Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



27. Chapter 27 The Graveyard Finally!

Gabrielle had the best seat in the stadium for seeing what was going on in the maze (the only one in fact), inside her bondmate's mind. To that end, she was extremely nervous. She had seen the darkness and the utter silence that Harry had experienced when he'd entered the hedges. She couldn't say anything to anyone about what she saw, because there were too many people around them.

"Be careful Fleur," Gabrielle whispered as she watched her sister disappear as well. "You and 'Arry take care of each other."

"They'll be fine," Ginny said comfortingly from the seat beside her.

"Yes, I'm sure Harry and your sister will both do well," Luna said from her seat beside Ginny. She was dreamily looking up at the star-laden sky. "Though I think something exciting is going to happen. There're a lot of Nargles around."

Gabrielle sighed. She knew it was going to be difficult for the next couple hours. Though she would be terrified to go into that maze, she knew she was going to be there anyway. She was brought out of her revery when a cheer arose from a section of stands. Her eyes darted to the front of the maze just in time to see Krum enter into the darkness.

"Gabrielle, can you go look on the south side of the maze and see if you see Mr. Crouch," Harry asked suddenly. "Don't go alone though; take Ginny with you."

"Okay 'Arry. Oh and Viktor Krum just entered ze maze," She didn't stop to ponder Harry's curious instructions; she presumed that Hermione had seen something on the map.

Gabrielle leaned over to Ginny and whispered. "Arry needs us to do something. Come wiz me."

"Harry? How…oh," asked Ginny before she remembered that Harry and Gabrielle could talk to each other in their minds. She turned to Luna who was still dreamily staring up into the star speckled sky rather than watching the maze and everyone else was. "We'll be back soon. Gabrielle needs me to go with her."

"Do you want me to come too?" The blonde girl asked.

Ginny was about to invite her then remembered that Gabrielle would be 'talking' to Harry and it would be hard to explain to Luna. "No, but thank you. We'll be fine. You keep watching and let us know if anything happens while we're gone."

Luna smiled at her friend. "Okay," She replied as she turned her eyes back toward the sky.

"We have to do something for 'Arry," Gabrielle whispered to her parents who were sitting behind her.

"Anything I need to be concerned about?" Alain asked.

"Non, just wants us to check on something on the other side of ze maze," Gabrielle explained.

It only took a minute to descend to the field level and start walking toward the other side of the pitch.

As they were walking Gabrielle stopped short as her eyes became unfocused. After a few seconds her eyes refocused and she giggled. She quickly explained to her friend. "Zey encountered a boggart. 'Arry made it look silly," They continued the long trek around the stadium as Gabrielle tried to keep abreast of what her bond mate and sister were doing.

"Oh…zat was interesting," Gabrielle said again when she stopped. "Ze world was upside down in some kind of golden mist and my sister was startled by Devil's Snare."

"You really can experience what Harry is experiencing?" Ginny asked as they started walking again.

"Oui," Gabrielle replied. "I can even look through 'is eyes if I want. Zat can be very fun, especially when 'e just gets out of ze shower and looks in a mirror."

"EEK!" Ginny stopped and pulled Gabrielle to stop as well. With her eyes as wide as they could go she asked. "You haven't. You wouldn't."

"I have but so 'as 'e."

"He peeks at you when you're…you're…"

"Naked? Oui, it took a while for 'im to do it. 'E was so noble, but…"

"You wanted him to?" Ginny asked in disbelief. "You...but…why?"

The two of them had started walking again as Gabrielle explained. "First ze people of my country are a little…eh…more relaxed about nudity and sex zan zis country. Besides zere are no secrets in ze bond. "

"Yeah, I understand the no secrets, but what does that have to do with...with you and he seeing…"

"When you got out of ze shower zis morning did you look in ze mirror?"

"Well yes, of course I did?"

"You saw yourself naked?"

"Of course but…"

"Can you visualize zat right now in your mind? Yourself naked?"

"Yeah but…"

"Zen if you were in ze bond, your bond mate could see eet," Gabrielle saw they were close to their goal now and brought the conversation to a close. "If 'Arry were to see zose thoughts and not been told it was fine for 'im to see it, 'e would feel guilty and it would cause problems."

"Are you and...and Harry well, having sex?" Ginny asked as her face turned red.

"Non, not yet," Gabrielle replied and before Ginny could comment, they rounded the stands on the south side.

"Arry wants us to look for Mr. Crouch, ze Triwizard judge," Gabrielle explained the task they were on. "Arry thinks 'e is around 'ere. Stay in ze shadows though, we don't want 'im to see us."

"I don't see him," Ginny said. "The only person not in the stands is Professor Moody. Wonder what he's doing?" She asked. Moody had his wand out and was moving it in a complex pattern.

"I don't know, but I'll let 'Arry..." She stopped as her eyes went unfocused again. After a second she said. "Zey're being attacked by Krum."

"Who? Harry and Fleur?"

"Oui, 'arry just...wait," Gabrielle said. "E escaped."


"Non, Krum," Gabrielle explained. "E tried to stun Fleur but 'Arry...wait let me tell 'Arry what's 'ere. "Arry, 'Ermione. We're on ze south side of ze maze and ze man Crouch is not 'ere. Only Professor Moody is 'ere. 'E's been pointing 'is wand and casting some spell."

"Where are you in relation to Moody?" Hermione asked.

"We are about zirty meters away to ze right of 'im."

"That's him," Hermione exclaimed as she saw the dots of Ginny and Gabrielle in relation to Moody. "That's where the map says Crouch is."

"We just had Krum attack us in here," Harry said.

"What?" Hermione exclaimed.

"Gabrielle, get to Dumbledore. Ask him about Crouch. Hermione go to him as well. He might want to see the map for proof. We are close enough I think," Harry instructed. "I have a bad feeling about this and the faster Dumbledore knows the better."

"Come Ginny," Gabrielle said to her red-haired friend. "Arry wants us to tell Dumbledore about zis. Eet seems zat man is not Professor Moody."

"How...how do you know?"

"No time to explain right now. We need to see ze 'eadmaster," Gabrielle replied. "Ermione will be joining us. You'll probably find out zen. We need to 'urry. Professor Dumbledore also needs to know about Krum attacking zem."

The two young witches stayed in the shadows as they backed away. As soon as they rounded a corner, they started running. It wasn't long before they made it to the judges table.

"Pro…Professor Dumbledore," Gabrielle gasped. "We…need to…talk to…you," She continued to gasp.

"We are busy here young...GINNY?" Percy Weasley said in a dismissive tone as he looked over at them. "What are you doing here? Go back to your seat. Mum is up there," He pointed in the stands over his left shoulder.

"We...we have to…talk to you Professor," Gabrielle gasped again to the Headmaster.

Hermione raced up to Gabrielle and Ginny at that moment. The map folded but clutched in her hand. "Professor Dumbledore sir," She said.

"Vat is the meaning of this Dumbledore," Karkaroff asked suspiciously. "Is this some kind of trick to distract us? Vy are all of these students here?"

Dumbledore eyed the three witches and knew that it was something to do with Harry. "Had something happened to him?" He wondered. He turned to the other judges. "I'm apologize Igor, but I do not know. You three keep watching and I'll see what these young ladies need."

Igor Karkaroff just made an impatient gesture and ignored the girls.

