Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



21. Chapter 21 Mr. Black I Presume

"I weakened one of the steps on the stairs," Fleur said. Then she said over the bond to Harry and her bond sisters, "It was the step right over the cupboard," She saw Harry smile a little knowing he remembered his cousin often waking him by stomping on that step.

"I don't know what to tell you Mr. Dursley," The electrician said. "I've spent two days trying to track down that short and I still can't find it," He took off his hat and scratched his head. "About the only thing I can suggest is a complete home rewiring. I had the office put together the numbers last night," He handed Vernon a sheet of paper.

Vernon looked at the paper and at the number at the bottom. "This...this is outrageous. A bit a wiring and you want this much?"

The electrician shrugged. "Feel free to get a second and third opinion. I doubt you'll come close to that number. I told them give you a twenty percent discount on the wire and other items and subtract my two days' worth of labor I've already put in the job."

"I'll do that. I'm sure I'll find an honest person somewhere in this city."

"Good luck then," The electrician replied. "The quote is good for a week. If we haven't heard from you by then we'll bill these two days out to you."

"BILL ME?" Vernon yelled. "YOU DIDN'T FIX ANYTHING."

Six days later an irritable Vernon Dursley picked up the phone to call the electrician to agree to the quote. He'd called three other electricians. One had dealt with him in the past and hung up immediately, another left after fifteen minutes of Vernon ranting about electricians ripping off their customers. The final one submitted a quote that was more than twice as much as the original bid.

"THERE!" Vernon snarled as he signed the work contract given to him by the electrician. He knew the amount would clean out their savings and most of the money they'd saved for a vacation over the summer. "Now I'm going to have to spend two more weeks with that freak," He thought.

"We'll get right on it gov'ner," The electrician said cheerfully. "We should be finished in a week."

Vernon only nodded. Five minutes later the electrician had departed and Vernon Dursley stomped up the steps. He was half way up them when one of the steps splintered and his leg sunk into the staircase. Coincidentally it was the step right above the cupboard under the stair. The step his son Dudley liked to jump up and down on to wake his cousin in earlier days. "All those years of jumping up and down on it, probably caused it to weaken," Vernon thought and then as the nerves in his leg reported to the proper location in his minuscule brain that his leg was seriously hurt, intense pain cascaded throughout the leg.


Removing Vernon from the step was much easier thought than done. His weight and no leverage on the steps for his wife to help him, finally forced her to call for an emergency team to pull him loose. They finally freed Vernon but only after cutting away two more steps and giving several suggestions to Vernon that he might consider a diet. They spent several minutes removing splinters and bandaging his leg. Once they were gone, Vernon had to call a carpenter to repair the destroyed steps and check for weaknesses in the others. As he picked up the phone to make the call he found the line was dead. After his anger and frustration had passed Vernon realized that before he could make that call to the carpenter he would have to replace the phone he just destroyed and the window he had thrown the phone through in his frustration. Not to mention the wiring that pulled out of the wall when he yanked the phone loose.

%%%%%% %%%%%%%

"Who's with Fleur?" Harry thought as he entered the Chamber. "And why is she here?" He'd just left Divinations and was joining Fleur and Hermione to study some. Fleur was currently sitting with her back to him along with another female who had straight brown hair.

"Like it?" Hermione asked.

"Like what and who's with Fleur?" Harry asked.

"I am," The person with the long straight brown hair said out loud as she got up and turned around. Fleur turned as well.

"Hermione?" Harry gulped as he saw who the stranger was. Hermione's hair was perfectly straight. He just stood and stared, unsure what to say.

"Do you like it?" Hermione asked. "Or do you prefer it with curls?" She closed her eyes and her hair glowed and curls now cascaded down the length of her hair.

"But…but…how?" Harry asked. He saw she didn't have her wand.

Hermione walked over to Harry and put her arms around his neck. "It seems I am picking up something of the Veela magic from the bond."

"Veela magic?" Harry looked over at Fleur who smiled and nodded. She closed her eyes and her hair changed to match Hermione's curls. Harry kept glancing between the two ladies, his mouth agape.

Both of them started laughing. "I think we broke him," Hermione said. She caught Harry's lips with her own and gave him a welcoming kiss. "So do you like it this way?"

"I…uh of course…but you're beautiful no matter what your hair looks like," Harry replied still staring wide eyed at her curls.

Fleur had walked over by then and she looked at Hermione. "We do 'ave a good boyfriend. 'E always says ze right things."

"Give him time, I'm sure he'll put his foot in his mouth eventually."

That snapped Harry from his mesmerized stupor and he pulled Hermione closer, catching her a little off guard, "Oh really? Well maybe I'll just have to take the appropriate measures to prevent my being able to do that."

"And what might that be?" Hermione asked from only inches away.

