Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



39. Chapter 39 The Delacour's Home

"Beautiful," was Harry's only thought as he and his bondmates continued to stare out at the gentle waters of the Mediterranean. To the west, the sun was inching toward the horizon while a ship was barely visible in the far distance. The sounds of the birds that floated on the evening breeze added to tranquil atmosphere. Even the smell seemed perfect.

"Come, let us show you our 'ouse now 'Arry," Fleur said quietly as she took his hand several minutes later. "And remember eet is your 'ome now."

Harry turned away from the sea and then stepped back in surprise. Having been blindfolded on the way out, he'd not seen the house itself and now Harry was stunned. The house was massive. Made of light colored stones worn smooth from time, it stood three stories high and stretched for at least a hundred and fifty feet. Numerous chimneys littered the steep roof while multitudes of windows were inlaid into the stone. From each corner of the house, the walls curved outward to form windowed circular rooms. A patio surrounded by a half stone wall topped with a black wrought-iron fence held several chairs arranged around a large pool of shimmering clear water.

"Wow," Harry murmured as he tried to see the whole building.

"Welcome 'ome 'Arry," Gabrielle said as she took his other hand.

"What do you think?" Alain Delacour asked when the bonded walked into the back veranda doors.

"Its...its...wow," Harry could only say.

"I'll take it zat you like ze view zen?" Alain remarked with a smile. "In a few days we'll take ze boat out, but first we'll get you settled in."

"I am planning on a shopping trip to Marseilles on Wednesday so don't plan on zen," Apolline told her husband. She looked at the teens. "Start thinking of the things you need."

"I need a bikini," Gabrielle said. "I promised 'Arry I would wear one for 'im."

Apolline smiled as she glanced at the blushing young man. "I think we can get you one in Marseilles. We'll all go and make it a full day of shopping. If you find you need one tomorrow you can wear one of Fleur's older ones. I'm sure Kessy will make it fit if you need 'er too."

"Kessy is one ze 'ouse-elves," Fleur explained to Harry and Hermione.

"Speaking of house-elves, did Dobby and Winky arrive?"

"Oui, but do not call zem for a while. Zey are still settling in and zen zey will need to learn ze 'ouse and land," Apolline replied. "Eet will be good to let ze elves get to know each other. Our elves are going to resent zem for a short time but it will pass."

"Resent Dobby and Winky?" Hermione asked. "Why?"

"Because zey will insist on taking care of all of you," Apolline replied. "Including Fleur and Gabrielle. Our elves 'ave been taking care of zem since ze day zey were born."

"Do we need to help with that?" Hermione asked. "I mean we can talk to Dobby and Winky and have them gradually take over or just share."

"Non, it will be fine," Alain replied. "Zey will learn to work together. It is best to let zem work it out, but I will keep an eye on zem to make sure zey do. If zey 'ave trouble, zen we'll let you deal with eet."

"We prepared ze room across ze 'all from yours for 'Arry," Apolline said to Fleur. "While 'Ermione 'as ze one across from yours," She was now looking at Gabrielle. "Now why don't you show 'Arry and 'Ermione ze 'ouse and zeir rooms but don't take too long, I think it is almost time for dîner."

Fleur and Gabrielle had described parts of their home to Harry the night of their 'get to know each other' dinner, but their descriptions were mostly of parts and never really mentioned the scale of the home. The whole of the place far eclipsed the described parts. He and Hermione found themselves staring wide-eyed at the portraits and decorations.

"This is more like a museum that a home," Hermione mentioned as they walked up the grand curving staircase toward the second floor.

"Oui, some parts are, but it 'as been in Papa's family for generations," Fleur replied. "Besides eet keeps ze 'ouse-elves very 'appy in keeping it clean."

"I can imagine."

Zere are five bedrooms on zis floor," Fleur indicated with a sweep of her arm when they made it to the second floor. "Maman and Papa's room is down zat way." She pointed down a hallway "and down zere is Papa's office for when 'e works at 'ome. She moved to the next set of steps that lead further up. "Gabrielle and I 'ave our bedrooms on ze zird floor."

