Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



38. Chapter 38 Golf, Dr Who, and a Rat's End

When the trial was over, Harry and his fiancées were escorted back into the witness room to wait for everyone else to leave. After at least a half hour, the noise level outside the door abated and Dumbledore walked through the door.

"I'm sorry for the delay. As you can imagine there was much to be done with the unexpected second trial," He explained. "Pettigrew will be sent through the Veil Monday morning. Do you wish to be there?"

"We…I thought we would be in France by then," Harry said. "If the Dursleys are kicking us out tomorrow, what would we do until then? I know we're going to be at the Grangers all day, but what happens on Sunday?"

"If you do not mind, I'd like to stop by the Dursleys tomorrow and speak to them," Dumbledore said. "I will not force anything, but even another day will give them extra protection."

Harry shrugged. "We had a deal sir and I'll stay as long as they'll cooperate, but I'll not let them bother us again."

"Sir, I'm sure my parents would let us stay two nights if we need to," Hermione said.

"Very well," Dumbledore said. "I'll have a word with Petunia tomorrow and we'll see where it goes from there," He looked at Gabrielle who was still clutching at Harry. "As for Madam Umbridge, she'll be transported to Azkaban with the change of guard later tonight."

The door opened again and Minister Fudge along with Amelia Bones led several people through the door. Alain, Remus and Sirius were walking behind them chatting together while two Aurors were following behind them.

"Pup!" Sirius said when he saw Harry. "Look at me, I'm respectable again."

"Respectable?" Lupin scoffed. "Innocent and not being pursued yes, but I think you still have a ways to go before we'll call you respectable."

"So why are you here?" Harry asked as he gave his godfather a hug. "And why the Aurors?"

"These guys are in charge of my safety," Sirius replied with a smile as he thumbed toward the blue cloaked Aurors. "It might take a while for people to get the word that I'm innocent and they're to be there to make sure nothing unfortunate happens. I'm here to answer a few questions. Madam Bones would like to know how I escaped and all that. I just asked to stop in and see you before enduring the inquisition. Heard there was some excitement?"

"Yeah that Ministry lady tried to make Gabrielle…"

"Uh…Mr. Potter," Minister Fudge interrupted nervously. "Would it be possible to not mention the Ministry when discussing Dolores…I mean Umbridge."

"E's concerned zat people might associate what she did with ze Ministry and of course 'im," Alain Delacour explained.

"I understand sir," Harry said to the Minister. "I just hope you're more careful with the next person you put into such an important position."

Fudge grimaced. "Yes, well evaluating people is very difficult sometimes."

"Sir, so far I've seen you with Lucius Malfoy and now this person," Harry said. "Please do a better job of evaluating who you get your advice from. Right now you need to look for people who are more interest in fighting Voldemort…like…like," Harry tried to think of someone to suggest but he didn't know many adult witches or wizards. He could only think of one name, "Arthur Weasley."

"I will certainly do my best to find the right person," Fudge stated fidgety. He actually wasn't lying since he knew he couldn't afford another scandal.

"Alain, I think we should take them back to the tent for now," Dumbledore said.

"I'll help take them sir," Remus offered. "I won't get to see them for the next week or so since I need to leave town tonight," He looked at Harry. "I didn't tell you this morning but I am now an official employee of the French magical government. I am told by my boss," He looked over at Alain Delacour, "that I need to start work. I have to get to Paris by Monday to start organizing an office and then make contact with several applicants and the werewolf community."

Harry could see a real happiness had developed in Remus Lupin's eyes. He realized this day had been just as much for him and Sirius as it had been his. It was their time to pay their respects to their friends and see the person who had not only betrayed Harry's parents, but themselves as well get what he deserved. "I'm happy for you Moony. You deserve it you know. So not going to be around on Monday?"

"No, the longer I wait to get started the more potential for Voldemort to get a foothold in the werewolves," Remus explained. "Sirius will be here though. I'll be around the Delacour home on occasion this summer so you'll see me then. Besides I promised to show you how to detect wards."

"Speaking of wards," Dumbledore said, "I understand from Minerva that you wish to learn Runes?"

"Yes sir," Harry said. "I think I need to make a change."

Dumbledore studied the young man carefully. He had never tried to influence the choice of classes Harry took in case it should work against the development of whatever power Harry was suppose to have, but when Trelawney had made the new prediction a year ago, Dumbledore had started hoping that with Harry around her, she might make another one that could help further guide what needed to be done to end the threat of Tom Riddle. Unfortunately, he realized that he could not risk anything that would force Harry on a path away from Hogwarts. He finally nodded. "I'm sure we can arrange something."

"Thank you sir."

It was only a short time later the bonded had been apparated by Remus and Alain to deserted alley outside the wards.

"Do you wish me to come 'ave a word with ze Dursleys again?" Alain asked.

"Non Papa, 'Arry 'as already said I could turn zem into pigs if zey try anything again," Fleur responded with a gleam in her eyes. "After today, it will not take much to get me to do it."

"Zen Sirius and I will be 'ere tomorrow to take you to ze Grangers," Mr. Delacour said.

"Uh..actually we can get there on our own," Hermione replied. "Our elves will gladly take us."

"Thank you for reminding me, we'll 'ave to make arrangements for ze elves to go to our 'ouse," Alain said.

"They can't apparate there?"

"Non, ze international wards would prevent it as well as ze distance is much too great." Mr. Delacour replied. "I will arrange for a portkey to take zem to France and zen 'ave one of our elves escort zem ze rest of ze way."

"Why can't they just travel with us?"

"Because my eldest asked me earlier to arrange a trip to Paris for you," Alain answered with a smile.

"Paris?" Harry questioned Fleur.

"Oui, someone proposed today and my soeurs and I would like our rings," Fleur replied.

Harry looked from one to the other of his smiling bondmates before sighing exaggeratedly. "Okay," He looked at Alain, "You might want to schedule another trip to Gringotts before we leave as well. Something tells me those rings aren't going to be cheap."

"We also need to do something about the solicitor mentioned in your mother's will," Hermione remembered.

"Zen right after we finish at ze Ministry we will take care of both of zose things," Mr. Delacour responded." He looked at his watch. "It's too late to make an appointment with ze solicitor, but I'm sure at least a clerk zere can tell us what might be in your mother's file. If you need to follow up and it's not urgent, zen we can make arrangements at a later time."

"Thank you sir," Harry replied.

