Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



16. Chapter 16 Buckbeak

"Are you coming back later?" Sirius called to the bondmates as they started out of the Chamber.

"Yes. We're planning on studying down here unless you don't want us to," Hermione replied.

"Oh you're more than welcome anytime. But can you bring me a supply of Quills and parchment? I told Albus I would map out the Chamber."

"Sure. Anything else you need?"

"Books would be nice. Something to do," Sirius requested and then with a grin, "A couple of scantily clad nurses with a week's supply of Fire Whisky would also work."

One of Hermione's eyebrow rose but she grinned. "That might be a little more difficult, but we can see if any of Hagrid's Skrewts are available. They're hot and hard to handle."

Sirius had heard the students talk about the Skrewts in the Great Hall. "Uh, thanks but maybe another time."

Remus looked confused, "What's a Skrewt?"

"The correct name is Blast-Ended Skrewt," Hermione explained. "Rita Skeeter wrote about them in her article about Hagrid after the Ball. Seems Hagrid mixed some Manticores and Firecrabs and created something he calls 'interesting'. Currently they are about six feet long and growing. They have armored shells, poisonous stingers and moves by explosive propulsion. We've enjoyed their company this year in Care of Magical Creatures."

Remus paled at the thought of what she described. "They sound, uh...interesting."

"Trust me when I say if I don't ever see another one, it will be too soon," Harry said.

"Harry, before you go, I should ask. Do you know why I'm here?" Remus asked.

"Dursleys? Professor Dumbledore mentioned he had asked you to come," Harry replied.

"How do you feel about it?"

Harry looked his old Professor in the eyes, "That question is hard to answer Moony. In the last two weeks my perspective on a lot of things has changed," Harry wrapped his arms around Gabrielle and pulled her a little closer to him, and smiled at Fleur. "What they did to me almost cost two very special women their futures, but it also gave me the love of a third special woman," His eyes turned to Hermione and he smiled at her then he returned his gaze back to Lupin. "But there is no excuse for treating me as they did. Would I like for their lives to be uncomfortable, yes. Do I want them hurt? Not really, at least not seriously," Harry grinned. "When I left their house this year, Fred and George Weasley pranked my cousin with a piece of candy that caused his tongue to grow several feet, I still chuckle at that thought."

Remus nodded and turned to Sirius, "I think we can manage something that they will remember."

"I think you're right Moony, I think you're right," Sirius agreed with a smile.

"You might even want to talk to the twins; they've invented some really cool stuff," Harry explained. "They have a new candy when you eat it and it turns you into a Canary for a short time and then you turn back. The two of them are geniuses when it comes to inventing stuff."

"We weren't so bad ourselves in the days," Moony replied. "The map you seem to have trouble holding onto is a prime example."

That caused Harry to look down. "Yeah and when I get it back I'm locking it away. Each time I've let it out of my hands, Sirius has been put into jeopardy. Last year if I'd kept it safe, Snape wouldn't have known we were in the Shrieking Shack and this year I let Moody have it."

"Not your fault pup," Sirius replied.

"Last year was my fault Harry," Remus said and turning to Sirius, "I do regret that Padfoot. If I hadn't left the map out…"

"Moony, I'm not going to let you go there either," Sirius said, "If Snivelus can't figure out how to get over a grudge, it's not your fault," Sirius looked back to Harry "But you can do what we did to protect that map when you get it back. We had a hidden pocket in our robes and kept an identical looking blank parchment in our regular pocket. If Filch or a Professor became curious about us looking at a piece of parchment, we just handed over the blank one."

"How did Filch end up with it then?"

"The rat," Sirius snarled as he looked at Remus. "The useless excuse for a wizard wanted to go to the kitchens for food after curfew. James let him take the map, and he forgot about the secret passageway on the second floor. Once he was passed Filch he wiped the map and didn't bother checking it again. Filch had heard his footsteps and cut him off. Idiot didn't even bother putting the map in his hidden pocket."

"No reason to dwell on Wormtail," Remus said and then turning to Harry. "So we have some imagination ourselves, but maybe I'll talk to the twins. What can I tell them about what we want to do?"