"Isn't it hot up there?" Hermione asked.

Fleur smiled at her bondsister. "Remember zis is a magical 'ousehold, 'Ave you not noticed zere 'as been no change of temperature in ze 'ouse? Zere are temperature control runes in almost every room. I will show you 'ow to change ze runes if you want it 'otter or colder in your rooms. You can even open your windows and it will not get too 'ot."

"Really?" Hermione asked. "Where are the runes?" She started looking around for anything with known runes on them.

"You see zis?" Fleur asked as she pointed at what looked like a common light switch at the second floor landing. It was situated next to a vase that stood on a table. "When you move it up and down, eet shifts a rune set behind ze plate zat controls ze lights."

Hermione hadn't even thought of the incongruity of the light switch in a magical house. "It looks just like a muggle one."

"Oui and zere are similar things around and I will show zem to you," By now they had reached the third floor. "My room is at ze end," Fleur said as she started down the east wing. She opened the door at the end on the right and led everyone into a very large room.

Fleur's bedroom was painted light blue with white trim while the floor was a dark walnut hardwood with several rugs scattered in various spots. A four poster bed sat on one side, while a dresser and several bookshelves were on the other. Windows lined the whole south side of the room. From those windows you could see the bluff and sea. There was an opening at the far right side of the room that led into a small circular room filled with more windows.

"It's as beautiful as its owner," Harry said to his eldest bondmate as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Fleur leaned back into his embrace and smiled. Then she remembered that they had to finish the tour soon. "Zis," She led Harry and Hermione into the circular turret room, "is where I like to sit and read when eet's raining or too cold to sit outside," Everyone eyes were turned westward as the sun was just touching the sea filled horizon.

Fleur next opened a door in her room that led into a very large walk-in closet. Rows of clothes were displayed. "Ermione, you are more zan welcome to any of zese things if zey fit you," she looked at her sister. "You too Gabrielle, but I think Maman is planning on buying you a new wardrobe on Wednesday," She closed the closet and open another door on the same wall. "Gabrielle and I share zis bathroom."

The bathroom was large, but not opulent. A long counter held two sinks, while a two person tub sat under a large window, next to it was a full walk in shower.

"Zere will be a similar bathroom between your rooms," Fleur said. "Want to switch rooms with me 'Ermione? You can 'ave my reading room and I get to share a bathroom with 'Arry?"

"Are we really going to be sleeping with Harry here?" Hermione asked. "I mean your parents..."

"Will 'ave no trouble with it," Fleur assured her. Then seeing the look in Hermione's eyes, she continued. "My parents understand ze permanence of ze bond. Even your mother only protested because of your father."

"And your father already recognizes what's going to happen...eventually," Harry added. He'd now wrapped his arms around Hermione. "Remember when he gave me the lecture at Hogwarts? The one you all thought was funny?"

"Of course."

"At the golf course he told me that it was a couple of weeks later that he realized he'd given me the how-to manual for his own daughter," Harry said with a grin. "I'm not allowed to talk to him about sex ever again."

"He said that?" Hermione asked incredulously.

"Yes he did. Though he did have a point."

"Oui," Fleur said, "but when ze time does come, I think 'ands on demonstrations will be much better zan manuals, non?" She emphasized her point by running her hand over Harry's chest.

"Am I going to need this shower soon?" Harry growled at Fleur. "As in a cold one?"

"Go ahead," Hermione replied with a shrug. "We'll wait. We don't mind seeing you with no clothes."

"Non, no shower, come see my room," Gabrielle pulled Harry toward the other door in the bathroom.

"Are you sure you want to show 'im eet now?" Fleur asked her sister with a raised eyebrow.

"Why wouldn't I?" Gabrielle asked her sister.

"Ze last time I saw your room, zere were a lot of things 'anging on your wall."

