Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



30. Chapter 30 Discussions with Dumbledore

As Dumbledore's eyes gazed into his own, Harry thoughts roamed back to an hour earlier when he had asked his bondmates to walk with him after breakfast. He wanted to let them know what had happened when he was hit by the curse. Though each of them had been curious about the emotions he had been feeling, they had respected his wishes of not reading his thoughts. When they left the Great Hall, Harry led them down to Black Lake. The path they found themselves on meandered close to the edge of the body of water only moving away as trees and rocks prevent it from its true course. There was even a small bridge that crossed the inlet of water the boats that carried the first years to the castle used to get to the castle. Harry's bondmates knew what he wanted to tell them was serious and though no words were spoken they continually looked at each other. They waited patiently as they walked, knowing Harry would gather his thoughts and tell them when he was ready.

Summer had arrived and the morning was beautiful. The sun was still low over the surrounding mountains and the golden light caught on the small ripples on the lake. Harry gazed out over the water as they strolled along the lake's bank. Finally after a while he started his story. "Last night when the killing curse hit me..." He could feel Fleur's emotions when he said that and looked over at her. "Fleur, I did what I had to do and I would do it again. I couldn't let anything happen to you. Do you think I could live with myself if you had died?"

"And do you think I would want to live if you died?" Fleur cried out as tears sprung into her eyes as the memories of Harry falling dead in front of her again. She looked toward the lake for a few seconds before turning back to Harry still blinking back tears. "Eet was something you would learn zis summer about ze bond. Most Veela stop wanting to live when zeir bondmate dies."

"But..." Harry started looking dismayed at Fleur and then at the rest of his bondmates.

Fleur cut him off as she started to explain. "It isn't like ze bond kills us, non, eets..." She again stopped for several seconds as she looked for a way to explain what she was trying to say. "Do you know 'ow sad you are when you think of your parents?"

Harry did something that surprised all of his bondmates. He smiled when she mentioned his parents. "I guess but maybe not so much anymore. But I'll explain later. What about being sad?"

"Ow would you feel if every single second of ze day you 'ad to think about zat loss? Be reminded of it?" Fleur explained. "If you were to die, my magic...our magic," She nodded toward Gabrielle and Hermione, "will still seek you out and we will feel it. We will feel it not finding you. Every day for as long as we live we will feel zat loss, not just in our 'earts, but in our magic as well. Remember when we first bonded and you were trying to find a word to describe 'ow you felt? You finally settled on complete?"

"Yeah," Harry replied.

"We feel ze same way and if you were gone we would feel like we're not all zere anymore," Fleur explained. "It's not zat simple, but..." She trailed off again as she compose her thoughts. "I can't really say what I would do 'Arry..."

"I'd hope you, Gabrielle and Hermione would all try to be happy together," Harry replied. "Don't throw away a few years when we'll have all the time we want afterwards," He again looked at the three of them. "If I do die, just remember that I'll be with my parents and I'll always be watching you as well."

Hermione was the first to respond to Harry's sincerity. "It's a nice thought love, but we don't know that. Even with ghosts around, no one really knows what really happens after death. I know Dumbledore told you it was the next great adventure, but how does he really know?"

"I do know," Harry replied. "I know there is more."

"What do you mean Harry?" Hermione asked. "You know there's a...a what? A heaven?"

That's what I want to tell you," Harry said. He glanced around and finding a clear place to sit, he pulled his bondmates over. When they were all comfortable he explained. "When I got hit by the curse...I woke up somewhere else," He paused as he thought about what happened. "I first thought I was back in bondimage because I was back in that house. I spent what seems like a long time there and I...I...I met my parents and found out some things."

"But it was only a few seconds while you..." Fleur said.

"To me it was a lot longer," Harry said. "It's hard to explain, so I want you to see it. I want you to see what happened. I'm going to remember it now."

All three bondmates watched as Harry woke up and explored the house and then meeting his mother and father. Seeing the soul piece of Voldemort and finally the discussion afterwards. When they all looked at Harry confused as they tried to figure out exactly what they just saw.

"So you see, there is an afterlife and when it's time I will see my parents again," Harry said as he returned his bondmates' gaze. "And they love you and...and are happy for us."

Hermione started to bite her lower lip as thoughts flooded her mind; thoughts she wanted to convey but wasn't sure how. Just as she was about to say something Fleur said it first. "Arry, what if eet was just a dream?"

"It wasn't. I'm sure of that," Harry countered. "It happened and I know my parents are watching me," He tried to blink away the tears that had come into his eyes. "And they are proud of me."

Hermione moved over to sit next to Harry and leaned her head onto his shoulder. "I love you Harry, we all love you, but we don't want you to be disappointed if you find out it wasn't real," She saw he was about to reject the idea again. "Just hear me out Harry, please," She looked into his eyes and continued. "I'm not saying it wasn't real, but your mind can play tricks on you, especially if it thinks it's dying. You associate death with your parents and while you laid there you heard Voldemort say something about a prophecy and you knew about Horcruxes. Your mind might have made it all up as it thought it was going to die."

"But..." Harry started to protest.

"It might have happened Harry," Hermione continued through his protest. "But we just don't want to you to be hurt if it was a dream. Besides do you really think Professor Dumbledore really thought you had to die?"