"They know some of it, they were there rescuing me when Uncle Vernon put the bars on my windows before my second year, and like I said they've already pranked them," Harry replied. "I doubt you would have to explain it much further than that."

"Excellent Harry, now I would like to mention one other thing. Please don't take this as I'm asking for special consideration or anything, but Albus mentioned he thought you should have the basilisk carcass."

"Yeah," Harry replied looking over at the thing in question. "He was going to talk to someone about selling it."

"Well there are two parts of actually dealing with it," Remus explained, "Before it can be sold it must be rendered down to usable products, blood and venom collected and such. And once you have that, you can then sell those items."

"I don't know anything about any of that," Harry said. "I wouldn't even know where to start."

"Well that's where Albus thought I could help. I'm not a professional at processing magical creatures or anything but I could probably do a decent job. I've had so many odd jobs, that it's become second nature to pick up new skills quickly," Remus said. "But if you prefer to get a professional, I definitely would understand."

"Oh, be my guest," Harry said shrugging his shoulders, "And take whatever you think is fair for compensation."

"Non!" Fleur said rather loudly causing Harry and Remus to turn to her, "Non, don't say that," She repeated.

"You don't think he should do it?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Non...eh...oui," Fleur replied. "I wasn't objecting to 'im doing ze processing but you must not...eh..." Fleur paused and then continued. "Arry, Remus is your friend, 'e will take a lot less zan what is fair if you just say what you said," Then silently she asked, "Love may I 'andle zis?"

"Of course."

Fleur turned back to Remus, " 'Arry will pay you eighty percent of ze going rate to take care of ze Basilisk and arrange its sale."

"Why not the full rate?" Harry asked.

"Because 'e will zen feel like 'e is taking advantage of you and not 'ave earned ze galleons," Fleur explained. "And if 'e feels guilty, it might lead to problems between you two later."

Remus looked quizzically, and then smiled at the older Delacour, "Very good analysis, especially since you don't really know me, Miss Delacour. Where did you learn your people skills?"

Fleur shrugged, "Aving a father who is in politics and working in 'is office 'as allowed me to learn something of people. My 'eritage also helps."

"Would I be rude is asking what your father does?"

Sirius slapped his arm around his friend, "Moony my friend, you are looking at the two daughters of the Deputy Minister of Magic of France."

"Alain Delacour is your father?" Remus gasped.

"You know of 'im?" Fleur asked. "I mean more of zan what's 'is office is?"

"He got several laws that impeded on werewolf rights repealed two years ago," Remus explained. "He's well regarded amongst my kind."

"When you're married to a 'alf Veela, you're not going to 'ave many blood issues. Not if you want to survive your mother-in-law," Fleur explained smiling. "Papa is a fair man. 'E's going to be 'ere for ze third task, I can introduce you to 'im if you would like?"

"I would like that, thank you. And I'll make sure he knows he has an exceptionally intelligent daughter, though I am sure he is well aware of it already," Remus acknowledged. "So back to our agreement, you know it should be less, but I'll take eighty percent of the current rate. I'll need to buy a book or two on the subject and some things like special gloves to handle the venom," He sent a challenging look at Harry, "Which will be at my expense."

"You can haggle with Fleur later about that stuff Remus," Harry said. "But we do need to get back upstairs."


While Harry and Hermione went in search of Ron, Fleur and Gabrielle thought it would be best to take the time to go see Madam Maxime.

When they found him in the Gryffindor Common room, Harry and Hermione sat down in chairs on either side of Ron. Harry turned to best friend and he saw him gazing back with a look Harry didn't recognize. "Okay Ron, what's going on?" Harry finally asked.

"What's going on with me?" Ron replied, "What's going on with you, mate? I mean you been gone for two weeks and show back with two Veelas, and not going anywhere without them?"

Harry looked curiously at Ron, "Are you implying something, or are you having trouble accepting the fact I have a girlfriend and someone else to spend time with?"

Ron's voice dropped to a whisper as he looked around, "Are you sure the Veela didn't do anything to you? I mean Ginny was saying your girlfriend told her she was in love with you. You're not really in love with a Veela are you? You know how they are."