"Oh, something like this," He replied and started demonstrating that if his mouth was covering hers, it would be impossible for a foot to get in there. When the kiss ended, and Hermione was staring unfocused, he continued, "I meant it when I said I think you're beautiful no matter what your hair looks like, but I like the curls. It makes it easier to kiss here," His lips touched lightly on her neck below her ear, "and here," Slightly lower his lips touched. "And especially here," This time right at the spot her neck curved into her shoulder. Hermione's eyes were closed as her entire being was centered on the spots Harry's lips touched. Only his arms holding her kept her legs from buckling.

Up in the second floor transfiguration classroom, Professor McGonagall was concerned for young Miss Delacour.

"Miss Delacour, is there a problem? You seemed distracted," The young witch had seemed to lose her focus for a few seconds.

"Non, My apologies Professor. I just thought of something…pleasant," Gabrielle replied with a blush. Ginny was giving her a strange look.

"Are you suggesting my class is less than pleasant?"

"Non Professor. Eet was a personal thought. May I discuss it after class?"

"Certainly," McGonagall replied, her Scottish burr rolling in the reply.

After class when Ginny offered to stay Gabrielle insisted that she go on alone. "I'll be fine," she told her friend.

"Miss Delacour, I've noticed on several occasions you seemed to lose your concentration in class," McGonagall said to Gabrielle once class ended. "Is there a particular reason why?"

"Professor, zis 'as something to do with 'Arry. Can I ask you to put a privacy charm up please?"

"Of course it would have something to do with Harry Potter," Minerva muttered to herself as she picked up her wand and with a flick the appropriate charm was set. Though no sound could go out, sound could still come in and Gabrielle smiled as she heard several footsteps start immediately moving away from the class. "So what is causing you to lose your concentration?"

Gabrielle blushed as she tried to figure out what to say. After a quick word to her bondmates it was decided to be honest and explain the problem. "Your class is at a time when 'Arry, Fleur and 'Ermione are all out of class," She explained.

"And why is that a problem? Are you saying you would prefer to be with them instead of being in class?"

"Non…oui of course I also want to be with my bondmate…but zat's not ze reason I get distracted," Gabrielle looked around the classroom before explaining. "We share many things over our bond Professor, emotions and especially ze more powerful feelings."

McGonagall suddenly had a feeling of her own, one where she guessed she was going to regret this conversation.

"So when 'arry and Fleur or 'Ermione 'ave a more…more," Gabrielle searched for an appropriate word, "exuberant kiss, I feel it."

McGonagall definitely knew she wished this conversation had never happened. She knew it was going to be difficult for her to concentrate in class the next time she saw the young witch lose focus again. "Yes, well…hmmm…yes well tell Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger and your sister to please refrain from such…such exuberance during this class time if you please."

"Oui, it's done and zey say zey're sorry. 'Ermione is very embarrassed."

%%%% Mid April 1995 %%%%%

Homework was piling up as the days led into Easter holidays. Harry was amazed at Hermione as she not only did her work and kept him on track but continued to research what a horcrux was and never relented on her personal vendetta against Rita Skeeter. Being inside his bond mate's mind help him see how focused she could stay on a topic. Fleur was helping her as she could. Especially trying to determine any way Skeeter might be magically listening to conversations. Gabrielle was spending more time with Ginny and Luna who they had started inviting to their study groups when they were in the Library.

"Hi girl," Harry said to the snowy owl that had just landed next to him with a package. "Did you have a good trip to France? What did Mr. Delacour send back?" He untied the package and opened it. There were several Chocolate eggs, two the size of Dragon eggs while another one was much smaller. Each egg had a label attached to it that said who it should go to. Harry instantly recognized the writing.

"Did you stop at the Burrow?" He asked Hedwig, who gave an affectionate response.

Harry lifted out the first dragon-sized egg and saw it was for Ron. He looked down at his former best friend. He'd given up on approaching him again knowing that even if he fixed things up now, he'd only have to deal with it again during the summer. He kept hoping that Ron would come around and see that Gabrielle wasn't doing what he predicted. Currently he could see Ron shoveling mouthfuls of food into his mouth. He turned to Ginny and handed the egg to her.

"Can you give this to Ron?" He asked.

"Sure Harry," She replied.

The other Dragon-sized egg was for him and he set it aside. The final one was smaller than a chicken egg. It was addressed to Hermione. Harry passed it over to her and shrugged when she looked at it and at his.

"Why do you think mine is smaller?"

"She read the article in Witch Weekly about you breaking Harry's heart and now blames you for his current love interest," Ginny replied as she rolled her eyes. "She mentioned it in a letter a few days ago and I've been hesitant to bring it up. I didn't think she would do something like that though," Nodding at the egg in front of Hermione.

Harry immediately started wrapping his egg back up. "No, this is too much. I can't and won't accept this," He said. "She hurt you Hermione, and still hasn't apologized to Gabrielle, but she still sends me this like everything is just fine."

"Eets not a problem 'Arry," Gabrielle said. "Keep ze egg. Eet doesn't bother me."

