Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



43. Chapter 43

"The men in the restaurant weren't after you," Alain said to his daughter when she'd explained what had happened. "They were Aurors; I presume the ones that were assigned to watch you while you were shopping."

"WHAT? What do you mean?" Fleur exclaimed.

"I had requested that Aurors watch you while you shopped."

At first Fleur's face went blank but as she realized what had happened, need not have, anger filled her eyes. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US? WHY?" But just as quickly, the anger left her eyes and wetness emerged. "Why? Harry and Gabi..."

Alain sighed, a sound that suggested he'd aged twenty years in a moment. "I...I wanted you to be free to do what you wanted, go where you wanted and not think of security for a while. The Aurors were told not to interfere at all as long as no threat was perceived. Obviously I was wrong, but we should discuss this later, first I need to report what you know and get someone working on finding them."

Alain quickly requested that his wife bring Hermione and Sirius home. When she told him that Sirius was being detained, Alain immediately floo'd the Ministry. After explaining what had happened and that there was a much bigger problem, he was told Sirius would be escorted to the Delacour residence by the Senior Investigator.

While Alain waited, he turned back to his daughter whose expression broke his own heart. "I'm sorry. That is all I can truly say. I did tell your mother that you would be protected, but she did not inquire into the details," He let out another sigh. "I thought..." He paused for a moment as he ran a hand through his hair, "I thought that Harry would like some time to feel normal. You'd mentioned that he never got to go out shopping or things like that so I wanted him to enjoy himself. Do you think he could really relax if he knew you had four Aurors watching you? I did the same thing on Monday as well. You know, when you went for your rings? There were Aurors watching then as well."

Fleur swallowed as she blinked back the tears that threatened to fall. She knew her father had tried to do what was right and though she wanted to argue with him, she wasn't even sure if what he did really was a mistake. Harry would have definitely not been as happy as he'd been if he'd known people were watching him constantly.

"We will find them ma petite."

Fleur nodded through the wetness that still filled her eyes.

At that moment, the floo blazed high and Hermione walked out and a few seconds later Apolline followed.

Hermione moved to instantly to Fleur and they gave each other hugs. "Eet will be alright," Fleur said though her eyes did not have the same conviction as her words. "Papa will find zem."

"What happened?"

Fleur started describing the events one more time. "Zey were after me I think," She said. "But zen zey realized zat it was 'Arry and...and I couldn't do anything."

Before Hermione could answer, the green flames of the floo erupted once more and short dark-skinned, dark-haired woman in Auror robes emerged. She carried herself with obvious authority. Underneath the fleur-de-lis on her left breast were two gold stars, obviously signifying some rank. As she stepped aside, the flames flared again and Sirius emerged, followed quickly by two more people in Auror robes.

"Thank you for coming, Christelle," Alain said to the woman.

"Alain," Sirius interrupted before the lady could reply. "I'm sorry, this is all my fault."

"Sirius, we can discuss it another time, but eet is just as much my fault I do believe," Alain replied and turned back to the woman. He led her to Fleur and Hermione. "Christelle you 'ave met my daughter Fleur and zis is 'Ermione Granger, she is...very much involved with what is going on. Fleur, 'Ermione, zis is Madam Christelle Arceneau, ze senior Auror inspector."

Christelle looked at Hermione. "English?"

"Oui, Madam," Hermione replied. "I...I'm a friend of Harry and the Delacours."

"She is more zan zat, but we can go into zat later," Alain said. "Ze immediate problem is 'Arry Potter and my daughter Gabrielle."

"Zey were kidnapped? Where from?"

"Oui," Fleur interjected. "I was zere, in ze alley in Rue de la Ménagerie Magique. Two men, zey...zey stunned zem and zen disappeared but I think zey were really after me."

"Tell me what happened," Madam Arceneau instructed. "Tell me everything you can."

Once again Fleur recited the story. As she spoke one of the Aurors wrote notes on parchment. He'd ask her to pause every so often so he could catch up.

Christelle turned to one of the Aurors when the events had been verbally chronicled. "Get to that alley and see if you can trace the apparition and of course anything else you might find," She said in French. She then turned to the other one who was stashing the parchment and quill. "Get back to the Ministry. Call in every available Auror and even the ones not available. There's no telling where they may be, but get them asking around, beginning with Marseille."

"Oui, Madam."

As soon as they departed, the floo erupted once more in green flames and another man stepped out. Fleur and Hermione instantly recognized him as one of the men, Aurors, from the restaurant. Christelle took him aside and conferred with him for a few minutes. She frowned and turned back to Fleur.

"Mademoiselle, I am confused. You mentioned zat 'Ermione yelled for you to run."


"Zere seems to be some confusion on zat point. Ze Aurors did not 'ear any yells from Madmoseille Granger."

"Eh..." Fleur looked at her father and then at Hermione.

"Christelle, 'ow familiar are you with Veela?" Alain said as he guided the senior Inspector away with Fleur and Hermione beside them. "Zere is something zat you need to know."

Ten minutes later a very puzzled Chief Inspector had a headache and hope. Fleur and Hermione knew Harry Potter was still alive but unconscious. If and when he did regain consciousness he'd be able to communicate with them, and she knew communication with a victim was the best possible lead.