Sir," Percy said pompously. "It's just my sister, I'm sure it's nothing important. I'll take her to my mother."

"That's quite alright, Mr. Weasley," Dumbledore said with a smile. "I need to stretch my legs anyway. Maxime?" He gave a slight bow to the Beauxbatons Headmistress who was looking questioningly at him though she had a very good idea what was happening. The slight nod he gave her confirmed there was a problem.

"I presume this has something to do with Harry? Something happened in the maze?" Dumbledore asked when he'd led the girls away from the judge's table.

"Actually sir," Hermione began, "We think Mr. Crouch is impersonating Moody."

"And when we were just zere, we saw Moody casting spells."

Professor Dumbledore looked at Hermione and then over to Ginny who appeared lost in the conversation and to Gabrielle. "What makes you think this?" He asked calmly but a chill had descended into his aged body.

"The map sir," Hermione said. She glanced around to make sure they were alone and then unfolded the map. She hadn't cleared it, so all the dots were still moving around.

"Ah, this must be the infamous Marauder's map," The Headmaster said, taking the parchment from her. "Impressive," He murmured to himself. "How did they.."

"Look sir," Hermione was pointing at the dot on the south side of the Quidditch pitch that had Bartemius Crouch under it.

"We were just zere sir," Gabrielle said. "Where zat dot is we saw Professor Moody."

Dumbledore looked over to a group of dots and saw his name along with Gabrielle Delacour, Ginevra Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

"Oh, Professor 'Arry said to tell you that Krum attacked zem in ze maze."

Many thoughts raced through the brilliant mind of the Headmaster. Thoughts that he had seen in his Pensieve, of Voldemort's plan for Harry and the words of the young witch who had just told him "We saw Moody casting spells."

"When you saw Alastor..I mean Professor Moody casting spells was it the same time Krum was attacking Harry and Fleur?"

"Oui," Gabrielle replied. "Zat exact moment."

Dumbledore brushed past the girls pushing the map back into Hermione's hands as he did. Then moving much quicker than anyone over one hundred years old should ever move, he rushed toward the south side of the maze. His wand already out in his hand. "You may follow, but do not get too close," He said over his shoulder as he rushed on.

Ginny, Gabrielle and Hermione all followed the old wizard keeping some distance behind him. Gabrielle and Hermione both felt the intensity of the emotions of Harry as he and Fleur battled the Skrewt, but both of them were watching the Headmaster more. Past Dumbledore they could see Crouch moving his wand again while at the same time they felt Harry's anger and determination. They were both concentrating on Dumbledore; neither witnessed Harry's fight with Krum in the maze.

Suddenly as Dumbledore reached Crouch the sky filled with red light breaking their concentration. Hermione looked up to see sparks flying out of the maze. A gasp rose from the crowd as they all looked up into the red lights wondering who was no longer in the tournament.

"What's going on Harry?" Hermione asked. "Red sparks just went up over the maze."

"Krum. He attacked Cedric. Used an unforgivable, torture curse. I was able to stun him and we sent up the sparks so they can get to him. What about Crouch?"

"Dumbledore is talking…wait...Moody or Crouch or whoever just tried to hex Dumbledore," Hermione replied. "That was a mistake. He's down. I have no idea what spell Dumbledore just cast but Crouch or Moody collapsed on the spot. I'm going to see if I can find out what's going on…but let me see where you are," About ten seconds later she continued. "You're only about ten yards from the center. It's left of forward to you right now."

"Thanks love," Harry replied. "Go see what Crouch was doing and let Dumbledore know about Krum. He might want to talk to Karkaroff," Harry then directed his thoughts to his youngest bond mate. "Gabrielle, can you let Sirius and Remus know we are all right, but that Krum attacked us."

Hermione rushed to Dumbledore while Gabrielle and Ginny started looking for Lupin and Sirius. Neither had a clue where the two of them were.

"Sir," Hermione said and she rushed to Dumbledore's side. "Sir," She repeated again and then looking around to make sure no one was listening she continued. "Krum."

Dumbledore's eyes looked up at the red sparks lingering over the stadium. "Is Harry okay?"

"Yes sir. He stunned Krum when he attacked Cedric. Harry said Krum used an unforgivable on Cedric. The sparks are over Viktor."

"Is Mr. Diggory injured?"

"No sir. I don't believe he is. Harry didn't say otherwise."

Dumbledore sighed in relief. "Was this the plan?" He wondered. "Have Krum kill Harry and the other Champions in the maze. It would have prevented any support from European countries when Voldemort returns. But why Harry?" Dumbledore asked himself, but then a possible answer arose. "Maybe he was going to make it look like Harry killed all the other Champions," Realizing that the young witch was staring at him he brought his thoughts back to what needed to be done. He lifted his wand and a silver phoenix came out of it. Dumbledore spoke to the Patronus. "Minerva, Viktor Krum is under the sparks. Please get to him and take him somewhere he can't talk to anyone. Have Poppy check him for the Imperius curse," The silver phoenix dashed off to find who the message was for, in this case Professor McGonagall.

Dumbledore looked upward at the stands. The sparks had distracted everyone so no one had noticed the exchange between Moody and himself but he knew he didn't have much time. He knelt beside the unconscious man and pulled his flask loose from his belt. Unscrewing the cap he poured a little out and then sniffed the contents. "Definitely Polyjuice potion," He touched his wand to the unconscious form of what appeared to be Alastor Moody and a disillusionment charm made him nearly invisible. "I think we need to take him to my office. Miss Granger please stay with me. I want to know if anything else is amiss in the maze," He levitated the body and started moving quickly toward the castle.

"Yes sir," Hermione replied and started walking at the side of the Headmaster. She let Harry know that's where they were going. She helped solve Fleur's riddle as they ascended the steps to the second floor while Harry's riddle was solved as they passed the Gargoyle and entered the revolving staircase. She almost fell down the steps when she felt the rush of energy, desperation and love that poured out of Harry when he saved Fleur.

Dumbledore steadied the young bright witch and gave her a quizzical look.

"Fleur…Harry.." she gasped and then explained. "Fleur was attacked by an Acromantula. Harry...well Harry saved her," She followed the Headmaster into his office. "They are at the cup now."

"Well it won't be long now," Dumbledore said. "The cup is a portkey and as soon as one of them touches it, it will bring them outside the maze," He removed the disillusionment charm from Moody and guided him onto the floor. "Now we'll have to wait and see who this is. I can't question him until I know that."

"The map says it's Crouch sir," Hermione said.

"Yes, but which one is the question," Professor Dumbledore said quietly. A few seconds later he looked at Hermione. "Is it finished yet?"

"No sir. They are having a disagreement sir. Fleur is refusing the take the cup with Harry."

"And he's refusing to take it without her?"

"Yes sir."

The Headmaster made a motion with his wand and the impostor's body became rigid. "I can't bind him. If this person is larger than Moody, the bindings might kill him, and if he's smaller, they would be too loose to hold him," He walked over and sat at his desk. "All we can do now is wait. As much as I want to go get Harry and the other Champions out of the maze, the magical contract requires either they give up or someone becomes a winner by touching the cup," Dumbledore continued to stare at the man on the floor. He kept thinking of Krum attacking Cedric and…and another possible explanation crossed his mind. "Do you know if Krum attacked just Miss Delacour or both Harry and her?"