Harry looked at her and smiled. "It bothers me Angel, and yes it is a problem, but it's her problem not mine. Besides, I think if I send this back to her, it might hopefully make her think about what she's doing."

Hermione quickly pushed her own egg back to Harry. "Then send this one back to her as well."

"I'm sorry that she's now taking it out on you too," Harry said.

"Hopefully she will come around," Hermione replied. "But if not, there's not much we can do."

"I love you," Harry said as he looked at her, his emerald green eyes again mesmerizing her.

Hermione had to turn away before they stared at each other too long but not before she replied, "I love you too."

Harry pulled out a piece of parchment and quickly jotted down a note.

Mrs. Weasley,

Thank you for thinking of Hermione and me on this holiday, but we are both uncomfortable accepting the eggs you sent and are returning them with this note. You and your family have been wonderful to me over the years and I hope to always remember those thoughts when I think of the Weasley family. Unfortunately until you can accept that I have a relationship with Gabrielle and apologize for the rudeness you showed in your letter and howler, it will always be just that, memories. I am also disappointed that you now are trying to blame Hermione because of the article in the Witch Weekly. The writer of the article was badly misinformed because at no time has Hermione ever broken my heart. Even if the size of the egg you sent Hermione hadn't been an issue, she would still have joined me in this endeavor as she has grown close to Gabrielle and Fleur as well. Unfortunately we have had a falling-out with Ron since he seems to share your views when it concerns my girlfriend's heritage.

Please reconsider your attitude toward Gabrielle and Veelas in general. Only an apology will allow me to look upon you as family as I once did.


He sat down his quill and then remembered something. He picked back up his quill and added.

PS. Please do not send another Howler. It will be destroyed before it has a chance to speak.

"I didn't want to single out our relationship with Ginny, Fred and George and cause their mother to be angry with them if she has issues with my response," Harry said as he showed the letter to Hermione who agreed with the content. Harry put it in with the eggs being returned and turned to his owl.

"Can you make it back to the Burrow, or do you need a rest?"

Hedwig gave him a look of disgust and promptly stuck her foot out.

"Rest at the Burrow when you get there. I'm sure Mrs. Weasley will take care of you," Harry said stroking the snowy owl and then fed her a couple pieces of bacon. "We'll see you when you get back."

"I'm sorry 'Arry," Gabrielle said.

Harry could feel the distress she was feeling and he put his arm around her and gave her a small kiss. "Don't be. You, my angel, are not the cause of this problem."

"Thank you," She replied. "I just wished it wasn't a problem."

"So do I," Harry replied. "The Weasleys have been like my family and I would like nothing more than for them to welcome you like your family welcomed me. But you," Harry looked from Gabrielle to Fleur, "and you are my family, and no one will insult either of you."

All of Harry's bond mates could feel the protectiveness and caring radiating from Harry. Fleur found herself smiling as she tried not to think about what she also felt in the bond.

"What's wrong Hedwig?" Molly asked when the snowy owl flew back into the kitchen with the same package she'd sent attached to her leg. "Why'd you come back?"

Hedwig held out her leg.

"Was it too heavy?" Molly asked as she untied the package. "You've never had trouble before."

Hedwig's response was less than flattering.

Mrs. Weasley opened the packaged and noticed one of the larger eggs was missing. Confused, she pulled out the note that was sticking up between the two remaining eggs and read it and then re-read it several more times. She thought of the eleven year old Harry Potter looking for the magical platform to get on the Hogwarts Express.

"Doesn't he understand that I know what's best for him?" She thought. "The poor child is only fourteen and obviously confused," Molly kept thinking about the letter as she fixed herself a lunch. Finally sitting back down and reading the letter one more time as she ate, she thought, "I'll wait until this summer when he's here at the Burrow. Once he's away from that girl for a while, I'm sure he'll realize that Ginny or Hermione would be a much better choice for him."

%%%% April 21st 1995 %%%%

A few days later an Owl landed in front of Fleur. They all recognized the owl as being one of the Delacour Family owls.

"It's a reply from Papa," She said and after reading it herself, she then read it to the other over the bond so no one around could hear.

Ma Petite,

It took a while but Bernard, my most trusted researcher, found the information you are looking for. Unfortunately it is not something I feel comfortable putting in a letter. The word you gave me to look up represents the very depth of dark magic to achieve immortality. Can you tell me why you need to know this information? Something tells me it is not a research project for a class. I am concerned about this knowledge becoming more readily known so even though I trust Bernard with my life I did require him to take a vow of secrecy once I found what the information was concerning. I will be in London next month and can personally bring the book for you to read if you so desire though I must strongly suggest you do not pursue the subject further. Just having this book in my possession makes me feel uneasy.


"Immortality?" Hermione gasped. "Could this be how…"

"How he survived that night?" Harry asked. "Guess it could be."

"Well at least we can stop looking," Fleur said. "I will tell Papa to bring ze book and we will 'ave ze answers."

