Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



42. Chapter 42 Nightmares and Shopping

*** July 15th 1995 ***

The sliver of moon delivered just enough light to cast eerie shadows of the leafless branches that stretched above Harry. He looked around, unsure where he was. Nothing gave any indication of direction. It was a cold night; every breath left a white mist hanging in the damp air.

"Where..." Harry started to think as he stared around the darkness, looking for anything that wasn't a tree.

"RUN!" A voice commanded from the darkness. It seemed to be from everywhere, but nowhere.

Harry looked around in confusion, trying to find the voice, trying to make sense of what was going on.

Again it came. "RUN!"

Still Harry could not see anyone.

"RUN!" the voice came again. Even the darkness seemed to waiver as the voice echoed away.

"WHERE!" Harry shouted in frustration.

"Stand still and you'll die."

A scream pierced the air. Harry turned in the direction he thought it had came from just as another scream shattered the silence. This time the scream turned into an agonizing wail. "NOOOooooo..."

Harry recognized the voice. "Gabrielle? WHERE, WHY?" He immediately looked into his mind searching for his bondmate and found...nothing. No bond, no love, nothing. A sudden chill developed in the pit of Harry's stomach. As the darkness loomed around him, he felt very much alone but he knew he had to get to his bondmate. His feet acted without a conscious thought and he started running. As soon as he started toward the distant sound, it disappeared. Silence descended again. Harry could hear every heartbeat and breath he took. His ears strained for any sound to let him know how close he was.

Again the scream came and this time it was much closer. Harry now could see what appeared to be a light coming from a clearing ahead.

"Light!" Harry thought. "Why didn't I..." He reached into his pocket for his wand only to find it missing. His mind battled, should he go forward to Gabrielle or back for his wand. It was a short fight. He continued toward the sounds of his bondmate. He broke into the clearing that seemed to be lit by some magical light that had no source. There in front of him was Gabrielle lying on the ground and standing beside her was a man with long blond hair.

"YOU!" Harry screamed at the man, the man who was supposed to be dead.

Lucius Malfoy turned and smiled at the Boy-Who-Lived. "Well, well if it isn't Harry Potter," The man sneered. "Here to rescue this...this thing? This creature? Too bad you're too late," His lips curled into a cold smile. "Now for the others," With a swirl of his cloak he disappeared.

"Too late," Those words hammered into Harry's mind as he ran toward his youngest bondmate.

"Gabrielle." He said desperately as he knelt beside the young French witch. He could see blood seeping from under her fingers that clutched at a wound in her chest. "Don't worry, I'm sure it will be alright. I…I just need to get help."

Gabrielle's eyes had a vacant look as if not seeing, then they seemed to focused onto Harry. "I...I love you 'Arry Potter," She whispered in a quiet raspy voice and with those words her eyes lost all of their focus and her head slumped to one side.

"NO! Gabrielle..." Harry looked around for help and as he did the clearing that had surrounded him changed. He now was back in the graveyard and when he looked back down it was Fleur that lay in front of him.

Fleur's face was dirt stained and a large gash leaked blood from her neck. Her breath was ragged and shallow. As he stared at her, trying to figure out what to do, she lifted her blood covered hand weakly toward Harry and clutched his robe. An attempt at a smile crossed her lips as she started to speak "I love..." but she never finished the words as her eyes also lost focus and stared at nothing.

Harry felt the hand slip from his robes as a cold settled into his stomach. As he stared at his dead bondmate, everything around him shifted again. Harry was back in the clearing in the woods and this time it wasn't Gabrielle, it was Hermione looking up at him. His heart felt like it was caught in a powerful force, squeezing the very essence of his soul.

"Hermione…no. Please you have to live," He cried. He could feel the tears welling in his eyes but his plea went unanswered as his best friend's almond colored eyes lost their light and her body slumped lifelessly.

Harry continued to stare into Hermione's dead eyes as grief overwhelmed him. "No.." The word came out as a whisper. "No.." A little louder. "NO!" This time it was a shout. Harry turned his eyes to the sky and yelled. "NO!"

"Harry." A voice called. "Harry, wake up. Wake up, please," the voice called again this time sounding worried. "You're having a nightmare, wake up."

Harry's eyes opened and he found himself in a moonlit room. He felt damp and cold, as he had in the forest. He felt a hand shake him again as Hermione called. "Wake up..."