"Oh là là," Gabrielle eyes widened as her face flushed red. "Non, Fleur is right. We should see your rooms now," She started back toward Fleur's room. "I'll show you mine tomorrow."

"What is it?" Harry asked as his curiosity rose. He was tempted to peek in her mind but waited to see if she'd tell him.

"Nothing important," Gabrielle tried a wave of dismissal, but it was obvious that Harry was now to curious to let it go. Gabrielle sighed. "Oui, remember I 'ad a crush on someone who looks amazingly like you," Gabrielle paused before continuing. She looked shyly at her bondmate. "Not you of course, but ze boy-who-lived-to-love-Gabrielle."

By now Harry had pulled Gabrielle into his arms. "Well I don't know about the person you had a crush on, but I know I did live to love Gabrielle. I told my parents I wanted to come back just so I could be with the women I love," He raised a hand and caressed her cheek and then followed that with a kiss.

Gabrielle closed her eyes at the touch of his fingers and lips. "It is so much better zan any dream I ever 'ad. I don't 'ave zat 'ero of books and posters, I 'ave my 'ero."

"We need to keep moving if we're going to have dinner," Fleur said interrupting the two after a minute.

When Gabrielle led them into her room, they found themselves in a room painted pale green with beige trim. The floor in her room also was a dark walnut with several rugs. She didn't have the round room but she did have many windows looking out over the sea. A comfortable looking chaise lounge sat under one of those windows. The walls were strewn with moving posters of Harry Potter and a whole section of wall was covered in newspaper clippings of the boy-who-lived. Gabrielle's face turned red as she looked at Harry. "I know zis is not you now, and is not ze person I am in love and bonded with."

Harry looked around the room and shook his head slightly at the collection of pictures and posters before he turned to Gabrielle. "I know. How about we make our own pictures to replace these? We can take pictures of all of us together and some of just you and me over the summer."

"I'd like zat," Gabrielle replied. "Zese will go away tonight."

"They did serve a purpose though."

"Zey did?"

"If you hadn't had a crush on who you thought I was, you might not have come to Hogwarts. If you hadn't come, I wouldn't be in love with you now," Harry explained. "And though I'd never want you in danger again, I am very glad the way things worked out."

"Oui," Gabrielle murmured in the inches that now separated them. "I am too," The inches ceased to exists as their lips found each other.

"If you two don't stop kissing all ze time, we'll never finish," Fleur laughed playfully. "Come, let us see your room," She pulled Harry away from her sister and led him out the door of Gabrielle's room. She guided him to the door across the hall from her own room. "Zis is your room," She said to Harry and opened the door.

The room was laid out in mirror image of Fleur's. The room had a slight sterile feel to it as the walls were white and there were only sparse pictures on the wall. A bed was against one wall while a dresser was against another. There was a table under a couple of the windows.

"Ze elves will paint it any color you want," Fleur said when they entered. "And if you want rugs or anything else, just ask."

"Mmm..." Harry replied but obviously wasn't listening. He had noticed the table under the window where the plans and pictures from his parents vault were laid out and was walking over to it.

The girls followed and surrounded him as he looked down at the table.

"It was nice for your father to put this here," Harry said as he looked at his mother's handwriting.

"E cares about you," Fleur said gently. "He already sees you as a son, and someday," She lifted her left hand and fingered her engagement ring, "you truly will be."

"Eet not just us who are your family," Gabrielle added. "Our family is now your family as well."

"And mine as well," Hermione said. "My mother and father like you."

Harry glanced at the faces of his bondmates and realized the truth of what they were saying. There were others who truly cared about him. He wasn't sure how to reply, finally he swallowed and nodded.. "We should finish the tour," He said to change the subject. Then he remembered the letter the solicitor had given him from his mother. He took it out of his pocket and laid it on the table. "I'll read this tomorrow."

"Are you sure?" Hermione asked. "We can wait."

Harry nodded again. "I...I'm fine. I just want to have time when I do read it."

"Of course."

"Shall we see your room?"