"If I am or was a horcrux yes," Harry replied as he looked at his bondmates. He could feel their concern. He thought of what he had seen and though he was confident it had been real, he could see why they might think differently. He smiled at them and nodded. "I understand what you're trying to say," He cast his mind around looking for an argument until finally he said. "Look, I didn't know anything about my parents' wills, so if Dumbledore has been doing something with them and my father had protected them like that, would that be proof that it was my parents?"

"Zat will definitely be proof," Fleur replied. "But love, even if eet was a dream, I'm sure your parents are very proud of you."

They all sat in silence for a little while, each of them looking over the water, finally Gabrielle said. "Eet will be nice to be 'ome. I want to swim in zee sea," She looked at Harry. "You're going to love it. Warm water, sandy beaches and ze fishes zat swim zere are beautiful."

Harry smiled at her enthusiasm. "As long as my angel is there, I'm sure it will be perfect."

"Better tell Maman zat you will need a new bathing suit," Fleur told her sister. "Your old one isn't going to fit anymore."

"Non, no maillot, I want a bikini like yours," Gabrielle replied sulkily.

Though Harry had seen both of them with no clothes on in their minds, there was something special about images of the Delacour sisters in bikinis that brought a smile to his face. Hermione was the first to notice.

"I think you broke him Gabrielle," She said as she nodded at their bondmate. "I have a bikini as well you know. Though I think I might need a new one since I've grown a little since last summer. Want to help me pick it out?" She said to him and the smile on his face seemed to get larger as the far off look in his eyes grew more noticeable. The bond sisters all ended up laughing at his expression.

"Shall I mention I sunbathe topless at 'ome?" Fleur asked mischievously.

"Think you would like to watch us all sunbathing topless Harry?" Hermione asked.

All thoughts of dying and the events of the previous night had fled the mind of the fourteen year old at those thoughts. Only a slight nodding of his head gave any indications he had any active thoughts at all.

"We should head back to ze castle," Fleur said finally to shatter Harry's dreamlike state. "We have zat meeting wiz ze 'eadmaster soon."

Just as they stood up to start back a voice called to them. They looked around and saw Viktor Krum walking toward them from the castle. Harry looked at Hermione who shrugged. They had told him last night they would explain and now would be as good a time as ever. They closed the distance to the Quidditch star and finally Harry put out his hand. "How are you this morning Viktor?"

"I'm fine," He responded shaking Harry's hand. "I just finished being questioned by that lady about last night."

"How did it go?"

"They are not going to charge me for attacking you and Cedric or using the torture curse," Krum started.

"Of course they wouldn't," Hermione exclaimed forcefully. "You were imperiused."

Krum shrugged, "I take nothing for granted. You know the reputation of my school. Especially vith everyone saying Karkaroff ran off to join the Dark Lord again."

Harry remembered memory that he had seen in Dumbledore's pensieve. "He would do that? He betrayed a lot of Voldemort's supporters to go free."

Krum shrugged. "I don't know. He might have run as vell. All I know is he is not here."

"How will you get back to Durmstrang?" Harry asked. "Without Karkaroff to sail your ship?"

Krum laughed heartily. "Karkaroff did not sail the ship. He stayed in his cabin the whole time," He explained. "Ve vill not have any troubles getting back."

"I'm glad," Hermione replied. When a quizzical look appeared on Viktor's face she continued. "I really want to be your friend Viktor. I'm sorry if you wanted more, but..." She moved beside Harry and shrugged as she said. "I'm with Harry."

Again no emotions passed over Krum's face as he asked. "Can you tell me about...?" He nodded his head to Fleur and Gabrielle.

"Can you keep what we tell you a secret? At least until later in the summer?"

"Who vould I tell?" Krum asked before nodding his acceptance. "I vill not tell anyone."

"You know about Veela?" Hermione asked.

"Da," Krum responded and looked at the two Delacours. "Durmstrang teaches about them in Magical Creatures."

"Creatures?" Harry asked angrily but Fleur put a hand on his arm. "It's alright 'Arry."

Krum had already raised a hand in protest at Harry's outburst. "I have nothing but the utmost respect for Fleur and Veela in general. Remember they are the mascots of my Quidditch team and I know several of them. But there are some who take advantage of their abilities..."

"And Ron and his mother get to read sensationalized stories about those encounters?" Hermione asked.

"I do not know who Ron... Oh that's your friend who..."

"Yes, that Ron," Hermione replied.

Krum shrugged. "Those stories can be damaging to Veela in general."

"It is true 'Arry," Fleur said. "Zere are some Veela who do take advantage of zeir power over men. Just as there are some wizards who abuse Muggles. No race is perfect."

"Okay," Harry responded as he felt the anger diminish.

"Fleur and Gabrielle both love bonded with Harry," Hermione explained to the Durmstrang Champion. "And...and I joined the bond when they offered me the chance."

"But you are not Veela?" Krum replied. "Are you?"

"No, but we're not ready to share that story," Hermione replied. "Just please accept that it did happen."

"That is the truth?" Krum asked. "You're not just trying to get rid of me?"

Hermione walked over and gave Viktor a hug and kissed him on the cheek. "You are a very special person Viktor. I had a wonderful time at the Ball, well until Ron got upset with me anyway, but I realized it has always been Harry," She smiled at the Bulgarian. "Friends?"

Viktor leaned over and returned the kiss her on the cheek as well. "Of course. You vill still write though von't you?"

"Definitely," Hermione replied. She then looked down at her watch. "I'm sorry Viktor, but we are supposed to be in Dumbledore's office in ten minutes," She said and then turning to everyone else. "I think we need to hurry."