"Leave ze tent up," Alain instructed. "We will stop by and take care of it. Zen we will come by ze Grangers tomorrow evening."

"I'm hoping my parents will let us stay over tomorrow night," Hermione said.

"Just don't be mad at zem if zey decide against 'Arry staying," Alain said. "Zey are good people who love you."

"Yes sir."

A short time later they were all back in the tent eating a dinner of lamb chops, seasoned potatoes and squash along with fresh baked breads. Remus and Alain both had been invited but they knew the bonded had been through an emotional day and probably would like time alone.

They had just finished eating when they heard the back door open. Fleur immediately pulled out her wand expecting the worst was about to happen.

"Harry?" The voice of his aunt called. "I saw you arrive earlier, could I..," Petunia hesitated before continuing, "could I speak to you?"

Harry's eyes darted to each of his bondmates but then he rose from the table and walked outside. He knew each the ladies were following with their wands out.

"Yes Aunt Petunia?" Harry asked when he got outside.

"I…I wanted to know how the trial went," Petunia asked nervously. Her eyes were moving from one young lady to the next. "If you'd like, you can join me for tea."

"We prefer to stay away from Vernon and Dudley," Harry replied. "As much as Fleur really wants to turn Dudley into a pig…"

"They're not here," Petunia blurted out. "Vernon is having dinner with a client and Dudley is having tea with a friend."

Harry snorted at the last statement. The likelihood of Dudley Dursley having tea was along the lines of the Chudley Cannons winning the Quidditch League.

"They are," Petunia said thinking that Harry didn't believe her.

"Oh I believe you think that," Harry said. "But you really have no idea about your son. Having tea? That is actually funny. You really do believe anything he tells you don't you."

"Dudley doesn't lie!" Petunia said testily. "He's the most thoughtful…"

Harry laughed out loud this time. "He lied about what happened the other day," He said and the continued before Petunia could argue. "Why would we lie about it? If I wanted revenge on Dudley or you or Uncle Vernon I could easily have Fleur or her father do something. Why would I try to hide it?" When he saw a hint of confusion in his aunt's eyes, he pressed a bit harder. "Do you think I'm jealous of him?" Harry glanced at his girlfriends and then back at his aunt. "We only came to try to protect you instead of going to the Delacours immediately, so again why would I lie about this?

"But…" Petunia tried but failed to muster an argument.

"Would to let me try to prove it to you?" Harry prodded his aunt. "Prove I've not been lying? Prove to you that your son is not the angel you think he is?"

"How?" Petunia asked before she could stop herself.

"Hermione will you get my cloak?" Harry asked and after she agreed and hurried off, Harry explained. "I have a cloak that will let you be invisible. Will you wear it and follow me?"

Petunia's eyes widened as Hermione came rushing back carrying the cloak. "A magical cloak?" She asked unable to hide her astonishment. "No…get it away from me. I don't want anything to do with your…your…" Her voice fell silent.

"Do you really hate magic that much?" Harry asked. "Or is it old jealousies that cause those responses? I'm offering you a chance to share in a little magic. I can't make you magical but I can let you share in a little magic," He took the cloak and threw it over his head and disappeared from sight.

Petunia stared at the spot her nephew just vanished and old feelings from her childhood emerged. She swallowed hard. "I...I can really be invisible?" She asked finally, hating herself for the weakness.

"Yes, but I think Fleur will need to put a silencing charm on you," Harry replied as he pulled the cloak back off of him. "The same thing that Mr. Delacour had on you that first night. I promise that she'll remove it later."


"You have to know about the secrecy laws," Harry said and when Petunia nodded he continued. "I can't risk you reacting to something you see and letting other people know about the cloak. We could get in trouble."

"Oh…" Petunia said as she looked almost hungrily at the cloak, "but what are you going to show me?"

"Your son," Harry replied. "He's not the angel you think he is, I know you'll never believe me but I hope for yours and maybe his sake, you'll let me show you."

Petunia didn't know what to think. She was fighting an internal battle about wanting to hate the child in front of her against a longing that she'd suppressed for so long. Finally she nodded.

They walked into the house with her and watched in amusement as Petunia put the cloak over her head in front of a mirror and then pulled it off her head and other parts.

"For someone who doesn't like magic, you seem to be having fun," Harry commented.

Petunia stopped immediately as her cheeks turned red. "You never did tell me how the trial went," She said finally.

"Peter Pettigrew was found guilty," Harry said.

"Pettigrew? I thought it was Sirius Black. That's what was in that note Dumbledore wrote."

"At the time that's what they thought," Harry replied. "But last year we found out Sirius was innocent and Pettigrew was guilty. My godfather is now a free man and Pettigrew will get what he deserves on Monday."

"Dementors?" Petunia asked.

"You know about Dementors?" Harry asked in astonishment.

"I…I heard that boy telling your mother when we were kids," Petunia explained. "He said really bad people get their souls sucked out of them."

"Boy?" Harry questioned. He knew his mother didn't start liking his father until long after she'd already have known about them herself. But then he remembered that there was a wizard his mum knew when she was growing up; her best friend before coming to Hogwarts. "You mean Severus Snape don't you?"

"You know him?" Petunia asked in obvious surprise.

"He teaches at Hogwarts," Harry replied. "I know he was Mum's friend, but I hate him."

"He...he was the reason your mother and me..." Her voice trailed off as she sighed as if remembering something then she continued. "He'd tell her stories of Hogwarts and the magical world and then he'd be rude to me because I was a muggle. He even made a tree branch fall on me," She again fell silent though after a few seconds she asked. "Is…that how you knew about my letter? Did he tell you?"

"No," Harry replied gently. He was still stunned by the confessions of his Aunt. "Mum told me," At the look on Petunia's face he explained what had happened that night two weeks ago when Voldemort returned. About being captured and rescued. He told her about surviving another killing curse and meeting his parents. He found it quite an unusual experience taking to his aunt about the magical world while she was holding his invisibility cloak.

"You ran in front of a killing curse?" She asked incredulously.

"E saved my life," Fleur said. "Actually zat was ze fifth time in ze last few months."

"You came and rescued me too," Harry said to her as he took her hand and kissed it. "In more ways than one."

"Are you really dating my nephew?" Petunia asked the eldest bondmate.

"Oui," Fleur answered. "We all are. My Papa was not lying. In fact 'Arry proposed to us all today."

"That's preposterous, you can't…I mean," Petunia sputtered as she looked at Harry. "You can't marry more than one of them and…and you're only fourteen."