"Well zat ability will 'elp tremendously," Madam Arceneau said. "I think ze best thing to do now, outside of waiting for Monsieur Potter to awaken, is to get a good description of ze men who attacked you."

"What about a Pensieve?" Hermione asked. "With one of those, Fleur could show you her memories."

"What is zis Pensieve?" Christelle asked.

"Albus Dumbledore has a device that allows you to see memories," Alain explained.

"Wait; did 'e use it at ze ICS recently, when 'e explained about ze return of Voldemort to 'is country and resigned?"

"Oui," Alain said. "Zat is ze device."

"Do you think 'e would put it at our disposal?"

Sirius, who had wandered over to the group and begun listening, answered that question. "Yes, I am quite positive he will, to find my godson."

"Your godson? 'Arry Potter?"

"Yes, his father was my best friend," Sirius replied. He then turned to Alain. "He needs to know anyway. He can definitely help."

Alain nodded. "Oui, go talk to 'im. Use ze floo in my study."

Sirius was back in ten minutes. "I couldn't get Dumbledore on the floo. I did talk to Arthur Weasley and he said there was an Order meeting called for this evening. I'm going to have to go there."

"I'll floo with you to ze Ministry. I can arrange for Emergency portkeys to get you back more quickly," Alain replied. "Christelle, I shall return as quickly as possible. If you need anything, Fleur, Apolline or ze 'ouse-elves will be glad to 'elp."

*** E E ***

"Thank you for coming so quickly Albus," Alain said as the silver bearded Headmaster of Hogwarts exited the floo. He was surprised when, instead of Sirius, a pink-haired young female emerged from the floo next. He instantly recognized her as the Auror who had been with Gabrielle. As he turned to Dumbledore with a questioning look, Sirius emerged from the fireplace.

"Alain, I'm not sure if you remember Nymphadora Tonks," Dumbledore said with a hand out stretched toward the woman who was looking around the mansion in awe. "She was the Auror that..."

"Was with Gabrielle," Alain finished. "Oui, I remember 'er."

Tonks attention turned to the Minister at the introduction. "Sir, I'm still sorry that I didn't protect Gabrielle…"

Alain held up his hand to wave off the apology. "Eet is fine. I do not blame you for zat Mademoiselle Tonks, just as I can't blame ze Aurors today." Alain assured Tonks. "But I do not understand why you are 'ere."

"She's a Metamorphmagus, as well as a trained Auror," Albus explained. "I thought her skills might prove useful; though I don't presume to suggest anything, especially since I do not know the whole story yet."

"Any 'elp is appreciated as well as advice," Alain replied, "But please understand zat my people will be in charge."

"Of course," Dumbledore replied with a slight nod.

"You 'ave your pensieve? Everyone is waiting in ze salon."

Dumbledore nodded toward Sirius who was carrying a bag.

"Excellent, zis way please."

The salon was filled with many people. Fleur and Hermione were sitting on a sofa, both looking distraught. The house-elves were popping in and out, replenishing drinks and trays of food. Apolline was trying to appear busy but failing miserably at it.

Several men in French Auror cloaks surrounded Madam Arceneau while speaking in low voices. When she saw who had entered the Salon she immediately withdrew from the conversation. "Professeur Dumbledore, what a pleasure to meet you. Of course your reputation is world renown."

"Albus, may I introduce Christelle Arceneau. She is ze senior investigator at ze Ministry. She personally is taking charge of zis investigation."

"My pleasure, madam," Dumbledore said. "I would like to offer my assistance in any way possible. I also brought along a British Auror whose talents may be useful."

"What talents are zose?" Christelle looked past Dumbledore at the pink-haired witch; her first impressions weren't very favorable. Christelle wasn't very approving of the color pink, especially in hair.

"I'm a Metamorphmagus, Ma'am." Tonks replied nervously. "If you need someone to look like someone else, I'm your witch ma'am. I just need to know what they look like and I can duplicate their appearance. I'm not limited by time like Polyjuice and I can change fairly rapidly."

"Oui, I can see 'ow zat can be useful. I will keep your talents in mind," Christelle turned to Dumbledore. "About zis pensieve? I understand it allows us to see memories?"

"Yes Christelle," Dumbledore replied. "It actually can allow you to do two things: view a memory, or actually experience it."

"Interesting, can you set it up? We would like see ze events in ze alleyway as witnessed by Fleur Delacour."

They spent the next few minutes setting up the pensieve and getting the memories while also explaining the complete chain of events to Dumbledore and Tonks.

"We forgot about ze portkeys," Fleur admitted when they'd coaxed the memory free of her. "Arry finally remembered zem but...but it was too late."

"What's all the excitement about?" A voice called from behind them. Alain turned to see his old friend. Marl stood there in the failing light.

"Gabrielle and 'Arry were captured."

Marl scowled. "What did the kid do? Didn't he listen to me and run?"

Fleur and Hermione both flushed angrily. "WE DID RUN!" Fleur yelled. "ZAT'S WHY ZEY WERE CAUGHT."

"Zere was a mix-up in a restaurant zey were eating in," Alain explained. "Arry mistook ze Aurors zat were watching 'im for people following zem."

"AND WHILE SIRIUS AND I DISTRACTED THEM, THEY RAN," This time it was Hermione. "And...and now..."

