Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



34. Chapter 34 Trains, Vaults, and Dursleys

Walden Macnair moved silently through the halls of the Ministry as he made his way to the Auror office. He had his orders from his master and though he had tried several times, he had yet to be able to get close to Pettigrew. The death of Lucius though terrified the Ministry executioner and he knew he could not afford to fail the Dark Lord. Tonight was the night he must make it happen. With the next day being the day the Hogwarts Express returned with the students, many witches and wizards took the day off to welcome home their children. Tonight the Ministry was staffed at its most minimum functioning level.

"Just wished the holding cells were easier to get to," Macnair grumbled to himself. They were on level two on the other side of the Auror office. He paused at the door and listened for any noise. Hearing none, he quietly turned the handle and slipped into the desk filled room. He looked around the darkened office and breathed a sigh of relief when he found only a single lamp lit as the only Auror on duty sat at his desk apparently deep in paperwork. Macnair stopped and waited, barely breathing. He was disillusioned but knew that there were several spells that would detect him none the less. Finally he let out a small sigh of relief as the Auror never looked up but continued on the pile of paperwork that littered his desk.

Walden was a master at silencing his footsteps; a talent required when approaching some animals that had to be executed. Each step was slow, excruciatingly slow; as he made sure nothing was in his path that would make a noise. Another soft sigh passed his lips as he made it to the door to the holding cells. Keeping an eye on the Auror at the desk, Macnair silently turned the handle and slipped inside once the door had opened.

The Death Eater scanned the room, looking for anything out of place. It was still dim, but there were more lights in the cell area so he could easily see there were no further guards. He started down the row of cells, still walking slowly and silently. He glanced into each one as he passed. Finally he stopped when he came to a cell that had a sturdy mess screen overlaying the metal bars.

"This is it," He thought. Obviously the Ministry knew Wormtail was an animagus and this was the cell meant to keep him in even in that form. When he glanced through the mesh he could see the rat lying in the middle of the bed, asleep. "Warmer sleeping in your fur?" Walden whispered to the rat. "I imagine it is. Well you won't have to worry about being cold ever again," Macnair removed a knife and made a quick slash in the mesh wide enough to slip his wand arm through. "Our master wanted me to give you one last gift. 'Avada Kedravra'," A sickly green light jumped from his wand and hit the rat. The rat didn't react, but the small movements of its side stopped immediately.

"Done, now I can get out of here," Macnair thought in relief as he pulled his arm free. "My master will be pleased," He turned and started walking quietly back toward the door that led out. He never saw the wand come out from under the invisibility cloak in an open cell beside Pettigrew's."

"Stupefy," The voice of Alastor Moody said and the red beam hit the Ministry executioner in the back. As Walden Macnair slumped to the ground, the door between the office and the holding cell area opened. The man who had been working at his desk entered with his wand at the ready.

"Is he?" Gawain Robards started as he looked at the floor.

"Yeah, he's just disillusioned. Here…" Moody said. He pointed his wand at the man on the floor and said "Finite." The disillusionment spell ended, leaving the Death Eater visible.

"Damn, is that Macnair?" Robards asked when he could see the man sprawled on the floor. "You were right. Glad Director Bones listened to you instead of Rufus. He swore you were just being paranoid again."

"I am paranoid, but it doesn't mean I'm not right as well," Moody gruffed as he grabbed Macnair's left arm and pulled up the sleeve. The red skull and snake was clearly visible. "I hate Death Eaters."

"How's Pettigrew?"

Moody opened the cell two doors down from the one with the now dead rat in it. With a flick of his wand and a 'Finite' command, the disillusioned and unconscious Pettigrew reappeared. "He's fine for now and I intend to keep him that way until he has his date with a Dementor. The killing curse is way to kind for traitors like him."

"Do you think that's what the court will give him?"

"Harry Potter will be in that courtroom Gawain. Mark my word that Fudge himself will request it."

"Let's clean up this mess," Moody nodded toward Macnair. "And then get some sleep. I think it will be interesting to see what Walden has to say tomorrow. See if he can lead us to any more scum working in this building," The senior and the retired Aurors quickly searched Macnair and after taking his wand, they put him in one of the cells. After the mesh screen was quickly repaired Pettigrew was moved back to his cell and the dead rat was discarded.

** E E **

For the first time since he had arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry Potter did not dread the final day of the school year. Though he would be returning to his Aunt and Uncle's house he knew this time it would be completely different. The main reason of course was that he would be accompanied by his bondmates. Three very beautiful and intelligent women, one of whom was a legal aged witch, would be living with him. Harry was actually looking forward to seeing the faces of his relatives when he arrived. He could already envision the look on his cousin's piggish face as Dudley slowly realized that Harry had not one, but three women in love with him and were already all but married to him.

Harry Potter smiled as he helped each of his bondmates climb into the carriage along with Ginny and Luna. He climbed in after them and sat between Fleur and Gabrielle. As the horseless carriages started moving Hermione was the first to speak as she looked toward the front.

"I wonder what magic they use to propel these carriages?"

"There's no magic," Luna said as her eyes looked toward the front of the carriage as well. "Thestrals."

Hermione looked at the young blonde witch and wondered if the girl knew something she didn't, or if this was another imaginary creature she liked to talk about. Hermione was surprised when Fleur asked a question in a very solemn voice.

"You can see zem?"

"Oh yes," Luna replied.

"I'm sorry. Would eet be impolite to ask 'oo?" Fleur asked further confusing her bondsister.

"My mother. She died when I was nine."

"Thestrals are winged 'orses zat can only be seen by someone 'oo 'as seen someone die," Fleur explained quietly to the rest of the carriage.