Harry shook Krum's hand again and then thought of something. "Can you do me a favor?" He then explained what he wanted.

Harry's attention returned to Dumbledore's office as he watched the venerable Headmaster sigh as he sat back in his chair. No twinkle existed in his eyes at the moment as he returned Harry's gaze.

After a few seconds of meditation Dumbledore finally broke the silence. "Understand that it was never my intention to keep this information from you forever. I just felt you weren't ready for it yet."

"Ready to know there is prophecy that says only I can defeat Voldemort?"

Dumbledore eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the black-haired young man in front of him. Everyone else in the room was looking at Harry as well.

"How did you find out?" Dumbledore asked finally.

"Why don't you tell me about the Prophecy first and then I'll tell you."

Dumbledore sat in silence for a while but realized that he had not choice but yield at least some information. With a sigh to show his reluctance he started with a word of caution. "I see you are not leaving me much choice in the matter, but before I mention anything, you must promise never to take that potion again. "Voldemort only knows some of the prophecy and I believe that link you share with him can be used both ways."

Harry couldn't contain himself anymore. "The same link you thought I had to die to get rid of?" He asked in a voice filled with malice. Every word dripped in the anger Harry felt as he glared at the Headmaster. "Do you want to tell everyone in this room what you suspect is in me? Especially what you think it means to my future or do you want me to?"

Everyone was now looking at Dumbledore. The Headmaster was not used to being in this situation. He was used to being in control of the information and doling it out as he saw fit. His still hoped he could minimize how much he had to reveal this morning while discovering how Harry had discovered what he knew. "It's possible Harry doesn't know everything or is even guessing," He thought. "I'll let you start then Harry. What do you think I've kept from you besides the prophecy?"

"I know..." Harry started.

"Non..." Fleur cut him off abruptly. When Harry looked over at her in surprise she explained. "E's trying to find out what you know love."

"Eet is true 'Arry," Alain Delacour agreed. "It is a simple trick you learn to use," He explained as he looked over at the young man he now truly considered a son. "E's wants to know the extent of what you know and zen 'e will either find a way to explain it away or just concur zat is all zere is to know. You must not let him control zis conversation."

"Can you help me sir?" Harry asked Mr. Delacour.

With those words from Harry to Alain Delacour, Albus Dumbledore realized he had made another serious mistake when it came to Harry Potter. He had had a chance to reclaim the confidence of the young man, but now he knew it would be Alain Delacour that Harry turned to for advice for the future.

Of course 'Arry," Mr. Delacour replied and then turned his eyes onto Dumbledore. "Ze truth is a wonderful thing 'eadmaster, is it not? It is obvious zat 'Arry knows many things you are keeping secret. I would recommend now would be a good time to...eh...come clean." He turned back to Harry. "If ze 'eadmaster is reluctant to give you ze answers you seek, you are not required to stay 'ere you know? I am sure zat Madam Maxime would find a spot at Beauxbatons for you and Miss Granger."

"Beauxbatons? But I don't know French sir," Harry replied.

"Oui, zat is true," Alain replied. "But we can get you two a private tutor for your classes until your language skills are acceptable. I'm sure my daughters will be glad to 'elp."

Albus had paled as he sat in his seat. The thought of Harry Potter leaving Hogwarts wasn't something he wanted to contemplate especially after last night. With the stories that were in the Prophet this morning, Harry's name would once again be on the lips of every witch and wizard in the country. In the coming war against Voldemort, Dumbledore knew what the country must have above all else is hope. That is something Harry could provide. If he were to leave the country, it would be seen as him fleeing and the country would quickly lose all hope and fall to Voldemort without much of a struggle. Dumbledore knew he couldn't say that though. Harry never wanted to be anything but normal. Finally he spoke. "It would be extremely dangerous for Beauxbatons to take on Mr. Potter during these times with Voldemort having returned. It would place the entire school in jeopardy."

"Are you suggesting zat 'Ogwarts is safer zan Beauxbatons?" Alain queried Dumbledore.

"This school is quite safe Alain; that I can assure you," Dumbledore replied. "Definitely safer for Harry to remain here; especially from Voldemort."

"Safer?" Alain asked incredulously. "Voldemort 'imself was in ze castle for a whole school year zree years ago 'Eadmaster. You 'ad a Death Eater working in disguise of someone you called a friend zis whole year without you discovering 'im until it was too late. You even put ze man in charge of ze security of ze school. Shall we mention Basilisks and Dementors?" Alain Delacour voice was cool but struck home at each point he was trying to make. "In zose same years at Beauxbaton, zere 'asn't been a single threat."

"Alain I assure you..."

But Mr. Delacour wasn't going to let Dumbledore regain ground as he started again. "Assure me of what? Zat zose things were not under your control? You 'ad no way to know about zem?" His eyes focused on the venerable Headmaster. "Yet zis young man and 'is friends were able to deal with zese issues year after year," He paused for a couple of seconds before continuing. "You know what I believe is ze problem? You try to do too much Albus. You are 'eadmaster of this very prestigious school. Zat job in itself should be a full-time job, but you are also Chief Warlock of ze Wizengamot; another job zat takes a significant amount of time to be done properly and finally you are also Supreme Mugwump of ze International Confederation of Wizards. Zree jobs zat all should be full time positions yet you do zem all."

"I do what I must Alain. I do what needs to be done," Dumbledore replied wearily. "Is there anyone who can do the jobs better?"