Harry looked toward his bondmate. He could see the fuzzy outline of Hermione. Her eyes, though blurry, were filled with life and of worry. "You're alive," He said, as he reached his hand out for her.

"Of course," Hermione replied.

"I couldn't save you," Harry explained as the helpless feeling he had had washed over him again. "I...I couldn't save any of you," At that he sat up. "Fleur...Gabrielle?"

"They're fine," Hermione said as she wrapped her arms around Harry. "It was a dream, a nightmare. I've been trying to wake you."

"You...all of you were killed," Harry repeated as he closed his eyes. In his mind he could still see each of his bondmates dying and he still felt his inability to prevent it. His arms responded to her and he pulled her close. "I...I can't lose you."

"You won't."

"I need to see them," Harry said looking in the direction of the door. He already knew they were there, safe. He could feel them in the bond, but still he needed to see Fleur and Gabrielle. He started to pull the covers back.

"No, you wait here," Hermione said as she pushed at him before she started to leave the bed. "I'll get them."

"No...it's alright," Harry said as he reached to stop her. "No need to wake them. I'll just go..."

"Yes, I do. We all need to see your nightmare," Hermione said in her matter of fact voice.

"No," Harry exclaimed, horrified at the thought of his bondmates witnessing his nightmare. "It...it was nothing," He climbed out of bed and shrugged Hermione's hand from his shoulder as she tried to stop him. He quickly pulled on his pants and walked out of the room.

"Harry," Hermione mentally said with some exasperation. "Let us help."

"Go back to sleep," Harry said as he made his way down the steps and out the back door. "I'm fine."

It wasn't too long before Harry found himself on the beach watching the almost full moon hang over the sea. The rhythmic sound of the waves moving in to spill their water before they receded back into the sea settled his mind. It wasn't long before his mind returned to the dream, the nightmare. The emotions of fear, despair and loss he'd felt came back as he watched his bondmates die again. Harry was so caught up in his thoughts that the touch on his shoulder startled him. He looked back to find his three bondmates standing behind him. In each of their eyes concern flickered in the moonlight.

"She had to wake you?" Harry said as he looked at Hermione.

"Oui," Fleur replied. "We would 'ave been angry wiz 'er if she 'adn't."

"It was nothing," Harry said without looking at her. "Just a nightmare."

Fleur said nothing. None of them did. For several long seconds only the sounds of the sea could be heard.

Finally Harry's gaze looked from one bondmate to the other, all standing side by side, waiting, with their hair blowing in the night breeze. "What do you want? Go back to bed."

"Non," Gabrielle replied. "We spoke of zis before. You're not going to blame yourself."

"Do you think we don't fear losing you as well?" Hermione added. "We've already thought we had..."

"But you..." Harry started then his voice dropped to a whisper barely heard over the waves lapping at the shore, "you were dead."

"No...you only saw us dead in a nightmare," Hermione corrected him.


"We saw ze nightmare," Fleur added. "We saw what you saw, and zat was what it was, a nightmare. Possibly your mind reacting to what Marl said. 'E forced you to think about me dying again, about all of us dying."

Harry realized they hadn't shown up until after he'd thought about his nightmare, relived it. "You waited on purpose, didn't you?" He accused the three young women. "Waited until I had replayed the nightmare in my mind."

"Oui," Fleur admitted with a shrug of her shoulders. "You can't run away 'Arry. We are going to feel your pain. We 'ave to share our lives if we are to be 'appy."

Harry wanted to be angry, but he couldn't find it in himself. He could only find the love he had for the women in front of him. He let out a sigh as he surrendered, and found his fiancées with their arms around him. When they finally made it back to bed, all four of them stayed with Harry.

****E E****

"Good Morning Severus," Dumbledore said as he welcomed the Potions Master into his office. He could see the weariness in the man's face.

Snape only nodded as he took his seat.

"He called?" There was no question to who 'he' was.

"Yes," Severus replied. "Last night."


Severus shook his head. "No, not yet. He's focused on the prophecy I think. He was quite brutal in pulling my memories of that night at the Hog's Head. He wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten to tell him a single detail."

"You're still safe?"

Severus nodded. "I was able to guide his probe, but, as I said, it was very unpleasant."

A pained looked appeared in Dumbledore's eyes. He knew the risks and suffering the man endured for the sake of the war. "Any idea of what his plans are?"

"Possibly. While he was rummaging in my mind, I managed to glimpse what he was thinking. It seems Rookwood described the Hall of Prophecy to him in the past."