"You mean there are animals pulling these carriages?" Hermione asked and quickly looked toward the front of the carriage again. It was only a mental nudge from Fleur that brought her to remember Luna. "Oh I'm sorry Luna," She cried as grabbed one of Luna's hands. "I sometimes let my curiosity override my...well I shouldn't have. I'm sorry."

"It's alright. Wrackspruts can do that to you sometimes," Luna replied. "If you wear certain vegetables it can help. Radishes are exceptionally good," she lifted her other hand to point to her radish earring.

"I'm sorry I didn't know about your mother," Harry said.

"Not many do," Luna replied and it hit Harry hard as he realized that she was really admitting that she hadn't had too many friends that she could confide in. Luna shrugged. "As I said, I was nine and my mother was experimenting with a spell. It went rather badly."

"I'm sorry," Harry repeated.

"It was a long time ago, though I still feel bad sometimes, at least I do still have my dad," Luna replied. "It's alright though; I know I'll see her again someday."

Harry remembered his own time with his mother and father and smiled at her. "Yes, I'm sure you will," He agreed. "And I'm sure she's watching you every day."

Silence fell over the carriage for a few seconds before Harry asked if Luna had got her property returned. Though he knew she had since Dobby and Winky had turned up shortly before they had gone to bed the previous night to tell them they were done and to report who had her possessions. Harry had the list of culprits in his pocket, but had decided to not do anything yet. He had been relieved to find Cho's name was not on the list though her friend Marietta Edgecombe's had been. Harry hoped he might be able to convince Cho to help in Ravenclaw House the next year.

"Oh yes. The elves did a wonderful job. They even cleaned and folded my clothes," Luna replied. "Thank you."

When they arrived at the Train Station, Harry led the way onto the train and toward the back he found the person he had hoped to find earlier sitting alone in a compartment staring out a window at the bustle of students on the platform. Harry opened the door and poked his head in. "Neville, do you mind if we sit with you?"

Neville looked stunned. "You...you want to sit with me?" He asked wide-eyed.

"Of course," Harry replied.

"Sure," Neville said with a nervous smile on his face. He sat up straight as Harry along with five beautiful young women came into the compartment and made themselves comfortable.

Harry settled between Gabrielle and Hermione with Fleur sitting beside Hermione. Luna sat down beside Neville while Ginny was on her other side. A bit of red outside the compartment window caught Harry's eyes and he watched Ron wander past. He saw his old friend look in and hesitate, but finally he continued on. Harry sighed as he looked around at the people with him but then Fleur's eyes caught his and he couldn't help but smile. Harry really couldn't say he missed his old friend, he was more like an old pair of shoes that didn't fit anymore but he didn't have the heart to discard.

Soon the train departed the station and started its long journey south out of Scotland. It wasn't long before summer plans became a topic of conversation.

"I usually don't do much in the summer," Neville said. "I work in our gardens; I have a few special plants I'm growing."

"I like to work in my gardens too," Luna said. "I have two flutterby bushes and a whole garden of flowers."

"You...you like plants?" Neville asked with interest.

"Yes, but sometimes they don't get the attention they need because daddy and I go on long trips looking for certain exotic creatures," Luna explained.

"If you want, I'd be glad to take care of them when you're gone," Neville offered. "I...I'm pretty good with plants."

"You would?" Luna exclaimed. "That would be nice. I know daddy wants to go to Germany to look for duck-horned placows this summer."

"Umm...yeah anytime you want me too," Neville said. "You can floo me and maybe we can get together earlier so you can show them to me?" Neville's question had an air of hopeful nervousness about it.

"Luna," Hermione started. "Are you sure your father wasn't thinking of the Duck-billed platypus? They live in Australia."

"No, I'm positive he said duck-horned placows."

"But ducks don't have horns," Hermione argued almost wanting to cry.

"It all depends on what ducks you are talking about now doesn't it?" Luna replied. "But I've never heard of a duck-billed pla.. what was it again?"

Hermione spent several minutes describing the exotic Australian mammal that had the body of an otter, but the bill of a duck, the tail of a beaver, laid eggs and the males were poisonous. Harry, Fleur, Ginny and Gabrielle were extremely amused when Luna was hesitant to believe that such a creature existed. It was only when Hermione promised to bring pictures of it that Luna accepted that Hermione wasn't trying to make fun of her.

"Speaking of you being in Europe in ze summer Luna," Gabrielle said. "We were wondering if your father would like a big story for his magazine."

"Bigger than a duck-horned placow?" Luna asked.

"Oui," Gabrielle replied. "Ze reporter Rita Skeeter is going to be writing article on..." she stopped as she realized that though Luna would need to know the entire topic, Neville was in the compartment as well.

"It's only three weeks," Harry said to his bondmates. "And my mother wanted me to give Neville a chance at friendship. I say we tell them."

Fleur and Hermione shrugged. The only reason for the delay now was for the Twins. If it happened sooner, it would not be a big deal.

"Neville, Luna," Harry started. "We've been keeping a very large secret and we are going to share it with you now. It's concerning the story Skeeter will be writing about." Harry put his arm around Gabrielle's shoulder. "I think you both know that Gabrielle is my girlfriend."

"Is it your bonding?" Luna asked excitedly. "Where did you do it? Do you still have the chains?" She looked at Gabrielle. "Is he as handsome naked as I think he would be?"

"Oui...uh non, zere are no chains," Gabrielle exclaimed. "Oui, we are bonded, but ze Veela love bonding is not done with dancing and chains."

"Luna, the bonding happens as a physical projection in the mind," Hermione added. "Though it seems very real, it's all imaginary as the connection is made."

"And you know how?" Luna asked. "My father did a lot of research in writing that article."