Harry felt his anger grow, and over the bond both Fleur and Gabrielle felt it, "What is it love?" Fleur's beautiful voice asked.

"Just my friend insulting you two," Harry replied. "Trying to calm down before I do something he regrets," He looked into Ron's eyes and through gritted teeth he asked, "Exactly what do you mean when you say how they are?"

Ron lowered the volume of his voice even further "You know, they enchant men and put them under their spells. Mum says they play around with their, you know feelings, get whatever they want and then leave them."

Harry heard the simultaneous snort from two mental sources and one physical one as Hermione had moved closer to listen to Ron's words. "Ron do you actually believe everything your mother says?" Hermione asked. "I mean really, play around with men's feelings?"

"Just because you don't believe it doesn't mean it's not true," Ron snapped at Hermione and Harry felt the pure annoyance flow from Hermione. "Idiot," Harry looked up at his bond mate. "How many times do I earn that thought?"

"Sometimes, but again not nearly as often as he does," She mentally sighed. "If he would learn to think before speaking, but I guess he wouldn't be Ron then would he?"

Ron had turned back to Harry. "Look mate, I thought you knew and that's why you were so depressed when you told us they were in love with you. I should have known then that something was wrong, but look, I didn't think, well I didn't think they could get to you. Guess I should have known when you got mad at me. How about I walk you down to see Madam Pomfrey and let her take a look at you?"

Harry was torn between laughing at his friend or hitting him for insult Fleur and Gabrielle's heritage. Harry finally started laughing because he knew at that moment, Fleur was restraining Gabrielle to keep her from coming to the Gryffindor Common room and showing Ron as her words put it, "Exactly what a pissed off Veela was famous far."

"Gabrielle it's okay. He's not worth it," Harry said. "I'll see you in a while," Then turning and smiling at his friend, "Look Ron, I'm fine. Gabrielle is not playing around with my feelings. As for as going to see Madam Pomfrey, whose care have I been under for the last two weeks?"

"Oh yeah, but that doesn't mean she didn't miss whatever they did to you. Maybe we can get Dumbledore to let you go to St. Mungos."

"Where?" Harry asked then remembered Fudge mentioning it to Mr. Weasley at the World Cup. "Oh that Hospital place? Ron I'm fine and don't need to go to Madam Pomfrey or the hospital."

"Ron, before you put another foot in your mouth, maybe you might want to open a book and learn something instead of spouting whatever your mother might have said," Hermione said angrily. "I have spent the last we..uh..day with Fleur and Gabrielle and both of them are very nice, very personable and I know that Gabrielle cares for Harry a great deal."

"Fine," Ron hissed loudly. "I tried, alright, I tried to warn you," He turned and stomped up the steps.

Harry put his head in his hands and sighed. "How do I get through to him, without mentioning the bond?"

Hermione moved over to the chair Ron had vacated and put her arm around Harry. "I don't know, but mentioning the bond would only make it worse. He would claim he's right and the next thing you'd hear is a Howler from Mrs. Weasley. Then it would be in the Daily Prophet the next day. "

Harry imagined the red envelope descending and landing in front of him in the Great Hall. The magically enhanced voice of Molly Weasley extolling whatever crap she spewed to Ron about Veelas to everyone in the Hall. "No, that will not happen," Harry thought. "But I'm going up and give it one more go with him.

A minute later Harry was in his dorm room looking at the back of his friend, who was lying on his bed facing away. "Look Ron," Harry started, "I appreciate your concern. I really do. But I know there is nothing wrong with me. If you really have a problem with Gabrielle or Fleur because of their heritage, then I'm sorry, but we have a serious problem. Gabrielle is very special to me as is her sister. Trust me when I say that as much as I value your friendship, don't make me choose between them and you, since you probably won't like the outcome," With those words, Harry turned and started out of the room, as he opened the door, he turned back to Ron, "We will be studying immediately after lunch, if you want to join us, then you'll need to find us before then," He turned and left the room.

"I'm sorry mon amour," Gabrielle said. Harry already knew she was headed toward the Gryffindor Common room.

