her mouth moved next to Gabrielle's ear.

"She wants you to pretend to surrender but be ready," Gabrielle explained.

Harry glanced around the corner once more. His eyes locked on Alisha's for a moment. He took a deep breath as he steadied himself. "OK…just don't hurt her," He called and walked out from behind the wall with his wand lowered but still firmly in his hand.

"Smart kid," The man sneered. "Now get…" He stopped because a movement from Alisha and Gabrielle caught his eye. That small amount of inattention was all Harry needed. His wand was up instantly, "CONFRIGO!" The blasting spell hit true on the man. The slight turn of his body was what saved his life as the spell hit his arm instead of his body. His elbow instantly turned to pulp as his wand fell to the deck still clutched in his hand.

Tonks/Alisha quickly pulled Gabrielle away from the man while at the same time tossing away the wand she had in her hand and pulled out a different one, her own wand.

"Hold it! I'm an English Auror, get on the deck now," Tonks commanded as she started to change back into herself.

Marcus could only stand in shock looking at the ruins of his arm. His eyes lifted to gaze at Harry and then he slowly turned his eyes toward his partner waiting for her to kill the kids and then come help him. But as his eyes found hers, they weren't the eyes of Alisha, they now belonged to someone else entirely; someone with pink hair who was telling him to get on the deck. His mouth opened to say something, but he couldn't find anything to say. He slowly sunk to the deck, his mind still in total confusion. Then he noticed the boy advancing on him with his wand raised. Pure fury poured from his eyes.

"NO Harry," Tonks said sharply. "I've got him," She bent over the man and started doing emergency medical spells to stop the flow of blood. "I should just let you bleed out you creep, but I have a feeling that you will not enjoy the rest of your life this way. No wand arm? In prison? I'm sure the Minister will make sure you are put in the deepest hole he can find."

Marcus eyes were now looking down toward the deck. His wand was there still clutched in the hand that use to be his. He felt nausea overcome him and he spewed his late night food all over the deck.

"It's over, we got them," Harry told Fleur and Hermione as he pulled Gabrielle into his arms. The bands that secured her were still in place and as he didn't know how to get them loose. "I have you love."

"Unsilence me," She instructed.

"Sorry," Harry replied as he raised his wand and a second later his bondmate's lovely voice came.

"I knew you'd come 'Arry. You're my 'ero."

"I'll always do my best Angel, but I think it's Tonks who needs the thanks for this one."

Tonks looked up. "Sorry it took me that long to get back to you. But had to.." she looked down at the clothes she wore, "…get that bitch's clothes off and put them on. Then I couldn't do a damn thing with her wand. Felt like slime in my hand, but I couldn't risk him not recognizing her not having the correct wand."

Suddenly the boat was surrounded by Aurors on brooms. It wasn't long before the bands that secured Gabrielle were off and she had her arms around her bondmate. "I love you, 'Arry Potter."

The boat was propelled magically back toward the dock where everyone was. As it docked, Marcus and Alisha were led toward the ramp.

"Wait," Gabrielle said. Though Harry had offered to bring Gabrielle back on his Firebolt, Alain and Christelle had sent word for them to stay on the boat and risk no further danger. Now Gabrielle walked over to the man and woman who had threaten to sell her into slavery and to kill her.

"Zere are no words to describe ze filth you are," Gabrielle said. "My fazzer will make sure you live a very, very miserable life."

"Shut up, you..." The last of what Marcus was going to say was cut off by the rapidly ascending foot that hit the man solidly between his legs. The crunching sound brought grimaces to every man who witnessed the event and only being held by two Aurors kept Marcus on his feet.

Alain had boarded the boat in time to see what happened. "Maybe a gender changing potion? Silenced and sold to ze same people 'e was going to sell you to?"

"You...you can't," Marcus wheezed through the pain that existed between his legs. "Zere are..." Unfortunately by turning his head to look at Minister Delacour, he didn't see Gabrielle's foot rising once more. The second blow caused a very effective form of silencing charm without the use of a wand.

"Oui, zere are laws and we can't do such things in France, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet you've broken similar laws in ozzer countries? Some of which aren't nearly as 'nice' as we are," Alain looked at the man and woman one last time and then directed the Aurors to take them away. He then pulled his daughter into a hug. "I'm sorry, my dear," he murmured. "I was trying to protect you and it went wrong."

"Eets alright Papa," Gabrielle said. "Arry was zere."

"Yes 'e was," Alain said as he looked at the black-haired young man. "Son, I hope you know zat I can never describe my gratitude and my love. Ze day my daughters brought you into our family, was a day of blessing."

Harry blushed and shrugged. "I...I just did what I had to do sir."

"Eet is 'ow you define, 'what you 'ave to do' zat makes you special."

Then Fleur and Hermione were there. The bondmates were all in tears as they welcomed the rescue of Gabrielle.

It was another hour before they could return to the Delacour estate, but finally Harry pulled Gabrielle into his arms in the large bed that night. Exhausted, the two of them clutched each other close and quickly fell into a deep slumber.

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