"Luna, 'Ermione knows because she was zere," Fleur said, "as was I. We also bonded with 'Arry."

"Yeah...uh that's the secret guys," Harry said. "That I am actually love bonded to all three of these ladies."

"But...but..." Neville tried to interject but words failed him. Harry could see that he was looking at Hermione and guessed what the problem was.

"No, Hermione is not Veela, but she did bond. She was projected into the bondscape by Veela magic, and Fleur and Gabrielle asked her to join us when they realized she and I were in love," Harry said and then looked over at Hermione and winked. "Want to show them your Veela magic?"

As Neville and Luna watched, Hermione closed her eyes and concentrated. Her hair lost its bushiness and soon gentle curls flowed down her head.

"That's nice," Luna said staring at Hermione's hair. She reached over and ran her fingers through it. "Very nice."

"So would your father want that story?" Harry asked.

"I imagine he would, but I'll ask him," Luna replied still gazing at Hermione's hair.

"We are going to pretend the bond only happened at that time, probably in about three weeks or so."

"Why?" Neville asked.

"Let's just say that if you had a bet in the pool the twins are running of when Hermione and I would get together you might want to take it back, or change it," Harry replied with a grin.

Gabrielle leaned over to Luna and whispered. "And yes 'e is very very 'andsome naked."

Fleur later started a simple game of levitating a gobstone through conjured floating rings. If you missed a ring, the gobstone would squirt its foul liquid on you as a penalty. The rings became more numerous or in more difficult positions to navigate as it went along. Neville was doing the worst by far after only a short time. He had been squirted at least a dozen times. Finally Fleur noticed something.

"Neville, ze wand you use, it looks old," She said.

Neville looked at his wand and finally said. "It was my father's."

Fleur knew from Harry about Neville's parents, but it gave her an opportunity to see if Neville wanted to talk about it. "I'm sorry," Fleur said. "When did 'e die?"

Neville didn't say anything for a couple of minutes and the whole compartment was silent; finally he looked around at everyone and said. "No, my parents aren't dead. They...they..." Tears came to Neville's eyes but he blinked them back and continued, "They were tortured by several Death Eaters."

"Barty Crouch Junior..." Harry whispered as the trial he and Gabrielle had seen in the pensieve came to mind.

Neville nodded. "Along with Bellatrix Lestrange, her husband and his brother," He said quietly. "They're in St. Mungos," He looked down for a few seconds before looking back up and continuing. "We go see them every holiday."

"I'm so sorry," Fleur said.

Neville shook his head, but then he looked down and found a small hand had taken his. He looked up to find himself looking into Luna Lovegood's eyes. "Some Gryffindor I am," He remarked to her as he tried to use the sleeve of his robes to wipe away the tears.

"Courage isn't having no fear," Luna remarked. "It's living with and facing those fears. A man who cannot shed a tear, isn't a man I want to know."

Neville smiled through the wetness in his eyes as he opened his hand to release hers, only to have her hold his hand more tightly.

"If you ever want someone to go with you, all you have to do is ask," Luna said. "I will be glad to go with you."

Neville nodded.

"I was only making ze comment about your wand because you obviously 'ave ze magic, but eet seems erratic, uncontrolled," Fleur said. "Did you ever 'ave it checked by a wandmaker to make sure it's compatible to you?"

"What do you mean?" Neville asked. "Wouldn't my father's wand work best for me?"

"Not necessarily. Wands which are crafted for a specific magical person work best," Fleur explained. "In fact some wands will actually fight against a person's magic," She held up her wand. "Ze core is a 'air from my Grandmother, but ze wand itself was made specifically for me around zat 'air."

"Mr. Ollivander said something similar to me," Harry said. "He said it's the wand that chooses the wizard. I must have tried a hundred wands before he found the right one for me."

Neville looked at his wand carefully.

"Here try mine," Luna said and handed Neville her wand.

Neville felt a warmth when he touched Luna's wand like he'd never felt with his own wand. He just sat and felt the wood between his fingers for a few seconds before he levitated a gobstone and started putting it through the hoops. Though he still wasn't very quick, he felt like the magic was smoother, easier to control. When his gobstone made it through the last hoop without spitting at him, he smiled at Luna and handed her wand back to her. "Thanks."

"You're welcome Neville," She replied as she put her wand back behind her ear.

"We have to be getting close to London," Hermione said. "We better get packed back up and changed into our muggle clothes."

Not long after that, the train started slowing down as it pulled into King's Cross Station. As they started to pull out their trunks, Fleur reached into hers and took out a book.

"Ginny, 'ere is a book zat will give you a better understanding of Veela," She said as she handed it to the red-haired girl. "I 'ope you and your brothers can use it for your mother."

Ginny took the book and tucked it into her own trunk. "Thanks. We'll do what we can."

"Harry, Harry," The voice of Molly Weasley cut through all other sounds on the platform as Harry stepped down off the train. He barely had time to roll his eyes before she had enveloped him in a hug.

"Oh Harry dear," Molly exclaimed. "How are you? You should have owled. I'm sure Dumbledore would have let you come home early. I know you must be distraught over what happened, but I assure you..."

"Mrs. Weasley," Harry tried to escape the hug.

Mrs. Weasley kept him locked in her hug as she continued, "We'll protect you. Now when you get to the Burrow..."

"Mrs. Weasley," Harry tried again to escape her hug. "Mrs. Weasley; PLEASE let me go," He finally said as he pushed his way out of her arms. Molly Weasley took a step back in shock.

Gabrielle was by her bondmate's side in an instance glaring at the Weasley Matriarch.