Dumbledore sat back and considered that information. He remembered Augustus Rookwood. No one had suspected him of being a Death Eater until Karkaroff had identified him. It was the reason the Durmstrang Headmaster had been released. "So Tom knows where he can find the prophecy. I wonder if he was told who could retrieve it?" Albus considered what he should do with the information. "Should I tell Amelia?" After a minute of silent contemplation he realized he couldn't. "It would only bring attention to the prophecy and also possibly put Severus in jeopardy if Tom realized he saw what he was thinking," Dumbledore's eyes returned to his Potions Master. "Not surprising, anything else?"

Snape brushed his greasy hair out of face before he answered. "As you can imagine he finds some of the news...annoying. I do not know if that means he'll act though."

Albus nodded but didn't comment.

"Also, though it has nothing to do with the Dark Lord, I should inform you that I am being followed. I think it is Aurors."

"Yes, it seems Amelia Bones has a report of all of those who responded that night," Dumbledore said. "You were there and nothing I say will dissuade her from investigating you. Be careful. I think you know the precarious situation you are in."

Snape's dark eyes glared at the Headmaster for several seconds. "Yes, I do," He said finally as he stood. "If that is all, Headmaster?"

"I think so. I'll call an Order meeting tonight to discuss what you have said."

Snape nodded and with a swish of his cloak he turned and disappeared out the door.

Dumbledore continued to contemplate what Riddle might do about the Hall of Prophesy.

"Maybe the Order should keep watch. It might lead to those who are Death Eaters in disguise at the Ministry."

*** E E ***

Harry awoke the next morning surrounded by the women he loved. His mind replayed the nightmare, but now, with the sunlight streaming into the room, it was easier to deal with. He could still see each of his bondmates dying in front of him, but as he looked around he could see and feel each of them. They were safe.

"It was just a nightmare," He thought, but he knew that he would never forget what he'd seen. "Marl is right though, staying alive, keeping them alive, is what I need to be concerned about," He remembered the wording of the prophecy. "But until Voldemort is dead, dead by my hand, we are all in danger," He looked again at his bondmates who were starting to stir. "I need to be better."

Since they were going shopping later, they decided to run before breakfast. The next hour proved to be a comical fiasco that lightened the mood from the previous night as they attempted to run while levitating rocks as Marl had directed. As Sirius sat on the front porch drinking coffee and heckling them mercilessly, the bondmates fought with rocks that fell out of the air after only a few steps. If they were able to concentrate on the magic to keep the stone in the air, they found themselves running off the path and into hedges or just tripping over their own feet. After an hour they finally called an end to their endeavors. Hot, sweaty, physically and mentally exhausted, they slowly climbed the steps back to their rooms desperate for cooling showers.

"You 'ave your portkeys?" Alain asked the teens right before they entered the floo for their shopping trip. As they each held up a octagon shaped gold coin he nodded. "Remember you need to touch both sides of it and say..."

"We know Papa," Fleur said. "You went over it last night. We 'old it and say.." She paused to make sure no one actually was holding the coin the 'right' way, "we say 'Stag, Osprey, Otter, Doe' or 'Cerf, Balbuzard, Loutre, Biche'. When activated, ze portkeys will take us to ze Ministry."

Alain smiled as he nodded. He'd let them set the portkey activation phrase. It needed to be something that could be remembered easily but not said carelessly. The patronuses in order: Harry's and then eldest to youngest of his bondmates, worked perfectly. "Just don't mix the English and French."

Fleur rolled her eyes at her father. "We won't. Can we go now?"

"Of course," Alain replied as he gave each of the young women a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Then he got to the man who was standing next to them. "You're actually going with them?" Alain asked Sirius.

"I'm not actually going to stay with them; I just wanted to look for some new clothes," Sirius replied. "If they get into trouble, at least I'll be close by."

"I'm sure it 'as nothing to do with ze fact zat Bernadette's is located on Rue de la Ménagerie Magique," Fleur said to the others. They had all seen him with the witch the previous night. This caused all of them to grin as they glanced at Sirius.

"Now 'Arry, 'Ermione are you sure you can say ze location? 'Rue de la Ménagerie Magique," Apolline asked. "Say it slowly to make sure. No need to hurry ze pronunciation."

Harry had floo'd several times since that fateful day from the Weasleys when he ended up in Knockturn Alley but the Marseille magical shopping center was connected to the floo network by its French name and the Delacours were concerned about mispronunciation.