"Since you are sharing a bathroom with 'im," Fleur said to Hermione with a smile, "eet is up to you to start training 'im now."

"Train me?" Harry asked suddenly suspicious. "How exactly do I need to be trained?"

"Toilet seat down!" Hermione replied. "No peeing on the floor."

"Nor ze shower."

"Put away the stuff you get out."

"Flush ze toilet."

"And don't leave your underwear on ze floor," Fleur said to finish off the list.

"I think you need to send a thank you note to my aunt then," Harry said with a hint of humor. "All this time I thought she was being mean but she's really been training me for this time with you."

Each of the young ladies eyed Harry with concern. Afraid they may have upset him, they reached out but all they could feel from him was his love.

"Non," Fleur finally said. "Your tante is not someone I will ever say thank you to."

"Let's go see Hermione' bedroom," Harry said to break the seriousness turn the conversation had taken.

"Oui," Fleur replied. "But before we go, do you want ze color of ze walls changed?"

"Want them to be Gryffindor colors?" Hermione asked as she looked around. "Red and gold would be nice."

Harry looked at his bondmates and instantly knew the exact colors he wanted. "No," He replied to Fleur, "I'd like the walls to be light blue; the color of Gabrielle and your eyes and the trim to be almond brown to match your eyes Hermione."

"Then I want my walls to be emerald..." Hermione started but then she glanced outside for the first time. "green." she finished in a murmur. Harry's and her windows were on the north side or front of the house so they faced away from the sea. Stretching out before their windows were perfectly manicured flower gardens and hedges grown and trimmed in intricate patterns. Pathways of bricks led amongst the gardens with a few benches scattered in shaded spots. A wide driveway bisected the hedges and circled in front of the house. It too was made of bricks. "It's beautiful," She gasped.

"Tonny likes to do ze lawn," Gabrielle explained as their attention turned to what was outside the window.

"Another house-elf?" Hermione asked.


"Maybe Dobby can help him."

"I'm sure he will make some interesting patterns if we let him," Harry said wryly.

"Yes, he'll make a hedge shaped like you, I'm sure," Hermione laughed.

"Right in ze middle," Gabrielle said pointing. "It can be right there."

"Uh...no thank you," Harry said quickly. He could just see a larger than life version of himself standing in the middle of the garden with Dobby looking up at it proudly.

"But it could be the largest hedge sculpture out there," Hermione laughed.

Harry just shook his head as he looked back at the rest of his room. "I think I'd like pictures of all of you for my walls and...and one of that tower in Paris."

"Ze Eiffel Tower?"

"Yes and maybe that lily flower design," Harry added.

"Oui, we can do zat," Gabrielle said.

Harry smiled then crossed the room to his bed. "Why is my bed bigger than yours?" He asked as he sat down on it and gave it a slight bounce. His bed was twice as big as Fleur's and Gabrielle's.

"Now do you believe me when I say my maman and papa are not going to mind us sleeping together?" Fleur asked Hermione as she nodded at the bed. "Zat bed used to be ze same size as mine and Gabrielle's. Now it is large enough for all of us to sleep in together if we wanted."

"I will be the last to complain about sleeping with Harry," Hermione offered as she climbed onto the bed. "Though one half the size would be better, we'd have to sleep closer."

"Just remember zat tonight is my night."

"I know, but tomorrow it will be mine," Hermione replied as she bounced a little on the mattress and then laid back. "Oh, this bed is comfortable."

"Come sister," Fleur said offering her a hand. "Let's see your room before dinner."

A surprise waited for Hermione as she entered her room. Lying in the middle of her bed was a large abundance of orange fur.

"Crookshanks?" Hermione gasped. "I didn't know you were coming," The part Kneazle opened his eyes and yawned his acknowledgment to their presence. He lazily eyed the four teens for only a second and then laid his head back down and went back to sleep.

Fleur shrugged when Hermione looked questioningly at her. "Obviously Crookshanks wanted to come."