"Mrs. Weasley, I still have not heard a single apology from you for the Howler you sent," Harry said sharply.

Molly Weasley was about to reply when another voice appeared. "Excusez-moi, ees zere a problem 'ere?" Alain Delacour asked.

"This is none of your concern whoever you are," Molly said indignantly. She turned back to Harry and said. "Harry, for your own good, I can't let this harlot..."

"My mistake," Mr. Delacour interrupted with a glint of ire in his voice. "Let me introduce myself. I am Monsieur Alain Delacour. Ze father of zese two 'arlots as you say, one of which I do believe you also mentioned in a 'owler?" Mrs. Weasley's face turned red but the red quickly changed to a sickly green when Alain continued in a voice that was not loud but demanded respect. "I am also ze Deputy Minister of Magic of France. I ask you again madam, ees zere a problem 'ere?"

Molly Weasley is a woman who is rarely left speechless, but at that moment she was desperately trying to find a way to remove both of her feet from her mouth as she stared hopelessly at the man in front of her. She knew a single word from him and her husband would be out of a job instantly. All she could do was shake her head slightly from side to side as her mouth hung open.

"Zen if you will excuse Mr. Potter and my daughters, we must be on our way."

As they walked away Harry could here Ginny berating her mother. "You are the most clueless person moth.." He smiled as he took Gabrielle's hand and squeezed it.

"I love you my angel," He said. "I know she means well, but you are my family."

Gabrielle smiled back at her bondmate and nodded.

As they were about get to the Barrier separating platform nine and three quarters and the muggle world, a familiar face appeared through it.

"Harry," Arthur Weasley said. "Did Molly find you? She left Bill and me parking the ministry car and rushed in here," As he finished speaking Bill came through the barrier. Harry couldn't help but notice his eyes fell upon Fleur again.

"Yes sir, but I think you will find her a little off at the moment," Harry replied.

"Did she apologize?" Arthur asked as he looked at the blonde young lady beside Harry.

"Unfortunately no. In fact she was on her way to insulting Gabrielle again."

Arthur sighed and turned his attention to Gabrielle. "Miss Delacour right?" and when she nodded, Arthur continued. "Miss Delacour, I wish to apologize for anything that my wife or my family did to insult you. If you need anything specific to redress this issue, you name it and I'll make sure it is done."

"Thank you sir. My issue is not with ze Weasley family," Gabrielle replied. "Your daughter, Fred and George 'ave been very good friends. Your wife zough.."

Arthur nodded. He then turned back to Harry. "Bill told me what happened but ever since You-Know-Who has returned, I haven't had much of a chance to speak to Molly. I told her on the way here she needed to apologize but..."

"Thank you sir," Harry replied. "I think Gabrielle and I need her to apologize as well, but I'll leave that up to Gabrielle," Harry then remembered what else he want to speak to Mr. Weasley about. He looked over at Alain and said. "I would like to speak to Mr. Weasley for a couple of minutes. I won't be long."

"Of course 'Arry," Alain said.

"Sir," Harry started to Arthur as he motioned for them to get out of the way of the barrier. As the two of them started walking he noticed that Bill had stayed behind. "No flirting with Bill," Harry said to Fleur.

Fleur mentally chuckled at Harry. "E's ze one staring my love."

Harry turned his attention back to Arthur who was waiting for Harry to continue. "You know about the Basilisk I killed two years ago."

"Of course Harry. I was there when you brought Ginny into McGonagall's office. My family still owes you more than you can ever know for saving her life."

Harry smiled to himself as he just realized that Arthur had given him a way to give them the money. "I would like something from the Weasley family then."

Mr. Weasley stopped and looked at the ebony haired young man cautiously. "Is this about Molly? She's headstrong, but she means well."

"No sir, I think that is something that she needs to work out."

Arthur nodded. "Then what? You know I'd do anything for you Harry without it being part of our debt."

"In this case, I doubt it," Harry replied. "You see, Dumbledore gave me the rights to the Basilisk this year and we sold it."

Arthur couldn't help but feel a small amount of envy for Harry. He knew the basilisk would command a great deal of money. He smiled at the young man though and asked "So what does that have to do with my family?"

"I am stopping at Gringotts when I leave here and while I am there, I plan on depositing ten thousand galleons in your vault," Harry held up his hand to stop Arthur from replying. "I plan on doing that for the next ten years. The favor I ask of your family is to accept it. When I desperately needed a family, you gave me one sir. Now I have the means to repay that kindness I plan to do it. I want Ginny and Ron to share in that money. Ron risked his life to join me and it was only bad fortune that prevented him from being there and we both know Ginny suffered a great deal that year. I thought they should get one thousand each, each year and you and Mrs. Weasley take the other eight thousand."

"Harry, we can't take your money," Arthur said.

"Sir, you said your family owed me and this is how I choose for you to repay me," Harry countered.

Mr. Weasley stared at the young man for several seconds before nodding. "If that's what you want."

"I'm also planning on giving Ginny a new broom for her birthday, but I'd appreciate you not telling her that," Harry said. "I just don't want you to let her buy herself one before then."

Arthur grinned. "I think we can keep her humble for a bit longer."

"Thank you sir. I hope I see you sometime this summer," Harry said.

"So no birthday at the Burrow?"

"I'll be in France this year for my birthday," Harry replied.

"Of course. I hope you can make Ginny's birthday then."

"I don't want to miss her opening her broom," Harry admitted. "But I will only be there if Gabrielle and Fleur are welcome as well."

Arthur nodded. "I will have a very long talk with Molly. They will be welcome."

The two of them returned to the rest of the group and Harry could see Bill still taking occasional glances at his bondmate. "So Bill, you haven't gone back to Egypt yet?"