"I don't sir. I was busy watching the map," Not wanting to bother Harry or Fleur she quickly queried Gabrielle and found out that Krum only tried to curse Fleur and not Harry. When Hermione relayed this information to Dumbledore, a grave expression came over his face.

A silver cat appeared and started to speak to Dumbledore. "Poppy says Krum definitely has all the signs of being under the Imperius Curse. She will keep him unconscious until you say otherwise."

"So it is possible he was trying to kill the other champions and make it look like Harry did it or was it something else something that might still be going on? Could he have been trying to make sure Harry won the tournament? If so why?" Dumbledore pondered the question. "If the clearing was to be a trap Harry would have already set it off. The only thing left for him to do is get the…" It felt like his entire office had dropped thirty degrees as a cold chill descended over the Headmaster's entire body He suddenly remembered it was Moody who placed the cup in the maze. "Miss Granger. Please tell Harry to not touch the cup," He said to the young witch with him.

A stunned Hermione spent a couple of seconds trying to figure out what the Headmaster had just said and why he would ask it. Then she realized Harry was just about to do just that. "HARRY WAIT! Dumbledore said to not..." She stopped as she realized she was too late. Harry had touched the Cup and she felt the bond go silent. She looked at the Headmaster as a wave of fear passed in her eyes. "He touched the cup sir, he's gone."

"Can you ask Miss Gabrielle if she can see the Judge's table?"

"I..I can't; not until Harry is.." She shrugged helplessly.

Dumbledore waited, but knew almost instantly that there was a problem. A portkey of mere yards would only take a second.

It was eight seconds later when Hermione's eyes lit up as she looked at the Headmaster. "He's alive and somewhere. HARRY!" Finally she continued. "Sir, He's all right sir but he's…"


Harry's feet slammed onto the ground and as he stumbled to a stop his glasses flew off his face.

Three distinct voices came through the bonds he shared but between the mental shouting of his name and questions from all of them, he couldn't think straight. "Quiet please," He mentally requested. "I don't know where I am, give me a minute. I lost my glasses."

Harry spent a minute scrambling around looking for his glasses in the darkness. He let out a sigh of relief when his fingers finally wrapped around them. Quickly he slid them into place and his surroundings came into focus.

"I'm nowhere near the castle. No mountains anywhere," Harry started to his bond mates. He looked around and found himself in a dark overgrown graveyard. "I'm in…wait hold on. There's someone coming."

"Harry, Dumbledore says to be careful."

Harry pulled out his wand and yelled to the person. "Who's there?"

The figure paid no heed to the call as he continued to move steadily closer. With each tombstone the cloaked figure passed, it came readily apparent he was coming directly toward Harry.

Again Harry shouted. "Who are you? Where am I?"

Still the man did not reply as he drew closer and closer. As the figure came into the edge of the wandlight, Harry could start to make out details of the man. He was wearing a cloak and the hood covered his face in it's darkened depths, in his arms, he carried some kind of bundle.

Closer and closer the man moved, seeming oblivious to the Harry but still moving directly toward him.

"Harry, get out of there," Hermione urged. "This is not part of the Tournament. Dumbledore thinks Crouch changed the portkey location on the cup. It was supposed to take you out of the maze to the Judges table."

The man stopped abruptly beside a tombstone that stretch upward over six feet.

"Arry, what's going on? Where are you?"

"I…I don't know but someone's here," Harry replied. As a knot developed in his stomach, his fingers wrapped around his wand a little tighter.

"Harry, Dumbledore thinks…" Hermione started again, but as Harry continued to stare at the man and his bundle a high cold voice said only "Prepare him," The voice seemed to come from the bundle the man was setting down next to a tombstone.

As the shorter man stood back up his hood slipped from his head and Harry came face to face with his parent's betrayer, Peter Pettigrew.

"You!" Harry gasped. His wandlight disappeared in an instant quickly followed up by the disarming spell. "Expelliarmus!"

Wormtail, stunned by the disappearance of the bright light, was slow, but still managed to get his shield was up just in time to deflect the spell.

"Diffindo!" Harry yelled as he started to back away from the Wormtail. This time Pettigrew missed blocking the hex and it ripped into Peter's thigh drawing blood, almost taking him to the ground.

"Fool!" The high-pitched voice said again. "He is but a boy. Can you not do anything? Do not fail me Wormtail or you will suffer."

Harry kept his full attention on the wand in Pettigrew's hand as he continued to move away. An image from the vision he had in the summer came to mind; one where the same high-pitched voice casts the killing curse upon an old muggle. He still didn't know exactly what it looked like, but he knew in that bundle was Voldemort.

The thought left Harry stunned and he almost missed the wand movement and "Incarcerous!" from Wormtail. Harry manged to dive out of the way just as thick ropes skimmed past him. The leap took its toll as his left arm slammed into an old worn tombstone. He rolled over and glanced down at his arm, the pain coursing through his body already suggested it, but the odd angle the arm hung at confirmed that it was broken. Harry gritted his teeth and pushed the pain away as he scrambled back to his feet. His eyes caught sight of the tombstone and though the first name was old, faded and unreadable, a familiar last name glared back at him 'RIDDLE'. Harry looked at another tombstone and then another; several had the same name.

Harry started moving along a row of tombstones as he tried to find Pettigrew in the darkness. His broken arm hit one of the stone monuments and another wave of pain washed over him almost sending him back to his knees. Again he pushed the pain to the back of his mind. He heard a sound to his right and through the darkness he could see Pettigrew was advancing on him again, but this time he was limping cautiously. Harry started backing away, looking around for something, anything that could help him. Not finding anything he brought his wand up again and was going to send another cutting curse at Womtail when something large and long slithered behind one of his feet, tripping him. Surprised, Harry was unable to do anything about the red light that hit him on his way to the ground.

In Dumbledore's office, Hermione was describing what had been happening with Harry. "It was Pettigrew sir. Harry was fighting him but he tripped and…and now Harry's stunned. He thinks he's there sir, He-who..I mean Voldemort. Harry thinks Voldemort is there with him."

"Okay, tell me everything wait…show it to me so I can see every detail. Maybe I can figure out where he is," Dumbledore said and rose from his desk. "We can use the pensieve."

"I…I was only listening to his thoughts sir. I didn't try to get an image," Hermione replied guiltily. She immediately started blaming herself. She thought of the hesitation he had before telling Harry not to touch the cup. "If I'd just not hesitated. If I'd just repeated Dumbledore immediately and now…and now I didn't try to see where he was. Harry, where are you?" Her final words were a plea that she knew wouldn't be answered, not until her bond mate woke up. Then an idea crossed her mind. "Sir maybe Fleur or Gabrielle…but with Harry being unconscious…"

"I understand Miss Granger," Professor Dumbledore said. He turned to the red and gold phoenix sitting on the perch listening to everything said. "Fawkes, can you go retrieve both of the Delacour sisters? One is in the maze. The other one I'm not sure exactly but she will be near the pitch," With a small bob of his head the Phoenix took flight and then was gone in a flash of fire. Dumbledore made a quick motion with his wand and the silver phoenix patronus was back again. "Minerva, Filius, please retrieve Mr. Diggory from the maze. The tournament is over but we have problems. Do NOT let anyone see him yet," A flick of his wand and it too was off.