"Rue de la Ménagerie Magique,he said, and got a nod from Apolline. "Fleur's going to help me anyway."

"If you do end up elsewhere just let one of ze ladies know where you are," Alain said. "If zere is available floo powder you can immediately return 'ere, or wait and we'll come to you."

Harry nodded.

"Apolline, why don't you go first?"

Apolline smiled as she took the floo powder from the decorative glass jar that sat upon the mantle. "Oui," She said she threw the powder into the flames. She wasted no time in stepping into the fireplace and calling out the destination. With a whoosh she was gone in the green flames.


Harry grabbed a handful of floo powder and tossed it into the flames. The flames turned green as they rose above his head. He stepped into the fireplace. Fleur gently said the location again in his mind which he repeated out loud.

"Rue de la Ménagerie Magique" and he was sucked out of the Delacours' fireplace.

A grunt escaped his lips as he hit hard upon the stone in front of a fireplace. He reached to straighten his glasses which were askew on his face. He looked up and was relieved to see Apolline there smiling at him.

"You really must learn to exit a floo," She said kindly as she offered her hand.

"All I was ever told was to keep my elbows in," Harry said as he took her hand and scrambled to his feet. "No one has ever said how you're supposed to exit one."

"No one?" Apolline asked. "Surely whoever first showed you..."

"No..." Harry started to reply just as the flames rose green again and Gabrielle walked smoothly out of the fireplace.

"Ze key is to step into the exit," Apolline said.

"What do you mean?"

Apolline concentrated on a way to explain what she meant. "Ave you ever ridden a vélo...eh...bicycle?" She asked finally.

Harry shook his head. "My cousin had one, but I was never allowed to ride it."

"But you've seen 'im ride it?"

"Yeah, I suppose," Harry replied trying to figure out what Fleur's mother was suggesting.

"Did you ever see 'im stop?" Apolline asked as the flames once again rose and Hermione stepped out. "You see when you ride a bicycle, right as it's stopping you learn to put your foot out and brace yourself from falling. It's ze same reflex to exit a floo, right as you come to ze end, you need to step out. Step too soon and you 'it your foot, too late or not step at all and you fall as you do."

Harry watched as Sirius and then Fleur exited the floo and noticed both were stepping out as they emerged. "Is it really as easy as that?" he asked himself.

As they patted the soot off of their clothes, Harry looked around to see where they were. The fireplace was located in the center of the cafe. Four fireplaces made up a massive center column while scattered around the well lit room were tables of various sizes. Several witches and wizards sat reading newspapers or magazines while sipping at drinks or eating a late breakfast. Outside of a few glances in the direction, no one seemed to pay them any attention.

"So where shall we start?" Apolline asked when their clothes were clean.

"Emeline's," Fleur said referring to the local wandmaker. "Marl suggested something he called wand rings. 'E also said zey 'ave to be custom-made for our wands so if we order zem now, maybe zey will be done before we leave."

"Zen after zat we should see about clothes? If tailoring needs to be done, it will give zem time," Apolline suggested.

"Is there a place to buy stuff like suntan lotion?" Hermione asked.

"Pourquoi?" Fleur asked. "I showed you ze sunblocking spell and you are allowed to do magic."

Hermione glanced at her bondsisters. "We might get tired during all of our training," Then to Fleur and Gabrielle. "It's a muggle custom for a boyfriend or husband to put the suntan lotion on the female. Would you prefer to cast a spell or have Harry rubbing his hands over your body?"

"Oui," Gabrielle and Fleur answered out loud quite energetically. "Eh..." Fleur continued. "I agree zat we might get tired of casting spells while we train. We should get a large bottle."

Apolline smiled as she guessed at the real reason behind the request. "Zere are several places we can get things like zat."

"I want my bikini," Gabrielle said.

"We'll all get new ones," Hermione replied. "I'm sure Harry won't mind helping us pick them out, would you, Harry?"

Harry remembered Hermione's bra falling to the floor the previous night and imagined her and his other fiancées all sporting bikinis. A smile crept over his face as he shook his head.

Sirius slapped his godson on the shoulder. "Try to get your eyes back in your head before too long. I'm afraid you're going to sunburn the back of your eyeballs at this rate." He chuckled at his own joke. "Well, I'm off to find my new wardrobe."