"At first we forgot about ze portkeys," Fleur said as she reasserted her calm over her anger. "When we took a shortcut to get to ze floo faster...zey...zey were stunned. I...I tried to 'elp...but...but..."

"Damn," Marl replied as he sat down. "What can I do to help?"

The Auror who had been sent to the alley to investigate returned at that time. He looked around the salon and immediately made his way to Christelle.

"Well?" She asked. "What did you find? Were you able to track the apparition?"

"We tracked their apparition to a public floo area," The Auror said in French. "They didn't go in the floo, but so many people apparate from those spots that following from there was impossible. We did interview several people there who remembered seeing a couple of men with kids, one blacked haired boy and one blonde girl but presumed they were helping them get home. No one could give us a real good description."

"That's not a problem," Madam Arceneau replied. "We have that device," she motioned toward the pensieve, "and they say we can see the men clearly in Fleur's memories. I'd like you and the other Aurors investigating to come take a look. You'll know exactly what they look like."

"Here," Dumbledore said as he touched the Pensieve on several of the Runes on it. Fleur's memory started playing above the bowl. "If you only need to see the memory this will be faster. If you want to actually interact or experience the memory, you need to actually enter the basin."

The Auror watched as the memory played through. Dumbledore froze the image as the men faced Fleur. Finally the grim faced Auror remembered something when he watched Gabrielle get stunned. He reached into his robes and pulled out a wand. "We did find this."

"Zat's Gabrielle's wand," Fleur exclaimed.

"Thought so, and you could see in the memory where she dropped it," He turned back to the senior investigator. "I'm going back to the alley and surrounding areas. Now that I know who I'm looking for I might have more success."

Deeper into the night the investigation continued and still Harry never regained consciousness. Finally exhausted, Hermione and Fleur started sleeping in shifts so one of them would always be awake, ready if Harry should awaken.

*** July 16th 1995 ***

Gabrielle blinked her eyes open. The first thing she thought was how much her head ached but then she realized her arms and most of her body hurt as well. She tried to move, to roll over and found she couldn't. Nothing felt right, even the room felt like it was moving slightly. The room itself was faintly lit by a dim light coming from a round window. It was frosted so she couldn't actually see anything.

"Looks like the little princess is waking up," A rough voice said; though he spoke French, it was not a typical French accent.

Gabrielle jerked her head around and found herself looking at a stranger. The man was sitting in a chair that seemed to move slightly. The man moved with the chair with practiced ease. He was middle aged, but had a face that seemed older. His eyes were dark with no emotions. "Who?" Gabrielle started to say but then all of the memories from the alley came flooding back. "Arry," She tried to whisper as she looked around frantically. She wanted to see her bondmate. She didn't realize no sound came out of her mouth.

The man could easily read the mouthed words though. "Harry? You don't mean Harry Potter do you?" The man guffawed. "You won't find him here. Last I heard, he was headed back across the channel. Guys who sold you to us mentioned that some guy was willing to pay a lot of money for him. Something about that Dark Lord over there," The man gave a slight shiver. "Glad I'm not selling to him. Not the type of people I prefer to work with."

"NO!" Gabrielle exclaimed as she started struggling trying to move. This time she realized her scream was silent.

"What? Can't hear you," The man chuckled in a menacing tone. "I know it's not for that kid. It isn't like creatures like you actually care about anyone. Yes, I know you have some Veela blood in you. I can feel your allure. Been around it for so long now it has no affect anymore. Now I'm not sure how much of a Veela you are, but I'll warn you not to try to go all bird on me. Those things around you are indestructible. You will crush your wings and possibly your ribcage. I'd prefer you arrive at our destination in one piece. They won't pay me if you're dead and it will be a lot less if you're damaged."

Gabrielle glanced down and noticed what was keeping her from moving. Her arms were pinned tightly to her side by three bands of metal that ran horizontally around her body. "HARRY!" She mentally screamed but knew he was not conscious.

"Don't be trying any of those Veela mind games either," The man said. "I don't have my wand and if I suddenly start acting strange, my partner will most definitely hurt you. SHE won't be affected."

Gabrielle swallowed in horror as his earlier words came back. "Sold you to us," Her maman and grand-mere had told her of the dangers to Veela in the world, the same dangers that idiot Malfoy had reflected on. "You're a whore, that's all creatures like you are really good far."

"Now you might want to know what's going to happen to you," The man now had a leer on his face. "As much as I'd love to keep you for myself, a young Veela is worth too much to ignore. Got a standing offer from a group in...well, somewhere. They make good use out of young Veelas like you."

"NEVER!" Gabrielle tried to yell, but again it fell silent in the air.

"Never, huh?" The man asked as again he read the silent lip movement. "Guess you'd probably die first?" He shrugged when she nodded vigorously. "That's between you and them. I really don't care once I get paid, but I can tell you that I've sold them others that made the same threat. Seems they have a few potions that change your mood, make you more...compliant." The man rose from his chair and moved it against the wall. "Well now that we've had a nice chat, I'll head back up top. My partner will be in soon to give you water and food. I'd advise you to eat and drink," He glanced out the window. "It's late morning, and the best time to leave is when most of the fishing fleet heads out right before dawn. No one will pay us any attention in the darkness amongst all the other boats. So as I said, eat, drink and enjoy your last real day of life in your own country. You'll never see it again." He started for the door, just as he turned the lever to open it, he turned back. "Look on the bright side sweetheart: at least you're going to live. I doubt the same can be said for that Potter kid."

