Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



28. Chapter 28

It was a weakened Voldemort who appeared in front of a set of iron gates that guarded the path up to a large mansion. As he stumbled, drops of his own blood pelted the ground around him. Voldemort looked down at his newly created body where he noticed the large diagonal laceration that striped his chest and was discharging blood at an alarming rate.

"This will not do," The Dark Lord thought as he watched more blood drip upon the path. He knew his regenerated body could not afford to lose so much blood so soon. He brought his wand up and moved it slowly along the gash. As it trailed over the opening, the skin started to close until only a thick red line of scar tissue remained.

"Better," He thought. "But the scar cannot remain. I must not appear weak in front of my Death Eaters. Now for a robe," He looked around until he found a branch lying under a tree. He quickly transfigured it into a passable robe and hood. Clothed and mostly healed, the Dark Lord turned his attention to the gates and the powerful wards he felt surrounding the property. He put his hands upon the plate affixed to the bars that bore the crest of the Malfoy family. As he did, he felt the magic give way and allow him passage.

"Well Lucius, at least you didn't remove me from your wards," Voldemort thought as the gates opened in front of him. Once he was through the wards he apparated onto the front steps of the mansion. He felt more wards around the door but this time when he placed his hands upon the wooden entrance he could not feel a sense of acceptance from it. He quickly overwhelmed the defenses with his own magic and opened the door.

It was an uneasy Lucius Malfoy who sat in his study trying to concentrate on the parchment that lay in front of him. As he read through the missive that had been sent in reply to his own concerning ways to undermine Veela's rights in the country, his attention was drawn once again to the red mark on his left arm; now as dark as the days his master had been alive. In the last few minutes it had started to itch; an itch no scratching would make go away. Just as he rose from his seat to pour himself a drink, he felt the outer wards allow a visitor. Malfoy glanced at the large grandfather clock with its pendulum swinging in its never ending arc.

"So Fudge decided to drop by after all," He muttered to himself as he sat a second glass next to the first and filled it as well. The minster had mentioned he might drop by to discuss the latest political events surrounding Bagman's dismissal and the announcement of his replacement and of course the possibility of further donations to Fudge's reelection funds.

"WHAT!" Lucius exclaimed to the empty room when he felt the wards around his front door disintegrate. He immediately pulled his wand from the walking stick next to his desk and hurried toward the entryway. As he neared the hallway, he could only see a shabbily robed and hooded individual was standing there. He knew whoever it was, they were uninvited and he had only one response. He made the proper motion and a quiet stunning spell was sent toward the individual. Malfoy was surprised when one of Narcissa's priceless vases rose in the air and disintegrated as it intercepted the spell.

"Lucius…Lucius, is this is how you greet your Master?" A high-pitched voice came from under the hood. Long white slender fingers rose to lower the cloth that surrounding the face of the intruder.

"M…my Lord," Lucius responded when he saw who it was. He quickly knelt and bowed his head as he asked the question. "Bu…but how? I mean I knew you would, it has been..."

"Enough!" Voldemort replied forcefully and then turned to the ashen-faced blonde witch who had just arrived to see what the noise of the vase smashing had been. "Ah, Narcissa bring me some essence of Dittany immediately and a blood replenishing potion as well."

Though Narcissa Malfoy was shocked to her core to see the Dark Lord alive and in her home, years of obeying her own husband kept the shock off her face and she replied instantly. "Yes my Lord," She wasted no time as she as she disappeared out of the hall.

Turning back to Lucius he said. "Rise Lucius. I have need of you. Have your elf bring me your finest robes."

"I no longer have an elf my lord, but I'll attend to it myself."

A quick passive Legilimency scan told Voldemort what had happened two years prior. Anger poured through the Dark Lord's body as he realized Lucius had sacrificed one of his Horcruxes just to be able to take advantage of a few muggles. He just managed to control the anger and not exact the punishment at that time. Voldemort knew he could do that another time after he had marshaled his forces.

As Voldemort watched his death eater walk quickly away he started prioritizing his own needs. He knew there were many things he needed to do to reacquire the power he once had. Many thoughts ran through his mind on what those were but the main one was persistent.

"I have to know the complete prophecy before I do anything," He thought. "Potter has now survived the killing curse twice. I can't afford to make another mistake."