In the center of the maze two Champions looked at each other. They had just watched Harry Potter disappear with a Portkey. After asking Fleur if she knew the cup was a portkey, Cedric looked around. "How do you suppose we get out of here?" He asked.

Fleur didn't answer the question. She seemed to be focused on something unseen. Cedric could see concern in her eyes and presuming he knew what it meant so he tried again. "I'm sure Harry is fine. The cup was probably a fast way out of the maze."

"Non," Fleur finally replied. "E…'e is not 'ere anymore. Not at 'ogwarts."

"Sure he is. Like I said the Portkey probably took him out of the maze and he's getting ready to collect his thousand Galleons."

"Non," Fleur repeated as she looked at Cedric. "You don't understand, I know 'Arry isn't 'ere. But 'Ermione is wiz Dumbledore and 'e knows now."

"How can you know that?" Cedric asked. "I didn't think you were into divination or anything like that."

Fleur was back concentrating and didn't answer him for a minute. "Someone's coming."

Cedric looked around the clearing. "It's about time someone came for us, but how do you know."

"Non, someone's coming for 'Arry."

"Fleur what the hell is going on? How do you know what's happening with Harry?"

"You 'eard most of eet Cedric. 'Arry is my bond mate."

"So you're married or something? I thought he was dating your sister?"

"I don't 'ave time to explain, but eet is a secret," Fleur said. "Please Cedric, don't tell anyone about it. But for now just trust me…It's ze animagus...it's Wormtail!'

Cedric whirled around again looking around the clearing and still saw nothing. "You're starting to worry me Fleur. Do you need Madam Pomfrey? I can send up red sparks."

"Cedric, 'arry is my bondmate. Veela Bond mates can 'ear each other 'ere," She pointed to her head. "I can 'ear 'im in my mind. Right now 'e is dueling someone wherever zat cup took 'im," Her eyes focused on Cedric's. "I should 'ave taken ze cup wiz 'im. I could be zere 'elping 'im right now."

"Harry can take care of himself. He's proven that enough times."

"You don't understand. 'E thinks Voldemort is zere."

Cedric mentally cringed at the name but it did not reflect in his demeanor. "Harry is fighting You-Know-Who?"

"Oui, or at least 'is servant."

Cedric didn't know what to think but he was put into Hufflepuff for a good reason. "Okay Fleur, presuming what you're saying is correct, what can I do to help?" He asked.

Fleur grimaced as she felt Harry's pain when his arm broke. She looked at Cedric, "E's hurt," She aid and then started to look around the clearing. "I've got to get out of 'ere. 'Arry needs me. 'E's been stunned. I 'ave to get to Dumbledore and find out what I can do."

"How are we supposed to get out of here? Guess no one thought of second through fourth place finishers."

"I'm going back ze way I came," She started to walk toward the opening that led back into the maze. Cedric reached out and grabbed her arm. "Are you sure you want to do that? What if they're more skrewts or Acromantulas?

"Want to? Of course not, but I 'ave to Cedric. I.." the rest was cut off as a flash of flame had both of them reaching for their wands but Fleur immediately recognized Fawkes. When the majestic bird hovered in front of her, she knew he was there to take her to Dumbledore as well.

"That's Dumbledore's phoenix," Cedric sputtered.

"Yes and 'e is 'ere for me. I'll make sure someone comes for you soon. Thanks Cedric and please don't tell anyone."

Cedric smiled as best he could. "Go help Harry."

Fleur nodded then grabbed a tail feather and was gone.

As Hermione watched Fawkes disappear a question appeared on her lips. "Sir, why can't we just tell Fawkes to go get Harry?"

"First Fawkes would not know where to go, but even if he did, if Voldemort were to see Fawkes, I am positive he would kill Harry before a rescue could happen," Dumbledore said. He spent a few seconds considering his words and decided a further explanation was in order.

"There is a reason Voldemort wants Harry dead, but it isn't…"

Before he could finish the explanation Fawkes was back with Fleur. As soon as she was safely on the floor, Fawkes disappeared again.

"Ermione? What's going on? Eet was zat Animagus. 'Arry?" Fleur's questions were jumbled together, but Hermione knew exactly what she was saying.

"We are trying to determine that exact thing Miss Delacour. Since your sister will be here shortly, may I address you as Fleur and Gabrielle?"

"Of course 'eadmaster."

"Did you..." Before Dumbledore could finish the sentence Fawkes had again returned not only with Gabrielle but with Ginny as well.

"Thank you Fawkes," Dumbledore said then he addressed the two young Delacours. "Did either of..." But again he was interrupted when a silver cat Patronus appeared. "Everyone saw Fawkes take Gabrielle and Ginny. There is an uproar down here. Lupin and the Delacours are headed to your office. What's going on Albus?"

Dumbledore sighed as he turned away from the cat and looked at the Delacour sisters and for the third time tried to ask the question he needed an answer to. "Did either of you get an image of where Harry is? Hermione was only listening to his thoughts."

"Oui," Fleur replied, "though some of ze time I was talking to Cedric. 'Arry is in a graveyard somewhere, but 'e doesn't know where."

"Eadmaster, a lot of ze 'eadstones have ze name Riddle on zem," Gabrielle chimed in.

Dumbledore's blue eyes lit with hope as he realized he didn't need the pensieve to know where Harry was. "Little Hangleton," He said quietly. He knew the area well. In his constant studying of Tom Marvolo Riddle, Dumbledore had discovered who his father had been and the village where he was from. Dumbledore had even visited Riddle House when he'd heard that Frank Bryce had disappeared. The trails through the dust of the old manor suggested a snake had slithered over its floors but by the time Dumbledore had arrived, there had been no sign of Voldemort. He remembered the graveyard by the small church where the Riddle family had been buried for generations. He turned to the four witches in front of him and said. "I think I know where he is, but we need to hurry."

He was about to stand when his door burst open and Remus, Sirius in his animagus form, Alain and Apolline Delacour came rushing into the room. The entire room started filling with questions.

"SILENCE!" Dumbledore said with a commanding voice and the room fell silent. He looked at the people in the room before continuing. "Harry has been taken by Voldemort and we are trying to find a way to get to him."

"But 'ow?" Alain Delacour asked.

"Portkey," Dumbledore replied. "The Triwizard cup was tampered with. Fortunately, we know where he was taken."

"Ees zere anything I can do to 'elp Albus?" Alain asked.

"Thank you, but I think not at this moment."

Several people now noticed Moody unconscious on the floor. "Moody?"

"That's not Moody," Hermione replied, as her eyes caught Lupin's, another thought occurred to her. She pulled back out the map and looked at Moody's office. It still showed Alastor Moody in there.

"Sir," She said to Professor Dumbledore. "I think the real Moody might be in his office."

"Unfortunately we do not have time for that right now," Dumbledore replied. "We…"

"Eadmaster, 'Arry's awake," Fleur said and every person in the office turned in her direction.

Harry had a headache. That is the one thing he knew for certain as he regained consciousness. That and his arm felt like it was on fire due to the pain running through it. A strange taste was in his mouth. He quickly realized the taste was from some kind of cloth that had been shoved into his mouth. Again his mind flooded with his bond mate's worries and questions for him.