"You're going to ask him to bring it?" Hermione asked. Though she wanted to know, she didn't want to ask Fleur's father to do something he wasn't comfortable doing.

"Of course. I 'ave ze same curiosity as you," Fleur replied. "I'll send a reply to 'im tomorrow along wiz letters to Maman," She turned to the owl "Nerval, wait in ze Owlery and I'll 'ave letters by tomorrow for ze family," She gave the owl a piece of bacon and it flew away.

"Nerval? After Gérard De Nerval?" Hermione asked excitedly. "The French Poet?"

"Oui," Fleur answered. "Did you know 'e supposedly kept finding out about ze wizarding world and 'is obliviations is what caused 'im to slip into insanity? We studied 'im as an example of ze negative impact of ze International Code of Wizarding Secrecy in Government class. Papa, of course, 'ad already studied him, and named Nerval zat name to always remind him zat Non Magicals 'ave rights too," Fleur shrugged. "Sometimes eet is necessary to obliviate someone, but Papa always says it should be ze last resort, not ze first."

The two women started talking about the poet, government and the secrecy codes. Harry lost interest pretty quickly until he heard a sentence that didn't make sense.

"Wait, did you say this guy had a pet lobster that he took for walks on the streets of Paris?" He asked.

"Oui," Fleur replied.

Harry started wondering about the poor Mr. Roberts from the campground who was getting obliviated ten times a day. "I wonder if he's walking a lobster or some other strange creature around London now?"

%%%% April 30th 1995 %%%%

The bondmates had stopped spending too much time in the Chamber because of the gruesome sight of the basilisk being carved up. Even when Remus had conjured a screen to hide it, just knowing what was going on behind it made them queasy. Jars of blood and venom along with stacks of skins and teeth were being stored in the tunnel leading into the Chamber. The reason it hadn't been sold became apparent one evening when they were escorting Remus back into the Chamber when he returned from a visit to Hogsmeade.

"Harry," He started, "we need a different person to sell the Basilisk parts if you don't want to get ripped off."

"What's the problem?"

"Mundungus Fletcher is the problem," Remus growled. "I know Albus likes him for some reason, but he's trying to rip you off on top of the seven percent you were going to pay him. I asked him what the going rate of venom was and he told me it's a hundred galleons an ounce. As I told you, the book said it was one fifty two years ago, so I became suspicious. I owled the author of the book to see if he knew what the current prices were and I just got his reply. He says it's a hundred seventy-five an ounce right now. Fletcher is trying to rip you off."

"Wasn't that dangerous?" Harry asked. "Didn't he want to know where you were getting Basilisk venom from?"

"I'm using a werewolf friend to make contact. As I told you, werewolves have a tendency to keep a foot in the not so legal world so he knows what to say and what not to say."

"Can your friend be trusted? And can ze author suggest a more 'onest purchaser?" Fleur asked.

"The author included the name of the buyer he got his price from in his owl. Said he was very reputable," Remus replied. "Of course reputable is a very subjective term. I didn't want to contact him until I cleared it with you. As for my friend, he's not a friend of the Ministry and if we give him something like a percent, he'd be a good go between to buffer the sell."

Harry looked at Fleur, "What do you think?"

"Contact ze buyer zrough your friend," She said to Remus. "See what 'e can do, especially on prices and percentages. Someone probably should talk to Professor Dumbledore. If we go around 'is recommendation, 'e will want to know why. Maybe we can still use zis Fletcher person but get ze current prices from zis other buyer to keep 'im in line. If we do stay with 'im, we reduce 'is commission to five percent for ze dishonesty. If 'e 'as a problem with eet, I'll be glad to discuss it with 'im."

Remus raised an eyebrow at the no nonsense directions from Fleur. He turned to Harry. "Got to love a woman who can take charge."

"Paws off Moony," Harry replied smiling. "That's my lady and she is quite special."

"She…in fact all of the young ladies remind me a lot of your mother Harry," Remus said. "She was lady who could take a bull by the horns and make it whimper if she got in temper. Though she was a force to be reckoned with she still had a heart of gold."

Harry smiled at Fleur and Hermione then looking at Remus again he asked. "Can you tell me more about my mother Remus? I mean I know some things about my father but I don't know too much about mom."

Remus face softened as a look of sadness appeared on it. "Sure," He said, and then he composed his thoughts for a few seconds before continuing. "Lily was red-headed tempest with a heart unmatched. Smart, beautiful and a temper that even Merlin would have feared," Remus looked away as he fought the tears trying to materialize in his eyes. "She knew about my condition; one of the few who figured it out and it never bothered her. I will tell you the single most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life was the first time I saw her holding you Harry. She lit up the room with her glow of happiness. It was only a couple days after a full moon and just that sight of her made all the pains I felt go away. Your mother really loved you. I should say she loves you, since I'm sure they are there watching you."

Hermione and Fleur moved to sit on either side of Harry as they felt his sadness. Gabrielle was currently in Transfiguration but she also felt the sadness.