"We are bonded magically," Harry explained with a shrug. "It's an exception to the laws and yes for some reason these three ladies have agreed to marry me. In fact they are planning on us stopping in Paris to shop for rings. As for my age, I'll be fifteen in a couple of weeks and I'm leaving it up to them when we actually have the wedding. As long as it's what they want, I don't mind if it's next week or five years. So you can see I really do not have anything to be jealous of Dudley for."

Petunia sat down heavily on the seat that was close by as she digested what she'd heard. Though doubts and fears ran through her mind, she realized if her nephew was to be believed then there was definitely some kind of an afterlife and she very well might have to answer to her sister. She looked at Harry. "I'm sorry," She said. "I…I…"

"There's been too many years and too much…other things," Harry cut her off, "for me to casually forgive all that had occurred, but someday in the future it might happen."

Petunia nodded slowly. She looked down at the cloak that she still held in her hands and swallowed. She looked back up at Fleur. "Do whatever you need to do so Harry can show me what he wants to show me." The nervousness in her voice was very evident.

Fleur lifted her wand and said. "Silencio. Now Mrs. Dursley, try to say something."

Petunia opened her mouth and tried to speak but no words came out.

"I promise zat I will remove it," Fleur said. "Now get under ze cloak," She turned to Harry. "Be careful. I'm going to follow but stay out of sight. I just wished I'd learn to disillusion myself," She finished by giving Harry a kiss.

Petunia blushed as she watched the oldest of the three young witches kissing her nephew with obvious enjoyment. She quickly pulled the cloak on but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the scene.

Harry turned to Gabrielle and Hermione. "Split up and look for Dudley. Keep out of sight. If you see him, let me know where you are," He kissed each of them before they left. After giving them a couple of minutes' head start he turned to the spot where he knew his Aunt was under the cloak. "Follow me but remember to not come out from under that cloak if anyone can see you," He led her out of the house and started walking slowly down Privet Drive.

"The play park," Hermione said a few minutes later. "They're hustling some kid who can't be older than ten years old."

Harry started in that direction, continuing at a pace he knew his aunt could keep. Finally he made it to the park. He could see Dudley and two other kids surrounding the kid Hermione had mentioned.

"Be careful 'Arry," Fleur said. "I can't do magic with zis many muggles around."

"You can't be SEEN doing magic," Harry replied as he surveyed the play park. "Go to the dark area to the west. You can banish a rock or two if you need too. They'll think someone is throwing them."

"Oui. I'll be zere," She replied.

"Hermione and Gabrielle, you go near the slides. You can make noise by hitting rocks on them."

"Headed there now."

Harry then whispered. "Aunt Petunia, don't come too close. You might get hit by mistake, but try to get close enough to hear your wonderful son," When he was sure everyone was in place he walked toward the crowd of kids. As he neared one of Dudley's gang, a boy Harry recognized as Malcolm yelled out.

"Hey Big D, Evans was holding out. He had three quid in his pocket," He held up his hand to show the three coins he'd taken from the boy.

"Give it back," The ten year old boy said. He had tears in his eyes. "Mum gave them to me for helping her clean."

Dudley laughed at the boy as he took a long drag on the cigarette between his fingers. "Yeah well tell your mum thanks from us," He said after he blew smoke into the kid's face before he pushed him to the ground. "The next time we ask if you have any money, you better not lie to us."

"Give them back Dudley," Harry said as he walked up to the gang of bullies.

Dudley felt a moment of panic but as he looked around and realized Harry was alone and he had his friends, he relaxed. "And what are you going to do about it Freak," He asked with a smirk as he took another drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke at Harry.

"I thought Aunt Petunia said you were having tea this evening?" Harry asked as he ignored the threat and the smoke.

"We finished early," Dudley laughed. "We decided we needed some dosh to get some more smokes," He held up the cigarette between his fingers. "One of our last ones."

"So you go beat up a ten year old for it?" Harry asked.

"Shut up freak," Dudley replied. "What we do is none of your business."

"Yeah I guess not," Harry shrugged. "But if you're the ones breaking the streetlights, you missed one on Wisteria Walk."

"We'll have to get it later then," Dudley laughed toward his friends.

"One day someone's going to see you and tell Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia."

"They'd never believe it," Dudley smirked.

"That's right; you're their Ickle Diddykins aren't you."

"SHUT UP!" Dudley snarled.

"Going to beat me up now?" Harry asked. "I told you the other day that I'm not the same kid you beat up all the time when we were younger."

"Get him Big D," Malcolm cheered. "I bet he has a few quid on him too."

"Just you and me Big Diarrhea?" Harry asked. "Just like last time? How's your nose?"

Dudley suddenly grew nervous as he saw his friends looking at him expectantly.

"But then again you lied to you mum and dad about that didn't you?" Harry prodded.

Harry felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked back quickly. Not seeing anyone he realized his Aunt was trying to tell him something and it didn't take long for him to figure it out. "Go over to darkness in the west side. Fleur is there. You can remove the cloak and she'll cancel the silencing charm," He whispered quickly. He felt the hand squeeze slightly and let go. "Fleur, Aunt Petunia is headed your way to be unsilenced."

Dudley's friends took the reaction from Harry to be a signal that he was scared and looking for help. "He's scared Big D; get him now," The scrawny rat faced Piers Polkiss said.

Having just witnessed Pettigrew's trial, Harry couldn't help but wonder at the similarities between Polkiss and Wormtail, all the way from the pointed faces to the same initials. "Do all bullies have a rat faced friend?" He wondered.

"Let's give my Aunt time," Harry directed. "Hermione, Gabrielle can you make some noise over there?"

A few seconds later loud clanging came from the slides. All three teenage bullies looked around nervously. "Who's there?" Malcolm called out. "Show yourself," He yelled but moved behind Dudley who was looking for someone else to get behind.

The next noise came from the other side as Petunia Dursley had obviously been freed of her silencing charm. "DUDLEY DURSLEY!" She screeched as she stormed into the lighted area. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? SMOKING, PICKING ON A BOY? YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL I TELL YOUR FATHER."

Dudley's eyes flew open wide as he whirled toward her. "Mum?"

"I...I've got to go Dudley," Piers said as he turned to leave. He'd only moved two steps when…

"STOP WHERE YOU ARE POLKISS!" Petunia snapped. "You too Malcolm. We'll be taking a trip to see your parents as well."