Fear gripped Gabrielle and for several minutes she fought to keep it under control. She knew she had to believe him that she'd probably die if she transformed. "Harry will come. I know he will," She said to herself. To pass the time she tried recall what the man had said and what she knew so she'd be able to tell him when he woke up. "I know I'm on a boat. That's why the room is moving," She now could hear the sound of the water hitting the side of the boat in rhythm to the rocking as well as a few sea birds.

*** E E ***

The vigil at the Delacour home lasted throughout the night. As the sun started to make an appearance through the salon windows, Alain was sitting with Christelle. Both of them were on their second pepper-up potion, and currently were looking at a map trying to determine what places could be searched next when footsteps came hurrying from the entrance hall.

"We found one of them," An Auror said excitedly when he entered the room.

Both Christelle and Alain looked up, expressions showing hope. "Gabrielle? Harry?" Alain asked.

"No," The auror said losing some of the enthusiasm he'd arrived with. "One of the men from the alley. The ones who captured them."

"Where? And has he said where they are?"

"No, we haven't spoken with him yet. We have his home surrounded though. I wasn't sure if you wanted him arrested or followed," The Auror replied. "Though a magical search shows he is the only one in there, so he doesn't have them with him."

"If he has them stashed somewhere, he might need to bring them food and water," Christelle mentioned as she looked at Alain.

"Or the other one might, or the other one is busy taking them somewhere. No, we need to bring him in and give him truth serum," Alain said.

"You heard the Minister, arrest him and take him to the Ministry."

"Yes madam," the Auror said and disappeared.

Shortly before eight am, a disheveled man wearing handcuffs was led into a plain room in the Ministry. Around a table sat Alain, Christelle, Dumbledore and Sirius. The Auror who led him was not the same one who had arrested him. He looked nervous as he addressed such high levels of people. "Eh...Madam, Deputy Minister he has taken a veritaserum antidote."

Alain cursed as he leapt to his feet. He knew it would be a minimum of seven-two hours before it cleared his system. By then his daughter and the boy he'd grown to love would probably never be found.

Dumbledore frowned as he put a hand upon Alain's arm. "My French isn't as good as I wish," Dumbledore said. He'd been unable to follow the conversation that had occurred. "May I inquire to what is going on?"

Alain quickly explained.

Maybe I can be of assistance then," Albus commented. "I am unfamiliar with the French law in this matter, but I am a master Legilimens. Unless the man is a truly skilled Occlumens I doubt he could prevent me from discovering the truth."

Christelle looked at Alain. "Deputy Minister, you'll need ze Minister's authority."

"Non, just do it," He instructed Dumbledore. "I will tell Pierre later.

"Minister?" Christelle asked.

"My job is not as important as zose two kids. If Pierre wants me to resign I will," He looked again at Dumbledore. "Just do it."

Twenty minutes later Dumbledore sat back from the kidnapper whose name he'd discovered to be Henri. The man was now ashen faced and trembling. He'd fought Dumbledore but it had been to no avail. As he was led out of the room, Dumbledore turned to Alain. Though his face remained calm, his eyes betrayed very troubled thoughts. "I need to get back to the Pensieve to discover exactly what happened to Gabrielle. I do not know your language well enough to know what precisely was said. I do know she and Harry were separated. They were both sold to different people."


"Again I did not understand everything being said, but there was an exchange of gold for each of them; Harry first and then Gabrielle. It could have been a reward, but it's the same thing in the end," Dumbledore explained.

Alain's blood chilled. He remembered that Fleur had mentioned they had called for her. At first he'd presumed it had been because she was his daughter, but the fact she was part Veela had never been a hidden fact. There had been several young Veela who had disappeared in the last couple of years. No bodies had ever been discovered and the thoughts went toward another possibility.


Though the ICW had declared Veela to have full rights and equality, many wizards only saw them as creatures, things to be owned and...used. The Deputy Minister sat still for several seconds as thoughts of what might be happening to his daughter ran through his mind. He finally took a deep breath and nodded. "Oui, we must find zem and quickly."

As they were leaving the Ministry Dumbledore made another comment about what he'd seen in the mind of the kidnapper. "There is another thing that concerned me. I recognized the man who paid the money for Harry. His name is Yaxley and he's a very high level person in the Ministry, our Ministry I should say. I need to contact Arthur and warn him."

"Let's see ze memory first," Alain requested as they entered the departure room. "You can contact your Ministry while I and ze Aurors view eet, oui? We might recognize who 'as Gabrielle."

"Of course."

It was almost noon when Alain finished watching the exchange of gold for his daughter. His eyes, wet with unshed tears were also filled with determination as he exited the Pensieve. Fleur was there, preparing to watch the memory herself. Suddenly her eyes flew open wide. "PAPA, Eet's 'Arry, 'e's waking up."

At the same time in Alain's study Dumbledore was in front of the floo speaking to a very tired Arthur Weasley.

"Yaxley? Of course he's in France. He was supposed have already contacted you," Arthur said.

"What about?" Dumbledore asked.

"As soon as Sirius told me about Harry, I let Cornelius and Amelia know. They had me call in every department head. They were all told what had happened..."