It was then a house-elf appeared beside them. "Le dîner est servi mesdemoiselles, monsieur."

Fleur turned to Harry. "Dinner is ready," She turned back to the elf. "Nous descendons tout de suite. Merci, Kessy."

"Oui mademoiselle," The elf said.

"Zat was Kessy. I told 'er we're coming."

"Guess I better learn French," Harry said with a sigh. "As well as everything else."

"Speaking of French, we really need to decide soon on if we're going back to Hogwarts or not," Hermione stated. "If it's Hogwarts we have homework that needs to be done and Harry needs to work more on runes; if it's going to be Beauxbatons then we really need to learn French as quickly as possible and then work on catching up to where we need to be before the school year starts."

"What do you want?" Harry asked the three witches.

"I told you, I want you to be happy," Hermione replied immediately.

"I'll be happy anywhere I'm with you," Harry said as his eyes met all three of his bondmates.

"I...I liked 'aving friends," Gabrielle said hesitantly after no one said anything for several seconds. "Ginny and Luna were nice to me."

"I'm not sure what I'd do when you're at Beauxbatons," Fleur added. "I would probably only get to see you ever so often. Ze offer from Dumbledore was enticing because it would allow us to be together."

Harry looked at Hermione who was biting her lower lip finally she added her own thoughts. "I'm comfortable at Hogwarts. I know the professors and next year is our OWL year, but I truly mean that I want you to be happy."

"I think we'll all be happier being together," Harry said earnestly. "I especially don't like the idea of Fleur not being with us at Beauxbatons," Again his eyes met those of his bondmates. "So Hogwarts?"

Slowly the three witches all started nodding.

"Then let's tell Dumbledore and McGonagall as soon as we can. I'm sure the Headmaster will breathe easier."

The Delacours had a huge formal dining room, but they preferred to have their family meals in a much cozier area. Ten minutes later they were gathered around a table that could be expanded to sit from four to eight people. Before each person was a plate filled with smoked swordfish served over a bed of rice covered in a tangy salsa. A side of peas and mushrooms in a butter sauce along with two types of cheeses and a variety of breads rounded out the meal. A white wine complemented the food.

"Now I wish to know more of zis proposal?" Madam Delacour asked when they were well into the meal. The story of the visit to Godric's Hollow was told. Her husband had conveyed most of it to Apolline, but listening to the teens tell it brought the emotions that existed during the time in the graveyard very much alive. She could see the happiness in her daughters' eyes.

"Let me see your rings again," Apolline said when the story was completed. She examined each one more carefully this time. "Why are zese stones different?" She asked as she pointed at the colored gems next to the diamonds.

"Zey are ze birthstones of our bondsisters," Fleur explained. "Ze engagement and commitments are for all of us and we wanted our rings to reflect eet. Ze larger diamond is ze connection and love to 'arry while ze others show our commitment to our sisters."

"Oh," Apolline said. "Zat was very thoughtful," She looked over at the young man who was trying to act like nothing important had happened. "Well 'Arry, it looks like you've once again made our daughters 'appy."

"I...I was just, well I told you I wanted them, I mean us to be a family."

"So you did. Do you 'ave an actual date in mind?"

"Not soon Maman," Fleur replied. "Though we 'aven't discussed it yet."

"Just try to let us know when you decide," Apolline said with a smile. "And where you would like it to be."

"Here," Harry said firmly. "When we do get married, it has to be on the bluff overlooking the sea," Harry looked over at Fleur. "At least that is where I want to marry Fleur."

Fleur smiled at Harry as the two of them locked gazes.

"So individual weddings?" Apolline finally said when the two of them had gazed for some time.

"We really don't know yet maman," Fleur replied though she was still looking into Harry's eyes. "My sisters and I will need to figure all of zat out, but we 'ave time."

"Zen what about ze bond?" Apolline asked next. "When do you want to announce eet?"