"It was the freak mum," Dudley said pointing at Harry. "We were trying to stop him from beating up Mark here. Isn't that right EVANS?" He tried to give the young boy a menacing look.

"They stole my quid," Mark said pointing at Dudley and his friends.

"I know," Petunia said angrily. "I saw it," She turned to her son. "Give them back now and drop that...that thing."

Dudley realized he was still holding the burning cigarette.

Harry felt a wave of satisfaction as his aunt continued to berate his cousin then remembering something. "Do you have my cloak?" He asked Fleur.

"Oui," His bondmate replied.

Harry gave one last look at Dudley getting what was coming to him, and then, "Let's get out of here," to his bondmates. It wasn't long before they all were back in the tent.

"I'm going to bed," Harry announced soon afterwards. The emotions of the day had caught up to him; from the trip to Godric's Hollow to the attempt on Gabrielle to the trials to the talk with his aunt and the confrontation with Dudley all had taken their toll and he was physically and emotionally tired.

It was Fleur's night to spend with Harry, but she turned to her sister. "You go Gabrielle. I think you need to spend time with 'Arry tonight."

Gabrielle gave her sister a hug. "Thank you, but are you sure?"

"Oui ma soeur," Fleur said. "I know you need 'Arry tonight and I think 'e needs to be with you."

Gabrielle didn't say anything as she entered Harry's room fifteen minutes later. She crossed the room quickly and climbed into his bed. "Hold me," She told to her bondmate.

Harry wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"She wanted me to kill you," Gabrielle whispered finally. "She tried to make me…what if it 'ad 'appened?"

"It's alright Angel," Harry assured her. "You love me too much to hurt me."

"I do love you," Gabrielle said as she tried to snuggle closer to Harry. "I know even if you'd never saved my life or I'd never 'eard of you, I would 'ave fallen in love with you if I could 'ave 'ad zese months with you."

"And I'd have fallen for you my angel," Harry said quietly as he kissed the top of her head. "You were very brave today. You fought that witch and fooled her and because of what you were able to do she was caught. Now she'll spend the rest of her life in Azkaban with the Dementors."

"Only because you were zere," Gabrielle said with a hint of sadness.

"I was there only because you gave me your love," He kissed her again. "Besides I didn't help you convince her that you'd try to kill me. I know that was hard, but you did it."

"I 'ad too...I knew I 'ad too or she might not be caught."

"Exactly Gabi. You bravely faced down that monster and now she's gone," Harry lifted up on his elbow and blew out the candle. Then after setting his glasses aside, he pulled Gabrielle into a spooning position and wrapped his arm around her body.

She put her hand on his and guided it to her breast. "Old me like you 'old Fleur." She pulled his hand so it was over her one of her breast.

"Are you sure?"

"Oui, I am not a little girl, I am your wife-to-be," Gabrielle thought softly. "And you're my 'usband. I know you think I am beautiful but I also want to know you find me as desirable as my sisters."

"You are definitely not a little girl," Harry whispered into her hair as his hand cupped her small firm breast. "And you are very desirable; every bit as desirable as Hermione or Fleur."

Gabrielle sighed into her pillow as a smile of contentment appeared on her lips. Soon she drifted off to sleep.

**** July 11th 1996 *****

"I picked up the videos you had reserved," Mrs. Granger said to her daughter when Dobby and Winky had delivered the bonded to the Granger's house early the next morning. "I would offer you breakfast, but I haven't been allowed in my kitchen ever since Winky got here."

"Winky and Dobby be cooking breakfast," The little elf said. "Yous all sit down."

"She cooks very well," Jean said smiling. "And I doubt I can find a speck of dust anywhere in this whole house."

"She's going to go to France with us, but if we return to Hogwarts, you're more than welcome to have her come clean and cook some more," Hermione said. "She seems to like it here."

"Hello Harry," Richard Granger said as he entered from the garage. "When did you get here?"

"Not long sir," Harry replied.

"I've got my clubs in the car already. When you're ready to go we can get out of here."

"Not even a hello for me Dad?" Hermione asked.

"Hello princess," Richard said to his daughter as he kissed her on the cheek. "And good morning to you Fleur and Gabrielle," He turned back to Harry. "Now I thought we'd get to the golf shop early. I was there earlier this week and they said they'd get your measurements and see if a regular set of clubs will work for you. For today they'll rent you a set and we'll get on the range. If we get you swinging decent maybe we can get out on the course."

Hermione rolled her eyes at her father. "Dad please don't go overboard today," She turned to Harry. "Dad can get a little overzealous when it comes to golf."

"It's alright Mione," Harry said. "I'm looking forward to it," He then remembered something. "Uh, sir, I don't have any muggle money, I only have galleons."

"It's my treat Harry," Richard said. "You might be richer than I am but Jean and I make a decent living."

"Dad…" Hermione said exasperatedly. "Harry doesn't care about his money."

"Sorry princess, I was teasing, but it might have come out wrong," Richard said. "Doesn't that Gringotts place have some kind of debit or credit card so you don't have to go there every time you want money?"

"I don't think so," Harry said. "But we can ask."

"If they don't, why not convert some of your gold into pounds and open an account at Lloyds so it's easier for you?"

"That's not a bad idea," Hermione exclaimed. "We'll be spending some time in the muggle world and having access to money in it would be a good thing."

"Maybe we can do that on Monday as well," Harry suggested.

"Well the morning is going quickly," Mr. Granger said as he looked expectantly at Harry. "We need to get out there before it gets too hot."

"Please bring him back in one piece," Hermione told her father. "And no interrogating him. I'll know if you do," She suddenly got a worried look on her face. "Do you think it's safe?" She asked Harry. "I mean should you go?"

"I'm not going to hide Mione," Harry replied. "Besides I seriously doubt Voldemort or any Death Eaters are going to be watching muggle golf courses looking for me."

"Just be careful," Hermione pleaded. "You have your wand don't you? You know you're allowed to do magic in self defense."

Harry pulled his wand out and showed it to her.

"I'll keep an eye on him Princess and I'll not question him...too much anyway," Richard said. He kissed his wife and guided Harry out toward the garage.

Hermione looked at her mother who had an amused look on her face as she watched her husband leave.

"And he was ready to kill the young man only a few months ago," Jean said in an amused voice. "If Harry'll play golf with him, he'll be ready for you two to get married tomorrow."

"Well mum…" Hermione said, "it might not be tomorrow, but I am engaged. Harry proposed to us all yesterday. We're going to stop in Paris to shop for the rings."