"What's wrong love," Gabrielle asked.

"Nothing Angel. Remus is just telling me about my mother."

"Fleur and 'Ermione zere?"


"Zey'll take care of you. I'll see you soon as class is over," Gabrielle said. "I love you."

Remus gave a little laugh as the tears still threaten to fall, then he continued, "Your mother hated your father you know," At the questioning look Harry gave him, he continued, "I mean at the beginning, they didn't get together until their seventh year. Your father had a bit of arrogance about him when he got here. He was a natural leader who was very good at everything he did and he thought your mother would swoon over him like all the other girls did."

"Mum didn't like that?" Harry asked.

"That is an understatement. She despised him, especially since her best friend at the time was your father's favorite target to bully."

"Bully? My father was a bully?"

Remus sighed and looked down as he contemplated what to tell Harry. "Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but yes, sometimes your father was a bit…immature. At times we all were a bit immature."

"But Snivellus deserved it," Sirius spoke up. "Mostly anyway."

"Snivellus? Severus?" Harry asked incredulously. "Snape was my mother's best friend?"

"Yes. They were best friends up until the fifth year or so," Sirius said. "They grew up together. Friends before they ever came to Hogwarts. I remember seeing them on the train for the first time. It was instant dislike between your father, me and Severus."

Harry whole belief in what he knew about his parents was disappearing fast. His father was an arrogant bully and his mother was best friends with someone who hated Harry's guts. "What…What happened in the fifth year? You said they were friends until then."

Remus looked at Sirius and both studied the ground for a while before Remus finally spoke up. "James…well we had just finished our OWLs and well…" His voice trailed off as he found it hard to tell the tale. He glanced over at Sirius.

"James and I started picking on Severus. Pretty severely actually," Sirius continued the story. "Lily came to Severus' defense and Snape, embarrassed by his predicament, called her a mudblood."

"Her best friend called her a mudblood?" Hermione asked. She'd been called that name too many times for it to bother her too much, but could not imagine someone like Harry or Ron using the vile word.

"They'd probably started growing apart before then," Remus replied. "Severus had a group of Slytherins he kept with while Lily had her own friends. But yes, he did call her that name and she never really forgave him after that."

"So if my mother hated my father so much how did…"

"James changed," Remus replied. "He became the man who your mother grew to love. As I said, whatever your father wanted to do, he did well. When he decided he wanted to be a better man, he made himself the best man anyone could ask for. He wanted to prove to your moth…no that's not a right; he wanted to be the man worthy of your mother," Remus wiped an eye clear with a sleeve of his shabby robe. "You know Harry; you are the best of both of your parents. You have your mother's heart and your father's determination."

"I…I'm not anyone special," Harry said.

"Harry, you're talking to the man who watched you as third year conquer a charm that a lot of adult witches and wizards can't do just so he wouldn't let his Quidditch team down," Remus replied. "You then used that charm to dispatch over a hundred Dementors. I can't even do that Harry. Trust me, when you truly want to do something, you have it in you to do it. That is James' determination in you. When you develop his confidence, you will be a force to reckon with."

"I.." was all Harry could say so he just nodded at his father's friend.

"You are special Harry," Hermione said.

"I promised Gabrielle I would take her flying tonight," Harry said finally to change the subject. "It's a new moon and it's going to be nothing but stars in the sky."

"I want to go with you sometime soon 'Arry," Fleur said and then she looked at Hermione.

"I don't really like brooms," She said, "But maybe with you Harry, if you promise none of the wild flying you do."

"Do I really have to promise love? The broom just likes to fly."

"We'll see, but you do have to promise to stop if I ask you too," Hermione insisted.

"That I will promise."

"How does that Firebolt fly Harry?" Sirius asked.

"Like a dream Sirius," Harry replied. "Best present ever."

"You know that's the second broom I bought for you," Sirius asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I bought you your first broom as well. A toy one for your first birthday," Sirius replied. "Lily sent me a picture of you flying on it. She said you almost killed the cat."

Again Harry felt the sadness wash over him as he thought of a childhood that he could have had. He remembered the children flying their toy brooms at the World Cup campground and he visualized himself as a toddler flying one as well with his parents keeping a close eye on him and a cat running around either chasing or being chased.

Later that evening when the sun had set and the stars were out, Harry and Gabrielle were soaring slightly above the waters of Black Lake with Gabrielle seated in front of Harry. Harry kept one hand on the broom and another around her waist. The air had a slight damp chill to it but the warming spell Fleur had taught them quickly dissipated the cold. The stars flooded the sky over their heads as the only external lights came from the castle and the Durmstrang ship. As Harry glanced at the ship once while passing he thought he could see Krum watching them from the bow of the ship.

