Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



31. Chapter 31 Recap Chapters 15 through 30

Chapter 15 - This chapter begins with Harry waking up next to Hermione. They have a sincere chat dealing with the possibility of sex. Hermione deduces that when sex is introduced into the relationship it will have profound effects.

Remus arrives and chats with Dumbledore. The bonded make their first appearance to the rest of the school. Draco insults Gabrielle, Fleur and Hermione, and Fleur gets a bit of revenge with her Bowel cleansing spell. Finally they escort Remus into the Chamber where they tell him the secret.

Chapter 16 – Starts off with the bonded beginning to leave the Chamber. Remus discusses the pranks and Basilisk with Harry who agrees to letting Remus do the job. Later Harry discusses things with Ron who seems to have a problem with Veelas. Later in the Chamber Fleur and Hermione are able to complete the Patronus Charm. Finally the Headmaster asks them to bring Buckbeak from the cave to the castle and after a close call with Filch, they are able to do that.

Chapter 17 – Starts off with a mental conversation between Fleur and Harry. Ginny and Gabrielle become friends. Hermione gets letters from the Skeeter article, of which most are destroyed by Fleur. Nifflers in Hagrid's class. Hermione gets a lesson on House elves and bonds from Fleur. Molly Weasley sends a Howler calling Gabrielle a Veela Hussy while The twins are introduced to Fleur. Snape taunts Harry in class about the skeeter article and the howler to which Harry fights back with advice from Fleur and Hermione. Ginny receives a letter from her mother that she shares. It discusses that her mother things Ginny would be a better match for Harry. Gabrielle discovers Luna.

This chapter ends with Fleur showing Harry and error in his potion making, and the Twins finally throwing their celebration party for Harry completing the second task.

Chapter 18 – A visit to Privet Drive for pranking ideas. The twins confront Harry about Fleur. A room is found behind the Statue in the Chamber and Tom Riddle's journal is found within it. Hermione reads the word Horcrux out loud sending Dumbledore into a frenzy, and finally Dumbledore thinks about what he reads in the journal.

Chapter 19 – Pranks start against the Dursleys and Remus discusses the value of the Basilisk with Harry. The twins are taken to the Chamber and let in on the secret.

Chapter 20 – Pranks, pranks and more pranks. Snape discusses Harry's new occlumency skills with Dumbledore, and Fleur and Hermione have another discussion where Fleur reveals to Hermione that she already considers Harry her husband and Hermione discovers her hair changing abilities.

Chapter 21 – Another Prank, Harry discovers Hermione's hair styling skills, and Gabrielle is distracted in McGonagall's class because of Harry kissing Hermione. Easter eggs arrive from Mrs. Weasley and returned along with a polite refusal letter. Mr. Delacour sends a letter about a book on Horcruxes while Remus recommends a new person to help sell the Basilisk parts when he finds out Mundungus is trying to rip them off. He also tells Harry about Lily (snape was her friend.) Mr. Delacour arrives and gives them the book while also giving Harry a potion that will allow him to buy Gabrielle and gift and not allow her to find out what it is. He also figures our Padfoot is Sirius and discusses helping him.

Chapter 22 – Harry figures out the Diary was probably a Horcrux. He and his bondmates discuss his scar and while under the purple potion's effects and shopping for Gabrielle's present, he collapses and he gets a vision of Voldemort and Wormtail. This leads to an indepth discussion with Dumbledore and he finds out they know what Horcruxes are. Rita skeeter publishes another article on Harry and Hermione realizes Skeeter's secret.

Chapter 23 – Draco and his thugs are introduced to the waterfall potion to start off the chapter. Bagman tells about the third task, Mr. Crouch shows up. During Gabrielle's birthday party, Harry tell her he loves her. He then makes an early morning trip to the Beauxbaton carriage to tell fleur as well. Vernon has his first golf outing which doesn't go so well while Petunia discovers the loose floorboard in Dudley's room.

Chapter 24 – Draco and goons try to attack Gabrielle causing her to transform. Harry comforts her and lets her know that he accepts her for who she is when she gets upset and is afraid Harry might not love her anymore. Harry and Gabrielle visit the Headmaster where they enter the memories in the Headmaster's pensieve. Upon exiting the memories, they discuss the attack with Dumbledore. They talk to Winky and decide to discuss bonding with her. Ginny is brought into the secret.