"But you're only fifteen?" Jean blurted out. "I mean, I know you said this is permanent and you'd marry him someday, but…but…"

"It's not going to happen this summer," Hermione said as she looked to Fleur and Gabrielle for confirmation of that. "In fact Harry just said he'd leave it up to us to decide."


Hermione described what had happened the previous day and how Harry had proposed. By the time she'd finished telling about the proposal at Harry's parent's grave Jean Granger had fallen in love with the young man as well.

"He just wanted us to really be his family," Hermione concluded with a smile. "Fleur," She nodded to her bond sister, "told me a couple months ago that she already considers Harry her husband and really he already is all of ours."

"Why?" Jean asked the blonde witch.

"What is marriage, Madam Granger?" Fleur asked. "Isn't it when you commit yourself to one person forever? Promise never to love another?"

"So with this bond of yours, that's what you've done isn't it?"

"Oui, 'Arry is ze only person I will ever love, or even can love in zat fashion," Fleur explained. "Our love is committed to 'Arry."

"You as well Hermione?" Jean asked.

"Yes, I think so anyway," Hermione replied. "The bond is there and I know I love him mom and I know he loves me. I can't imagine loving anyone else. So I think Fleur has a good point. I'm committed to him so what would you call it?"

"Just no grandchildren anytime soon," Jean said with a sigh. "I'm not sure I'm ready for that."

"Of course not," Hermione replied. "I don't think any of us are ready for that as well. Except Winky, she's looking forward to children to take care of," Hermione explained.

"So…are you…" Jean asked. "I mean you're being careful right?"

While Hermione turned very red, Fleur answered the question. "Though we are sleeping in 'is bed individually, we are not sexually active, nor will we be anytime zis summer."

"You expect me to believe that a teenage boy is sleeping with three beautiful young women and nothing is happening?" Jean asked with an eyebrow raised in question.

"It's true mum," Hermione replied through her blush. "We have…" She looked at her bond sisters as she shrugged, "other issues that we have to work through."

"Issues?" Mrs. Granger asked in immediate concern. "Is there a medical problem? Maybe I can help."

"No, it's," Hermione sighed, "it's that in this bond we feel Harry's emotions and we discovered that when he or we experience a pleasant experience such as an exceptionally good kiss," Her looked down at the floor before looking back at her mother, "we all feel it."

"Oh?" Jean Granger asked and immediately blushed as she realized the implications of what that meant. 'OH…" slipped out of her lips as her eyes widened.

"Oh is right," Hermione said. "So we have to make sure we're all ready for it to happen."

"This relationship is a lot more complicated than it seems isn't it?"

"Very much so," Hermione replied with a small laugh. "Uh, I know this might not be the best time to ask, but we need to spend the next two nights here. The Dursleys want us to leave."

"But I thought you were there to protect them."

"We are but they…they… let's just say we can't stay there anymore."

"You want Harry to sleep here as well?" Jean asked.

Hermione nodded nervously.

"Maybe if he sleeps on the couch it'll be alright. I don't think you father is ready to find you in bed with him."

Hermione threw her arms around her mother. "Thanks mum."

Jean looked past her and said to the two French witches. "Come here, I guess I really do have three daughters now don't I?" After giving all three witches a hug she said. "Now go watch your videos."

"You can join us if you want."

Ten minutes later Jean Granger, along with three young witches had settled on the sofa as the opening scenes of "An Unearthly Child" with William Hartnell as the very first Doctor started.

Several miles away a 1993 Jaguar XJ6 was on Denewood Road pulling through the gates of the Highgate Golf Club.

"Well Harry, it might seem tame compared to castles and dragons, but golf is a very difficult game to master," Richard said as he pulled into a parking spot. "Now let's go into the shop and have them size you up for some clubs."

Thirty minutes later Harry and Richard Granger were taking up position on the driving range. Harry had a rented set of Callaway clubs that the Club pro said should work for him and a new pair of hideously ugly golf shoes.

Richard found Harry to have an almost natural swing. Once he got him to not try to hit the ball as hard as he could, Harry's golf balls started traveling fairly straight.

"If you swing too hard you can't keep the club in the same plane," He explained as he swung one of his golf clubs for an example. "The club will swing out and you'll hit the ball outside in and it will put an undesired spin on it."

An hour later Harry's shoulders and back had started to ache as he'd gone through two large buckets of balls with Mr. Granger giving advice on his swing and stance.

"Having fun love?" Hermione asked. "Daddy isn't being too hard on you is he?"

"It's not exciting, but it's very challenging," Harry replied honestly. "I still prefer my broom, but I am having fun. Your father is great person as long you're not pregnant."

"I'm glad," Hermione said. "Dad loves to play and it would be nice for you two to have something you can do together."

"How's your TV watching going?"

"We're having fun," Hermione replied. "Though the TARDIS isn't nearly as remarkable when you've been in a magical tent and traveled back in time."

"The what?"

"Dr. Who's…this," Hermione said. She sent an image of the police box that was a time machine. "It's a time machine that looks like an old police box."

"Your father is suggesting we try to play a round. He's in the clubhouse seeing if there is a free tee time now."

"I expected it. Dad will play any chance he gets."

"I just hope I don't embarrass myself."

"You won't. Oh I happen to mention to my mother about you proposing. I hope that was alright."

"Of course it is, but I better tell your father. I hope he doesn't get mad at me."

Hermione told Harry what her mother had said about Harry, golf and marriage.

"I hope so. I love you and don't want to upset your father."

"Harry, great news; Robin says they had a cancellation and we can tee off in fifteen minutes. That gives us just enough time to practice putting."

Harry played respectable to start with. He had a triple bogey on the first hole when he ended up in the sand trap on his second shot. He followed that hole up with a bogey on the fairly straight second hole. His ball went into the trees on the third and he ended up scoring a four over. It was on the fourth hole when he decided to broach the subject of proposing to his daughter to Mr. Granger.

"Uh, sir," Harry started as Mr. Granger was teeing up his ball for the very short par three. "I think I need to tell you that I…uh I proposed to your daughter yesterday."

'THUNK' the nine iron dug into the tee box a good six inches behind the ball and stuck. Mr. Granger looked back sharply at Harry. "What did I tell you about golf etiquette Harry? No talking during a swing."

"Sorry sir," Harry replied. He remained quiet as Mr. Granger readdressed the ball and pushed the ball into a short right sand trap. "I…I didn't mean to upset you sir."