Harry did a few lazy slow laps around the lake and just as Gabrielle was relaxing into Harry, he pushed his Firebolt to full speed sending Gabrielle back against his chest. Her shrieks of surprise quickly turned into laughter as she enjoyed the rush of emotions Harry was experiencing being on his broom and being with her. He sent his broom through twists and turns enjoying the rush of excitement. A little later he slowed the broom back down to a leisurely pace. It was sometime later when they landed on the shores of the lake and Harry conjured the bluebell flames Hermione had taught him. In the dancing flame light Harry and Gabrielle enjoyed some quiet time together lying next to each other staring at the stars.

Once a week Harry would take one of his bond mates up flying and then spend the rest of the evening just with that lady. Even Hermione started enjoying flying when she was being held by Harry. It did take her quite some time to finally open her eyes the first time.


April gave way to May and Remus finally started selling the parts of the Basilisk. They were selling the skin through Fletcher (at a fair price) and everything else through Remus' friend. Fleur asked that some of parts be stored in the potions lab in the secret chamber just in case they needed it in the future.

It had now been over two months and no one had come up with a plan to get the map from Moody. His office was protected by some very nasty wards which prevented anyone from looking in there even when they knew he was gone.

"I'm sorry Sirius," Harry said one evening. "I wish I'd never let him have the map. You're stuck down here because of it."

"I'm fine Harry," Sirius replied. "I'm getting to spend more time with my godson than I ever thought possible and this place is a lot better than that cave I was in earlier. The end of the school year is less than two months away and he'll have to give it to you then."

"Where will you go this summer?"

"Not sure. I might head back to the sandy beaches of a southern shore to stretch my legs for a bit. If Mr. Delacour has any luck then I'll come back and hopefully spend some time with you. Maybe you, I and your girlfriends can travel a bit at the end of the summer. We might even take the mangy werewolf with us," The last said with a grin at his old friend.

"I'll show you mangy, you overgrown puppy," Remus shot back.

"I'd like that Sirius," Harry replied.

As the month continued on Harry remembered that Gabrielle's birthday would be at the end of the month and realized a problem of the bond. He couldn't buy something and surprise her with it. Then he remembered that Mr. Delacour was arriving soon. He realized he could ask him since he would have had the same problem.

%%%% May 15th 1995 %%%%

Mr. Delacour arrived on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. After giving his daughters a hug including Hermione he shook Harry's hand.

"Zis information I 'ave for you. We need somewhere private. Should we go to your 'eadmaster's office?"

A uniformed cry of 'no' and 'non' erupted from the four students. When Mr. Delacour looked puzzled, Fleur explained. "Papa, 'e is ze reason we are asking about zis subject. We 'ave somewhere to go and we'll explain when we get zere."

"I'll go warn Sirius," Hermione said. She started toward Myrtle's bathroom at a rapid pace.

"Sir, if you'll follow us we'll show you the way," Harry said. They walked slowly to allow Hermione time to get well ahead of them, but finally they arrived at Myrtle's bathroom.

"My turn," Gabrielle said excitedly. She wanted to surprise her father. "§Open Up§" She hissed and the wall disappeared. She looked over at her father and laughed at the look on his face.

"Children, what is going on?" Alain asked.

"You were told of the Chamber of Secrets, and now you get to see what it looks like," Harry explained. "We've been using it as sort of a place to get together."

"But 'ow did Gabrielle do zat? It sounded like parseltongue."

"It was," Harry replied. "Guess I shouldn't mention you have a talented tongue to your father?" He thought to Gabrielle who instantly blushed.

"Yours isn't so bad either love, but no, maybe it would not be ze best thing to say to Papa."

"It's something we learned we could do with ze bond," Fleur explained. "You and Maman don't learn from each other things with ze bond? We've been using it to teach each other spells."

"We never thought to do it," Mr. Delacour said, "But I can see zat it works. You mother and I will discuss zis when I get back 'ome.

"Eet works very well," Fleur replied. "When we get to ze Chamber I will show you ze first thing I learned from 'Arry."

"What ees all zis stuff?" Mr. Delacour asked when he saw the skins and bottles of venom and blood lining the walls of the tunnel.

"Basilisk parts," Harry replied. "Professor Dumbledore gave me the rights to the Basilisk and we are selling them."

Alain looked at the stack of meter section skins, piles of teeth, more of bones as well as bottle after bottle of venom and blood and let out a soft whistle.

"Papa we are 'oping you can 'elp us find someone to invest ze money for us," Fleur said.


"'Arry insisted Gabrielle, 'ermione and I share ze money. We tried to tell 'im no but…"

"Ow much money is it?"

Fleur pulled out a little book and opened it. At Remus's insistence, she had been keeping track of the current prices and the amounts sold and to be sold. "It will probably end up being a little over four million galleons when it's finished but we'll need to pay about ten percent for ze rendering and ze selling."

Mr. Delacour stopped walking and looked at his daughter. "Four million?" He turned to Harry, "And you just shared wiz my daughters?"

"No sir, I am sharing it with my family who just happened to be your daughters," Harry replied. "I want to give some of it to a couple of other people, but most of it will be ours to share."