"I'm transferring back here," Bill replied. "I will be working in the main office of Gringotts."


"You-Know-Who. I plan on joining the fight against him."

"Be safe then," Harry said and held out his hand to the eldest Weasley brother.

"Mr. Potter," A female voice called. Harry turned and found himself looking at Amelia Bones standing beside a young girl who looked familiar but Harry couldn't think of her name. "It's nice to see you and your...friends again," She said.

"Thank you ma'am," Harry replied.

"Minister," Amelia said to Alain.

"Director, 'ow are you today?" He said returning the greeting.

"Very well. Just collecting my niece," She turned back to Harry. "Do you know Susan? She's in Hufflepuff in your year."

"Hello Susan," Harry said and held out his hand. Susan reached gingerly for it and blushed as she shook it. He then introduced the rest of the people around him.

"I thought you'd want to know there was an attempt on Pettigrew's life last night," Amelia Bones said. "We were able to prevent it and captured another Death Eater. A ministry employee actually."

Arthur Weasley's interest rose. "Can I ask who Director?"

"Walden Macnair. He works for the..."

"Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures," Hermione finished. "He was the Executioner."

Madam Bone's monocled eye gave a quizzical look at Hermione.

"We helped Hagrid with the trial against the Hippogriff Buckbeak. Macnair was the executioner for that sham."

"If I remember correctly, the Hippogriff in question escaped. You wouldn't know anything about that would you Miss Granger?"

Alain noticed the look of discomfort on Hermione and his daughters' faces and read the situation correctly. "Director, I'm sure with what is 'appening, we don't need to waste time on such trivialities as zis? We are running late as it is."

Amelia smiled at Mr. Delacour. "My apologies Minister. I'm sorry to delay you. I shall see you on the tenth Mr. Potter?"

"Yes ma'am and please call me Harry."

As Amelia and Susan started to walk through the barrier, Susan turned back and said. "Bye Harry, have a good summer," Then blushing she turned and followed her Aunt.

Harry looked around at his bondmates and they were all looking at him and smirking.


"E really is clueless when it comes to women isn't 'e?" Fleur asked Hermione.

"It's not really his fault though," She replied.

"What?" Harry exclaimed again.

"Ginny isn't the only girl whose had a crush on Harry Potter," Hermione replied.


"Was one of them, but not nearly as much as some of the others; Romilda Vane is quite obsessed with you."

"But...but I don't even know them," Harry protested.

"And they don't know you either," Hermione replied taking his arm. "Besides, they are out of luck. You are ours."

Harry smiled at his bondmates as Fleur took his other arm. "I wouldn't want it any other way."

Mr. Delacour led the procession through the barrier where Richard and Jean Granger were waiting. Hermione ran to her parents and gave them each a hug.

"Hi princess," Her father said. "What did you do to your hair?"

"Magic," Hermione replied with a grin.

Richard Granger rolled his eyes good humorously at his daughter. He then looked over at Harry who was looking hesitantly back at him. Richard Granger took the three steps to the young man and shook his hand. "You know Hermione told us what you are doing for us," He said seriously. "Your Headmaster was at the house two days ago."

Harry shrugged. "You are probably in danger because of me sir, now that Voldemort is back. I will do what I can to prevent anything from happening to you," Mr. Granger knew without a doubt that the young man meant every word.

Nothing more needed to be said between the two men. Richard had already conceded in his heart that the young man in front of him was actually good enough for his princess. Even in their bizarre four way relationship, his daughter was happier than he had ever seen her and that was truly all a man could ever ask for his daughter. Though it didn't hurt that Hermione had mentioned they now shared a fifteen million pound nest egg from the sale of the creature Harry had killed.

Jean Granger was next to hug her daughter's boyfriend. "Thank you Harry," she said and kissed him on the cheek causing him to blush.

"Mum, Dad here are the things you need to wear," Hermione said as she handed the necklaces to her parents. "If you think you're in danger, just open them and pour the pebble into your hand."

"You know it might be a good idea to get a set of pictures of the known and suspected Death Eaters," Harry said. "That way they might spot someone who is following them."

"Zat is an excellent idea 'Arry," Alain said. "I'm sure your Auror department will 'ave something like it. I will have someone on my staff make sure it is requested."

"I need to go with Harry and my sisters now," Hermione said to her parents.

"Of course," Jean replied. "We just wanted to see you. Do you want us to take Crookshanks?"

"That might be best," Hermione agreed and passed the cage with the half-kneazle to her mother. She then knelt down and looked into the cage. "You be good Crookshanks. I'll see you in a few days."

Crookshanks just looked lazily at his mistress and went back to cleaning his fur.


"Yes Mum?"

"Harry is more than welcome to come."

Hermione smiled at her parents. They were still planning on their sleepover and Dr. Who marathon and this was the last part that was unsure.

"If the poor boy doesn't want to stay with all of you, I'll be glad to take him out on the links that day," Richard said. "Have you ever played golf Harry?"

"No sir, but I'm more than willing to learn sir."

"A driving range then. My club has a great one and they can fit a set of clubs for you."

"Sounds like fun sir. I look forward to it," Harry replied. He thought it would do well to get to know Mr. Granger better anyway.

"I think we need to get a move on," Mr. Delacour said as he pulled a pocket watch from his muggle suit. "You wanted to go to Gringotts I do believe."

"Yes sir, but how are we getting there?" Harry asked.

"Eet seems your uncle is impressed by status oui?"

"Yes," Harry answered wondering what Alain had planned.

"Then we shall impress him my son," Alain replied as his hand pointed to a very large stretch limousine double parked outside the station. "I took ze liberty of borrowing it from our embassy."