Chapter 25 – Ginny and Gabrielle talk, Harry gets the map from Moody, after an all night vigil with the map including Moaning Myrtle, they discover and capture Skeeter. They came to a deal with the reporter in the Room of Requirements. Skeeter writes a good article on the attack which surprises Dumbledore. Ludo's story also breaks and he is dismissed. The morning of the third task with Mrs. Weasley and Bill coming to see Harry.

Chapter 26 – The Delacour parents meet Sirius and Remus in the Chamber. The Champions go into the maze. Fleur and Harry work together. They discover Moody is actually Crouch Jr. and Dumbledore stuns him and takes him back to his office. As Harry and Fleur argue about taking the cup together, Dumbledore figures out it might be a trap a little too late.

Chapter 27 – The third task from Gabrielle's and Hermione's viewpoint. The plan and rescue of Harry, the battle in the Graveyard. Harry gets hit with the Killing Curse and meeting his parents when he 'dies' along with the death of the Horcrux that was in him. He returns and hits Voldemort with a Curse that seriously injuries him and forces him to apparate away. Sirius captures Pettigrew.

Chapter 28 –Voldemort goes to the Malfoy Manor. Fleur kills Nagini then heals Harry's arm. They all go back to Dumbledore's office. We learn that Rita Skeeter had trailed along and witnessed Voldemort. Lucius is sent to the Graveyard to clean up the evidence and look for Nagini. Pettigrew and crouch Jr. are taken to the hospital wing. Fudge shows up with Dementors. Dumbledore, Harry, Fleur and Hermione all produce the Patronuses, while Gabrielle working with the Memory of Harry being alive, produces hers for the first time. It is a Doe. Fudges thinks Dumbledore is up to some kind of trick and doesn't believe Crouch and Pettigrew are who they are. He orders all the Champions back to the pitch so he can get to other business. When they get there, they realize the Triwizard cup was left in the Graveyard. When Fudge is reciting rules that the winner is the one who brings the cup out of the maze, Lucius Malfoy, who had picked up the cup in the Graveyard appears next to them.

Chapter 29 – Fudge refuses to believe any of Dumbledore's story is real. He even thinks Malfoy is a polyjuiced imposter trying to make him look bad. He orders Amelia Bones to thoroughly investigate the issue and prove who the imposters are. He and Dolores Umbridge leave (to go to Malfoy's house to prove he is home and not the 'imposter' on the ground.) Before leaving he does award Harry the cup and winnings from the tournament. Rita and the bonded talk about what she will print the next day and eventually they end up in the Room of Requirements for a night of sleep together. Their slumber is awakened by Dobby who let's them know it's time to be questioned. After a quick stop by the Headmaster's office so he can ask them not to tell Madam Bones about Horcruxes, they discuss the previous night's events with her, eventually having to tell her about the bond. Harry gets very upset to discover the Lucius Malfoy walked away without being charged. Later at Breakfast the prophet arrives with the first three stories by Skeeter in it. The stories are the Dark Lord has returned, Sirius Black might be innocent, and a story about Harry surviving another killing curse. Minister Fudge realizes his errors while Umbridge isn't so quick to do so. The Chapter ends in the Headmaster's office with Harry asking about the Prophecy.

Chapter 30 – Harry and his bondmates discuss what happened when Harry is hit by the killing curse, The girls aren't convinced that it wasn't just a dream. They discuss things with Viktor including the secret of them being bonded. In Dumbledore's office they spend a great deal of time convincing the Headmaster to divulge his secrets about the Prophecy and the Horcrux he suspected Harry had in him. They also talk about Harry's parent's wills. After Dumbledore reveals the prophecy and that he believes Harry is a horcrux, Harry gives him the memory of meeting his parents. A discussion on how many Horcruxes Voldemort might have happens. Dumbledore also suggests that in order to protect the Dursley's, Harry should return to their house to recharge the Wards. After a tense standoff, Harry agrees but only if Wards and Portkeys are given to Hermione's parents. Finally the chapter ends with Amelia Bones thinking of what she did to Malfoy, and how it might play out with Voldemort.

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