They entered the Chamber and Hermione and Remus were waiting for them. Remus looked extremely peaked. That evening was going to be a full moon.

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir," Remus said when introductions had been made. "I've been looking forward to it ever since I found out who you were."

"My daughters 'ave written 'igh praise of you Mr. Lupin."

"Remus or Moony please. I'm just happy to be of help."

"Moo…ah…I presume a play on your Lycanthropy?"

"Yes sir. Harry's father gave me that nickname. We were good friends when we went here."

"I'm glad you were willing to see me today. I know it's a tough day for you."

"I wouldn't miss the opportunity. Fortunately, I am able to take the Wolfsbane potion while I'm here."

"So you and James Potter were friends? So you are familiar with Mr. Brown zen," Mr. Delacour said with a smile, especially when he saw the confused look cross Remus' face. "I thought so, but zat just proves my conclusions I believe," He looked over at Padfoot. "Mr. Black I presume? I am 'ere as my daughter's father not in any official capacity. Even if I was, I would 'ave no issue with you."

Everyone in the Chamber was staring at Mr. Delacour. He turned to Fleur as said. "Your mother might be smarter zan I am, but I didn't get to where I am by missing many things; though I admit I didn't make ze connection until I was back 'ome. Mr. Brown mentioned 'e was a good friend of 'Arry's father, in fact 'e made it seem like 'e was James Potter's best friend. But when I did a little research on Mr. Black, I found 'e also was a very good friend of Monsieur Potter including best man at 'is wedding. But nowhere was there anything about a Mr. Brown," At the startled look on Harry's face Mr. Delacour explained. "I mentioned to you zat everything will be discovered when I ask for a full investigation. Zis was only a preliminary one done by my staff, but my staff is very good," He turned back to the black dog still staring at him. "I also realized just how well your dog behaved, almost like 'e knew exactly what was being said. I put ze things together and realized Mr. Brown was most likely Mr. Black and 'e was ze dog as well, an unregistered animagus?" He turned to his eldest daughter. "Ma petite, I swear I mean Mr. Black no 'arm. I know you believe 'e is innocent and zat is good enough for me."

"E won't tell 'Arry," Fleur said.

"Sirius, I believe him," Harry said and at that Padfoot became Sirius Black. Harry turned to Mr. Delacour. "Sir, I would like for you to meet my Godfather."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Black, as Mr. Black that is."

"Sirius please. I hope you understand my alias before."

"Alain. Of course I understand."

"Thank you sir for being willing to help me this summer."

Mr. Delacour shrugged. "I would 'ope I would be willing to 'elp any innocent man, but zis is a special case. Your godson is now a member of my family. You think I would stand a chance against my daughters if I did not 'elp?" The last he asked with a smile.

Sirius chuckled. "I guess not. I've had the opportunity to get to know them over the last couple of months. They are very special young women who I wouldn't want to be on their wrong side either."

Alain smiled as any proud father would. "Yes zey are. Just like zeir mother. 'Opefully you'll be able to meet 'er zis summer as yourself. Once we push for your trial, you are more zan welcome to come stay at our 'ome. I will be able to grant you asylum until ze trial starts. Zat should give you time to work with a solicitor on preparing your defense and still spend time with your godson."

Sirius appeared speechless until he was able to get out. "Thank you again sir."

"Don't thank me until you are free," Alain said. "You still 'ave a large 'ill to climb. Your family name isn't going to 'elp you at your trial. Speaking of your family," He reached into his robes and pulled out several sheets of parchment. "I wasn't sure if I would 'ave a chance to meet you today, but in case I did, I thought zis might 'elp you. As you can see, your family fortune is still mostly intact and you are ze legal 'eir as soon as you can appear publicly and claim it. Zat will be as soon as your ministry admits you 'aven't 'ad a trial. Zat will allow you to access funds to 'ire your solicitor."

"How did you get these? The goblins are notorious about not giving out information."

Again Mr. Delacour shrugged, "Ze Veela are on much better terms with ze Goblins zan wizards are. So with a few galleons 'ere and zere from ze right person, information can be obtained. It's not something I would normally do, but I was sure you wouldn't mind."

"Why did you do all of this?" Sirius asked. "Not that I am complaining."

"As I said, 'Arry is family now and zat means you're family Mr. Black," Mr. Delacour said. "Besides it makes my daughters 'appy. Someday may you 'ave ze joy...and ze terror of 'aving a daughter."

Sirius got a wistful look on his face and shrugged. "Yeah maybe.."

Alain had turned to Remus. "Mr. Lupin…Remus. As I said earlier, my eldest 'as written 'igh praise of you. She also made a request…"

"I just want to say, I am not looking for any charity sir."