Narcissa was the first back with a vial of a reddish brown liquid and a brown bottle. Not trusting anyone, Voldemort cast a potion detection spell and was soon satisfied the vial was in fact a blood replenishing potion. He unstoppered it and quickly consumed the contents. He could feel the rush of strength as the potion did its work. Opening his robes to reveal the scar upon his chest he looked at Narcissa and commanded. "Attend me."

With only the smallest of hesitations at the sight of the Dark Lord's body, Narcissa opened the brown bottle and dabbed several drops of the liquid onto a cloth. Controlling her desire to retch at the sight of near white skin in front of her, she ran the cloth over the red wound. By the time she was finished Lucius was back with his best robes and with a bow handed them to his master.

"Give me your arm," Voldemort commanded Lucius once he was properly attired and healed.

"M'Lord," Lucius replied knowing what his master needed. He offered his left arm while pulling back on the sleeve of his robe.

Voldemort grasped the arm firmly and then placed one of his long white fingers onto the red tattoo that stood out on the forearm. As Lucius fought to not show the pain he was enduring, the Dark Lord reveled in the power he held over the man and at the thought of his servants returning to his side.

"Now we shall see who is brave enough to return when they feel my mark once again, and how many will be foolish enough to stay away," He turned to Lucius. "Lower your wards for now. I want my faithful to come directly to me. I will replace then shortly with wards of my own creation."

Lucius hesitated only a split second before he obeyed.

Voldemort moved to the den off of the entry way and sat upon the large high-backed chair that Lucius had for himself. It had a throne like quality. Minutes passed until finally dark cloaked figures started appearing and looking around to where they were. At first no one noticed the man in the chair but several saw Lucius Malfoy. Walden McNair whipped off his silver mask and turned angrily toward Malfoy.

"How did you make the mark burn Malfoy?" McNair snarled menacingly as he raised is wand. "Answer me or I'll kill you where you stand."

"He didn't," A high-pitched voice said as Voldemort rose from his chair. "I did."

**E E**

As Harry watched Voldemort apparate away, the evening caught up to him. He staggered against a headstone and slid down to the ground physically and emotionally drained. He felt the pain from both of his arms but in comparison to the exhaustion he felt it was only a minor annoyance. Around him reigned silence. One moment there had been spell fire, crying and numerous other sounds of a small battle, the next moment only the sounds of crickets rubbing their wings together in hopes of attracting mates could be heard.

In Harry's head it was a different story as two other witches who had thought their bondmate was dead, now realized he was alive. Love, anxiety and questions filled his mind. As the emotionally and physically drained body of Harry Potter sat upon the grave of one of Tom Riddle's father's father, he barely knew what to say. He didn't even acknowledge when his oldest bondmate's arms encircled him. As she physically held him, the weight of what had happened to him since he'd left the maze hit him. As he tried to comfort his other two bondmates, to assure them he was alive, he realized he was also assuring himself.

Dumbledore had experienced too many years of fighting in his life to let his guard down too quickly. His eyes surveyed the graveyard to ensure that all dangers had passed with the departure of Voldemort. He noticed Sirius walking back toward his godson with Pettigrew levitated beside him as well as Remus and Alain both looking in disbelief at Harry and Fleur. Dumbledore's own eyes found the young man in question and the woman who was holding him as if she was afraid to ever let him go again. It was then he saw the movement to their right. At first it was only blades of grass seemingly moving in a breeze, but as his old eyes became more and more use to the darkness, he could make out the long dark shape moving slowly toward the couple. "Nagini," Dumbledore thought before calling out a warning. "Fleur to your right."

Though physically and emotional drained herself, it did not keep the young Veela witch from reacting to protect her bondmate. She spun her head and her wand at the same time and saw the snake. It appeared to be circling her and Harry in the long grass, either trying to escape the graveyard or possibly trying to finish what her master had been unable to do. Fleur could see the long gash along its body from the first time she had hit it. She sent another cutting curse at the snake and this time smiled with satisfaction as the head of the snake was severed from its body. Just as she sighed in relief that the creature was dead, a long drawn out scream pierced the silence. Everyone's wands were up again instantly but only confusion reigned as the scream seemed to come from the body of the snake. Finally after just a few seconds the sound faded away to nothing.

"What was that?" Remus asked as he looked around, expecting some kind of attack.