Harry could feel the sadness from both of the Delacours, while it was more of annoyance from Hermione who had dealt with Ron to many times. "Don't worry. As I told him, there is no real choice here. My life is with all of you. I'm hoping he'll get over it."

"Even if he does Harry, will it happen again this summer?" Hermione asked.

"Probably," Harry conceded with a sigh as he sat back down heavily in the chair in the common room. Gabrielle arrived and promptly put herself in Harry's lap and started kissing him to cheer him up.

"I can't wait to get back into the Chamber so I can do that," Hermione let him know; he couldn't help but feel better with the love of three women pouring into him.

A short time later they were in the Great Hall eating lunch. Harry kept looking over each time the door opened to see if it was Ron, but he never showed up. When lunch was over, the four of them made their way back to the Chamber of Secrets. Hermione gave Sirius some of her Quills and parchment, knowing she could replace them in Hogsmeade later in the day. Fleur gave him French language lessons books, saying, "When your name is cleared, my parents will expect you to visit as often as you like. Zese will 'elp you."

Sirius looked at Gabrielle, "Nothing from you? I'm hurt," He smiled at her to let her know it was in jest.

"Well if you like I can have Papa or Maman send my 'Arry Potter book collection," Gabrielle replied and looking over at her bond mate she continued. "Ze real thing is much better zan any book."

Harry blushed and then muttered, "How about we just tell them to throw them out."

"Non," Then her beautiful blue eyes got a mischievous glint in them, "But I can give zem to the 'Ogwart's library so everyone can read zem."

Harry gave a fake glare at her because he could tell she wasn't serious about it.

"Before we start studying can we try to see if we can learn spells like we learned to open ze Chamber?" Fleur asked. "I really want to see what my Patronus is."

Hermione looked at them with a smile, "Patronus?"

Harry looked at all three young women, "Fine by me, especially since I have the person who taught me right here to help," He looked over at Lupin who smiled. "Okay, you need to find your happiest memory since I doubt you can use mine."

Each of the three ladies started concentrating, Harry first started to try to see their happiest memories but with the three of them thinking about and discarding various memories he finally had to stop trying. Fleur finally looked over at Lupin, "Sir, at Beauxbatons we were taught it is more of ze emotion zan ze memory zat drives ze Patronus."

"Remus please or Moony, and yes your instructor was correct in that. Well mostly correct; it is not only the emotion but the ability to focus that emotion. A memory seems to be the best way to focus on the emotion to start with," Remus replied and then continued. "Eventually, for the Patronus to be an instinctive charm, you will need to tap the emotion and focus directly without stopping for a trigger."

"So anything that can result in the positive emotion that can be concentrated on would work. A memory, or even something imagined, say something you're looking forward to, as long as it helps focus on positive emotions," Fleur asked.

"It should," Remus concurred. "Again the stronger the positive emotion the better."

Harry pulled out his wand and this time he knew which memory he wanted since it was very fresh in his mind, he thought of this morning, watching Hermione sleep, the love he felt for her, and "EXPECTO PATRONUM."

A silver stag shot out of Harry's wand. Everyone gasped, even those who had seen a similar casting in Harry's memories. This stag was even more impressive. A brightness that almost hurt their eyes surrounded an animal that anyone would swear was solid. The stag wandered around the Chamber for a few seconds, stopping and gazing at each of the bond mates before it finally disappeared.

Each of the bond mates who experienced the casting could feel the pure raw emotions that had poured into the Patronus charm. Hermione had first blushed as she saw herself sleeping in his memory but the love that had swept into that memory was overwhelming, she had felt the love focus, and when the charm had been cast, she felt the energy sharpen even further and it seemed to constantly stream out until the Patronus disappeared.

Fleur and Gabrielle had experienced the same scene and feelings from their bond mate casting the charm, though lost in the experience was Fleur noticing something that had made her smile even larger. She suppressed the thought. If Harry noticed it, she was more than willing to talk to him about it, but she would prefer for him to not even think about it yet. She had seen hidden in the swirl of love Harry had for Hermione, was the flicker of love he had now developed for her and her sister. Just as Harry's love for Hermione flowed over all of their bonds, and Fleur and Gabrielle enjoyed it, this love was there as well. And to Fleur to know that her bond mate had started to love them so soon was an incredible feeling.