"Bernadette's is out that door and to the left," Apolline said as she pointed toward a door. "It's about two hundred meters on ze right."

"If I get a chance I'll stop in and say hi to her," Sirius said nonchalantly as he strolled away. Everyone noticed that he didn't hesitate to turn left after exiting the door.

Emeline's, like Ollivanders, was a small store, but the front window displayed various wands of different woods along with pictures of the animals the cores of the wands came from.

"I wonder if they actually use the Heartstring of a Horntail," Harry pondered as he recognized the moving image of the dragon.

Inside, the walls were lined with glass display cases with additional wands in them. A witch was standing behind the counter helping a young boy who was obviously there for his first wand. It wasn't long before the boy was waving his new wand around excitedly as his parents watched him proudly.

When the family had left the witch looked at her newest customer and recognized Apolline immediately. "Bonjour, Madam Delacour."

Apolline just nodded toward the teens and took a seat.

"Bonjour," Fleur replied. She then started speaking rapidly in French, explaining what they had come for.

"Oui," The witch said finally with a nod and went over to a cabinet. She removed a tray that had several plain silver rings like the one Marl had shown them and many more decorative ones. Each had a place to thread the chain of a necklace through them. She picked up a wand and one of the plain rings and demonstrated how the wand disappeared into the ring of silver. She then pulled it back out. She again spoke to Fleur in French.

Fleur turned to the others. "Emeline can do ze customization work today if zere are rings 'ere zat we want, otherwise she said if we 'ave an idea of what we want, she 'as various artistic jewelers zat she can work with and 'ave zem ready within a few days."

"I want something like zis," Gabrielle said pointing at an angel with wings. The angel had a flowing skirt with a string of diamonds running down it. The wand was supposed to slip under the skirt. "But I want it to 'ave emeralds instead of diamonds."

"You do realize the suggestion that makes doesn't it?" Hermione asked her. "People might ask if that's Harry's wand."

Gabrielle frowned at Hermione in confusion. "Arry can put 'is wand in it anytime he wants as long as it fits," She said finally. Gabrielle took the demonstration wand and slid it into the opening. They were surprised when the wand changed colors and shape and morphed into the shape of the skirt, effective hiding the wand entirely. Gabrielle pulled at the bottom of the skirt and the wand reappeared in her hand.

"Zere," Gabrielle said happily. "Now no one would know if 'Arry's wand was in my...eh." She stopped when she finally realized what Hermione had been trying to imply. Her face turned a deep red but she didn't make any effort to change her mind about her selection.

Hermione couldn't help but glance at Fleur. Her eyebrows rose and she smiled.

Fleur returned her gaze and smile. Finally, curious about how the wand seemed to disappear, she turned back to the saleslady. Again she spoke quickly to her. When she finished she turned back to the others. "Eet is a simple charm zat 'ides ze wand. It can do zat with almost anything."

"I like that idea," Hermione said. "What are you thinking of?"

Fleur looked at Harry. "A flower of course."

"Lily?" Hermione asked.

"Would you mind?" Fleur asked her bondsister. "I would like it, but with it being..."

"Of course I don't mind," Hermione replied.

Fleur smiled at Hermione and quickly asked Gabrielle as well. When her sister gave her blessing as well, she turned to her bondmate. "Arry, would you mind if I got a lily?"

"I think it would be perfect," Harry replied. They smiled at each other for a few seconds before Fleur turned to the saleslady and started describing what she wanted. When she did, Harry looked at his best friend. "What about you Hermione?"

"I...I don't know," She admitted. "I thought of books, but I want it to be something like Fleur and Gabrielle. Something, well…something that's meaningful to you, but I...I'm just Hermione."

Harry's eyes met Hermione's and he took her hand in his. "You will never be just Hermione to me. I hope you know that. To me you are everything. You're the one who's been with me from the beginning and now I know you'll always be there, until the end."

Hermione smiled. She had been a little jealous of Harry's pet names for her bondsisters but she knew he truly believed what he'd just said. As she stared at her bondmate, she remembered his words. 'Everything, beginning and end' an idea hit her. "Everything," She whispered. She looked at her older bondsister. "Fleur can you ask her if they can make..." She thought of how she wanted it to look, "A line of books, encyclopedias actually. The first will have an A and the last will be Z. Probably only five or so books, alternating gold and silver," She looked at Harry, "Harry please pass this image to Fleur," Hermione visualized what she had in mind and sent it to Harry.