Dumbledore stared at the body of the snake as the scream finally ended. His mind flooded with suspicions of what had just happened as he remembered a young man of only twelve telling him of a scream that had seemed to come from a diary as he stabbed it with a basilisk fang. "Something for another time," He finally replied. "I believe the threat has ended."

That was all the rest needed before gathering around Harry and Fleur. As questions were asked of him, Harry just shook his head to let everyone know he wasn't ready to discuss it yet; not until he had comforted the two other bond mates who were still waiting for him. With tired eyes he sought out the Headmaster. "Sir, there two other ladies I really need to see. Can we go back to Hogwarts now?"

"Yes of course Harry," Dumbledore replied. "I will go retrieve Miss Granger from our staging area. The rest of you can take the Portkey Fleur has and return to my office."

"Not yet sir. 'Arry's arms," Fleur said. She touched her wand to Harry's broken arm and said "Episkey." Harry felt warmth spread through his arm as he watched the bones move into the right spot. A few seconds later the pain was entirely gone.

"I should 'ave done zat earlier love, but I…" Fleur didn't finish as Harry's lips had found hers again for a light kiss and he mentally thanked her. He smiled as he asked. "Where were you two years ago? That was much better than Lockhart."

"Two years ago I was but a little girl," She replied in the same tone she had used so many months previously in describing Harry. "A little girl who definitely would not 'ave deserved a 'usband like you," She smiled at her bondmate as she held out her hand to help Harry to his feet. Then so everyone could hear she said "I had to fix your arms 'arry. I know how you land with portkeys," The smile and laughter from Harry made her feel much better. She pulled out the knife and held it out for everyone to touch it. As they all reached for the portkey, nobody noticed the uninvited guest, currently in her beetle animagus form, crawl back under the collar of an unsuspecting Remus Lupin.

**E E**

Rita Skeeter desperately wanted to get back to her quill and notepad and start writing the story of the decade. "Stories," She reminded herself. Rita had just watched He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named return to life. As she started mentally putting together the story that would be front page on tomorrow's Prophet, she couldn't help but think of what led her to be where she was.

Rita's night had started innocently enough. She had been invited to the Triwizard Tournament's third task by Minister Fudge himself. He told her of his plans for the announcement of Amos Diggory to replace Ludo Bagman.

"It's the perfect time to announce Mr. Diggory," Minister Fudge had said. "Upon the completion of the historical competition that reflects the hard work of that department. Make sure you have your photographer there ready for the announcement."

Rita had come, prepared to do that story as well as a follow up on Bagman. There would also be the story of the contestants and eventual winner of the Triwizard tournament to write about as well. By being the guest of the Minister, she'd been given a seat very near the judges table and that's where it had all begun.

When the young Veela girl and her friend had interrupted the judges, Rita Skeeter had been intrigued, especially when the Granger girl had shown up as well. That intrigue turned to intense curiosity when Dumbledore led the three girls away. The Daily Prophet reporter smelled a story brewing and kept her eyes on the departing group.

"Well that was interesting," She had thought as she watched the bushy-haired girl show something on a parchment to the Headmaster and he almost immediately started running toward the hedges. She kept an eye on that area, and was one of the few people who noticed Dumbledore and Granger walking quickly toward the castle a few minutes later and she kept expecting something to happen. She'd kept her eye on the pair but eventually it readily came apparent that he Headmaster was doing nothing of consequence. Finally she allowed her attention to return to the other judges.

Like everyone else, Skeeter was astounded a short time later when Dumbledore's Phoenix flamed into the area fairly close to the judges table. The majestic bird had made a loop of the area before sweeping down in front of a person Rita instantly recognized as the younger Delacour girl. An uproar of noise occurred as the young lady and her friend disappeared with Fawkes in a flaming exit. That had been too much for Skeeter, she had to know what was going on. She quickly found an area to transform into her animagus form and started flying toward the castle. Along the way she came across the elder Delacours, the werewolf who had taught at the castle the previous year and a large black dog racing toward the castle as well. Knowing Lupin was a friend of Harry Potter, Rita quickly made a decision. She landed on the man's shoulder and crawled under the collar of his robe where she waited.

Soon the Prophet reporter found herself in Dumbledore's office only to be shocked by the initial words she had heard. "Harry has been taken by Voldemort and we are trying to find a way to get to him."