"For any one of ze jobs Albus, you are clearly ze better man," Mr. Delacour agreed. "But when you spread yourself zat much, all of ze jobs suffer in performance," He looked around the room at all the eyes who had been following the conversation between the two of them. "We should get back to ze conversation we originally came 'ear for. If you think it is safer for 'Arry to be 'ere, zen you need to tell us why and be completely 'onest in all zat you know."

Dumbledore felt very tired. All one hundred plus years of his life seemed to catch up with him all at once. He studied Alain Delacour and then turned his gaze upon Harry and finally every other person in the room. There was not a single sympathetic look in the office. Finally he nodded in recognizing defeat as he said "Very well. You shall have the truth. Though first I must ask again, if not beg, that Harry must not ever take that potion again. It would be incredibly dangerous if Voldemort found out this information through the link they share."

"I have no plans for doing it again," Harry replied. "But again I want you to tell everyone in this room what you think that link actually is."

Dumbledore again hesitated. Giving up the secrets he had kept for so long didn't come easy.

Harry noticed the hesitation and wish he truly knew if what he had witnessed the night before did happen. A plan came to mind and he quickly said to his bondmates. "I'm going to find out now if it was a dream or really happened. It will make it easier to get all the information from Dumbledore."

"Sir," He said. 'Let's start with an easier question; tell me about my parents' wills."

"Why do you ask?" Dumbledore asked only slightly relieved from getting a small reprieve.

"Something that came up in a discussion," Harry replied honestly. "I never heard anything about them so I thought you might know."

Albus looked over at Remus presuming that was the source of the information and only saw surprise on his face. He turned back to Harry. "Very well. There is a reason you haven't been told about them," He said. "The wills your mother and father filed at the Ministry had problems."

"I'm curious if I happen to know what kind of problems they might have," Harry said before he turned to Remus. "Did you bring the map with you?"

"Yes. I had planned on giving it back to you afterwards. Why?"

"Give it to Professor Dumbledore but do not activate it," Harry instructed him.

Moony shrugged and pulled out the parchment and handed it over to the Headmaster.

"Sir, by any chance do their wills do what this parchment does?" Harry asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Try to get it to reveal something?" Harry suggested as he took a deep breath and waited.

Dumbledore gave Harry a puzzled look but shrugged. He pulled out his wand and he passed it over the parchment. As he did so words formed on the paper.

"Mr. Moony and Mr. Prongs wonders if this is the esteemed Headmaster of Hogwarts trying to find out our secrets?"

"Mr. Padfoot doesn't believe the Mighty One would stoop to this level."

"Mr. Prongs reminds Mr. Padfoot that..."

The words flowed freely until finally they started mentioned various characteristics of Dumbledore that became rather insulting.

Harry's gaze lifted from the map to the Professor. "Uh, sorry sir. I didn't think they would say something like that."

Dumbledore continued to gaze at the parchment. Finally he lifted his gaze back to the room. "How did you know?" he asked quietly. "Very few people have seen those wills."

Harry turned around and looked at his bondmates. He smiled as they all silently agreed he had been correct and it was not a dream. The smile extended further as he really knew he had seen his parents. He finally turned back to Dumbledore. "Sir, just tell me everything you know and then I'll be glad to tell you."

"Very well," Albus replied as his last hope of keeping information secret had faded. "But first may I ask how to unlock this wonderful piece of magic?"

Harry touched his wand to the parchment and said. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good," He then watched as the lines and dots appeared on the parchment.

"Very well done," Dumbledore replied earnestly as he looked over at the two Marauders present. "Very impressive."

Remus and Sirius both couldn't help but feel pleased at the compliment.

Sirius then had a thought. "Oh, Lily's won't be that phrase though. For her will try 'I solemnly swear I will kill the Marauders someday.' "

"Kill the marauders?" Harry asked.

"Yeah well Sirius turned her hair yellow one day and she wasn't very happy about it," Remus explained.

"Well that wasn't as bad as when James..." Sirius stopped when he noticed everyone looking at him. "Maybe that's best for another time."

"Or never if you are referring to that incident shortly after we graduated," Remus replied. He then turned to Dumbledore. "I don't THINK she would have used that one for her will though. Try 'I solemnly swear that I am up to good.' Though she always finished it with 'most of the time'."

Dumbledore looked again at the map and said "As soon as I get a chance, I will evaluate the wills and if your suggestions do work, then I will get them processed," He looked at Harry and Alain. "I have truly been trying to protect your interest in this Harry. If the matter had gone to the courts as they were, with no wills to speak of, it is very likely control of the money would have passed to the Dursleys."

Harry shuddered at the thought of his Aunt and Uncle controlling anything of his parents. "Thank you sir. I appreciate you doing that for me. They would have taken any money and destroyed anything that belonged to my parents."

"Though I would ask why didn't you ask Mr. Lupin to assist in zese matters?" Alain asked.

"Mostly that would have been my fault sir," Remus replied. "When James and Lily died along with Sirius in prison for killing Peter, I just wanted to disappear for a while. As you noticed on my CV I stayed in the muggle world for a couple of years after that."

"And once he had reappeared, the idea that the wills actually meant anything had long disappeared from my thought process," Dumbledore added.

Mr. Delacour nodded. "Very well. Now shall we get back to ze more difficult things you need to tell 'Arry?"

Dumbledore again hesitated and then got up and walked over to his cabinet where he pulled out his pensieve. He then returned and placed it on his desk. "Again I will stress how important it is that the information I am going to give not get back to Voldemort. The link Harry has to Vold..."