"You told everyone, including Yaxley?"

"Fudge did. What's the problem Albus? Yaxley was the only one to get anywhere. He had an acquaintance over there who might know something. We gave him an international portkey and galleons for a reward if Harry's found. He was told to check in with the Auror department there and find you."

"Have you heard from him since?" Dumbledore asked.

"No," Arthur replied. "But I am surprised you haven't."

Dumbledore sighed. "Actually, I think the Ministry informed Voldemort," Dumbledore waited a second while Mr. Weasley flinched before continuing, "that Harry was vulnerable and actually gave him the means and at least some of the Galleons to secure him."


"I just finished probing the mind on one of the kidnappers. It was Yaxley who purchased or secured Harry with gold. He mentioned the Dark Lord when he did."

"You can't be serious," Arthur replied. "We...I gave..." The rest disappeared in a swallow clearly visible in the throat of Arthur Weasley.

"You couldn't have known and it's possible that I might be mistaken. He might have been trying to fool the person and has Harry, but...but I fear not. See if you can find Yaxley but keep it quiet. Let Amelia know. If Yaxley is a spy and can be caught, he might be the only way to finding Harry."

"I...of course," Arthur nodded. "I'll get on it now."

*** E E ***

"ARRY!"Screamed into the mind of Harry Potter from two different people as his consciousness returned. While his head was already filled with pain from the stunner, the screams felt like someone had stabbed his brain with a red hot knife.

"What..." He said out loud as his mind still could not process what he was hearing. His thoughts were a mass of confusions as his mind was trying to tell him what had happened at the same time as two female voices were clambering inside his skull.

"Do you know..."

"Aide-moi Arry! Zey are going to sell me..."

"Where you are? Zey 'ave..."

"Zere was a man and 'e said..."

As their thoughts and explanations, fears and hopes poured into Harry he felt overwhelmed. "Wait...please," He instructed as he tried to shake the cobwebs out of his mind. As he did, his body immediately started telling him that a lot more than his head hurt, his whole body was in pain.

"I have less zan a day..." This was from Gabrielle and carried distinct fear in her voice. "Ze man said ze boat would leave before tomorrow morning..."

"Boat, what boat?" By now Harry had opened his eyes and realized it didn't matter. He was in complete darkness. "What happened? We were running and..."

"ARRY!" Gabrielle pleaded.

"I'm here," Harry replied. "I'm listening but I don't understand. Fleur are you...where are you?"

"I'm at 'ome. Zey stunned you and Gabrielle. You both were captured."

"Gabrielle, talk to Fleur as well and... wait is Hermione alright?" Harry asked suddenly panicking as he started to remember what happened in the restaurant. "Was Sirius able to protect her?"

"Oui, ze men in ze restaurant were zere protecting us," Fleur said.

"WHAT? Wait, Gabrielle is talking to me. Gabrielle, tell us now, where are you?"

"Fleur, tell Papa zat ze man who...who 'e says 'e bought me is taking me on a boat. I'm on a boat somewhere," Gabrielle mental voice was saturated in fear. "Zere are things around me zat 'e says if I lose control and...and transform, zey will crush me."

"I will ma soeur," Fleur replied and was silent for a few seconds as she obviously was telling her father.

"Show me your memories Gabrielle," Harry said. "I'll relay them to Fleur."


"Harry?" A voice called after Gabrielle was mostly finished with her memories. This voice, filled with fear and emotion was Hermione. "Please tell me you're alright?"

"I'm fine I guess, but right now Gabrielle is more important. She's in a lot more danger. Let me relay Gabrielle's memories to you and Fleur. They need to find her."

"And you, we need to find you too."

"I can wait," Harry exclaimed. "Gabrielle is more important."

"Fleur's telling Alain and Dumbledore, what about your Portkey?" Hermione asked.

Hope rose in Harry as he shoved his hand into his pocket, only for it to die a second later when he found it empty."No," He replied heavily "it's gone."

*** E E ***

"Boat?" Alain asked. "Tomorrow morning? Why?" He realized almost immediately. "Not staying in Europe and we closed international magical travel. Zey take 'er to a different country and..." The rest didn't need to be verbalized. They both knew if Gabrielle was taken out of France it would be almost impossible to find her.

"He mentioned fishing fleets, so that at least suggests a larger port, one with a significant fishing but..." Christelle let out a sigh as again her eyes scanned the map of France, "that's still a lot of possibilities."

"We can get Aurors on the ground at every fishing port, maybe someone saw something," Mr. Delacour suggested.

"Risky, if word gets to them, they might slip out earlier than tomorrow morning."

"They know we are looking, so we keep asking questions in the cities as well. We just expand the questioning to the docksides."

Alain turned to Fleur and Hermione. "Let Gabrielle know we are doing our best and to let us know immediately if she 'as more information. What about 'Arry?"

*** E E ****

"I have my wand," Harry said to his bondmates. "It's in my wandring. Glad we got the concealment charm on it," He pulled it out and sent the hissing sound that activated the brighter light spell. "I'm in a small room, stone. One door with no windows. It's cold, a lot colder than it was at...at your home."

"Our 'ome, and you're going to be back 'ere soon," Fleur said. "You and Gabrielle."

Harry reached into his pocket and realized he didn't have his cloak. "No cloak. They must have taken it."