She had heard the brief discussion about an impostor being Moody and then Fleur, Hermione and Gabrielle all started telling the Headmaster things about Harry as if he was talking to them in some way. Telling him what supposedly He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was telling Harry. She had almost stunned out of her Beetle form again when the most wanted man in Britain, Sirius Black, had transformed from the large black dog into himself and NO ONE in the room seemed to be surprised. Her first thought had been about an article implicating The Headmaster of Hogwarts and the Deputy Minister of Magic of France in covering up the location of Sirius Black, but then she had thought about what Harry Potter had said about Sirius Black. "If Sirius Black is actually innocent, it would rock the judicial world and breaking that story would be huge."

When talking about rescuing Harry they had mentioned Peter Pettigrew's name as if he was still alive. "If Sirius is innocent then maybe…" Rita had thought as another story raced into her mind. The Prophet reporter then watched the older Delacour sister portkey out in trying to rescue Harry after calling him her bond mate whatever that was.

Shortly after Fleur had left, Rita found herself on a portkey to a waiting area in a place Dumbledore had said was Little Hangleton. A short time later the young muggleborn witch had told Dumbledore that Harry was free and immediately they had all apparated to a graveyard.

When He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had sent the first killing curse at Harry, Rita had quickly left Lupin's collar and hid in case the wand was turned on the werewolf. She had watched as Harry Potter had willingly sacrificed himself for the older Delacour and was shocked as everyone else in the graveyard when Harry rose to his feet. "Boy-who-lived, lives again," Ran through Rita's mind for a different headline in a coming Prophet edition. The final shocking event was when Potter had hit You-Know-Who with a cutting hex. Watching a wounded Dark Lord apparate away only led to another story she envisioned once the story was out.

As she felt the familiar tug of a portkey when Fleur Delacour activated the portkey, she was entirely thankful for the day Harry Potter had agreed to give her an interview. She could already imagine the various awards and bonuses she would be receiving.

**E E**

At Malfoy Manor, Voldemort had shared his story with his Death Eaters, explaining how he had returned torturing several of them as he did so. He described the resurrection ritual and then blamed the failures of the evening on Wormtail. He didn't mention being wounded by Harry Potter or that Harry had survived another of his killing curses. After finishing his tale he then turned to Malfoy.

"Lucius, I want you to take several people to the graveyard in Little Hangleton. Kill anyone who is still there and remove any evidence of my return. I have a pet snake that should still be in the graveyard somewhere. Bring her to me."

"Yes my Lord," Malfoy replied and called out several names of people to follow him. He then slipped on his silver Death Eater's mask and he and the others apparated away.

Voldemort turned to McNair. "Walden, your job is to find a way to kill Pettigrew. He knows several of the plans I have in mind. He must not get a chance to talk."

"But Dumble…" Started McNair but quickly cut it off and replied, "Yes my Lord," He started hoping Pettigrew was kept at the Ministry so he would have a chance to get to him.

**E E**

"Arry!" Gabrielle cried out. "NO! HARRY'S BEEN KILLED!"

"What?" Her mother asked as she pulled her daughter into her arms as she confirmed what her daughter had just said with her husband. She and Gabrielle were with Professor McGonagall and Flitwick, and had been explaining what was going on when the killing curse had struck Harry.

Several nearby students heard what Gabrielle had shouted and quickly the rumors started. From student to student the word passed, and the story changed many times. One of the rumors quickly created and passed on was that Sirius Black had appeared in the maze and killed Harry in cold blood. The Minister of Magic, upon hearing the rumors immediately summoned two Dementors.

"He..he..." Gabrielle couldn't say it. Her eyes were streaming tears. She swallowed and tried again and failed. Finally she resorted to French and quickly told her mother what had happened.

"Oh... Gabrielle," Apolline replied as she held her daughter tighter.

"Is...is he really?" McGonagall asked.

"Yes. 'Arry threw himself in front of a killing curse to protect Fleur," Apolline's own eyes were filled with tears. Through her own connection with Alain, she could see Fleur holding Harry's head.

McGonagall and Flitwick exchanged glances.

Gabrielle blinked suddenly and her face changed. A smile broke out on her tear stained face. "E...'e's alive! 'Arry is alive!"

"Ow? Are you sure?" Apolline asked but she'd already sought out her connection with her husband and could now see Harry on his feet and could feel her husband's astonishment.