"But the neighbors."

"Are going to know ze truth, or as close as we can get anyway," Alain said with a smile.

Harry and his bondmates along with Alain climbed into the back of the limousine. Harry got to have the seat near all the buttons that controlled the lighting and music. Alain Delacour enjoyed watching the young man with so much on his shoulders acting like an almost fifteen year should as he kept pushing the buttons and changing the settings. Hermione took over the radio and it wasn't long before the four teenagers had found a music station they all agreed on. The ride to the Leaky Cauldron was a short one, but Alain kept looking out to make sure no one followed them. He knew in the front seat of the Limo was the best Hit Wizard in all of France just in case.

** E E **

At Gringotts, Harry presented the note to the teller who had them wait for several minutes while new keys were made for Vault 177. Again Harry had requested that four keys be made and one given to each of them. While they waited Harry made arrangements to have the ten thousand galleons moved to the Weasley vault. Twenty minutes later a goblin cart stopped in front of the Potters' vault and it took a minute of coaxing to get Hermione to believe the cart had actually stopped and she was still alive. Fleur and Gabrielle both enjoyed the thrill of the ride.

Harry stopped short of the Vault door and stared it as a nervous feeling invaded his stomach. He knew behind that door was something that was important to his parents; something that would finally link him to them. With an intake of breath to steady himself, he nodded to the Goblin who turned the key and opened the vault. Green smoke poured out and when it cleared he found himself looking into a fairly large vault.

The first thing that came to Harry's mind was that his mother was just like Hermione, or the other way around. Outside of the mounds of coins that covered a whole corner of the vault, everything else was neatly organized and labeled. What appeared to be standard clear muggle storage containers lined the various walls. The ones closest to the door had labels that proclaimed such things as Evan's family photos and Lily's Wedding Dress while further back most of the containers had the name Potter on them. It seemed like someone had organized centuries of stuff in a neat fashion.

"Ees zere an accounting for 'ow much money is 'ere?" Alain asked the Goblin.

"That question can only be answered if the primary vault owner or owners asks it," the goblin stated.

"Of course," Mr. Delacour replied. He looked at Harry who repeated the question.

The goblin reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of parchment. He ran his long finger down the page and finally said. "There are one hundred forty-eight thousand Galleons, four hundred sickles in this vault. Per the original orders for this vault and investments, twenty percent of the wealth would remain in coin form in the vault.

Harry looked at Alain and asked. "What does that mean?"

"It means this is only a small part of the overall amount your parents left you. If my calculations are correct you have about seven hundred and fifty thousand galleons in all and of course that doesn't include the other vault."

The goblin was once again referring to the parchment. "Originally it was only eighty thousand galleons when this vault went inactive, but once the Wizard Dark Lord was banished fourteen years ago, businesses flourished and investment returns were unmatched."

"So it's likely business will start to do badly again with Voldemort back?"

If you wish financial advice, we can provide it for a fee," the goblin replied testily.

"Harry I think you might want to take the money out of the investments they are in," This was from Hermione.

"It's OUR money, so we can decide," Harry replied then he looked at Alain who shrugged. "My own adviser suggested moving my investments to muggle based investments for ze time being."

Harry was about to answer when he noticed a table between two stacks of containers. Hanging on the wall above the table were photographs and other parchments. "Do what you think is best Hermione," He said distractedly as he walked over to the table and looked around.

Spread out over the table was what appeared to be drawings of a home and the surrounding lands and gardens. There was even a small lake on the property. There were little notes in ink all over the page. The lake had been given a name 'Lake Lily' while the house had first been labeled Marauder's Mansion by what seemed to be James' scrawl, but that was crossed out and Potter's Place was written in below it in Lily's neat handwriting. Then as he looked at the house design, he saw something else written. One of the five bedrooms in the house had been label 'Harry's room.'

"Was this their home?" Harry murmured.

Hermione and his other bondmates were now beside him looking at it. Hermione glanced up at the photographs hanging over the table and realized some of them were aerial shots of the land outlined in the plans below, but there was no house and no Godric's Hollow.

"I don't think so," Hermione said and she pointed to the photographs. "I think this is the land...see the lake? But there's no house in the photo, nor is there any town around it and they lived in Godric's Hollow."

"This is it, isn't it?" Harry asked. "What they were giving me, but what is it?"

Fleur had noticed something else lying on the table. "It was zeir dream I think," She pulled out the parchment that showed a deed to a large plot of land. "I don't think you would 'ave been an only child."

"Why is this here?" Harry asked. "They couldn't have done all of this here could they?"

"Maybe, remember they were moving around a lot before they went under the Fidelius," Hermione reminded him. "They might have wanted a place to keep it spread out."

"Twenty minutes of Vault time is all that I can stay," The Goblin announced. "If we stay any longer I must charge you for my time."

"Come 'Arry," Alain said gently. "Let's get you some gold and get your summer started. If you'd like, we can take zis with you, or take it to my 'ouse so you can 'ave it zis summer."

"Could you sir? Take it on to your house?" Harry asked. "I'd like to explore it some more later."

Alain nodded. He pulled out his wand and shrunk the plans and pictures down. He folded them carefully together and put them in his pocket. "I will have zem waiting for you when you get zere. Now get your gold and we can get out of 'ere."

Harry glared at Hermione when she only took a handful of Galleons.

"Fine," She said finally and shoveled more gold coins into her bag until it was completely full.

"Wonder how much we took?" She asked as she looked at the pile of coins that didn't appear to have changed.

The Goblin looked down at the parchment he had and said. "The vault now has twelve hundred and eighteen less Galleons than it did."