"It's gone!" Harry replied irritatedly. "The link no longer exists."

A look of sadness fell over Dumbledore. "I know the bond blocks it Harry, but you really don't understand what..."

"That I was a horcrux?" Harry exclaimed loudly as he stood up and glared at the Dumbledore. "You knew I had a piece of Voldemort's soul in me didn't you? You thought I was going to have to die before Voldemort could be killed."

Remus, Sirius and Alain Delacour were shocked at the words Harry had just said and all were looking at Dumbledore with a mixture of surprise, wonder and anger. Harry's bondmates were all comforting him.

Dumbledore could only ask one word as he stared at Harry. "How?"

"So you don't deny knowing about it? About thinking I had to die?"

"I strongly suspected it," Headmaster finally admitted. "Why do you think it's gone now?"

Harry looked at the pensieve in front of him on the desk. "Tell me the prophecy and I'll tell you how I know. I presume you can get a memory from me?"

Dumbledore nodded sagely and after a deep sigh he proceeded to tell his tale. "Fifteen years ago, I was at the Hog's Head. That's a bar in Hogsmeade," He said when he realized many people in the room wouldn't recognize the name. "I was there to meet and interview an applicant for Divination teacher. At the time, it was against my inclination to allow the subject of Divination to continue at all, but this person was the great-granddaughter of a very famous Seer. It was only common courtesy that I should meet her. It was a disappointing interview. The woman seemed to have no trace of the gift at all so I informed her after the interview that I didn't think she was suitable for the position and prepared to leave. At that moment I had an experience very much like yours last year Harry."

At the puzzled look on Harry's face, Dumbledore put his wand to his temple and pulled out long thin streams of silvery stuff which he gently placed in the basin. When he prodded it with his wand a figure rose out of the bowl.

Harry and Hermione instantly recognized the person covered in shawls and wearing glasses that magnified her eyes to enormous size. Harry also recognized the hoarse tones as she began to speak.

'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who
have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark
him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die
at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the
power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...'

The harsh voice died away and the ghostly figure of Trelawny disappeared into the basin.

It was several seconds before anyone spoke. The first to do so was Sirius.

"That load of garbage is what got James and Lily killed?" He demanded. "She probably made it up Albus. You just said you had told her she wasn't qualified for the job. Obviously she was trying to impress you."

Sirius was surprise when it was Harry who answered. "No, she made one last year too. I heard it. She predicted that Wormtail would rejoin Voldemort."

"WHAT?" Sirius said and then he turned to Dumbledore. "And you didn't do anything then?"

Before Dumbledore could reply Harry explained. "She didn't say Peter specifically. I only know now what it meant because of how that night unfolded."

"But still this prophecy..." Sirius tried again.

"It is a true prophecy." Dumbledore said. "It is recorded in the Hall of Prophecies."

"What is the Hall of Prophecies?" Hermione asked as her curiosity peaked. Harry's father had mentioned it as well.

"There is a room in the Ministry where all of the true prophecies are recorded."

"So why have you been protecting this prophecy and stating how important it is that Voldemort not find out what it says, when any of his Death Eaters can waltz into the Ministry and listen to it?"

"They can't," Dumbledore explained. "Only the people who the prophecy is about can remove the device...the orb that contains the prophecy."

"Oh," Hermione replied but it only took a second to get over that argument and continue on. "Okay so it is a true prophecy. How does it mean Harry specifically?"

"Actually, it could have been two people," Dumbledore replied. "There were two children born at the end of that July who were born to parents who had escaped Voldemort three times. The parents were good friends of each other in fact. Harry of course was one of them and the other was..."

"Neville?" Harry asked remembering his mother saying he had been born the day before him.

Dumbledore looked over his half-moon glasses at Harry questioningly before finally answering. "Yes. Mr. Longbottom was the other possibility."

"But...but," Hermione still wanted to argue. "There are many different calendars in the world and...and... the seventh month could be..."

The Headmaster raised his hand to pause her comments. "Miss Granger, I apologize but we could discuss this all day. Let me make a quick summary of what I discovered about that particular aspect of true prophecies," He paused for a second and then explained. "A true prophecy will be made in world references as understood by the Seer. In other words, a Seer will not give a prophecy in a different language or a different cultural reference than they personally use. In this case, Sybill Trelawney uses the modern calendar so the Prophecy was about the month of July."

"Oh," Hermione repeated.

"So it might not be 'Arry?" Gabrielle asked hopefully. "It might be ze other boy?"

"Unfortunately it is definitely Harry," Dumbledore replied. "That became clear that night."

"My scar...he marked me. That's what the prophecy said," Harry replied and his hand went to his forehead.

"That is how I interpreted it," Dumbledore said.

"If you knew Harry was going to have to fight Voldemort," Remus started. "Why haven't you been training him so he has at least some chance?"

"In what?" Dumbledore asked then held up his hand again to thwart the onslaught of questions that he realized was headed his way. "Let me explain what I have done so far. As the adults in this room know, there is a reason we do not take anyone under eleven at Hogwarts or any other magical school. Why they are not allowed wands until then. A child exerting himself magically before that point can cause damage to his magical core," He paused for a moment expecting Hermione to ask a question and then continued. "So I could not train him until he arrived at the school. So why didn't I then?"

"Zat is ze question," Alain said.