"Yes…'E's alive mamam. I can feel 'im and 'ear 'im," Gabrielle replied. "Voldemort's gone. 'Arry drove 'im off. 'Urt 'im."

"Are you saying Harry survived another killing curse?" Flitwick asked in disbelief. He was actually still in disbelief that the girl in front of him could talk to Harry in her mind. It was something McGonagall had to explain when Gabrielle and Apolline had first shown up and told them Dumbledore's orders.

"Oui," Gabrielle replied. "E was dead and now 'e's alive. Oh zey are coming back now. Maman we need to go to ze 'eadmaster's office. I need to see 'Arry."

Flitwick looked at McGonagall. "We have no one left in the maze to patrol for. You go with..." It was then the cold, helpless feeling of the Dementors descended over the area as the wraith-like creatures appeared. Flitwick reconsidered the original thoughts and finished. "Maybe you should stay if those creatures are going to be here."

"I wonder what they are doing here," McGonagall asked. She then looked at Gabrielle who was turning to head to the castle. "Let Dumbledore know of the Dementors."

"Oui. I will," Gabrielle replied and she, with her mother being dragged behind, quickly departed toward the castle. They were almost at the castle when Gabrielle stopped. "Zey are coming down 'ere."

**E E**

"He had quite a story to tell," Snape told Dumbledore in his office. When everyone had arrived back, Dumbledore had to diffuse a glaring contest between Snape and Sirius before asking about their prisoner who he instantly recognized as Crouch Jr.

Snape continued on explaining how Crouch's father, upon his mother's pleading had rescued him from Azkaban; substituting his wife for his son with Polyjuice potion. How he'd been hidden away for all the years since, how the Dark Lord had found out about him through Bertha Jorkins and had rescued him. As Crouch Jr. glared at him, Snape continued telling everyone what he had learned from the interrogation. He explained how Crouch had overpowered the real Moody before the school year and taken his place. At that Dumbledore turned to Hermione.

"Miss Granger. Did you say you think Alastor Moody is in his office?"

Hermione pulled out the map and showed the Headmaster the dot that coincided with the Moody.

"Remus, could you please go see if you can find Alastor and get him to Poppy if he needs attention," Dumbledore asked. He then nodded to the magical eye and peg leg. "Take those. He'll want them."

"Of course," Lupin replied and was picking up the items when Hermione said. "Wait, stop."

Everyone looked at her in confusion until she walked over to Lupin and within a couple of seconds she had scooped a beetle off his collar. "You seemed to have picked up a bug in the graveyard Mo...I mean Remus," She remembered that Snape did not know the Marauder's names. She then handed the map to Lupin. "Take this; it will help you find him once you're in his office."

Remus took the map and hurried out of the office.

As Snape continued his tale of the confession of Crouch Jr. Hermione walked over to a corner and quietly started talking to the beetle with odd marking around its eyes. "Before you publish anything talk to us first. A lot has happened tonight and I'm all for most of it being reported, but there are some things best left out of the story. One of us will meet you at the same tree as before in two hours."

The beetle buzzed its wings and Hermione opened a window a little and let the beetle out.

Crouch Jr. sneered as he spoke the first words since everyone had appeared back in the room. "My Master is back isn't he? His plan worked flawlessly."

"Yes he has obtained a body," Dumbledore replied. "As for flawlessly, if you consider he had to flee a graveyard with no clothes and heavily wounded by young Mr. Potter as flawless, then I guess you can say that," He then addressed everyone in the office. "Let's get Harry to the hospital wing and then go speak to the judges about the tournament."

"No," Harry said firmly. "I'm fine. I need to get to Gabrielle and then Fleur and I are going to finish what we started this evening," He then stared directly at his Headmaster. "Tomorrow, we need to talk about a lot of things including a prophecy."

Alain Delacour as a politician had developed an ability to recognize another person's thoughts by their facial reaction. He and everyone else in the graveyard had heard Voldemort mention a prophecy but he also knew Severus Snape had not been there. The minute reaction Snape had made when Harry had mentioned the word prophecy was interesting. It wasn't surprise he had seen, but more of like the word had brought back a painful memory.