Sirius was the first to speak, "Wow pup that was some Patronus. So that's what saved my soul?"

"Looked just like Prongs didn't it Padfoot?" Moony asked still in awe himself.

"It did indeed, well except the excruciating bright light. If James had glowed like that we would've probably been noticed."

"That was fascinating," Hermione said with her eyes aglow. "I want to try it now."

It wasn't quite the same as opening the Chamber, but it was close. Nothing happened on her first try, but on her second try she got a white mist. Finally on Hermione's third try she ended up changing her memory to the one of her sharing Harry's memory of looking at her while she slept. Her own feeling of love witnessing his love for her brought forth a bright silvery otter which gamboled about before disappearing.

"Eet was beautiful 'Ermione," Gabrielle said as he hugged her bond sister who was looking a little exhausted.

"You get used to it eventually," Harry told her as he gave her his own hug.

"I just hope I don't have to fight Dementors anytime soon," She replied as she sat down heavily on a chair. "But I guess I better practice it."

Fleur, who had already done the charm before but had only gotten a faint white mist, thought of the difference between what she had done before and what Harry did. It was the depth and intensity of the emotions she determined. She realized that all the effort she had put into controlling her Veela temper was actually detrimental in her previous attempts at this charm. That and not having felt love as she felt for the raven haired young man who was looking at her with those eyes of his. She locked her eyes to his, daring, even inviting him to share what she was going to think about to bring her positive emotions forth. There was a bluff on her family property that overlooked the Mediterranean Sea. It rose thirty meters above the sandy beaches below. It was a place Fleur had found herself on many occasions sitting and staring out over the water in her childhood, watching the birds of the sea glide on the breezes. Her thoughts now were not from a past though, but of a future she hoped to have come true someday. Fleur felt the happiness and the love from that thought surge through her and as she casts "EXPECTO PATRONUM" from the tip of her wand a silver Osprey emerged. It circled the cavern and descended. Just as it was close to the group it disappeared. Harry looked searchingly at Fleur who returned a smile that he knew was only for him and he heard "Beautiful wasn't it?" and he wholeheartedly agreed.

Gabrielle couldn't get past the white mist while attempting the cast the charm. Harry had to comfort her when she was to too drained to try again. He reminded her that until today Fleur hadn't got past that part either. Remus guessed that she didn't quite have the mental discipline yet to push out the needed emotions. "Keep trying," He told her. "Change memories if you don't feel a rush of positive emotions in the one you're using."

They finally got settled and completed as much homework as they could until it was three in the afternoon. Realizing it was time to head into Hogsmeade they bid the two Marauders a good day and made their way to the Headmaster's office.

"We were just headed into Hogsmeade. You wanted to ask us to get something for you while we are there?" Harry asked when they were all settled in front of Professor Dumbledore's desk.

"Yes, The new moon was just a few days ago and it's going to be getting brighter and brighter for the rest of the month, and I need something brought to the castle in as much darkness as possible," Dumbledore explained.

"If it needs to be hidden, I can take my cloak," Harry said.

"This item is too big for your cloak, but you have had experience in moving it before," The Headmaster said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Hermione's eyes lifted to look at Professor Dumbledore, "You're not serious."

"No, but to go along with his pun, it is something you gave Sirius last year. I need you four to use your special talents to get a Hippogriff into Hogwarts tonight."

Harry looked at Hermione and then back at Dumbledore, "You're kidding right?"

"I am not joking. Buckbeak is currently in a cave just outside of Hogsmeade. Sirius was going up every couple of days feeding and spending a little time with him. Unfortunately he can't do that now. Buckbeak is also tethered in the cave so he can't get food by himself."

"And what are we going to do with him once we get him here?"

"Get him into the Chamber with Remus and Sirius. It's a lot bigger than the cave he's in and he'll be able to stretch his wings."

"So do you have a plan for us, or do we just…uh…wing it?" Harry asked.