"Can I make one suggestion?" Harry asked as he saw what she was imagining.


"The middle three books, can they have H,J,P?"

"Oh, you want your initials on my pendant do you?"

"Maybe," Harry said with a smile. "But wouldn't it someday stand for Hermione Jean Potter?"

Hermione looked down at her left hand and frowned. They had decided to leave their engagement rings at home just in case they were recognized. She looked back at her husband-to-be and smiled. "I like it. Besides, it suggests that just possibly you're everything to me as well."

"What about you 'Arry?" Gabrielle asked.

Harry looked over the assortment of wand rings. He saw one with three poles with small objects resting between them at the top. "Well this one could signify you three," He said pointing to it.

"I think that is supposed to be a wicket," Hermione said. "They are used in the game cricket. Of course if you've ever read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... " Then she remembered that it was highly unlikely Harry would have read those books.


"Nevermind, it's a fabulous series of books. Five of them make up the trilogy."

"Five in a trilogy?" Fleur asked with a raised eyebrow.

Hermione smiled at Fleur. "I'll let you read them and you'll understand."

Harry's eyes continued to roam over the assortment of wand rings.

"Ow about zis one," Gabrielle suggested as she pointed at one. It was a dragon encircling a white cylinder.

"I like that one but how about it being Horntail?" Hermione asked.

"Oui, a silver 'orntail wiz green eyes."

"But..." Harry started. He wanted it to be something about them.

"And ze thing inside can have our birthstones or maybe etches of an angel, flower and encyclopedias." Fleur added. "Ze 'orntail can be you protecting us."

Harry nodded and decided on the birthstones. Fleur and Gabrielle described the entire order to the Wandmaker, including three plain wandrings that could be used when the plain rings were desired. Emeline took their wand measurements and assured them the plain ones would be done that day and she'd contact them when the custom pieces were completed.

The rest of the day passed quickly. After an early lunch at an outdoor cafe, they spent most of the afternoon selecting entirely new wardrobes for Harry and Gabrielle as well as a fresh assortment of summer clothes for Fleur and Hermione. Harry favorite part was the selection of the bikinis.

They found Sirius still at Benadette's. He joined them as they went back for their wandrings and then for dinner at an upscale restaurant.

As Harry was looking around the dining room, he noticed a pair of gentleman he'd seen earlier in the day. As he thought about it he remembered seeing them more than once. He remembered them being at the cafe at lunchtime as well.

"I think we're being followed," Harry said to his bondmates. "The two men sitting three tables to my left. They were at the café today as well."

"We can tell maman and 'ave 'er tell papa," Fleur suggested. "E can have Aurors 'ere."

Harry's eye flickered over toward the gentleman again. They didn't appear to be watching them. "Not yet," He said. "What if they aren't following us and it's just a coincidence? Even if it proves to be a false alarm they'd probably stop letting us come out."

"We should tell 'er."

"How about we tell Sirius?" Harry suggested. "He'll keep an eye out for us."

"Harry, we really should tell someone," Hermione said. She wasn't sure if Sirius was the best choice.

"We are, we'll tell Sirius," Harry said. "Look, if Aurors showed up and started questioning them about us, it would draw attention to us. Isn't that exactly what we don't want?"

Hermione sighed. It made sense but she still didn't like the idea of people following them. She glanced at Fleur who shrugged back.

It was a short time later when Apolline excused herself to go to the bathroom that Harry quickly told Sirius about the men.

Sirius glanced quickly over and back. "I don't think they're Death Eaters but you may be right. Tell you what, I'll go distract them and you four go out that door." He pointed to a different door than the one they had entered. "Wait, better yet, Hermione stay with me. If they try to follow the rest of you, she can let you know. If they are trying to follow, get to the floo as quickly as you can and get back to the Delacours. Don't wait for me, Hermione or Apolline. If that happens, Apolline can make sure Alain knows and is waiting."

Harry looked at his bondmates. Slowly each of them nodded. "Okay, Sirius."

As Sirius and Hermione made their way toward the strangers' table, Harry, Fleur and Gabrielle prepared to move quickly. Their napkins were on the table and they sat ready on their chairs.

As soon as Sirius started to ask the gentleman a question, the other three left the table quickly and started toward the second door. Distracted, the two men at the table didn't notice them until they were almost gone.

"Pardon Monsieur," One of the men said as they both started to get to their feet.