"Upset isn't the word," Richard said with a sigh as he looked at his future son-in-law. "Surprised, maybe even shocked but not upset," He shrugged. "You told us it would happen someday. But aren't you too young? You're only fourteen right?"

"Almost fifteen but yes sir."

"When are you planning on the actual ceremony?"

"I left all of that up to them," Harry explained. "I just wanted to make our commitment official, to make us family. If they want the ceremony tomorrow, five years from now or anywhere in between I'm happy with it."

"All three at the same time?"

"Yes sir, well I think so. Again it's whatever they want."

"At least you've learned the first lesson to a successful marriage already."

"What's that sir?"

"Let the women make the important decisions," He winked at Harry. "It frees up more time for golf."

It was on the fourteenth green that the subject was broached again. As they were walking off the green after holing out, Mr. Granger said, "You're not planning on starting a family too soon are you? I mean children. You're very young and I'm not ready to be a grandfather yet, especially with my soon to be sixteen year old daughter."

"Uh…no sir," Harry replied. "We…we aren't ready for that yet. We haven't…I mean we never…"

Richard stopped and looked at Harry. "We need to have one rule between us," He said. "You can talk to me about anything. I truly mean that, anything that is but sex. Never ever mention sex to me. I've accepted that it's going to happen and I hope you and my daughter and your other women are careful, but never ever mention sex. It was two weeks after I gave you the lecture that I realized I'd just given you the how-to manual to my own daughter and I…no we can't go there ever again. Understand?"

"Yes sir."

Richard smiled at the young man. "I'm not mad at you. Do I wish I wasn't hearing this until Hermione's thirtieth birthday? Definitely; but we've had a few months to accept what has happened. Jean and I will do anything we can to help. Now let's finish this round and head back home."

As they were walking toward the car after the round Richard put his hand on Harry's shoulder. "I think with a few more rounds under your belt I can turn you into a pretty good golfer. At least when you're married to my daughter I will have a partner for those father son tournaments."

When they got back home Harry was exhausted, so after a quick shower, he laid down with his head in Fleur's lap. He fell asleep with her fingers gently running through his hair.

*** E E ****

It was later in the evening when the doorbell ranged at the Grangers' home. When the door was opened Dumbledore and Sirius Black was there.

"Good evening again Mr. and Mrs. Granger," The Headmaster said. "Let me introduce Harry's godfather, Sirius Black."

After the greetings had been exchanged they were led into the room where empty popcorn bowls littered the room and another episode of Dr. Who was running. All of the bonded looked up to see the two visitors.

"Ah, Dr. Who," Dumbledore said as he looked at the screen.

"You know about Dr. Who?" Hermione asked in disbelief.

"Of course. I watched several of them when they were newly shown," Dumbledore replied with a twinkle in his eyes.

Harry shook his head as he tried to imagine Dumbledore sitting in front of a telly eating popcorn. "I presume this is about the Dursleys?" He asked finally.

"Yes, though Petunia was more than willing to allow you to come back, Vernon was adamantly against it."

"So we're not going back?"

"Unfortunately not, and I say unfortunately only in regards to the Dursleys."

"So do you think the Death Eaters will attack them?"

"Sirius has a plan that I think will give them a good chance to weather the summer."

All eyes turned toward the grinning man with black hair.

"I got the idea from your trip to the Hollow yesterday," Sirius explained. "People knew where you were born and made a trip to see it, so I thought we'd tell the people where you spent the last fourteen years."

"Won't that bring the Death Eaters there?"

"By dropping all the protections and publicly declaring where you lived, I think the Death Eaters will know we aren't giving them an avenue to you," Sirius explained. "We're going to put up a magical sign and everything," He acted like he was reading a sign "Here is the former residence of Harry Potter, the only person to ever survive the killing curse. He resided here until the summer of nineteen ninety-five," He looked back at everyone. "We'll turn the Privet Drive into a Potter tour stop."

"But then every witch and wizard around will be coming by," Harry exclaimed.

"Exactly," Sirius smiled. "They will be visited by more 'freaks' than they can imagine."

Harry looked at each of his bondmates as a smile broke out. "Though I really hate the idea of more of the boy-who-lived stuff, I can't think of a more fitting thing for the Dursleys."

"Are you here for the next two evenings?" Dumbledore asked.

Richard looked toward his wife in question.

"Hermione asked earlier and I said it would be fine dear," Jean said. "Harry will sleep on the couch while the girls will stay in Hermione's and the guest room. Our daughter will probably be gone the rest of the summer and I'd like to spend as much time with her as I can."

Richard nodded then smiled. "It's not too late to get a tee time for tomorrow morning then Harry," He said eagerly.

Harry suppressed a groan as he smiled at his future father-in-law. "Yes sir. Sounds like fun. If I can crawl out of bed tomorrow," The final thought was to his bondmates.

"You don't have too," Hermione consoled him. "He'd understand."

"I played Quidditch under Wood. I'll be alright. At least it's not going to be muddy, cold and windy," Harry replied. "Besides it was fun and I want to stay on your father's good side."

*** July 13th 1995 ***

Minister Fudge sat at his desk Monday morning looking over several parchments. He was in a generally good mood. Though the Daily Prophet had published the accounts of Dolores Umbridge's Imperius curse attempt on Harry Potter's life, it had been overshadowed by Pettigrew's trial and the announcement of Sirius Black's innocence. In fact the Saturday Prophet had had a large photo of Harry and the Minister shaking hands.

The door opened quietly and one of his junior administrative persons announced. "Mr. Weasley is here as you requested."

"Show him in please."

A few seconds later Arthur Weasley walked into the office. "You wished to see me Minister?"

"Yes Arthur, please have a seat."

"Is this about Percy? He's unsure if he should report to work or not. Umbridge fired him but…"

"No...no… please let your son know that he still has a job here at the Ministry," Cornelius said. "We need fine dedicated men here. Though I think we need to find a new position for him."

"Sir? Why? I didn't think he did anything wrong."

"Oh he didn't, but it wouldn't be right for him to be reporting to his father."


Fudge smiled. "I'd like you to take over the Department of International Magical Cooperation. The position is going to be much more critical now. That department will be needed to coordinate any international requirements between law enforcement for the efforts against You-Know-Who."

"Why me sir? I mean I am honored and will gladly take the position, but I have to wonder why I was selected."