"We need to find out when Skeeter can get here to do her story on Gabrielle," Hermione explained "Two maybe three weeks? Anybody want to guess how's she's going to react to the bond story?"

"Like Christmas has come early and she got all the gifts?" Harry replied and the others agreed.

"And your birthday 'Arry?" Apolline continued on. "What would you like to do on eet?"

"Uh...I don't know," Harry replied truthfully with a shrug of his shoulders. Even after starting Hogwarts he'd never done anything special for his birthday.

"I want zis birthday to be extra special so what's ze best birthday you've ever 'ad?" Apolline asked kindly. "Maybe zat will give me an idea."

"Maman," Fleur said pointedly and shook her head.

"No, it's alright, but thank you," Harry replied as he again looked at his bondmate. "Actually I've never done anything on my birthday except the day Hagrid took me to Diagon Alley when I first learned I was a wizard," He looked at his bondmates. "The past is the past, this is my future."

"Well zis year eet will be special. I will get with my daughters and we'll think of something," Apolline said.

The dinner finished with a dessert of apple tart tatin.

Apolline could see the fatigue in the young teens faces as they finished. "Now why don't you go settle into your rooms and turn in early. It's been a long day for you."

"We still 'aven't shown 'Ermione ze library," Fleur replied with a glint in her eyes as she looked at her bondsister.

"Library?" Hermione asked as she looked back at Fleur hungrily. "You have a library? Why didn't you say so?"

"Oui we do," Fleur replied as she led them out of the smaller dining room. "Zough you'll need to brush up on your French since most of ze books are in zat language but we 'ave over forty-six thousand books. As for why; we'd still be in zere if I'd told you of it first."

"Forty-six..." Hermione whispered as they entered a room filled with shelves of books. She ran her fingers over the spines of the nearest books. "Can I?" She asked as she looked at Fleur.

"Of course. Papa is serious when 'e says zis is your 'ome as well now," Fleur replied. "You can take any book you want. Zey are your books as well."

"I..I can't think like that. I know your father is very nice but..."

"But what?" Fleur asked. "Some day zis will be ours anyway. Yours, mine, Gabrielle and 'Arry's."

"What? Why do you say that?"

"I told you zis 'ome 'as been in my father's family for generations. We will be ze next generation non? Whether we live 'ere or not, it will be ours. Papa 'as mentioned several times 'e'd like to move to Paris. I think in a few years 'e'll pass it on down to us like 'is father did to 'im."

"But..." Hermione stopped as her mind tried to absorb the possibility of living in such grandeur.

"Eet is not something we 'ave to worry about now. Take a book and let's go to bed," Fleur said. "We'll discuss it another time. For now, I want to curl up and sleep in 'Arry's arms."

"Go ahead," Hermione murmured. "I'll go to bed soon," She was walking slowly as she read the titles of the various books.

"Go on Fleur," Gabrielle told her sister as she rolled her eyes playfully. "I'll drag 'er out of 'ere sometime tonight..." She paused for a couple of seconds before finishing, "maybe."

Fleur took Harry's arm and the two of them left the library. As they started to climb the steps Fleur asked. "Do you mind if we don't sleep in your bed tonight."

"Why? I mean of course, but I thought you told..."

"Oh, I don't mean not to sleep together," Fleur said as she took Harry's hand. "I..I just would like for us to sleep in my bed tonight. It's more personal for me I guess," She shrugged."If we open ze windows we can 'ear ze sounds of ze sea. I've missed zat sound sometimes," The last was said with a sigh.

"Of course love. I'd love to sleep in your bed," Harry replied.

Fleur smiled as they stepped onto the second floor landing.

"But you know what I really want to do?" Harry asked.


"This," Harry replied as he playfully grabbed Fleur around the waist and guided her gently until her back was against the wall. As he pressed his body firmly against hers, his lips started at the base of her neck and worked their way up until he found her mouth. He gently bit at her lower lip as he knew she liked and then again, slightly sucking it into his mouth this time. His lips then moved in a tantalizing slow line along her jawline, lightly kissing every inch of the way until he came to her perfect ear. He snagged the lobe between his teeth and nibbled gently.