"I have a suggestion, but if you need to change something feel free too. As you know Hagrid exercises Madam Maxime's horses frequently so I don't think anyone will think it's strange to see a flying animal as long as it's dark and they can't see exactly what it is. I suggest you spread out and use your unique ability to communicate to make sure the path is clear to the bathroom. I will be personally switching out the window nearest to the bathroom, and creating an illusion to make it seem like the window is still there. All you will need to do is wait until its dark and then fly Buckbeak in through that window and into that bathroom and down those steps as soon as possible, without being seen of course. I will chat with Alastor during that time so I know he isn't seeing anything on the map."

"All we will need to do?" Hermione was muttering to herself as they descended the steps. "I am NOT flying on him this time."

Harry smiled at Hermione. "But it was so much fun last time," That statement caused her to glare at him.

The four of them spent the next three hours in Hogsmeade with Gabrielle staying on Harry's arm the whole time. They spent time in Zonko's where he bought Sirius everything that looked safe enough to use in an enclosed space and even some that didn't. Then in Honeydukes, Harry remembered Mr. Granger's advice on placating the monthly issue women had, and promptly stocked up on a lot of chocolate. All three of the women were laughing at this, but did let him know what their favorite kinds were. Finally Harry was led into a clothes store where the women pretended he was a dress up doll. Though he pretended to hate the experience, the women could tell he was secretly enjoying the time spent trying on various clothing items, he ended up with three pants and four shirts, new underwear, socks and a new pair of trainers and a promise that they would do more at a later time. Harry also bought two of the wildest pairs of socks he could find to give to Dobby, for the Gillyweed, including a pair emitted a warning if they got too dirty. Hermione remembered to restock her quill and parchment supplies. When all the shopping was done they all shared a wonderful early dinner in the Three Broomsticks.

Three hours after entering the village, they were ready to depart. Being early March, the skies were already darkened. As planned, they separated. Hermione and Fleur turned back toward the castle, while Harry and Gabrielle went in the other direction. The plan was fairly simple. Hermione was going to be in the hallway across from the bathroom to give the all clear while Fleur would be on the grounds to make sure no one was noticing what was happening above them. Her allure would distract most males and if anyone did question what she was doing she could always say she was going back to the Beauxbatons' carriage. Gabrielle wanted to fly Buckbeak with Harry.

Harry and Gabrielle made their way up the High Street, past Dervish and Banges, and out toward the edge of the village. Harry had never been in this direction before. The winding lane was leading them out into the wild countryside around Hogsmeade toward the foot of the mountain in whose shadow Hogsmeade laid. Remembering Dumbledore's instructions they climbed up the mountain, following a narrow path. It became darker and darker as the residual lights of Hogsmeade receded behind them until finally Harry had to cast a Lumos to light their way. The climb continued for a while until they came upon a small fissure in the side of the mountain they had been told to look for. They almost missed it but Gabrielle pointed it out and quickly they slipped inside. Once there, they found themselves in a cool very dark cave and reflecting off the light from Harry's wand was the orange eyes of a Hippogriff.

"Hello Buckbeak," Harry said softly, "Do you remember me?"

Harry and Gabrielle bowed low to the noble creature who, after a few seconds of imperious examination of the two, returned the bow.

Harry immediately started to untie the tether that was wrapped around a rock.

"We're going to take you to Sirius. He's in a much larger cave," Harry explained as he led the creature out of the cave. "Can we ride you?"

The Hippogriff once again looked closely at the two of them and then knelt down to allow them to get on him.

Once the two of them had found themselves sitting on the back of the noble creature, Harry started to talk to the other two bond mates.

"Come over ze Quidditch pitch," Fleur said. "Use ze stands to 'ide yourselves as much as possible. Come around ze west side, low to ze ground and zen 'ead for ze window."

"I'll have my wand lit so you know which window," Hermione added. "Dumbledore has already removed it, but it seems like it's still here. You will have to just fly directly into it. Let me know when you're close and I'll verify when the hall is clear."

When the noble Hippogriff leapt from the ground, Harry could feel the excitement coming from Gabrielle as her arms tighten around his waist. "It's beautiful 'Arry," She said as she looked out over Hogsmeade in the distance and Hogwarts in front of them. "I wish we could stay up 'ere a while."