Cornelius Fudge pulled out a folder from underneath a stack of parchments and opened it. "Your name came up in a conversation and I took a look at your file. You've run your little department on budget and very well for many years, but mostly you have never engaged in the politics of the Ministry and I need that right now. There is also the fact you have no biases. Outside of the minor incident with the flying car three years ago, you have a spotless record."

"Thank you sir."

"It's the Ministry who should be thanking you Arthur," Fudge said. "And I hope this is an appropriate one."

Arthur nodded. "May I ask who brought my name up sir?"

"Harry Potter," Cornelius replied honestly.

"Thank you sir," Arthur said as he thought of the young man. "I hope I can live up to your expectations in the position."

"Get your current office in order," Fudge directed. "I need you in your new position quickly. Can..." He looked at a sheet on his desk, "Perkins handle your current office?"

"Yes sir and if I may suggest maybe my son could move to my old office?"

"That would be splendid." Cornelius exclaimed. "I'm sure he already knows the job from you?"

"Yes sir."

"Then let Perkins know, contact your son and get him here," Cornelius instructed. "Pettigrew will be going through the veil in ninety minutes and I'm sure you'd like to attend."

"I would sir," Arthur replied. "Molly and I were friends with the Potters."

Arthur walked out of the Minister of Magic's office a couple of minutes later. His new position was two grades higher and the pay raise would be substantial. He once again thought of the young black-haired young man who again had made a large impact on the Weasley family.

*** E E ***

Harry and his bondmates had been escorted to the Ministry by Alain, Sirius, Shacklebolt and Auror Dervens mid-Monday morning. This time as they exited the gated lifts they entered the black door at the end of the hall. The room beyond was a large black room with at least a dozen handle-less doors all identical in size and shape. As the door behind them closed, the wall of the room started to rotate.

"Safety precaution," Shacklebolt said when the wall slowed and stopped. "Slows down anyone trying to break in here and get out if they do. Also prevents prisoners condemned from escaping easily," He turned toward the center of the room and said. "Veil Room," To the left of them a door opened. "This way," He said the group of people.

"That's all you have to do? Ask for the room you want?" Hermione asked incredulously.

"Do you know what the other rooms are?" Shacklebolt asked with a grin. "Would you have thought to do it? Sometimes the simplest defenses are the best."

They found themselves in a large rectangular room with stone benches that acted like steps descending a good twenty feet. The benches surrounded a raised stone dais with an ancient stone archway. An old black curtain hung in the opening. It seemed to flutter in a non-existent wind. Standing near the Dais was several people including Dumbledore and the Minister. As they got closer Harry noticed Arthur Weasley was also there standing among a few other people. Sitting on one of the stone benches was Rita Skeeter.

"Where's Peter?" Harry asked.

"They'll bring him soon. They were waiting for you to arrive. It would be cruel to make him wait in front of the veil."

"Mr. Potter," The voice of Skeeter could be heard. "Can I get a quote?"

"May I suggest," Alain Delacour whispered, "you say something about zis is what 'appens to people who betray ze country to Voldemort. Remember in 'is trial you made it more zan your parents."

Harry nodded his understanding before he descended the steps to stand near Skeeter. "Yeah, I guess. Maybe something like Peter Pettigrew isn't just here to pay for his crimes against my parents; he is here because he betrayed us all. Anyone who is willing to betray our society will pay the same price."

Rita's quill was scratching non-stop, when it finally ended she looked up. "Very well said Mr. Potter. You seem to be picking up the politics pretty well, but aren't you concerned statements like that are going to force You-Know-Who to come after you?"

"He's already coming after me. Each and every time he has tried, he has failed. I don't expect he'll stop anytime soon though."

The door from the circular room opened again and Peter Pettigrew was led in. Again Mad-Eye Moody was right behind him with his wand out. When Peter saw the archway below him he grew agitated but the wand in his back kept him moving down the steps until he stood before Albus Dumbledore who had a solemn look upon his face.

"Peter Pettigrew," Dumbledore started as he read off a scroll, "per the judgment by the Wizengamot on 10 July 1995 you are hereby sentenced to death by the Veil. Do you have any last words?"

"I..I.." Peter tried to beg. He turned to Harry. "Please Harry, you're so much like your father…he'd never want this for me."

"My father didn't want to die either," Harry said coldly as he neared his parents' betrayer. "For once show the courage the sorting hat found in you and be a Gryffindor."'

"Padfoot my old friend…" Pettigrew begged as he saw Sirius.

"A friend you framed? Who forced me to live in Azkaban for all of those years?" Sirius asked as his gray eyes darkened. "You either walk or I'll throw you through that Veil."

"Would you prefer the Dementors?" Harry asked. "I'm sure they can still be arranged."

Peter's eyes went from person to person and he found only cold hard stares in return. He glanced once more at Sirius and then at Harry and his shoulders slumped even further than normal as he recognized his fate. When Mad-Eye Moody's wand poked him in the back, he only hesitated long enough to take a deep breath before he turned and walked through the archway. Harry kept expecting to see him appear on the other side, but he never came out. When he realized his parents' betrayer was in fact dead, he felt a lump in his throat. He felt Gabrielle's arms around him as he kept staring at the archway. Finally he mentally nodded to himself and turned away.

"The sentence of Peter Pettigrew to death by Veil has been carried out at this time," Dumbledore said quietly. "Please mark the time and enter it on the appropriate forms."

The rest of morning passed quickly. They coordinated with Rita about meeting them in France to do the article on what she thought was just Gabrielle. Though they told her the main article would be published in the Quibbler, that she could negotiate a major follow on piece with Witch Weekly. When they left the Ministry they went straight to Gringotts.

Alain had already told them that Gringotts did not offer credit or debit cards since they did not believe in working with anything but gold, silver or bronze. He did tell them that the Goblins had a system where they employed squibs to work at various muggle banks and other financial institutions. That allowed them to move money between Magical and muggle worlds with little difficulties.

"There Mr. Potter," The goblin said. "If you'll just sign here, here, here, here and here, we'll get the requested fifty thousand galleons deposited at Lloyds for you. You'll...wait you missed a spot; you need to sign there as well. As I was saying, you'll need to stop by there and see this man," He handed over a normal looking business card. "He'll complete the requirements to set up the account there. Any future transfers can easily be done by request."

"Thank you."

"Our pleasure," The goblin replied. "I also need a signature here and here to change the investments on your accounts. You will be arranging an outside investment company?"


The goblin handed over another parchment. "You'll need to fill this out and have that person or company submit it along with any further instructions."

"Thank you."

"Pleasure doing business with such a wealthy young man," The goblin replied.