A low moan escaped Fleur's lips.

Harry inwardly smiled at the response and what he felt in their bond. He started slowly kissing his way lightly down her neck until he found the spot at her shoulder. As he pressed his body more firmly against her, he felt more than heard the next moan as she move her head slightly to offer easier access to her neck.

Fleur loved the confidence her bondmate was now showing in their relationship. The shyness had disappeared and the gentle physical aggressiveness he showed on occasions had her melting into his hands and kisses. At that moment she was lost to the feeling of his lips, teeth, and warm breath on her her. Soon his lips were back on hers and their tongues started a dance they were both familiar with. This kiss was far less gentle.

"Do be careful of ze vase," A female voice said from behind them. "You're close to knocking it off ze table."

Harry instantly backed away from Fleur and looked around into the amused faces of the elder Delacours. His face turned scarlet in an instant.

"Don't mind us," Alain said with a twinkle in his eye. He nodded to a spot next to Harry. "But Apolline likes zat vase," The nod made Harry look down and he saw a table next to them with a medium sized vase resting on it.

"Maybe I should put a sticking charm on eet?" Apolline said to her husband. "Just in case zey wish to continue?"

"No need, we're going to bed Maman, Papa," Fleur said as she tried to control her breathing. "Bonne nuit."

"Goodnight to you as well dear," Apolline replied still in a tone of merriment. "And you too 'Arry," She moved closer to the teens and first kissed her daughter and then then kissed Harry on his cheek.

Alain kissed his daughter as well and still with a merry twinkle in his eyes, held out his hand to Harry who shook it. "Don't be embarrassed 'Arry. We are just 'appy our daughters and you are 'appy. If we tease you, it's all in good 'umor."

"Yes sir," Harry replied as Fleur took his hand and pulled him up the steps.

"What about my clothes?" Harry asked as he stopped near their bedrooms. "Do I have anything to sleep in?"

"I'm sure ze elves would 'ave put zem away, but if not, you don't need any to sleep with me."

Fleur followed him into his room where he found his clothes had been put away. He grabbed a pair of boxers and sleep pants and turned to Fleur. "I'll take a quick shower and be there shortly," Harry said.

"You could always take a shower wiz me," Fleur said suggestively as she started to take her shirt off.

"No...no that would not be a good idea," Harry replied. "Unless you want it very very cold."

"Do you desire me?" Fleur asked in a low husky voice as she stood within inches of him; Her breasts rubbing against his chest.

Harry swallowed before answering. "You know I do."

"Good," Fleur replied in a more playful voice as she gave him a peck on his lips and turned toward the door. "Zen we are even for zat kiss earlier. I will be having a cold shower as well."

Harry stared after her as she gracefully strode toward the door. When she got there, she turned back. "But I really liked ze kiss."

"I love you my flower," Harry said.

"Moi aussi, je t'aime."

"You love me, but what was the other?"

"Just saying I love you too," Fleur replied. "Now go take your shower."

Fifteen minutes later they were lying in the bed with moon light streaming through the open window. The gentle sounds of the small waves of the sea lapping at the shore could be heard as well as crickets and other nightly sounds. Harry was spooned behind Fleur with one arm holding her while the other was under her pillow.

"Ze last time I slept in zis bed, I wondered what ze future 'ad for me," Fleur said softly. "I was starting my last year at school with no real friends and really didn't know what I wanted to do."

"And now?" Harry murmured into her hair and he kissed her softly on her neck.

"And now I'm 'appier zan I ever thought I could be," Fleur replied. After a few seconds she sighed contently. "Sharing zis with you is...is special."

Harry held her a little more firmly in response and kissed her neck again.

Soon the sounds of the sea lulled their tired bodies and minds into a deep sleep.