"We are…"


Bits and pieces of each of their thoughts to him were scattered amongst the others. A word here and there, it was similar to the day they had first bonded and through it all his headache was getting worse.

"Ladies. Please!" He mentally shouted through the pain in his head and as the questions quieted down, Harry's brain came back to life. He started remembering what had happened and who and where. His eyes flew open only to be staring into the eyes of Wormtail who was putting his wand away.

"My master wants you awake for this," Pettigrew said.

"Mmmmm", Harry grunt through the cloth in his mouth as he struggled to free himself. He wanted nothing more at that moment than to get to his parent's betrayer. Pain shot through his left arm and it was only then that he realized he was bound to the six foot tombstone that Harry had seen Wormtail stop at earlier. The ropes that confined him were thick and constricting. Through the fog that was still his headache and pain in his arm a single French voice filled his head. "We are wiz you love. We are also with Dumbledore. 'E knows where you are."

"DUMBLEDORE!" Harry thought. Just the name brought a sense of relief; a sense of knowing everything would be all right. "He knows. He'll think of something," Harry immediately started looking around as if expecting the Headmaster to appear any minute. He paid no attention to the giant stone cauldron that Wormtail had dragged to the foot of the grave, but the 'woosh' sound as flames erupted underneath it, made him turn his attention in that direction .

Voldemort was an expert at reading people, not just as an expert at Legilimency; he had always been able to sense the mood of people just by their faces. He had been watching Potter through the opening in the robes he was currently in and noticed what seemed like relief flow over the boy.

"That will not do," The Dark Lord thought. "I need the boy cowering in fear, showing my Death Eaters that the stories were all lies. Then I shall watch his eyes as his very life flows from them."

"Wormtail," Voldemort called to his servant. "Ungag the boy."

"Yes Master," Wormtail replied as he quickly scurried to Harry and pulled the cloth free from his mouth.

"Now Potter," The high-pitched voice asked. "Do you know what is going to happen to you tonight?"

Harry glared at the robes. He couldn't make out what was speaking, but he knew who it was and decided to remain silent for the moment.

"You are going to die, but only after…" Voldemort sneered in a quiet high pitch voice.

"DUMBLEDORE WILL..." Harry shouted over the soft almost whispering voice of Voldemort but was cut off by Voldemort himself raising his own voice.

"DUMBLEDORE can do nothing," The Dark Lord sneered. "He has no idea where you are and even if he did, you will be dead as soon as he comes near this place. Those ropes around you are magical Potter. A single command, even a single thought and they will squeeze the very life out of your body. If your esteemed," That word was almost spat out in disgust, "Headmaster or that Phoenix of his does show up, you will just die earlier than planned."

When Voldemort had mention Fawkes, Harry had glance hopefully around. Wanting to hear that music, that song that could make his fears fall away.

"Yes I heard of your adventure the year after we last met," Riddle continued. "I heard from my servant at Hogwarts how Dumbledore's bird saved you. Boy-Who-Lived?" Voldemort spat. "You are nothing without another's protection and tonight I will prove it. Tonight there will be no Dumbledore, no Phoenix and there will be no miracles for Harry Potter. There will only be your death."

Harry's confidence diminished with those words but he refused to allow Voldemort the satisfaction of knowing it. "Then kill me already."

"All in good time Potter but first there is much to be done. Is it ready Wormtail."

Harry's attention returned to the large Cauldron. The liquid inside it was bubbling and spitting out sparks.

"Very soon master."

In the Headmaster's office Dumbledore was listening to what the bond mates of Harry were telling him. Finally he said, "We don't have much time. Sometime tonight Voldemort plans to kill Harry."

"Then let's go get him," Remus said. "We have several people here and..."

Ginny squealed in terror when the large black dog morphed into a human shape. The could only point at the man she now recognized as the murderer Sirius Black. Even in her fear, she realized that no one else in the room was surprised at what had happened.

"It's fine Ginny," Gabrielle whispered. "He's Harry's godfather and not who you think."

"WHAT?" Ginny replied.

"It's true," Hermione added. "We'll explain later."

"Count me in," Black said. "He's my godson Albus, you'll not leave me behind."

"You heard what Voldemort told Harry," Dumbledore said to the Marauders. "I cannot go and we cannot attack in force. He will kill Harry as soon as we try. He has been working on this plan for a year Remus, so do not underestimate him."

"I'll go alone then," Remus growled. "A single person should be able to get close and maybe get Harry out of there."

"Like hell you will," Sirius replied, "I'll be the one going. Just tell me where he is."

"One person might be able to get to Harry," Dumbledore admitted calmly. "But it will be neither of you. I wouldn't risk Wormtail being able to sense either of you," His eyes leveled on a silvery blonde-haired young lady. "No, in this case, I think Fleur would be the best choice."

Another round of commotion broke out.

"Zis is madness. You cannot send my daughter against zat madman, I'll go," Alain Delacour insisted.

"Alain, she is the best-trained person who can talk to Harry and let us know what is going on as well," Dumbledore argued. "I don't know what Voldemort is planning but I can assure you it is not good for Harry. We are running out of time. If Voldemort detects a threat I am sure he will kill Harry and make his escape."

"Wormtail just told Voldemort whatever ees in ze cauldron is ready," Fleur said to Dumbledore and then to her father. "Of course I will go Papa. 'Arry needs me. You know 'e saved my life again in ze maze? I will not turn my back on my bondmate. Besides you know what will probably 'appen if 'e dies," She held her father's gaze for several seconds before he finally nodded.

"I'll go with her," Hermione said nervously. "I...I can help."

"J'irai également," Gabrielle replied, and then translated her own words. "I will also go."

"I appreciate your desire; both of you," Dumbledore said to Hermione and Gabrielle, "but I need the both of you to do something else," He turned back to Fleur. "Fleur, it's possible the Triwizard cup still might have the original portkey in it and Crouch only put a new destination on top of it, but I can't take the chance," He reached into his drawer and pulled out a silver knife. "Harry will need to be cut out of those ropes before you can portkey him away. This knife can sever any cords magical or none," Pulling out his wand and concentrating, he tapped it to the knife and said "Portus!", and then he repeated the same charm again. He slid it into a small scabbard and handed it to her. "It is now a portkey as well. Word activated by the phrase 'Bond of Love'. First time it is activated, it will take you to a short distance from the graveyard. The next time will bring you back here. I'm also going to disillusion you, but be careful. Voldemort, like myself, can easily identify disillusioned people when he is around them. I'm hoping it helps get you past Nagini and Wormtail."

Fleur nodded as she accepted the knife. Dumbledore raised his wand and lightly touched her head. Fleur felt a cold feeling trickle down her body. "Good luck," He said to the nearly invisible young woman. Fleur glanced once more at her bond sisters. "I'll bring 'im back, I promise," Then she grabbed the hilt of the silver knife and whispered 'Bond of Love'," Just before she felt the pull from behind her navel, she whispered in her mind. "I'm coming 'Arry."

When Fleur had disappeared, Dumbledore turned to the rest of the people in the office. "I want the rest of us reasonably close in case we are needed," He looked at Hermione. "I want you to be the link between us so we know if we're needed," He then turned his attention to Gabrielle. "Gabrielle, Ginny, I want you two to go back to the pitch. I am going to need my Professors and others to be ready. I want you to be my link to them," All three young ladies just nodded.