"I'll take you on my broom if you'd like."

"I would love for you to."

It definitely took less time to fly than to walk to get back to the castle. Harry had a sudden panic that they might have a problem with the castle wards, but was sure Dumbledore would have taken care of those as well. There was only a slight stirring in the air as they passed the ward boundaries to indicate any magic at all. As they closed in on the Quidditch pitch, Harry noticed what looked like lines going in all directions on what used to be a perfect grassy field. He tried to figure out what there were, but he didn't get a clear view of whatever it was. As he cleared the Quidditch pitch he could see Hagrid's cabin and it looked like the half giant had a shovel and was digging in the ground in front of it but he didn't have enough time to figure out what he might be doing. "Okay, I'm close," Harry said to Hermione.

"Hall is clear right now, I'm waving my wand," Came her reply.

Harry saw the light at the tip of her wand waving behind a window on the second floor. He guided the Hippogriff toward it. When Harry was only a few dozen yards away from the window he heard Hermione, "It's Mrs. Norris."

"I can't stop now. Too close and will be seen if I do," Harry replied. "Get the bathroom door open, hopefully we get this done before Filch shows up."

Buckbeak came through the window and Harry and Gabrielle quickly slid off and started leading the Hippogriff toward the bathroom door, where Hermione was waiting having started opening the Chamber access. Harry pulled Gabrielle back out of the bathroom, in hopes they could stall Filch if he showed up.

"HA!" The voice Harry knew was coming shouted from down the hallway. "Caught you red-handed," The old caretaker wheezed as he came down the hall.

Gabrielle looked at the floor and noticed the Hippogriff's footprints. Kissing Harry she said out loud, "I need to use the bathroom," And she quickly ducked into the door.

Harry turned to Filch, "Caught me doing what sir?"

"Buckbeak is zrough ze door, but it 'asn't closed yet."

"Befouling the floor and hiding some kind of creature. I saw something go in that bathroom," Filch turned to go into the bathroom.

Harry grabbed his arm and said, "Excuse me SIR, but my girlfriend is currently in there. You will wait for her to come out before going in there."

"No one orders me around," Filch said jerking free of Harry's grip he rounded on Harry with a grin through his yellowing teeth, "I know you're hiding something in there Potter. I have you now."

"Door is closed," Gabrielle said and a few seconds later. "Floor is clean."

From the bathroom came a flushing sound and Gabrielle opened the door. Looking between Harry and Filch she asked, "Ees something wrong?"

Filch shoved past her into the bathroom and started opening every stall muttering "I know something's in here," As he got to the last stall Myrtle came flying out of the toilet drenching the caretaker from head to foot.

Filch stomped out of the bathroom with water still pouring off of him. He looked at Harry and Gabrielle and snarled before stomping away down the hall.

"That was close," Harry said as he looked at Gabrielle but then smiled. "You were brilliant."

Fleur came walking down the hall and as they entered the water covered bathroom, Harry thanked the ghost for her help.

"You know I'd do anything for you Harry, but I really wished you would visit more," The ghost said shyly.

Harry looked at his watch and noticed it was getting close to curfew. "Hermione, is Buckbeak in the Chamber?"

"Not yet, but we're close," It was a few minutes later that she said "He's all in, Sirius said to tell you thanks for the Zonkos stuff. He tried to keep the chocolate as well, but I wasn't about to allow that. I will be there shortly."

When Hermione joined them they made their way to the Headmaster's office to report their success. As they were told to enter, they heard the Headmaster, "That will be all Alastor, thank you."

The Defense against the Dark Arts instructor gave Harry and the three women with him a once over with both his normal eye and his magical one as he stomped past. Once he was out, Harry heard the clicks behind him meaning Dumbledore had secured the office.

"How did it go?" Dumbledore asked.

"Buckbeak is in the Chamber," Harry said. "We had a slight issue with Filch who showed up right as he got him in the bathroom. Gabrielle's quick thinking saved us there," The youngest Delacour blushed.

"Excellent. Well I better go replace a window. I thank you all for an excellent night's work."

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