Dumbledore piercing blue-eyed gaze only found a very determined pair of emerald eyes looking back at him. He instantly knew that tonight had changed something in his relationship with Harry. "Very well," He said finally. "I am sure there is definitely much to discuss. For now though, if you're sure you're well enough, we can head down to the maze and finish up there," He turned to Snape, "Severus, if you will take Crouch to the…"

Dumbledore's instructions stopped when he saw Snape clutch his forearm while at the same time Crouch Jr. cried out in exhilaration, "My master calls. He lives. I shall be rewarded beyond imagination," Dumbledore gazed at Snape until finally he said. "Severus, you know what I need you to do."

Snape only nodded and left the office.

Dumbledore turned to Barty Crouch Junior and raised his wand. "Obliviate," He said quietly and then followed the memory modification spell with a light stunner that made the imposter fall unconscious. He looked around the room at everyone who was staring at him and realized he needed to explain. "It's imperative this man not remember who interrogated him or that Severus was here at all."

"Explain 'eadmaster," Mr. Delacour requested.

"Trust me enough tonight to accept it," Dumbledore replied. "I will explain another time. For now we need to get to the maze. I have a feeling one of the judges is about to leave abruptly," He looked back at the unconscious prisoner. "I had hoped to secure him somewhere, but I guess we will have to take him with us. We can turn him over to Aurors.

"Pettigrew needs medical care," Sirius said. "He lost a lot blood cutting his hand off."

"I had forgotten about him," Dumbledore admitted as he looked over at the man in question. "Though it looks like the blood has stopped thanks to your measures and there is definitely no hope in recovering his hand," He started toward the door. "Poppy will be in the hospital wing with Viktor Krum and hopefully Alastor. We shall stop there and you and Remus can keep an eye on Pettigrew."

"Sir, Gabrielle said to tell you that there are Dementors at the maze," Hermione said.

"Why?" Dumbledore asked no one in particular. "Very well. As soon as we get these two men to the hospital wing we'll go down there. I'm sure McGonagall and the rest of the professors can handle it for now."

A very short time later they entered the hospital wing and a blur of blonde hair pounced on Harry. Gabrielle and her mother had proceeded immediately to the all too familiar medical facility when they realized that's where everyone was headed.

"Arry," Gabrielle cried as she held him tight proving to herself that he physically was still there. He had mentally assured her, but she needed to physically touch him, to hold him, to prove to herself that her bondmate was really alive. Fleur and Hermione both looked at each other and their sister. They both had felt the same thing.

Harry wrapped his arms around Gabrielle and held her tight. "I couldn't leave my angel," He replied. "I have a lot to tell you," Then to all of his bond mates. "All of you, but let's wait for a while."

Poppy was bending over a bed where the real Alastor Moody was lying. He wasn't taking too kindly to her ministration but she wasn't allowing him to leave. They all could hear various words carrying over the room. "Dehydration, exposure, malnutrition…lucky to be alive," She finally looked up to see who had entered her hospital. Upon seeing Harry she immediately came over and started examining him.

"What happened this time Mr. Potter?" She asked.

"Well I broke my arm but Fleur healed it," He replied.

"It's not Harry who needs your attention," Dumbledore said and nodded toward the levitating bodies.

Poppy's memory was extremely good and she instantly recognized the two people who were being levitated in an unconscious state. The pain potion vial she was holding crashed to the floor.

"Peter Pettigrew?" She asked. "But he's.." A memory of the previous year emerged and she looked back at Harry. "You weren't confunded last year were you? You did see him."

Harry could only nod.

"So Sirius Black really is…"

"That's not for now Poppy," Dumbledore said. "As you can see Pettigrew is missing his hand. He cut it off during a dark ritual. Though it's been magically sealed could you make sure he doesn't bleed to death. His testimony is critical. Also do not let him regain consciousness at all. He is an animagus and can escape."

By now Remus was standing next to the large black dog. "I'll stay and keep an eye on him sir. I won't let him escape this time."

"Thank you Remus."

Poppy had put Wormtail on a bed and was running her wand over his body. "Outside of the hand and severe blood loss, he'll be fine. A little work to seal the arm and a blood replenishing potion should do the trick." She looked at the group. "I don't suppose you were able to recover the hand?"

"There is no hope in recovering the hand," Dumbledore replied, "that I can assure you."

Poppy looked at the other person who had been levitated into the wing. "Barty Crouch Junior? Another person who is supposed to be dead. What is going on Albus?"

"He isn't injured," Dumbledore replied. "Though he probably is suffering from Polyjuice poisoning. He's been taking it steadily since the school year began."