"No," Hermione said. "You asked me to carry it in my bag when you were trying on clothes. "

"That might be for the better. You know it was my dad's. If..."

"NON!" Fleur exclaimed. "Zere will be no IFs, you WILL come 'ome. You...you must come 'ome."

"I hear footsteps!" Harry exclaimed as he quickly doused the light of his wand. Voices were now evident.

"I saw light from under his door," A man's voice could be heard from beyond the door.

"I don't see anything now."

Harry paused, trying to decide if he should fight. He then remembered Gabrielle. He knew if he got stunned again or worse, it would be doubtful that they would find her in time. He needed to give Alain time to find her. He quickly slid his wand back into the ring and dove for the floor where he'd been. He'd just settled when the door creaked open.

"Lumos," A man's voice said and Harry could see his eyelids lighten through his closed eyes. He fought to keep them shut.

"See, he's still unconscious. You were just seeing things Goyle."

"GOYLE!" Harry screamed in his mind. "Must be his father."

"I'll make sure Dumbledore knows. He's here as well," Hermione told Harry. "Sirius went to get him."

"Maybe," Goyle replied and Harry felt a foot nudge him. He did his best to stay relaxed and let his body move, while at the same time preparing himself just in case the foot decided to kick him.

"Stay here if you want, but you know HE's going to be back soon."

"What's he going to do with him?" Goyle asked as he nudged Harry again with his foot.

"Nothing you or I would want to endure."

The two men left and pulled the door shut. A click was heard as they locked it. Harry waited a minute, not daring to breathe. Then, when he was positive they were not returning, he finally sat back up against the wall, staying in the dark this time.

"Did you hear it?" He asked. "Voldemort's coming. I've got to try to break out of here."

"Be careful," Three voices said inside of his head.

Harry climbed to his feet and felt his way along the wall until he reached the door. He put his ear to it and listened. After several seconds of not hearing anything, he pulled back out his wand. "Alohomora" he whispered, and a click was heard. He back away and waited, wand ready.


He gave a wistful thought about his invisibility cloak, but then steadied himself. He gripped his wand more tightly and opened the door slowly, flinching as the door creaked as it swung inward. Again he waited, expecting someone to rush in, but no one came. Though there was a distinct chill in the damp air, a bead of sweat rolled down Harry's brow. He glanced around the open door, his eyes welcoming the dim light that lit the next room. The light was coming through a very small window pane set into another stone wall. The window itself was filthy as if it was never washed. The room had the same dank feeling of his cell. In the corner of the room across from where Harry was, a wooden staircase led upwards. As he strained his ears, he could just make out faint voices.

Harry first went to the window and realized it was too small to get out through. There were two other doors and he tried each carefully. Both lead to similar rooms that he'd been in, but both were empty. Harry realized he had no choice, if he wanted to escape it would have to be up the steps. He just wished he knew how many people he faced. He slowly crept toward the staircase.

*** E E ***

"I'm sorry Arthur, but..." Dumbledore paused as he tried to figure out how to tell Arthur about how they had communicated with Harry. "We have a way to communicate with Harry..."

"HOW!" Arthur broke in excitedly.

"It's...complicated, but trust me that we do," Dumbledore said. "I'll explain when I have time, but please do not tell anyone."

"Uh...of course not."

"Amelia knows how, so you can tell her, but we have been in communication with Harry. He regained consciousness recently. He is definitely in the hands of Voldemort. Did you find Yaxley yet?"

"Not yet, but we will," Mr. Weasley explained. "So...You-Know-Who has him?"

"Yes. I'm going to come back to assist in the search for Yaxley."

"Of course."

When the Floo connection ended, Dumbledore returned to the Salon. "Alain, I think it is best if I return to my country and concentrate on Harry."

Alain studied the Headmaster for a couple of seconds before nodding. "Of course."

"Miss Granger, could I entice you to come with me so I can keep abreast of what is happening with Harry as well as here?"

"Yes, sir," Hermione answered at once as she glanced at Fleur who nodded back at her.

"What about me, sir?" Tonks asked. So far they had nothing she could help with, and she'd felt pretty useless.

"Stay, at least for now. I'll floo if I need you," Albus replied.

*** E E ***

Harry glanced up the steps and saw there was a door at the top. He placed a cautious foot onto the first step and slowly eased his weight onto it. He sighed his first breath of relief when it didn't creak. He took another step and then another. The fourth step let out a groan as he placed his weight on it. Instantly the voices ceased from above.

Harry quickly moved back down the steps, knowing it was better to be in the dark of the cellar than in the narrow confines of the steps. He had just ducked into one of the other rooms, leaving the door open a small crack when the door to the cellar opened.

"Nothing," Goyle's voice called from above.

"Check on him again," The other voice called. "Nothing did not make that noise."

Harry could hear someone slowly descending the steps. He put an eye to the crack and could see the large body of a man starting toward the door he'd been kept in.

"Damn," Harry thought as he realized he never closed the door to room he'd been imprisoned in.

"YAX! THE DO..." Goyle yelled but never said anything else as Harry threw open the door of his room he was hiding in and yelled "Stupefy," Goyle Senior only had a chance to turn toward the sound with wide open eyes before the red light struck him squarely. He collapsed onto the stone.