"They are following you," Hermione mentally yelled to Harry and her bondsisters. "RUN!"

That was all Harry, Fleur and Gabrielle needed. They pushed out the door and started running down the street.

Back in the restaurant, Sirius had grabbed one of the men and pulled him to the ground. The other was yelling something in French that neither Sirius nor Hermione could understand. As the other people who were eating rushed to leave the dining room, two more men tried to get through the front door.

Apolline wandered out of the bathroom into total mayhem. She could see Sirius was on the ground wrestling with a man while another man had his wand out and was trying to aim it at Sirius. Hermione had a firm hold of that man's arm preventing him from being able to aim the wand. The other patrons in the restaurant were trying to fight their way out both doors while two more men were fighting the outgoing crowd trying to get in. As she looked around frantically, Apolline could not see Harry or her daughters anywhere.

Apolline immediately pulled her own wand out attempting to aid Sirius and Hermione.

"Halt, Madam," That came in French from one of the two men who had just entered the restaurant. "Aurors," As she looked quizzically at the man, he held up an identification card that she recognized.

"Help them," Apolline said pointing at Sirius. "I am Minister Delacour's wife and..."

The other man had brought his wand up and a red light came out, hitting Sirius. He fell over stunned.

Apolline looked stunned. "But he's with me."

The two men Sirius and Hermione had been fighting reached into their pockets and pulled out matching identification cards.

Hermione looked stunned. "What?"

"Madam Delacour, we must find your daughters and Harry Potter," One of the men said. "We are under orders to follow you today. This man, Black I think his name is, tried to distract us..."

Apolline held up her hand and turned to Hermione. "What 'appened?"

"Harry noticed these men had been following us, well thought they had anyway. We didn't want to make a fuss just in case he was wrong. While Sirius tried to distract them, Harry, Fleur and Gabrielle went out that door," She pointed. "When these men tried to follow, we thought they were...who are they?"

"Aurors, it seems."

Hermione's eyes widened but she continued. "Well when they tried to follow Harry, Sirius thought they...well they were bad guys and tackled one."

"Where's Harry and..." Apolline started.

"They are or were headed for the floo. I warned them and...oh no," She said. "They...I can't talk to them. Harry must be unconscious. I was too busy fighting," A panicked look came into her eyes.

"Alain's headed for the floo to look for them," Apolline said. After a few moments her face turned pale. It took her a couple of seconds to explain. "They aren't there...wait," She paused, "Fleur just floo'd and she's alone," Another pause. "Harry and Gabrielle have been..."

**** E E ****

Harry glanced back as he followed Fleur out of the restaurant.

"Sirius will take care of 'Ermione if zere is trouble," Gabrielle said. "Maman will also 'ave Papa zere in no time."

Harry nodded and followed Fleur who had paced them by several steps. It was then that Hermione's warning came.

"Urry," Fleur said as she looked back.

"Go, we're right behind you," Harry ordered.

After running down the street for several seconds Fleur turned her head again. "Par là," and turned down an alleyway.

Harry looked at Gabrielle questioningly. "Eets a shortcut," She explained as she turned the corner following Fleur.

Harry suddenly remembered their portkeys. "FLEUR," he yelled as he grabbed Gabrielle's arm, pulling her to a stop. "Fleur, use your portkey," As it always happened when they ran, Fleur had outdistanced Harry and Gabrielle since Harry always ran at Gabrielle's speed. He looked at Gabrielle. "Use your portkey. Get back..." That was the last thing he could say as a red beam struck him in the back.

"ARRY!" Gabrielle yelled as she reached for her wand. She spun on the spot to face who had attacked her bondmate. Two men were only a few meters away with their wands up. "NON!" She cried out, but fell to the next stunner.

Fleur stopped when Harry had mentioned the portkey. She dug into her pocket to find the coin, as she did her sister's yells echoed down the alleyway and she turned to look. Two men with wands out were standing over her bondmate and sister. She turned to start back trying to call to Hermione but remembered with Harry unconscious she couldn't talk to her.

"There she is," One of the men said in french as they looked at her. "That's Delacour's daughter. I told you it was her. Get her. She'll be worth a few galleons."

"Come here gorgeous," One of the men called out. "We just want to have a word."

Fleur looked around; trying to find something she could use to help. She thought of her allure, wondered if it would work but then shook her head. They knew who she was and probably her heritage. They wouldn't get close enough. She saw the movement just in time and dove out of the way of the stunner.