Poppy ran her wand over the man and gave a gasp when she read the results. "He also is still recovering from long term exposure to the Imperius curse."

"Can I leave him here as well?" Dumbledore asked. "He also should not be allowed to wake anytime soon. His testimony will be important in another matter."

"Certainly," Poppy said and within seconds Crouch was lying in a bed beside Pettigrew. She then turned back to Harry. "Let me look over that arm before you leave," Before Harry could object she was already running her wand over his arm. "Very well done Miss Delacour," She said "No bones missing and perfectly aligned," She looked at Harry's oldest bond mate. "You have a nice touch. Have you considered a career as a Healer?"

"Non, eet's a career Veela are discouraged from pursuing," Fleur responded.

Poppy grimaced. "I guess you might run into issues with male patients. Well if you decide otherwise let me know."

"How is Viktor Krum?" Dumbledore asked.

"He's fine. He is very confused of course. He only remembers entering the maze and not much after that. He was definitely Imperiused. I had to sedate him to keep him here though. Do you want me to bring him around?"

"Yes. I think if he is back to himself he can join us…" Dumbledore started but stopped as a cold chill started to fill the room. The door burst open and a man with a lime green bowler hat entered followed by two Dementors.

"Dumbledore what is going on?" Fudge asked and then seeing Harry and Fleur. "Why aren't they in the Maze? We have a crowd full of people waiting for the tournament to be over…" he became distracted when the two Dementors that had accompanied him glided past him headed for the hospital bed where Crouch Junior was.

Dumbledore already had his wand out and his Patronus phoenix was encircling one of the Dementors. Harry quickly had a very bright large stag joining the phoenix and the two Dementors were forced back, an otter and an Osprey quickly joined the other two. Finally another female voice could be heard.

"Expecto Patronum," Gabrielle casts pulling her memory of Harry being alive. From the tip of her wand a shape took form and a silver doe appeared and stood next to the Stag.

"I am so jealous," Hermione said to her young bond mate who was looking amazingly at her own Patronus. They both knew she wasn't really jealous but Gabrielle stuck out her tongue in response but followed it up with a very large smile.

The Dementors fled the room being chased by the Patronuses.

Cornelius Fudge just looked on like a man in shock but soon recovered. "Now see here Dumbledore, they were providing protection for me. You had no authority to chase them away."

"They were trying to attack a very valuable witness Cornelius."


"Barty Crouch Jr."

"Junior? But…but he's dead," Fudge replied.

"Look over in that bed. Does he look dead?"

"What kind of trickery is this?" Fudge was almost yelling now.

"No trickery," Dumbledore said. "Now do you remember last year when Harry swore that Peter Pettigrew was alive?"

"He'd been confunded by Black," Fudge said.

"Are you confunded now Minister?" Harry asked.

"Of course not young man," Fudge snarled.

"Then who is that over in that bed beside Crouch?"

Fudge looked where Harry was pointing and recognized an older version of the young man whose picture had graced the Daily Prophet many times last year as story upon story was written about Sirius Black and his crimes along with the picture of his victim.

"What kind of sick trick are you trying to pull Dumbledore?" Fudge snarled. "Everyone knows Pettigrew died at the hands of Sirius Black. What?" The minister's last word was because a large black dog had just walk behind the minister and was currently peeing on his leg. "Get that blasted dog away from me," He yelled as he tried to kick it away. He turned to Dumbledore. "What about the Tournament Dumbledore. I have a very important announcement to make as soon as it's over."

"There are more important things happening tonight than the tournament Minister," Dumbledore explained. "Voldemort has returned. If you..."

"Nonsense Dumbledore! I'm not sure what kind of game you're playing at, but trying to fool me with people disguised to appear like people who are known to be dead and now spouting some kind of nonsense about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is not going to convince me! I'll hear none of this. Now I want everyone back to the pitch so the winner can be sorted out. I have too many other important things to be doing than listening to such fantasies."

"I'm sorry you feel that way Minister," Dumbledore replied to the back of the minister who was busy trying to do a cleaning charm on his pants leg and leave the hospital wing at the same time. Dumbledore turned to the motley crew of people around him. "We need to protect these witnesses to our utmost ability," He said. "Remus you must seal this room when we leave. I will try to get Amelia Bones up here as soon as I can. Once we turn them over to her, I want you to start alerting the old crowd."