Harry ducked back into his hiding spot and waited...nothing. "Did the other guy not hear him or me?" Harry thought. After a few more seconds, Harry understood. The other guy or guys knew Harry had to come up those steps to escape. He looked at the ceiling, wondering if he could figure out where the guy was. He then glanced again at the window. Wishing it was large enough to climb through.

"Defodio," Fleur said. "Digging charm. You can use eet to enlarge ze window."

Harry stopped and waited while Fleur went outside and started working through the charm. It was hard to concentrate, knowing the other person might come down the steps any second, but Harry forced himself to. Finally he was ready to practice it, which in this case meant using it for real. He aimed his wand at the window. "Defodio."

The window blew apart and a section of the wall broke into pieces. Harry stopped and listened. He could hear steps now. "Maybe I can make him believe I escaped this way and can catch him off guard," Again he sent the gouging spell at the window and more stone crumbled away. This time he heard the door open. Harry raced toward the window and pulled the loose stone away enlarging the hole. It wasn't large enough for him to crawl through but Harry hoped it was enough to convince the man he had. He let out a few grunts near the window and then quietly moved back to the room he hid in before.

"Potter?" The voice growled. A step creaked, and another. "I know you're down here. Don't make me hurt you boy. Toss whatever wand you have out and I won't hurt you."

"Yeah right," Harry thought. "You might not, but your Master isn't going to be so nice."

Another step creaked and another. Finally Harry heard what he wanted. A curse and much quicker movements as the man moved toward the window. Harry could now see through the crack made by the partially opened door a man he didn't recognize run across the room. Harry readied his wand and threw open the door.

"Stupefy," Harry yelled but this man wasn't nearly as slow as Goyle Sr. He put up a shield charm and blocked the stunning spell. Harry sent a cutting curse at the man who moved enough for it to miss.

Harry had to dive out of the way when the man sent a stunning spell back at him. He rolled as he hit the floor, scrambled back to his feet and ducked behind a stone column.

"Potter," The man said. "You can't escape, so throw out your wand and it'll be far less painful."

Harry didn't bother replying but searched for a way out of there. He remembered the summoning spell that Marl had did on him. He glanced at the window again and noticed some nice chunks of rock but he realized he was in the wrong spot to make it work. He ducked to one side of the column and sent a stunning spell at the man the other guy had called Yax and then ducked back. When he heard him go to that side, Harry raced for a different stone column. He glanced again and this time he was in the right position.

"Accio" He commanded as he aimed his wand at the rock.

A curse from his opponent told him it had hit, but not enough to stun him. Harry used the distraction as an opportunity to race to the steps. A spell hit just behind him creating a noise like a hammer on stone. Harry didn't stop; he raced up the steps and through the door, slamming it behind him. A quick glance told him the room was clear, but he couldn't take the chance that no one was around. Just as he moved down the hall, the door to the cellar exploded into wooden splinters. Harry didn't look back but started running. He found what looked like the front door and yanked it open.

"Potter." The flat snake-faced figure with red eyes that stood there hissed in a cold voice.

It was only a second of panic that rushed through Harry, but that was all it took. "Crucio" came the hissed whisper.

Every fiber of Harry's body erupted in pain. It felt like he was being stuck with millions of red hot needles all at once. Even his very bones felt like they were on fire. His eyes rolled back in his head and his legs lost the ability to stand and he collapsed. As he hit the ground the pain stopped but his muscles still twitched.

As he lay on the floor he could only think of the three beautiful women he loved and would never see again. "I...I'm sorry. Find Gabrielle and...and take care of each other."

"Hang on Harry," This was Hermione in a voice that sounded very strained. "Dumbledore and I are back in London. Give us time to find you."

Harry actually found that amusing. "I don't think it's my choice how much time I have, but for you, I'll do my best."

*** E E ***

All of Harry's bondmates felt the torture curse, to somewhat lesser degree, but Dumbledore looked at Hermione who had suddenly collapsed beside him. "It...it's Harry," She strained to speak. "Cruci..." Finally her body relaxed from the knot it had constricted itself into. "Voldemort has...has him and just used the torture curse. I...I felt it."

"I don't think you got the full effect, but I understand," Dumbledore said. "If you can, ask Harry to give us time to find him," He reached into his robes and pulled out a small vial. "Here, drink this. It will sooth some of the aftereffects of that unforgivable."

Hermione uncorked the vial and down the liquid in one gulp. Almost instantly some of the aches started to disappear. She nodded at Dumbledore.

"Now what can you tell me about where Harry is?"

Hermione started describing the place Harry was located as he saw it. Suddenly her eyes flew open. "Voldemort has called the other Death Eaters. He plans on dueling Harry and...and killing him."

"Then we better hope that Harry can find his power."

"Sir, isn't there anything we can do?"

"Without knowing where he is?" Dumbledore asked. "No."

"We can't just... Winky!" Hermione gasped.

"Winky?" The Headmaster asked. "The house-elf?"

"She and Dobby came to our tent, a place they'd never been. If Harry were to call them couldn't they find him?"

"It would be suicide; even a house-elf can't apparate that quickly."

"It's a chance though, maybe Harry will get free long enough."

Dumbledore nodded. "We'll need to bring them here. They can't come through the international borders."