Soon they had exited Gringotts and made their way back out of the Leaky Cauldron. The limousine was still parked where they had left it. The man dressed as the Chauffeur was leaning against the bonnet reading a newspaper.

The ride to Little Whinging was a more somber affair. Though Hermione still tuned in another radio station, Harry was obviously thinking of the vault and his parents. When the driver signaled that they were only ten minutes away, Harry's bondmates gently brought him out of his thoughts.

Shortly the limousine turned onto Privet Drive and stopped in front of Number Four. When Hermione went to open the door, Alain shook his head. "Wait," He said smiling.

As they looked out the darkened windows, they could see various neighbors starting to look out their windows, or coming out to see what was afoot at the Dursleys. Finally they saw the front door of Privet Drive open and the overly large shape of Uncle Vernon appeared dressed in one of his best suits.

The Chauffeur got out of the limousine and as Vernon Dursley approached he asked. "Ees zis number four Privet Drive? Mr. Vernon Dursley?"

Vernon swelled as he looked importantly around at his neighbors. Though it was only a Frenchman, he obviously had an important passenger. "Why yes, that's ME and that's MY house."

"Ah, excellent," The Chauffeur replied and went to open the door to the back. "My employer would like a few words if 'e may."

"Of course, Of course," Vernon said and by then Petunia, who had obviously tried to quickly throw on a dress and beautify herself, walked out and joined her husband.

Alain gave Harry a wink. "What is ze muggle saying? It's showtime?"

Harry couldn't help but smile at Fleur's father. Mr. Delacour got out quickly when the door opened. The Chauffeur quickly closed it again to make sure the Dursleys could not see who else was in the car.

"Good day Monsieur Dursley," Alain said in a voice that carried well. "I am a representative of ze French Government and I've come to safely deliver several special...people to your care for ze near future."

By now many of the surrounding neighbors were out in the lawn watching and listening to what was going on. Some had moved onto the road itself.

"Ze gentleman in question recently risked 'is own life in preventing a known terrorist from carrying out a plot zat would 'ave endangered ze country while 'e also willingly threw 'is body in front of a...a bullet to prevent 'arm to an innocent person," Alain continued and the crowd of neighbors drew closer listening to his every word. Vernon was starting to get suspicious but could not stop what was happening. "In fact my government and 'er majesty's government both 'ave acknowledged 'is deeds, unfortunately zey could not do it publicly because of ze nature of ze threat," Alain nodded at the chauffeur who reopened the door. Fleur was the first one to step out followed closely by her sister. "Zese are two of 'is girlfriends, oh and zere is 'is ze third," Hermione climbed out of the car. "Of course you must know I am speaking of your nephew Mr. 'Arry Potter who attends one of ze more prestigious boarding schools in ze country," Harry couldn't help but chuckle as he climbed out of the car. Vernon face was as red as it could be as he stared at the freak in front of him.

All around them they heard the neighbors talking to each other. Sounds of 'St. Brutus?' 'Government?' 'Terrorist?' could be heard.

As Harry saw Dudley come running out of the house, he couldn't help but lean over and kiss Fleur who returned the kiss with a lot of passion.

When Harry turned and started kissing Hermione in a similar manner, one of the neighbors yelled out. "We thought he went to St. Brutus's. Dursley has been telling me for years to not let my daughter near him. He said the boy was a no good troublemaker."

"Is zat so? Well I believe if you call St. Brutus and ask if Mr. Potter goes zere, you will discover ze truth of ze matter," Alain replied to the neighbor. "Mr Potter attends a school so selective, zat it isn't even known to ze public. Only zose who are invited may attend," He then looked at Vernon and wondered if the man could get any redder. "Shall we go inside," He asked the overweight man.

Vernon nodded as he thought of what he was going to do to the little man and the freak who was trying to humiliate him once he got them away from his neighbors.

Alain turned to the Chauffeur. "Jean Pierre, would you get zeir bags."

"Oui Monsieur."

When they had entered the house and the door was closed, Vernon rounded on Alain Delacour with his fist raised only to find a wand under his chin.

"Do you think that little stick scares me?" Vernon sneered and tried to grab it.

Alain stepped one step back as a yellow light came from the tip of his wand. When it hit Vernon's hand; he instantly started screaming in pain. As he held his hand out in front of him, everyone could see his fingers were all pointing in various directions.

"Zat was a bone breaking 'ex," Alain said as his eyes focused sharply on the overweight man. "Try to touch my wand again and I'll do much much worse," He looked over at Fleur. "Could you put up some silencing charms? Zis might become noisy."

"Oui, Papa," Fleur replied as she pulled out her wand.

Petunia started screaming at that time, and Alain wave his wand toward her. Her mouth continued to move, but no sounds came out.

"You FREAK!" Vernon yelled. "You undo whatever you just did to my wife."

Alain rounded on Vernon again as his eyes narrowed. He raised his wand threateningly. "Zat word almost cost me my daughters," He said dangerously. "YOU almost cost me my daughters."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Vernon said trying to be defiant but losing ground fast. "I've never met you or your daughters."

"Non, you 'aven't and I'm not going to explain, but if you ever call anyone zat name again, you will not like ze results," Alain said. "Especially 'Arry. Understand zat in ze last few months zat young man 'as save my daughters lives more zan once. 'E 'as become like a son to me. Now if you think I will allow you to ever insult 'im again, you are very much mistaken."

"I don't know what that Frea..." Vernon started only to have Alain's wand pointed at his other hand.

"I can break zem all, and zen your toes and ze rest of your bones in your body and zen start all over again."

"You...you can't," Vernon said as he stared at the wand. "You need us for those blood thingies, it was in that letter."

"Ah, so you know about ze blood wards zat ze 'Eadmaster put up."