"Again I ask, in what? What was I to train him in? The prophecy mentioned a power that Voldemort knows not," Dumbledore again paused and looked around. "So what is this power? If I risked training him in something entirely different, this special power might be hindered. I have spent years keeping an eye on Harry, trying to figure out what the prophecy might be referring to. I constantly asked at every teacher's meeting if any student was displaying any kind of special abilities in hopes his name would be mentioned."

"Is that why you asked that question?" Remus asked.

"Yes," Dumbledore replied. "I had a suspicion that it was something that would never materialize in a classroom, but I had to be sure," He again paused and looked around the room. "But there was nothing. Harry was a fine but average student, but nothing that gave me any indication of that special ability."

"What about 'is parseltongue ability?" Fleur asked. "Zat is something special."

"While I agree it is very special, it is also something that Voldemort is very familiar with, besides there are other issues that prevented me from exploring that angle," Dumbledore replied. "I did come across my first clue to his abilities last year, but it wasn't until this year that I understood what that clue meant and I think last night proved it," He again paused again as everyone waited to find out what the Headmaster thought Harry's special ability was. "At the end of last year Harry preformed a most remarkable feat of magic."

"The Patronus?" Hermione asked.

"Exactly," The Headmaster replied with a smile. "He cast a Patronus that was so powerful that it drove off every Dementor guarding this school."

"You should see it now," Muttered Sirius.

"I did...last night; and yes it is quite impressive," Dumbledore replied as he looked at the young man and his bondmates. "But at the time I didn't realize exactly what it meant. I thought maybe Harry had come into his own magically, so I waited for this year to begin; hoping or expecting greater things from him, but it was not to be. As far as his teachers could tell me his abilities were average," He looked at Harry. "Not to say your Triwizard performance wasn't great, but outside of a very nice summoning charm, it has not been impressive magically."

"But how could he... I mean I saw him," Hermione replied.

"I was very confused as well. It wasn't until I witnessed the bondimage that it started making sense to me," Dumbledore explained. "You see, Professor Berceau used the phrase 'overabundance of love to give' to describe Harry's heart. In fact it was more than she ever came across in her research before," He turned to Remus. "What drives the Patronus Charm?"

"Positive emotions of course like...love."

"Exactly," Dumbledore said. "I think Harry tapped his real power for the first time last year."

"But...what did I do last night that proved it?" Harry asked still very uncertain to what was being explained.

"I had an extremely upset Hagrid in here this morning explaining that an Acromantula was killed in the maze last night," The Headmaster replied. "I remembered Miss Granger telling me in the midst of everything else that you had save Miss Delacour from one. Would you like to tell everyone here what you did to it Harry?"

"It was attacking Fleur and...and I just hit it with a cutting curse," Harry explained.

"And..." Dumbledore prodded the young man.

"I killed it," Harry admitted with a shrug.

"Harry's spell basically sliced the creature in half," Dumbledore continued to explain. "Was it only one cast Harry?"

"Yes sir," Harry admitted.

Dumbledore's eyes roved around the room. "The spider in question was over fourteen feet long, one hex and he sliced it in half."

A low whistle came from Sirius as he looked at his godson.

"Harry, may I ask what you were thinking when you did that?" Dumbledore asked.

"Nothing really. It was on top of Fleur and would've killed her," Harry replied, "I just knew I had to save her."

"Again I argue that when he needed to desperately save someone he loved he was able to tap into his power," Dumbledore said.

"But love?" Harry asked. "Doesn't the prophecy say Voldemort's equal. How would love do that?"

"Equal but opposite," Fleur murmured.


"Equal but opposite," She said again, louder this time. "Ate drives Voldemort, zat is why 'e can perform ze killing curse so easily."

Dumbledore nodded. "Exactly."

"So I'm supposed to love him to death?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"Non, Ze 'eadmaster didn't say zat 'Arry," Fleur chastised her bondmate. "E is saying zat love is what drives your magic."

Dumbledore nodded again. "Now I think I have answered your questions, will you answer mine?" He asked Harry. "How did you find out what you know?"

Harry was very tempted to repeat the Headmaster's words back to him from three years previous. "Not today, not now, but someday you'll know," But he realized that Dumbledore needed to know, needed to understand how things were. "How do I give a memory sir?" Harry asked finally. "It would be a lot easier to show you."

Dumbledore scooped up his memory of the prophecy from the Pensieve and instructed Harry on releasing the memory. Shortly the silvery stuff was in the basin. Dumbledore looked at Harry questioningly.

"Please do," Harry said.

It was several minutes before Dumbledore returned from the memory. His eyes were wet with unshed tears. When we had taken his seat he looked around the office before turning back to Harry. "I'm not sure what emotions to express. Your parents were people I called my friends and to see them brought both joy and sadness."

Harry nodded.

"James, Lily? What?" Sirius asked with a confused look on his face.

"Remus, Sirius, Mr. Delacour maybe you might want to take a look as well," Harry said.

When they returned from the memory, Remus and Alain had deep reflective faces while Sirius was smiling.

"You would have at least thought James would have mentioned my incredible escape from Azkaban," He said to Remus.

"Why would he have been watching over a mangy mutt?" Remus asked returning the grin.

"We can discuss James and Lily another time," Dumbledore interjected. "But let's finish this up," He turned to Harry. "I guess I should apologize to you Harry. I admit that I thought you had to die to get rid of the Horcrux that was in you."

"Albus, speaking of zat, do you know how 'Arry lived zis time?" Alain Delacour asked.