*** E E ***

"Now Harry Potter, we shall duel," Voldemort said to the black-haired young man. They were outside in a small cleared area beside a house in the middle of nowhere. It had taken several minutes after Voldemort had touched a finger to Yaxley's Dark Mark before the black robed and silver masked Death Eaters had appeared, but they had come and now they formed a circle around Voldemort and Harry. "I presume you know how to duel?"

Harry glared at the snake faced man and didn't reply but he raised his wand quickly. "LACERO!"

Voldemort lazily batted the spell away. "Oh, we can't have that," He said. "We must do this properly. First we need to bow to each other."

"Harry, call Dobby if you can," Hermione exclaimed in his mind. "We think he can get to you."

"I'll never bow to the likes of you,Harry snarled. He glanced around to see if there was anything he could do. The black robed men were all jeering now.

"I said bow," Voldemort waved his wand and Harry felt his spine being forced forward. All around them the watching Death Eaters jeered even louder.

"That's better, now we duel."

Harry didn't even get a chance to raise his wand before he was under the torture curse again. After what felt like hours, the pain finally stopped. Harry struggled to regain his feet over shaking legs.

"That was for the pain you caused me all those years ago," Riddle sneered. "This is for the pain you caused in the graveyard. Crucio."

Harry had his own wand ready this time. "LACERO!" He yelled trying to do anything he could instead of being forced through the pain again. As his spell rushed toward Tom Riddle, it seemed to hit something and stop. A gold beam of light came from the place it had stopped, stretching out toward Harry's and Voldemort's wand, connecting them. Harry felt his wand start to vibrate rapidly and his hand seized up around it. Even if he'd wanted to drop his wand he couldn't. As he stared at his wand in surprise, his eyes wandered to its tip and then they followed the gold light until he saw Voldemort also was gripping a vibrating wand, the eyes in his flat noseless face wide in surprise.

If he could have dropped his wand, Harry probably would have when the gold beam split into a thousand more beams, which arced high over the dueler's heads. They crisscrossed and finally settled into a golden web that formed a dome which enclosed the duelers.

"DO NOTHING!" Voldemort shouted to his followers. Harry could see astonishment and possibly fear in the red eyes of his opponent.

"Dumbledore says this is Priori Incantatem," Hermione said. "Your wands each have the same core and won't let you duel...but there will be a test of willpower."

A sound now filled the dome, one of hope. Harry recognized it. He wanted to look around for Fawkes but didn't dare take his eyes off Voldemort.

"No, it's not Fawkes," Hermione said. "Hold on Harry, we're almost ready. We have a plan."

The music seemed to speak to Harry as the hope it brought filled his heart. He also felt something else, the love of his bondmates. "I just have to hold on."

'Don't break the connection.' This seemed to be words formed in the music but no words were spoken.

"I won't," He said to the soundless voice, but as soon as he thought it, his wand started vibrating even more powerful than before. Beads of light appeared in the golden beam that connected his and Voldemort's wand. A shudder seemed to come from his wand as the beads of light seemed to move toward him. Closer...closer the beads came and his wand vibrated even more. Then his wand started heating up, it grew hotter and hotter. Harry was afraid it would burst into flames in his hand. He was afraid of those beads of light; afraid his wand wouldn't survive being touched by them.

He remembered then that Hermione had said something about willpower and realized this was it. He concentrated on the light, focused every bit of his desire against them and they slowed and stopped. Then he felt it, his bondmates love. Even Gabrielle was sending it to him. A force inside of him grew and the beads of light started away from him. Slowly they moved…inch by inch and then faster. As the force inside of Harry grew from the love of his bondmates mixed with the hope given by the song the beads moved even faster. As the beads neared Voldemort's wand Harry could see the look of fear on the Dark Lord's face.

"Harry as soon as the lights touch his wand, break the connection and call for Dobby," Hermione said.


"TRUST ME!" Hermione exclaimed.

Harry swallowed and willed the beads onward. Voldemort's wand began to shake even more violently. Just as they touched the tip of his wand, screams echoed from it. Voldemort's red eyes widened even further when a grey smoke started to form from its tip.

"NOW!" Hermione yelled in Harry's mind.

Harry yanked his wand upward severing the golden thread while at the same time yelling "DOBBY!"

Fawkes appeared in midair right beside Harry with a noise that sounded like a crack. Instantly the Phoenix leapt into the air and dove directly at Voldemort, when he got within a foot of Voldemort's face he vanished into a flaming exit. Even Voldemort had to flinch at that coming on the heels of the wand display.

At the same time Harry felt a small hand take his. "Dobby is here, Harry Potter sir," And while every Death Eater had their eyes on the Phoenix attacking their master, Harry seemed to disappear with a crack.

"HARRY!" Hermione screamed as she threw her arms around him.

It took Harry a couple of seconds to realize that he had escaped. He looked down to see Dobby coming out from under the invisibility cloak while the air flamed and Fawkes appeared. As he wrapped his arms around Hermione he could see a beaming smile surrounded by a white beard under twinkling blue eyes.


"Welcome back Harry," The Headmaster said. "We should get you to Madam Pomfrey and let her look you over."

Harry shook his head. "No sir…we need to find Gabrielle. You hear, my angel? We ARE going to find you. Tomorrow morning, you are going to wake up in my arms.

"I know you will 'Arry."

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