"I'll go wiz Gabrielle," Apolline Delacour said and received a nod from her husband. She, Ginny and Gabrielle immediately started for the door.

Dumbledore stood up and his gaze fell upon the still unconscious Moody. His wand was out again and the silver phoenix materialized once more. "Severus, come to my office and bring your strongest truth serum. You will find Moody in a body bind on the floor. It is not him. It is someone polyjuiced to be him. I need you to guard him and when the potion wears off, I need you to interrogate him to find out what his purpose was."

Alain Delacour studied the Headmaster carefully. While he was investigating Sirius and Remus he had also done a small amount of investigation into the Potions Master that his daughters complained about regularly. "Ees zat wise?" He asked the Headmaster. "We know Voldemort is doing something tonight and you are trusting a former Death Eater to guard someone who seems to be working wiz Voldemort?"

"I trust Severus with my life Monsieur Delacour."

"Zat's all fine and good 'eadmaster, but in zis case it is other people's lives you are trusting 'im wiz," The French politician replied. "My daughters already 'ave many complaints against ze man. If 'e causes zem 'arm tonight, I will 'old you personally responsible," The gaze that passed between the two men was short but very thorough.


"Sir, Fleur is in the graveyard and unnoticed it seems, but Peter just started a ritual in the Cauldron," Hermione said.

"I'm coming 'Arry," Harry heard in his mind before he felt Fleur disappear from his mind.

"NO!" He mentally shouted back to Fleur as soon as he felt her reappear after the portkey. "Stay away…don't…I'm not worth…"

When Fleur heard what Harry was saying she cut him off in mid thought. "Don't you tell me my bondmate isn't worth eet! What did you tell me in ze maze when you saved my life? If you were in danger, I'd save yours? You are in danger and I will do what I 'ave to do to save you my love. Do not EVER tell me you aren't worth eet."

Harry found out quickly that all three of his bond mates wanted to be there. "Just be careful. I'd prefer to die than let anything happen to you."

"We need to talk about zat zis summer 'Arry, but for now promise me you will not die."

"I can't promise that my flower," He replied as his attention was drawn back on the Cauldron in front of him. A scream tried to get out of Harry's throat as Wormtail unwrapped the thing in the robes. The size of an infant, the horrible creature Wormtail picked up was hairless, scaly and had reddish black skin. Its arms and legs were thin and feeble, and its face - no child alive ever had a face like that - flat and snakelike, with gleaming red eyes.

As Harry watched in horror as Wormtail lowered the creature into the cauldron, he fervently wished for it to drown in the liquids.

Fleur took the opportunity of the distracted Wormtail to rush several headstones closer to her bondmate but had to stop as the stooped little man turned around and walked directly toward Harry. She felt a small amount of satisfaction when she saw him walking with a limp and noticed the gash in his robes where Harry had connected with his curse. When he pulled his wand out, Fleur almost cursed him, but then she remembered how easily her bond mate could be killed.

Wormtail raised his wand and closed his eyes before he began to speak in a voice that shook with the fear he was experiencing

"Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!"

The grave Harry was bound to cracked open and a fine trail of dust left the opening and fell softly into the Cauldron. As the dust touched the surface of the water it hissed and sparks flew in all directions. The color changed to vivid disgusting blue color.

"Don't do it Wormtail," Harry yelled but the traitorous marauder continued as if he didn't hear Harry. A sob escaped the man's throat as he pulled out a long silver dagger.

Fleur again moved quickly as she watched Wormtail cut off his own hand and toss it into the cauldron turning its color to a bright red; she made it to the tombstone Harry was tied to.

"Distract 'im," She said to Harry. "I 'ave to cut you loose."

"Why Wormtail?" Harry yelled. "Some Gryffindor you turned out to be. Betrayed my father and mother and now betraying me as well?" But again Peter ignored him and after wrapping his stump in his robes he started back toward Harry.

Fleur was in the shadows of the large tombstone and she was sure Peter couldn't see her, especially being disillusioned, but she glanced around to make sure Nagini was not near. She'd seen the snake twice already but both times it did not seem to notice her. With one more quick look over her shoulder she pulled out the knife and started to cut the ropes.

"I have to go slowly or the sound might alert Wormtail," She explained to Harry.

Peter was now moaning in agony as he made his way back to the grave again.

"Stop Fleur, I can hear the cutting," Harry said.

Fleur stopped and waited in growing frustration. "Zere are only a couple of ropes left. As soon as 'e turns 'is back again I can be finished."

"B-blood of the enemy . . . forcibly taken ... you will...resurrect your foe."

Harry just wanted him to finish so he could get free. He ignored the pain of the dagger digging into his arm. As Wormtail turned away from Harry with the vial of blood, Fleur made the last few cuts and the ropes fell free.

"Accio Harry's wand," Fleur yelled and out of Wormtail's pocket came flying the phoenix feather wand. Harry snatched it out of the air with his good hand. Wormtail spun around and a look of panic crossed his face as he saw a totally free Harry Potter brandishing his wand.

"Don't do it Wormtail. Drop my blood," Harry commanded. When Wormtail refused and started to pour the blood into the cauldron, Harry yelled "Accio V.."

"Arry watch out," Fleur yelled as she sent a cutting curse at Nagini who had been poised to strike at Harry. A wide gash opened along the snake's side as the curse struck true. The snake slithered away into the darkness trailing a line of blood after itself.

The distraction was all Peter needed to finish the ritual. As the last of the blood was emptied, he stumbled away into the darkness.

Harry started to follow him, but the liquid in the cauldron turned brilliant white and he was forced to hide his eyes. At the same time he heard the unmistakable sound of apparition cracks around him. Harry opened his eyes to see a streak of black rushing across the graveyard, but everything else became unsettled as the brilliant glow of the Cauldron died away abruptly. The change from brilliant glow to darkness left Harry mostly blind.

"Harry, Fleur you should leave now," A familiar grandfatherly voice said. Harry turned and could only feel relief to see Albus Dumbledore staring at him but then another voice balanced out the night.

"Oh but he should stay Albus," A high-pitched voice said. A man, if you could call him that, stood next to the cauldron. Skin whiter than white, eyes red as blood and a nose that didn't exist as he only had slits for nostrils. With a flick of his hand a wand jumped from the robes at his feet into his hand.

"Hello Tom," Dumbledore said calmly.

The red eyes were fixed on the Headmaster. Harry couldn't understand why Dumbledore didn't finish him off, but with speed faster than Harry could imagine, especially from someone who was just brought back to life, Voldemort had brought his wand up in Harry's direction. "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Harry froze as he watched the green light he'd seen so many times in his Dementor driven memories race toward him. Suddenly an old broken headstone met it in midflight. Harry felt the sting of pieces of the headstone that had been smashed into hundreds of bits pelt his face and body.

The blood that traced down his jaw from one of those scratches brought Harry out of his frozen state and he had his own wand out. "Lacero!" he shouted wanting to see the creature who had killed his parents hurt or killed, but Voldemort casually knocked it away.

"Harry go with Fleur, get out of here," Dumbledore repeated.

"Arry come with me love, lets..." Fleur started but was cut off by Voldemort.