"So my daughter tells me. I do 'ave something in mind zat I think you would be perfect for. Let me tell you about it and you tell me if you are interested. Of course I would still need to interview you in depth and verify your background but zis is a start," When Lupin nodded, he continued. "As you know we repealed several restrictive legislations on werewolves over ze last couple of years," Again Lupin nodded. "Ever since zen many British Lycanthropy sufferers 'ave wanted to immigrate to France. Ze problem we're 'aving is determining who is a good fit for our country and who isn't."

"And you're thinking of me to help in that process?"

"Yes. I need someone who is familiar with ze British werewolf population, someone who knows who wants to live peacefully and who wants to afflict others with ze disease," Mr. Delacour said. "I would expect ze person also to work with ze people who do immigrate to 'elp zem settle in. I can keep 'elping ze werewolves as long as zere are not any problems. But if we get a rash of aggressive werewolves immigrating into ze country afflicting witches and wizards, ze laws will be back in place very quickly."

"It sounds like a great opportunity sir," Remus said.

"Excellent; though I would like you to think on it. When you are confident you are truly interested, forward your CV via my daughter and I will personally set up the formal interview."

"I'll do that sir."

"Zen I 'ope we meet again real soon," Mr. Delacour said holding out his hand to Remus who shook it. He then turned to Harry and his three daughters. "Now do you want to discuss what I came 'ere for, or is zere some place better?"

"In a few minutes Papa," Fleur replied. "First I want to you show you what 'Arry taught me using ze bond," She brought her wand up and cast the Patronus charm and in a second her silvery Osprey was flying high. A silver Otter joined it also immediately. When the two Patronuses disappeared, Gabrielle showed her father the white mist she could conjure.

"Excellent, very well done," Alain said. He looked at Harry. "And you?"

The stag that emerged from Harry's wand made Mr. Delacour take a step back and shield his eyes. "Zat 'as to be ze brightest one I've ever seen."

Harry blushed as he said. "I only have to think about the love they give me," Harry nodded to his bondmates.

Alain Delacour smiled at the young man but decided not to embarrass him further. "Well 'ow about ze information you wanted?"

They showed him into Slytherin's personal library. When they got there he immediately asked. "Ees zere a reason you do not wish ze 'Eadmaster to know what I'm 'ere for?"

"Yes sir," Hermione replied. "He's the one that started our search of this information to begin with," She started explaining about the journal and the books Professor Dumbledore took with him.

"Well anyone who's taught young people should know better zan to tell one zat zey can't know something without explaining further," Alain replied. He pulled a small blood-red book out of his pocket. "I would prefer to not leave zis. If someone else reads it I would feel responsible."

"If you do want to leave it, we can put it in here," Hermione replied. "There are now only five people who can get in here, and four of them are us and the other is Tom Riddle who we think already knows about what the book covers anyway."

Mr. Delacour looked around the library. "Zis might be a better option. I'll leave it with you. Just please do not share ze book with anyone."

"We won't," Fleur promised.

"Mr. Delacour?" Harry said. "Can I speak to you in private?" He turned to his bond mates. "No listening or you'll be waking up to aragog tomorrow," It was an empty threat because all of his bondmates knew he would never do that to them; but they gave him his privacy.

"Sir, how do you buy presents for your wife?" Harry asked. "I mean surprising her. Gabrielle's birthday is in a couple of weeks and..."

"Son, you're a fine man who I'm glad my daughters found. Very thoughtful," Alain said. "My first time buying Apolline a present after ze bonding was a disaster. I thought I could 'ide it from 'er but she got it out of me very quickly and I never realized it until too late."

"That's what I'm afraid of. I mean I want to surprise her but..." Harry shrugged. "I thought about having someone else buy it for me."

"Non, I tried zat as well and it didn't work so well. I 'ad a friend buy ze present. I told 'im what I generally was looking for and 'e did 'is best but it wasn't what I would have got her. It didn't have the feel of it coming personally from me."

"So it's hopeless?" Harry asked somewhat dejectedly.

"Non, my father-in-law gave me this," Alain replied as he reached into his robed and brought out a small vial of purplish liquid. "Drink zis and for one 'our your bondmate will not be able to read your thoughts, and when it's over you won't remember ze time either. Though ze whole time it's in effect you are still you. You can pick out ze present you want and zen forget what you got 'er."

"Wow. That sounds perfect sir," Harry exclaimed as he stared at the small bottle.

"Just make sure zere is someone you trust with you," Mr. Delacour said. "You might need to know what 'appened if you get into any kind of trouble."

"Any other advice?"

"Only one; don't buy ze presents too early. I once bought my wife 'er birthday present and zen bought 'er anniversary gift a week later. I ended up buying 'er ze exact same pair of earrings for both," Mr. Delacour's eyes twinkled as he continued. "She still reminds me of zat to zis day," He handed Harry the vial and promised to give him more during the summer before Fleur's birthday in August.

After a while longer Mr. Delacour departed Hogwarts and the bondmates all returned to the Chamber library. They soon all discovered exactly what a Horcrux was and how one is made. It was only Sirius yelling that they needed to head upstairs before the moon came out that forced them to leave the library.

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