"Like I said, it was in that bloody letter that came with the Fr..." Vernon's voice froze when Alain pointed his wand at Vernon's other hand. It took a second for him to regain the use of his tongue. "B..boy. You need us."

"Non, you don't understand," Alain said in a very dangerous voice. "We do not need your blood or ze blood of zat fat cochon," He pointed over at Dudley who was trying to make himself as small as he could in the corner of the room. "I can transfigure the two of you into pigs and put you in a local petting zoo. I only need Petunia's blood," He looked over at the long necked woman. "It is only 'er blood zat matters and even zen I can transfigure 'er into a hamster and put 'er in a cage."

"You can't do this," Vernon cried as he went even paler. Harry noticed a strong smell of urine in the room. "There are laws. We talked to those people when the...the boy blew up Marge."

"Non," Alain replied as he tapped his wand on Vernon's nose causing Vernon's eyes to continually cross. "You see, I am a French Diplomat. I 'ave diplomatic immunity in zis country. I can gut you right now and let you bleed to death and zen go back to my life with no problems."

Vernon's face was as pale as Harry had ever seen him. Harry glanced at Fleur. "Can he actually do that to Uncle Vernon?"

"Non, well ze English government couldn't do anything but ours, I mean ze french would," Fleur explained. "But your uncle does not know zat does 'e?"

"Now I think I 'ave you attention so we shall talk," Alain said as he motioned the two elder Dursleys toward the couch. "If you listen, I will fix your 'and before I leave."

Vernon looked down at his misshapen fingers that were throbbing in pain. He swallowed nervously and nodded.

Alain looked at Petunia. "Can you listen quietly or do I need to leave you silenced."

Petunia tried to say something but still nothing came out. Finally she nodded, but her eyes continued to glare at Alain.

"Very well," Alain said and countered the silencing charm. "Now," He started when the Dursleys were sitting on the sofa, trying to bury themselves in the back of it. "Understand zat 'Arry is 'ere not for 'is protection, but for yours."

"That's nonsense. What does he being here do for us?" Vernon asked.

"Voldemort is back and looking for 'Arry," Alain said.

"But...but he's dead," Petunia said. "He's...he's the one who Harry killed all those years ago."

"Banished yes," Alain said. "But not killed. 'E is back."

"So," Vernon said. "Even more reason for the...FR..." Vernon had to struggle with himself to get the right word, "boy to leave."

"Oh well if you truly want 'im to leave 'e will," Alain looked over at Harry. "Won't you?"

"In an instant," Harry replied.

"Then get out," Vernon said. "I don't want anything to do with your kind ever again."

"Are you really zat stupid?" Mr. Delacour asked. "If 'e leaves, zose wards fail within days."

"So?" Vernon asked but Petunia had gone very white.

"They'd look here wouldn't they?"

"Ah...so Lily didn't get all ze Evan's brains did she?" Alain replied.

Petunia had already turned to her husband. 'Vernon, they would come here looking for him."

"So we just tell him he doesn't live here anymore," Vernon stated.

Alain shook his head slightly as he let out a sigh. He'd had to deal with difficult people before, but outright stupidity always bothered him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small book and laid it on the table in front of the sofa. With a wave of his wand it grew several sizes.

"Ze people who would come 'ere are called Death Eaters," He started. "Zey think muggles, zat is non-magical people like you, are just animals," He opened the book to the first page. There was a very graphic picture from a magical newspaper. "Zis is one of zeir favorite ways to kill muggles. Eet is called the bowel removal hex. Zey usually wrap ze bowels around zeir victim's neck once zey are dead. See zat's it around zat man's neck," He turned the page and four people lay dead in the next photo. "It took a day for ze Aurors to discover zat zese muggles died because someone transfigured zeir brains into grass as a joke," Page after page of muggles who had been killed by Death Eaters in gruesome or bizarre manners were shown to the Dursleys. Alain finally looked at the Dursleys. "Of course zere is always ze torture curse which feels like a million white 'ot needles sticking in you all at once," He shrugged "Now if 'Arry stays for two weeks, ze wards will stay up until September when ze world will know 'e is back at school or 'e can leave now. Eet is your choice."

Harry almost laughed as Vernon and Petunia even offered their bedroom to Harry and his girlfriends. When the Dursleys were told Harry and the young ladies would be staying in a tent in the back yard, Vernon offered to get the tent and help set it up. When the tent was finally up with muggle repelling charms set around the door and the teens trunks in place in the rooms of the tent, Alain had some final words to Vernon and Petunia.

"My eldest daughter, she is of legal age," He said. "She can and will do magic. Do not insult 'er, do not insult any of zem or I will be back and you will very much regret it. Zough I think if you do insult 'er or any of zose young women, 'Arry will make you regret it."

Vernon looked nervously at the man but nodded.

"I do 'ave to ask one question zough. Petunia, you knew what a wizard could do," Alain started. "Did you really think zat if you abused 'Arry like you did, 'e wouldn't someday come back and destroy you? You are very very fortunate zat young man is who 'e is. I tried to tell 'im to let you be; let ze wards fail. I think you will find in ze long run you will owe your lives to 'im as well," With those words, Alain Delacour left the Dursleys. He bid the young bondmates goodnight, and strolled back to the limousine. There were still plenty of neighbors around asking questions. Jean Pierre had been busy answering those questions as he had been rehearsed to do. Never again would the people of Privet Drive believe Harry Potter was anything less than a hero.

"Jean Pierre, Mr. Potter is safely with 'is relatives, I think we can leave now."

As the limousine drove away, Alain Delacour felt like he did a good job. He just wondered why no one had stuck up for the boy earlier.

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