"Love? Harry Potter is in love?" The high-pitch voice mocked as he looked at the boy "I guess Dumbledore has told you all about how great he thinks love is. I will tell you again what I told you three years ago, the only thing that matters is power." He once again leveled his wand at Harry and said "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Harry had noticed the slight shift in Voldemort's wand to a position he knew Fleur was standing. He didn't know if Dumbledore had seen the shift or not, but he couldn't take the chance. "NO! FLEUR GET DOWN," He yelled but he was already moving as well. It was just like catching a snitch at the top speed a Firebolt could go. His mind already knew where his body needed to be and two steps and a dive and he was in the path of the curse. As the green light enveloped him he felt nothing more.

"NON!" Fleur screamed as she watched her bond mate collapse in front of her. She fell to her knees beside him, not caring what else happened to her. "Non," She murmur again as started to touch her bondmate. The inability to see her hands frustrated her so she quickly cast a finite command to remove the disillusionment charm. Tears ran freely down her face as she cradled the lifeless body of her bondmate. "Non...non...non..." She kept repeating until she realized that he really was gone. "I love you 'Arry," She started to repeat.

When his curse hit Potter, pain like he had never felt before erupted throughout Voldemort's body. It was like his very blood was boiling. Only pure instinct allowed him to block hexes from two of the people who had noticed his weakened state and had tried to take advantage. Voldemort knew he had to get away; the advantage was no longer his. As he looked around he realized he hadn't done all he had wanted to do that night, but he had accomplished the two most important ones. He had a body and Harry Potter was dead. He turned his gaze onto his old Professor and a cruel evil smile appeared on his snake-like face. "And so ends the prophecy."

When Dumbledore had led the small amount of people he had into the graveyard, a black-haired man immediately had shifted into a form of a dog and streaked through the brilliant light coming from the cauldron, chasing after another man who was stumbling away; the man who had betrayed him and his friends trust so many years ago.

Just as he reached the man he launched his canine body onto the back of him and dragged him to the ground. Before the two of them were even on the ground, the dog was once again a man with a wand in his hand. "Hello Peter, fancy meeting you here," Sirius snarled.

Peter Pettigrew looked around for his master in hopes he might be saved but saw him surrounded by Dumbledore, Moony and a man he didn't recognize. Looking back at Sirius he saw the tip of a wand an inch from his nose.

"I won't make the same mistake I made last year Wormtail," Sirius said. "Stupefy." He felt elation at finally capturing the man who had betrayed him and James so long ago; the man who would almost guarantee his freedom. It was then that Sirius noticed the bleeding missing hand for the first time. I'm not about to let you die," He whispered to the Pettigrew's unconscious form as he cast an emergency tourniquet spell. "Not yet anyway."

With Pettigrew secured, Sirius turned back to the fight. He was just in time to watch his godson launch himself in front of the killing curse that was going to miss him. It was then that Sirius saw Fleur reappear and realized why Harry had done it.

"NO!" Sirius screamed into the darkness as he watched Fleur cradle Harry's lifeless body in the darkness of the graveyard. His mind went numb and his body followed. He sunk to his knees as the weakness took over his body and then he fell the last couple of feet to the ground. As he lay beside his captive, Sirius realized he had made the same mistake he had made thirteen years ago. He had wanted revenge more than he had wanted to protect Harry. Ironically he realized as a crystal clear thought broke through his muddled brain, that he had a good chance of going free with the capture of Pettigrew but now he had no life he wanted to return to.


"Dying isn't so painful," Harry thought as he found himself lying on something hard, something that was not the grass that was in the graveyard. "At least the pain in my arms is gone," He thought to himself as he let out a sigh.

"Fourteen and I'm already dead but I guess I've been on borrowed time for the last thirteen of them," He thought as he slowly opened his eyes to see what the afterlife had in store for him. He was surprised to find himself back in the bondimage again, or at least that was his first impression. He found himself lying in the house he had imagined all those years ago; the same house that represented his bondimage. This time though, he was lying on the library floor completely naked. He sat up quickly looked around hoping to see Hermione, then remembering he was dead he banished those hopes.

The house was quiet; no sounds of any kind could be heard. A loneliness pressed into him as he realized he no longer felt his bondmates. He swallowed back the sense of loss before deciding to explore the house and see what eternity had in store for him. As he stood, he became self-conscious about not having any clothes, and just as he thought it, a pile of new clothes appeared next to him.

"I never imagined the afterlife being like this," Harry thought after he had pulled his clothes on. Over the next few minutes he wandered from room to room. When he came to the stairs that led upstairs, he discovered a major difference in this house and the one he dreamed of during his earlier years. There was a door where no door ever existed before. It was a cupboard door; one designed for under the stairs. He stood and stared at the door for the longest time feeling both a desire to open it and another to run away from it.

"Open it," A feminine voice said from behind him. Harry instantly recognized the voice. It was as familiar as the green light of the killing curse. He had heard it so many times screaming "Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!" He spun around on the spot to come face to face with a person he only knew from pictures in the album Hagrid had given him and from the Mirror of Erised. "Mum?"

"Oh Harry," She cried out as she pulled her son into a hug. "My son."

"And I thought those hugs were for me," Another voice said. Again it was a voice Harry heard when the Dementors were close. "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run!"

"Dad?" Harry said as he looked over his mother's shoulder and saw a man who looked almost like himself just a little older.

"Son, we are so proud of you," James Potter said. "You've grown into a fine young man."

Harry felt his father's arms wrap around his mother and him. Before February this had been his dream, this house, his Mum and Dad, a family. But now something was missing. Something else belonged in this house, some ones that is.

"Is this a dream or is it real? Am I really dead?" Harry asked his parents.

A thumping, struggling sound came from behind the cupboard door. Harry turned and gave the door a quizzical look. Something told him he had to look, but another part knew he didn't want to see what was there.

"It can't hurt you now son," His father said. "It's no longer a part of you."

"Part of me?" Harry asked as his hand reached for the knob. As he opened the door he saw his old mattress on the floor, and upon it was a small naked child-looking thing with flayed skin gasping for breath. "What is it?"

"A part of Voldemort's soul son," Lily Potter answered and then explained. "The night we died, when he tried to kill you, his soul was too fragile for the stress of the killing curse rebounding upon him. It split and a part of it lodged in your scar."

Harry remembered a conversation he had with Professor Dumbledore two years previous.

"Unless I'm much mistaken, he transferred some of his own powers to you the night he gave you that scar. Not something he intended to do, I'm sure ..."

"Voldemort put a bit of himself in me?"

"It certainly seems so."

He looked at his mother, "Dumbledore knew didn't he? He knew it was in me. He told me when I came out of the Chamber that Voldemort had transferred something to me."

"He suspected it Harry, but recently he had become convinced," James Potter said. "He believed you had to die before Voldemort could."

"A horcrux? That thing was a horcrux and he didn't tell me?" Harry said, his voice rising. "He didn't tell me I had to die?" The anger only last a few seconds before he sighed. "Guess he was right wasn't he?" Harry said softly. "I'm dead," A sense of loss descended upon him as he could see the three faces of his bond mates. "Just...just as I finally..."

"You still have a choice Harry," Lily said. "You can choose to go back or go on."

"How? How can I go back?" Harry asked. "I'm dead aren't I?"