**** E E ****

"Whatever you're selling we're not interested." Vernon Dursley said when he opened the door after the bell had rung six times in fast succession. There were two people on the doorstep, a young man and a young woman who were dressed in outlandish clothing. Vernon started to close the door and found he couldn't.

"May we see.." The young woman looked at a scroll in her hand, "The cupboard under the stairs and…" again she looked at the scroll, "the smallest bedroom?"

"WHAT?" Vernon exclaimed.

"This is Number Four Privet Drive? The previous home of Harry Potter?"

"YOU'RE FREAKS AREN'T YOU?" Vernon yelled and against tried to slam the door only to find it still would not budge.

"Oh excellent," The young man said to the young woman. "I know it said it was a fully interactive, but I never thought it would feel so real. He's yelling and everything."

"GET OUT!" Vernon thundered with spittle flying out of his mouth.

"That looks like genuine rage," The woman said to Vernon. "How long does it take to learn to turn that shade of purple? Is it some kind of spell?"

"Oh...wait," The man said referring to the scroll again. "It says if we want to see the rooms we have to bind him," He raised his wand. "Petrificus Totalus."

Vernon stopped with a fist raised. Slowly he tumbled to the right against a wall, where his stiff body slid to the floor with a thud.

"This is much more fun that Godric's Hollow," The man said to the woman.

"Can...can I help you?" Petunia asked as she came into the room. She then saw her husband. "What...what did you do?"

"Just followed the instructions from our tour guide," The lady replied as she lifted the scroll for Petunia to see. "Do we suppose to bind you as well?"

Petunia saw the wands in their hands and all the warnings Alain Delacour mentioned came flashing back to her. "Uh..." She shook nervously. "Are you here to kill us?"

"Kill you? Oh goodness no," The man laughed.

"But...you're fre...I mean witch and wizard aren't you?"


"Harry doesn't live here anymore. He left and we don't know where he went though we think it's France."

"We know Harry doesn't live here now. It's right here," The young witch said and pointed to a spot in the scroll and read. "Harry Potter LIVED, " She stressed the word as if Petunia was unable to read, "at number four Privet Drive, Little Whinging in Surrey from the night his parents were murdered until July twelfth nineteen ninety-five. It doesn't say lives does it? It says LIVED."

"Then...then what do you want?"

"We're here for the tour of course. Did Godric's Hollow this morning and now here we are," The lady frowned. "He did live here didn't he? I'd hate to think we got ripped off."

"Uh…yes he did."

"Excellent. We'd like to see the cupboard under the stairs and the smallest bedroom please."

"Uh...okay," Petunia replied and led them to the door to the cupboard.

"This is where his evil Uncle and Aunt...oh would that be you?" The man asked.

"I...I guess," Petunia was starting to be really worried about her own sanity now.

"Oh excellent," The woman said with glee as she opened the door. She got on her knees and climbed into the cupboard. "Lock me in."

"Is there room for both of us?" the man asked. "Lock us both in," He said to Petunia with a smile as he tried to budge in with his wife.

It was a half hour later the Petunia was walking the odd couple to the front door. As they neared the doorbell ranged again. Petunia opened the door and older woman and a young boy was standing there. Both were dressed in outlandish clothing.

"We're here for the tour..."

"Agatha is that you?" The young man said.

"Tilden? You beat us here?"

"We rushed over after the Hollow."

"How is it?" The older woman asked looking around the house.

"Well if you want the full experience, you'll need to unbind that gentleman," Tilden replied pointing at Vernon. "Just as the brochure says, turned purple, threatened us, everything. It was very exciting. If you'd like we can unbind him and you can come back."

"If you could, we'll go back and knock again."

The young couple turned to Petunia, "You have been most kind, but we sort of expected you to yell at us. Do you think you could, just so we can feel the real experience?"

So began a most curious summer the Dursleys had ever had. Because of their lack of money, they could not leave for any vacation. Vernon tried everything to keep the magical people away, but they kept arriving. He and Dudley ended up being turned into eighteen different animals as well as magically hexed many, many times before the summer was over.

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