"Henri," Fleur heard as one of the men addressed the other. "Look at this kid, his forehead. Forget Delacour this is Harry Potter," He must have next motioned to Gabrielle because he then said "Bet this one must be important too. Even if she isn't...she's got to be a Veela."

Fleur glanced up just in time to see one of the men grab Harry while the other Gabrielle. With a turn they both were gone. A sense of despair crossed her mind, but she fought it down. She knew she had to get to her father. She pulled out her portkey and said the activation passwords. A few seconds later she found herself in the entry of the Paris Ministry of Magic. She looked around to grab her bearings and started running toward the exit room. She cursed with every step that the layout that provided such a good defense, prevented her from getting help quicker.

She entered the exit room, quickly told who she was and floo'd to her house. "PAPA!" She said seeing the man she most desperately needed standing there. "Arry and Gabrielle were taken."

***** E E ****

"...and that is what Severus reported." Albus Dumbledore was saying at the Order meeting a little later that evening. "Though as I've told you previously, I can't risk telling you what the actual prophecy says, it is imperative that Voldemort does not get his hands on it. I think we need to keep a watch on who enters the Department of Mysteries."

"How are we going to do that?" Emmeline Vance asked.

"Alastor has several Invisibility cloaks he collected over his time in the Aurors," Dumbledore explained nodding over at the ex-auror. "We can rotate watching the entrance into the Department of Mystery. I'm sure Arthur can provide us with a list of the people who should be there," He looked around the table until his eyes came to rest on one person. "Hestia, please get with everyone and figure out a schedule."

The black-haired witch nodded as she looked around the table.

"It is also possible that Harry will be back in country next week. The Minister wishes to award him and Miss Delacour the Order of Merlin second class. I am going to France tomorrow to discuss it with them."

"He'll be staying here won't he?" Molly Weasley asked.

"I would presume so Molly but I do believe that both of the young Delacours will also be with him if he does come."

"I...I...Albus please tell him, I mean them that I would like to apologize."

Dumbledore nodded. "I'm sure they will be most relieved."

"Will they be back for the rest of the summer?"

"I doubt it," Dumbledore replied. "As you know it's not a guarantee he will be back at Hogwarts," He'd wanted to keep that part quiet, but Sirius had let it be known when he'd been in an argument with Molly about the Veela. "But it is one of the things I'll be asking them tomorrow. I'll need to know if the older Delacour will be accepting my offer to instruct at Hogwarts. Of course I'm still looking for a Defense teacher anyway."

"Fleur, uh I mean Miss Delacour is going to be teaching?" Bill Weasley asked as he looked up suddenly.

"Yes, in more of a tutor or semi-official role to help the students who have less than stellar defense instructions in the last few years. She'll work with the Defense instructor to find out how she can help."

"Well if you really need a Defense Instructor, maybe I can help out," Bill offered. "I did get an O in defense and as a curse breaker I think I have enough field experience."

"Thank you," Dumbledore said. "I'd prefer to continue to use your liaison to the Goblins…"

"I can just take a year off. I'd still be an employee there and would still have my contacts."

"Well in that case, it might work," Dumbledore said. "We'll discuss it further when I get back from France," At the nod from Bill he looked around the table once more. "Does anyone else have..." He never finished the sentence because Sirius and Arthur Weasley burst into the room.

"Dumbledore," Sirius started. He looked a bit frantic. "Harry was captured."

As the entire order burst into noise, Dumbledore felt a cold fear develop in his stomach, but he knew he could not let it show. He kept his facade of calm and replied. "Captured? Death Eaters in France?"

"No, well we don't think so. It happened about an hour ago. It…it was my fault," Sirius said. "I...well I'll tell you later. Right now we need to go. We couldn't contact you because you were here and it wasn't something I wanted to blurt out over an open floo to Arthur. Alain is asking you to come and bring your pensieve. Gabrielle was captured as well, but Fleur made it home and he wishes to see her memories."

"Of course."

"I've already sent word to the French Ministry that we'll give full cooperation," Arthur said. "They know to ask if there is anything we can do."

"Thank you. Sirius, I presume you'll be accompanying me back?"

"Yes." Sirius replied as he held up two yellow stones. "Emergency International Porkeys."

Dumbledore was already rising from his chair.

"Find him Albus," Molly pleaded as she dabbed at her eyes where tears had appeared. "Find both of them."

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