"Not quite. You are neither dead nor alive right now," Lily replied. "You are just here. You see, two souls arrived, yours and that thing," Lily gestured toward the closet. "Only one has to continue on. You can choose to return but you must choose soon. You can go on and join us in what Dumbledore calls the Next Great Adventure, or return to your life and to your new family."

"You know about them?"

"Of course son, we are watching you every day," James said and then rustled his son's unruly hair. "Were you trying to outdo me son? Three beautiful and intelligent witches?" His father gave a wry grin. "Though I will warn you that just one of them is hard enough to deal with."

"Hey," Lily said though she was smiling at her husband.

"It...it wasn't my idea Dad," Harry said. "But I love them, all of them, but I don't deserve them."

"Let them decide if you deserve them or not," James suggested.

"Let them? So you think I should go back?"

"That's a decision you have to make, but you should know what you face if you do," Lily replied. "Dumbledore has kept one other piece of information from you. It is the whole reason we were killed and why Voldemort has tried to kill you so many times."

"There was a prophecy made about you Harry," His father said. "Shortly before you were born, Albus heard a prophecy that suggested you were the only one who could kill Voldemort," James looked over at Lily before continuing. "Sn.. I mean someone overheard some of it and told Voldemort. If you do decide to go back, make Dumbledore tell it to you, or if he won't, you can listen to it in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry."

"I...I have to kill Voldemort if I go back?" Harry asked. "How?"

"We don't know," Lily replied sadly. "But don't be like Albus and think you have to do it alone. You have people you can trust to help you, who want to help you, let them."

"You don't have much time left here son," James said. "You have to decide if you are going on, or going back."

"I...I want to be with you but," Harry started as once again the memories of his bond mates surfaced.

"We understand," James said. "We'll be here when you return someday...hopefully a long time in the future, and then we'll have an eternity to spend together," James said as he rustled his son's hair once more. "Hopefully when you make it back we can watch your children and grandchildren together then."

"Just remember we love you Harry," Lily said. "And we love your bonded. They are all very special women. Give them our love."

"Just a couple of things before you go," James said. "Ask Albus about our wills soon."


"Your mother and I had a dream," James Potter replied. "We used to talk about what we wanted when the war was over. In the family vault is a roll of parchment which explains it. I'm not going to tell you what it is, and though it's legally yours anyway, consider it an early wedding gift from us."

"I...I don't know what to say."

Just remember us when you...well you'll see," Harry's father replied. "Now about the wills themselves. I was a bit of a git when it came to them," James admitted with a sigh. "I thought it would be great prank to protect them the same way the marauder's map is protected. I loved the idea of someone at the Ministry getting insulted, but I never thought that every single Marauder would not be available when it came time to unseal them. Dumbledore has been working hard to do what he thought was right for you. He really does care what happens to you Harry."

"Cares enough to make sure I'm okay with the Dursleys? Cares enough to not tell me I was supposed die."

"I can't tell you to forgive him Harry, but before you think badly of him, put yourself in his shoes the night he left you with Tuney and Vernon and ask yourself what you would have done. He had a way to protect you and did it," Lily said. "Think of what happened to the Longbottoms. If you could have been found, you would have suffered a similar or worse fate. The Longbottoms were our friends Harry, very bright and very good with magic and yet they were still caught."

Harry hadn't thought of that. He remembered the pensieve memory of the trial of the people who had tortured the Longbottoms into insanity. "I never thought of that," He admitted.

His mother gave him a long hug. "Sometimes you don't have all the information and you would really have to have lived during that time to fully understand," She said. "I would like to ask a personal favor if I could. Alice and Frank were very good friends of ours. Do you think you could spend some time with their son?"

"Of course Mum."

"Alice and I were pregnant at the same time and we always swore the two of you would grow up together as brothers. Did you know Neville was born the day before you?"

Harry thought of a different world where he and Neville grew up together in the magical words.

"Now as for Tuney and her family, I can never forgive them for how they treated you," Lily said. "But is seems you and your friends paid them back for some of your suffering. You must understand that she was very jealous of me. She lashed out the only way she could by calling me and Severus freaks," She saw the look on her son's face. "Yes she called me a freak as well. If she bothers you again, you can try to ask her why she wrote to Professor Dumbledore and asked to be invited to Hogwarts as well."

"She...she wanted to be a witch?" Harry asked as his whole world turned upside down.

"Yes son," Lily replied. "And I'd like for you to give one last message. Tell Severus I can forgive him for myself, but never for what he has done to you."

"Sirius and Remus said he called you a mudblood," Harry said. "Is that what you are forgiving?"

"He'll know what it is."

"Okay son, it's time," James said as the house around them gave a shimmer. "If you're going back it has to be now."


"We know," Harry's father said. "Give them a kiss from your mother and me. Also tell Moony and Padfoot I said I miss them, but they better not plan on visiting anytime soon."

"I will dad."

"I love you son and I am really proud of you," James said. "Once you find a way to kick that monster's arse, I expect you to enjoy life, because every day you're happy you bring your mother happiness."

Harry's eyes were filled with tears now. The house shimmered and then it and his parents started fading into a mist. He could barely hear his mother's final "I love you" as darkness overcame him; but from that darkness he heard another voice, one with a French accent laden with tears. "I love you 'Arry," She was sobbing over and over.

"I love you too Fleur," Harry said as he opened his eyes. He grimaced as the pain in his arms returned but it reminded him he was alive again. Fleur was no longer disillusioned but in the darkness Harry could barely see her tears rolling down her cheeks from her blue eyes. But when he spoke those words a rush of emotions poured over the bond; love, disbelief, shock and amazement. Their eyes locked for a second; Green emeralds to her blue topaz.

"How…but you were dead, I felt you disappear…." Fleur sniffed.

"Do you think dying can keep me away from you?" Harry said with a smile. "I'll tell you later," He promised and quickly gave her a small kiss before he rolled off the ground using his good arm. As he did so, he could hear Voldemort taunting Dumbledore about the prophecy. He spent a second staring at the man who had caused so much misery in his life; the man who had killed his parents and had tried to kill him so many times. He remembered the warning from his parents about the prophecy, but that had little meaning at the moment for this was the man who had just tried to kill Fleur. At that thought, Harry felt a surge of anger inside of him and he yelled the first hex that came to mind, "LACERO!" The red arc of light left his wand on a true path toward Voldemort.

Voldemort heard the hex and felt it headed toward him, he casually flicked his wand to pull a headstone in its path but as he glanced to see who his new opponent was, he lost his concentration; staring at him was the boy he had just killed.

"YOU!" Voldemort screamed in astonishment.

The headstone he had pulled into the path of the red light only blocked part of the hex while the rest hit Voldemort across the chest. He momentarily stumbled as a wide gash appeared and blood started flowing freely from Voldemort's new body. Without another thought Lord Voldemort gave the slightest of turns and was gone, apparating to the only spot he remembered where he could find help. Unrobed, with no servant, and seriously injured, he was forced to flee from the place he had planned his great return.

Sirius heard his godson's voice shouting a curse and at first he believed his ears were playing tricks on him, but when he heard Voldemort yell out in astonishment, he crawled to his hands and knees looked toward the voices and saw Harry standing tall with his wand raised. Sirius could only stare at his godson in amazement.

"Never again Harry," He swore to the young man. He slowly got to his feet and levitated the stunned body to Wormtail beside him. A sense of a new day arising in his heart.

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