Remus nodded his understanding.

Krum had been awakened by then and given a pepper up potion. He made his way to Fleur and Harry. "I vish to apologize. I understand I vas cursed to do things, but..."

"No need," Harry said. "You have a lot to catch up on, but we were all played as fools I think," He held out his hand to Krum who was staring at Hermione's closeness to Harry.

"I never had a chance did I?" He asked her. There was no malice or jealousy in his voice. He was just stating a fact.

"I...I'm sorry Viktor," Hermione said. "I...look can we talk about it later?"

Viktor nodded and took Harry's hand. "I'm not sure vat's going on, but if you hurt her..." He left the rest unsaid.

Harry smiled at the Bulgarian. "Trust me that if I hurt her, you'd have a long line ahead of you. Can you not say anything until we can talk to you properly? If the wrong words got out right now, Hermione could be seriously hurt."

Again Krum nodded and they all left the hospital wing and started the walk to the pitch.

"Who won?"

"Arry did," Fleur replied quickly.

"It's not that important anymore," Harry said. "Besides you never got a fair chance. They should just say there was no winner."

Krum stopped and looked at Harry. "Is it true you can shake off the imperius curse?" He asked.

"I guess." Harry replied. "But how..."

"I mentioned it to him Harry," Hermione replied. "A lot of our conversations ended up about you," she admitted.

"I should have realized then," Viktor said to Hermione and then to Harry. "If you had been hit vith the same curse as me, you vould have been able to get free of it. If you consider it as one additional challenge in the maze, you still vould have von," He smiled at the younger man. "Something I've learned playing Quidditch is to never be ashamed of vat allowed you to vin," They turned and started walking again. As they neared the pitch, Hermione and Fleur moved away from Harry while Gabrielle moved to his side.

"Tomorrow you really must explain," Krum muttered quietly.

Cedric joined then as they neared the judges table where Dumbledore was now whispering to Madam Maxime who was sitting alone. Percy Weasley had stalked away in search of the Minister. Lee Jordan was looking around in confusion, unsure what he should do while the murmuring started to increase in volume around the stands as people started to notice the champions arriving from castle. Finally Lee came over to the table and asked.

"Where's the cup? I thought the winner was determined by who brought it out?"

Harry looked at Fleur. "Guess we left it didn't we."

"Eet never crossed my mind."

Fudge had joined the conversation. "Where is the cup Dumbledore?" He asked. "How can we have winner without the cup?"

"I can assure you and the other champions will attest that Harry Potter was the first to touch the cup and win the Tournament," Fudge looked around at the Champions who were nodding. He shook his head and said "The rules clearly state who brings the cup out of the..." The rest wasn't finished as a disturbance occurred right next to them.

**E E**

Lucius Malfoy and his band of Death Eaters had entered the graveyard quickly. They banished the giant cauldron and repaired the tombstones that had been damaged. They cleaned up the blood that had been spilled. Shortly after arriving one of them found the dead body of Nagini.

"The Dark Lord is not going to be happy when he learns of this," Lucius thought as he dreaded returning to his own Manor and telling Voldemort about the death of his snake. Lucius conjured a bag and gently placed the body and head of the large snake into it and was ready to return to his Master when he saw the scant moonlight reflecting off of something that appeared to be silver. He walked over and found the Triwizard cup lying on the ground. Voldemort had told them about using the cup to capture Harry Potter.

"My master might want this," He thought as he reached down to pick it up. As his hand touched the cup he could feel the familiar tug of a portkey and he disappeared into the night.

**E E**

Dumbledore, Madam Maxime, Minister Fudge, Lee Jordan and the Champions all found themselves looking at a black robed silver masked person lying on the ground holding the Triwizard cup. Dumbledore's wand was out in an instant as he recognized the garb of a Death Eater. A silent stunning spell quickly hit the person.

Dumbledore reached down and removed the mask of the robed individual. As the noise of the people nearest to them rose in volume, he looked back at Minister Fudge. "Well if you would like to name Lucius Malfoy the winner, you can."

A/N - About Gabrielle's Patronus. Fleur and Hermione are both very independent people. Gabrielle is not so independent. Her fascination with Harry and then bonding with him almost immediately after her maturation means she hasn't had much else but Harry to define her happiness.

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