A short time later they left Lloyds with a book of Cheques which Hermione took possession of and a guarantee that debit cards would be mailed to them within the next two weeks. The stop at the Solicitor's office took much longer. The Junior Solicitor had a hard time finding the file of Harry's mother and once he had, there had been the question of proving Sirius was the guardian of Harry Potter. Finally it took a small confundus charm to allow the process to move forward.

"Your mother has us set up a trust fund for you," The solicitor said after reviewing the file. "We were the firm that took care of her parents' estate and she took the entire proceeds that came to her and had it put into a trust fund for you. You are to be allowed access to it if you show a need or turn eighteen," The solicitor turned another page in the file and picked up an obviously old envelope. "This is for you," He said as he handed it to him. Harry recognized the same neat handwriting that had been on the drawings of the home and land they had found in the vault. Written on the front of the envelope was just 'Harry'.

"I'll read this later," Harry said as he looked at his mother's writing on the yellowing envelope before sliding it into his pocket.

"Now are you in need of your trust?" The solicitor asked.

"No...not really," Harry admitted.

"You will turn eighteen in a little over three years," The solicitor continued. "You can access the trust in full at that time."

"Thank you," Harry said.

"Can you tell us the how much it's worth?" Sirius asked.

"Give me a minute while I get the latest statement from the trust department," The solicitor was gone for ten minutes before returning with several sheets of paper. "The initial value was seventy-eight thousand pounds, but it's been growing untouched over the last fourteen years. Its current value is three hundred forty-seven thousand pounds."

"Thank you," Harry said. His thoughts were still on the envelope in his pocket.

When they left the Solicitor's office they apparated into a white marble room. The room was about twenty feet long had several fireplaces on one of the walls. Sitting behind several small desks at one end of the room were two men and one woman all wearing gold trimmed blue cloaks. On their left breast was a gold symbol.

"Welcome to France," Alain said to Harry before he turned to greet the Aurors who obviously recognized him.

"We apparated all the way to France?" Harry asked looking around in awe.

"Non, zis is ze magical section of ze French Embassy 'ere in London," Fleur explained. "But it is considered French territory."

"From 'ere we can portkey to France without getting approval from ze English magical government," Mr. Delacour said.

"But I thought you could portkey with those stones?"

"Oui, but zose are registered by my government and are a pain when used," Alain explained. "Come with me," He said and started out of the room.

"What are those gold things on their cloaks?" Harry asked as they left the room and started down a thickly carpeted hallway.

"Fleur-de-lis," Hermione said.

"Flower.." Harry said as he looked at Fleur.

"Lily Flower," Fleur interpreted it softly. "Eet's ze symbol of our magical government."

Harry swallowed as he remembered the gold symbol. It seemed like a connection from his mother to his new life. After they walked a good distance he asked. "Where are we going?"

"Zat was ze inward apparation and floo area," Fleur explained. "You 'ave to go to another area to apparate, floo or portkey out."


"Security," Fleur explained. "You can't apparate in and do something and zen go back out of ze same spot. Even if someone were to overwhelm our Aurors in zat room, zey would 'ave to fight many other people before zey could escape."

They continued walking until they came to another white marble room. A single young man sat behind a desk there. Alain was already discussing something with him. As they walked in he turned and smiled as he held up an old towel. "Our portkey to Paris is ready," He said.

"Welcome to Paris love," Fleur said as she helped her bondmate to his feet after he skidded to a stop in another white marble room following a lengthy portkey journey. As they exited the building they had portkeyed into, the Eiffel Tower rose into the sky ahead of them. Gabrielle and Hermione each took one of his arms.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Hermione asked as Harry had stopped and was looking upward in awe.

"You've seen it before?"

"Yes, Mum and Dad have brought me a couple of times."

"We 'ave to find our rings today," Gabrielle said pulling Harry forward.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Tomorrow ze stores will be closed. It will be Bastille day," She explained.

Three hours, five jewelry stores and an exhausted Harry Potter later the three witches found the perfect rings. The matching sparkling one carat flawless diamond rings also had very small stones set into the band of the ring on either side of the diamond. Those stones were the birthstones of the other two bondmates to signify the unity of the bond. Hermione's carried the emerald of Gabrielle's birthday and the peridot of Fleur's, while Gabrielle's ring had peridot and the sapphire of Hermione's. The ring that was shining brilliantly in the lowering evening sun on Fleur's ring finger had sapphire and emerald next to the diamond.

"It is time to go 'ome," Alain said when they had met back in the agreed upon place. "It looks like you made your ladies very 'appy 'Arry."

"Maybe, but if I see another diamond in my lifetime it will be too soon," Harry replied. "I never knew there were so many different sizes, colors, clarity and whatever else they kept talking about. I thought you just go into a store and buy a ring."

Alain smiled jovially at the young man. "You shall learn my son. You shall learn very quickly I think."

"Welcome to our 'ome 'Arry," Apolline said when he exited, or slid violently out of the floo. "Did you trip going into ze floo?"

"No Maman," Fleur replied with a smirk. "Arry doesn't do magical transportation well."

"Well maybe you can spend some time teaching 'im zis summer."

"Oui, or I can always go first and let 'im fall into my arms?" Fleur asked jocundly.

"I understand there was an engagement?" Mrs. Delacour asked. "Did you get your rings?"

The next few minutes were spent showing engagement rings to Apolline. Then she said. "Well someone should show 'Arry and 'Ermione to zeir rooms."

"Not yet," Fleur replied. "I...I want to show 'Arry something else first."

"What?" Harry asked.

"No peeking," Fleur said, "I want it to be a surprise," She pulled out a length of dark cloth and wrapped over Harry's eyes. "Can you see? Tell me ze truth."

"No, and I wouldn't lie," Harry replied.

She took one of his hands, and Gabrielle took another and led him outside.

Harry first noticed that it was much warmer here than it had been in Paris. He was led down a path and over grass. Finally they stopped.

"Ready?" Fleur asked.

"For what?"

"Zis," Fleur said and removed his blindfold.

Harry found himself looking at a memory, or what had been Fleur's thoughts the day she had created her Patronus. They were standing on the bluff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A few birds were gliding on the gentle breezes.

"As beautiful as I imagined it to be?" Fleur asked.

"It's nearly perfect," Harry said mesmerized by the sight.

"Nearly?" Fleur asked.

He moved backward so that his bondmates were all between him and the sea. "Now it's perfect," He said.

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