"I have my suspicions yes," Dumbledore replied. He looked at the young messy haired young man in front of him. "Voldemort made a horrible mistake last night I think. You see in his cruelty and his desire to remove an obstacle that prevented him from killing Harry, he actually allowed Harry to live again."

"What mistake did he make sir?" Harry asked.

"What did he take from you?"

"Ze blood?" Alain asked. "Ow did zat 'elp?"

"When he had his new body created with Harry's blood, the blood still has Lily's protection in it," Albus explained. "I suspect that linked Voldemort to Harry in a different way. So when Harry should have died, the blood in Riddle's very veins prevented it. Those in the graveyard saw how much pain he seemed to be in when the killing curse hit Harry. Now having seen what Harry witnessed, it seems that the curse did kill the part of Voldemort's soul that was attached to him."

"So Voldemort killed 'is own 'orcrux?" Fleur asked.

Dumbledore gave a small smile. "He did exactly that."

"So what now?" Harry asked. "What do I do? How...how do I kill Voldemort?"

"I do not know," Dumbledore replied with a sigh. "But until we find and destroy all of his horcruxes he can't really be killed."

"Ow many 'orcruxes do you think 'e has Albus?" Alain asked.

"Miss Granger was on the right track I think," The Headmaster replied. "I truly believe he would have tried for an arithmantic significant number to part his soul presuming it would have made him that much stronger. The main ones are of course three, seven and thirteen."

"So he might have only made two?" Hermione asked.

Dumbledore sighed again. "I don't think so. Harry, when Fleur killed Nagini last night, did the noise that came from it sound familiar?"

Harry looked questioningly at the Headmaster before thinking back to the graveyard. He had been exhausted and hadn't paid that much attention but now as he thought back he did realize the sound had been very familiar. "It...it sounded like the diary sir; when I destroyed it."

"I thought it might," Dumbledore said.

"What does zat mean?" Mr. Delacour asked. "What was zat scream?"

"It was the death of another Horcrux," Dumbledore explained. "Which means we can probably rule three out. Riddle was sixteen when he made his first one, the diary that Harry destroyed. When I interviewed Peter Pettigrew myself after Madam Bones finished with him, he admitted that Riddle used the death of Bertha Jorkins last year to perform some kind of spell on Nagini. That would have been him turning the snake into a Horcrux. I can't imagine Riddle going fifty years without making another one."

"So how many? And do we know what they might be or where they are?" Remus asked.

"I don't know how many, but with what we just saw, I might have a way to find out," Dumbledore said. "Again I will compliment Miss Granger on another clever insight."

Hermione blushed at the compliment but unsure of what she had offered.

"She pointed out something that I never thought of," Dumbledore admitted. "Every time Voldemort has created a Horcrux, he has in fact lost half of his remaining soul. As he has lost his humanity, the changes seemed to be reflected on his soul parts. Harry said the first Horcrux had a physical representation that looked very much like a sixteen year old boy. What was in that cupboard was significantly less. It might be possible to determine how much of the soul must be lost before it gets to that point."

"Oui, zat is definitely a possibility," Alain replied. "Is zere any 'elp I can provide. Resources?"

"Not at this moment," Dumbledore replied.

"Zen I can at least start 'arry on being trained. 'E will come directly to my place as soon as ze year is over."

Dumbledore looked up. A troubled looked was on his face. "About the summer," Dumbledore started. "With all that has happened you'd be safer..."

"Don't you dare say he should return to the Dursleys," Sirius almost shouted as he cut off Dumbledore.

All three of Harry's bondmates were out of their chairs instantly and in front of Harry. Each ready to hex the Headmaster if that was what he was suggesting.

Alain Delacour almost smiled as he watched his youngest daughter brandishing her wand at Albus Dumbledore in defending her bondmate. He also recognized the glint in both of his daughters' eyes. He didn't want this to escalate into a potential issue that might bring out their anger possibly causing them to transform. He was almost out of his seat as well, only to be beaten again by Harry. The young man was already up and had his arms wrapped around Gabrielle.

"Calm down my Angel," Harry said gently. "Let's hear what the Headmaster needs to say," He looked over at Fleur and Hermione and smiled.

"You are not going zere 'Arry," Fleur said.

When the office had settled down again Harry looked at the Headmaster. "Was that what you were going to suggest?"

"I just ask everyone to listen first," Dumbledore pleaded and he waited until several people had nodded before continuing. "Yes, I am suggesting that Harry return to the Dursleys. The wards there will protect him."

"Ow do zey protect 'im Albus?" Alain asked.

"They are driven off of the blood of his mother's family, her sister. They are the most effective wards possible."

"Wouldn't zey be useless after Voldemort took 'arry's blood?"

"I...I don't think so," Dumbledore replied. "They have an intention base to them as well. No one magical wanting to harm Harry can enter the wards. I purposely added that layer in case..." He looked over at Harry before continuing. "I was concerned that one of the Death Eaters might try to turn your mother into an Inferius to attack you if they discovered the blood base to the wards."

"What's an inferius?" Harry asked.

"Animated corpse," Remus offered.

"You mean they can turn dead..." Harry started to ask.

"Voldemort used them frequently in the past," Dumbledore replied.

"How do you kill them?"

"Since they are already dead, you can't kill them but you can destroy their bodies by..."

"Fire," This answer came from Fleur.

"Exactly," Dumbledore replied. "But back to the current problem."

Harry looked at Hermione, Fleur and Gabrielle. All of them were shaking their heads slightly. All were mentally telling him he shouldn't.

"Are you suggesting my 'ome wards are not sufficient?" Alain asked.

"I'm only saying the blood wards offer him the best protection."

"Non, I disagree," Alain responded. "Any ward can be collapsed given time. Even ze wards surrounding zis castle."

"I agree, but..."

"If zere was an all-out attack on zose wards at 'is relatives 'ouse, what would 'Arry be able to do?" Mr. Delacour asked. "E 'as no floo connection and nobody zere to protect 'im."

"I would arrange for someone to be there to watch after him of course and they can apparate him out if necessary."

"And if an anti-apparation ward is erected? I can provide portkeys to make sure zey can all get to safety if our wards are attacked. With my larger property, more magical users and portkeys, I think I can provide a much safer summer zan you can."

Dumbledore sighed and tried to marshal more arguments before he finally decided on the truth. He turned to Harry. "Harry, if you walk out of this school next week and head directly to the Delacours, the wards at Privet Drive will fail immediately."


"I am hoping Riddle is focused on the rest of the Prophecy this summer, but if he decided to find you and those wards are down, he will most likely kill the Dursleys in an attempt to find you."

"So you are saying I should go be abused by my relatives so I can save their lives?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore grimaced at the statement as he remembered the bondimage and saw the abuse Harry suffered. "I think we can make it better Harry," He said. "You'll not have to stay too long and..."

"How long?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore quickly computed the numbers he needed. "I think if the wards are kept in place until mid-September when he knows you'll be back at Hogwarts..."

"Or Beauxbatons," Alain Delacour added.

"I hope I answered the questions to your satisfaction that we are past that?" Dumbledore asked but Mr. Delacour only kept an impassive face. The Headmaster turned back to Harry. "So for three months charging two weeks should be all we need."

'"I'll do it," Harry replied and he watched the Headmaster sigh in relief. "But with one condition."

"Which is?" Dumbledore asked with some trepidation.

"I want wards put around the Grangers' house," Harry started. "I also want them to have portkeys they can use to get to safety if they are attacked. That is my only condition, but it is non-negotiable."

"Harry?" Hermione said. "I...thank you."

"I will not let anything happen to your family Hermione, especially because of me."

"Putting wards up in a muggle neighborhood might be difficult Harry."

"You bloody well did it at Privet Drive, so you can do it at Hermione's house as well," Harry exclaimed as he glared at the Headmaster. "Who do you think means the most to me, Hermione and her family or the Dursleys? If you want the Dursleys protected, then you better plan on protecting Hermione's family as well."

Dumbledore nodded as he realized this was not an argument that he could or even should try to win. "I'll make sure it's done."

"Before I leave next week," Harry said.

"I'll need Hermione to contact her parents and let them know about it," The Headmaster said. "They are familiar with portkeys so that part shouldn't be difficult."

Hermione had been in thought ever since Harry had willingly given up himself to protect her parents and an idea came to mind. "Professor, the wards at the Dursleys, what do they cover?"

"They are established around the perimeter of the property, not perfectly of course but mostly."

"So the wards consider the whole property, house and gardens to be home?"


"If Harry were to live in the back garden instead of actually in the house, would that satisfy the wards?"

"It should but why are you asking? Are you suggesting Harry sleep outside every night?" Dumbledore asked.

"Actually yes," Hermione replied before she turned to Remus. "Could we borrow your tent? The one you have down in the Chamber?"

Remus grinned as he realized what she intended to do, but had to ask. "We?"

"We will not allow Harry to stay there alone," She looked at her bond sisters who were all nodding.

Remus looked at Alain, "And you'll let them?"

"Remus, I learned a long time ago not to disagree with a Veela when she is determined, even if zey are my daughters," He replied. Then Alain addressed Dumbledore. "It looks like ze youngsters 'ave a plan. If you don't mind, I would like to make some arrangements of my own for zis to 'appen."

Dumbledore could only nod.

"Zere is one more question about ze prophecy," Mr. Delacour said. "Arry's parents mentioned someone overheard some of it, 'ow did zat 'appen?"

"One of Voldemort's servants was listening outside the door that evening," Dumbledore explained. "He only heard the first part before he was thrown out."

"Do you know which Death Eater it was?" Alain asked. "It seems to me zat 'e is as responsible as Voldemort and Pettigrew for ze death of ze Potters."

Dumbledore stared at the French politician as he tried to find the best way to answer that question. Finally he responded. "I can assure you the man has suffered for many years because of what he did."

***** E E ********

As Amelia closed her folder containing the notes she had collected over the previous day she let out a sigh. She was exhausted but knew there was still much to be done. Her fatigued thoughts turned to Lucius Malfoy as she wondered how he was doing. She hadn't told anyone what she had done with the man, though it had been perfectly legal. She had learned from Pettigrew's confession that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had been able to break through Bertha Jorkins oblivation that Crouch had done. She had let Malfoy sit in a room for twenty minutes doing nothing, and then she had obliviated his memory of that time. She had the appropriate forms documenting the obliviation filled out and ready to be filed. But with all that had happened anyone would understand if they didn't get filed in a timely manner. As she walked out of the makeshift office she thought, "If Malfoy does return to He-Wh...oh come on I can at least think it, Voldemort side, then I am sure that V...Voldemort will insist on knowing what happened. He would definitely break through my obliviation but he would never believe Malfoy was sitting in a room doing nothing. If he believes that time is a planted memory...well then only Malfoy can be blamed for any excessive pains he might endure as Voldemort attempts to learn a truth that's not there."

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