Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



13. Chapter 13 Hermione and Fleur

Later that evening when Gabrielle and Harry had gone off to their respective beds, Fleur and Hermione were left doing their homework. After a while Hermione looked over at Fleur. "Fleur may I ask a personal question?"

Fleur looked up from her essay and giving Hermione a smile, "You can ask me anything 'Ermione. Zere can be no secrets between us, we're bond sisters."

"Do..do you really consider me your sister?" Hermione asked, "Or is that just a phrase to describe our relationship? I mean I like, well I enjoy having another girl I can talk to about things and..." She swept her arms over the books in front of them both, "who seems to share my passion for learning. The other girls in my dorm seem to only want to talk about boys or make up or clothes."

Fleur smiled, "Yes 'Ermione, you are my sister and I 'ope my friend," Her smiled fade a little. "I don't 'ave any real friends."

Hermione looked at Fleur, "But I would think you would be very popular. I mean you're.."

"Beautiful?" Fleur asked.

"Well yeah. Every boy would want to date you," Hermione said.

"Zey do, but 'ow do I know zey are dating me because of me, or because of my allure?" Fleur asked. "None of ze girls will come around me because of ze effects I 'ave on zeir boyfriends, and ze boys all start acting foolish around me," She stopped and got a thoughtful look on her face. "I did 'ave friends when I was a young girl."

"Had?" Hermione asked. "What happened?"

"You saw Gabrielle before she transformed?" Fleur asked and when Hermione nodded she continued. "We Veela stop maturing physically when we are eight or nine, so as my friends got older zey didn't want to play wiz someone who looked so much younger zan zey are. Zey stopped coming over, stopped inviting me places and ze friendships died. Zat's when I started turning to books and learning. Zat is also why Gabrielle is so important to me. I knew what she was going zrough an 'oped to be zere for 'er. Zat's one of ze reasons she 'ad a crush on 'Arry, or at least ze Boy-Who-Lived. It was 'er escape from ze loneliness."

"He hates that title you know," Hermione said.

Fleur smiled, "Yes, but like everyone else, I really never thought about ze title bringing thoughts of 'is parents dying. We need to remember to do something for 'Arry on 'alloween each year."

"Halloween is a mixed day for me," Hermione said. "Harry's parents died that day, but it's the day I started living. It's the day Harry became my friend. I'll never forget those eyes looking at me when he jumped on that troll's back."

"And now 'e is your bond mate who loves you very much," Fleur said.

"And you are my bond sister and my friend," Hermione said.

"So what ees your personal question you wanted to ask me?" Fleur said.

"Well…I just wanted to know..well what does it mean to be a Veela. I mean do you have all of the powers? I read about them and we saw Veela at the World Cup and they…" Hermione asked blushing.

"No need to be embarrassed," Fleur said. "You're part of a Veela bond of course you should know about zem. In fact my grandmuzzer will insist you learn all about zem when you come for ze summer," Fleur looked at a far wall in thought for a few seconds, then turning back to Hermione, "Yes, if you are part Veela, you are Veela. So I 'ave ze powers as you say. I 'ave ze allure but don't normally project as much as a full or 'alf Veela would. If my grandmuzzer walks into a room wiz men zey are almost entirely 'opeless. I 'ave ze power of beauty and of course," Fleur grimaced, "zere is ze second form I'll take if I get very angry or scared."

"So you…" Hermione started but nothing else would come out as she looked at Fleur. "Fireballs?" she finally squeaked out.

Fleur smiled and patted Hermione's hand "Yes, but I 'ave to be very angry or frightened. I've only changed twice in my life," She looked a little pensive at Hermione, "I 'ope zat doesn't stop you from wanting to be my sister and friend."

"No, of course not," Hermione said. "Can you try not to burn up our boyfriend though? He can be very frustrating at time. His stubbornness can be infuriating."

Fleur let out a small giggle, "I'll try not to. Now can you tell me something about 'Arry? Why isn't 'e affected by my allure? Not that I'm complaining, it's one of ze things I love about 'im, but I'm just curious."

"I don't know how it works, but is it something like the imperius curse?" Hermione asked. "Harry can shake off that curse easily now."

"Arry can fight off ze imperius curse?" Fleur asked. " 'Ow would…who?"

"Our Defense against the Dark Arts teacher taught us the Unforgivables this year," Hermione explained. "He wanted us to know what the imperius curse felt like. So he had us do quirky things like hop or skip around the room while under the curse. But Harry was the only one who could fight it. Professor Moody tried four times with Harry and on the fourth time, Harry had no trouble at all casting it off."

"Do you think 'e will try eet on Gabrielle?" Fleur asked with a hint of concern in her voice.

"We had that lesson before you arrived so I doubt it," Hermione replied then thinking about Mad-Eye Moody, "But it wouldn't hurt to let her know about it. She can talk to Harry if he does try it. I wonder though.."

"Wonder what?"

"With our bond, would it have an effect on the curse?" Hermione answered. "Harry said he was able to fight it because his voice in his head countered the curse's directions. So can our voices fight off the curse on one of us? In other words if someone is trying to put the curse on me, can Harry help?"

"I would prefer not to be under ze curse to find out," Fleur said. "Nor can we ask 'im wizout referring to ze bond."

"Maybe we can ask Professor Dumbledore," Hermione said. "Or Professor Berceau," She chuckled a little, "Merlin, I feel like I'm living in a science experiment," She looked back at Fleur, "Telepathy, shared experiences and emotions, I'm worried I going to wake up soon back at home having fallen asleep watching an episode of Dr. Who."

"Dr. Who?" Fleur asked quizzically.

"Ah..a Non-Magical show on the tele," Hermione explained. "It's a..a..well it's hard to define. Maybe you can visit my house and watch it with me. We can have a sisters night in with popcorn."

"I would like zat 'Ermione," Fleur said.

"It's amazing how wrong first impressions can be," Hermione said. "As I told you in Dumbledore's office, when I first saw you in the Great Hall I disliked you. You were beautiful and half the boys in the hall were falling over themselves trying to look at you. Even at the Yule Ball the opinion I already had carried over. I never thought about who you were on the inside. Now a couple of months later I find I was entirely wrong. You're smart, kind and well I don't know…. someone I can trust," Hermione looked at her bond sister. "I..I don't know if I'll ever be able to thank you and Gabrielle enough for inviting me into your bond with Harry. Being able to feel his love for me, it's incredible."

"Zere will never be a need to thank us," Fleur said. "We took something from you. Made claims to ze one you loved. We are ze ones thankful. Without your 'elp we'd never 'ave been able to bond. You were willing to give up ze man you loved to 'elp us."

"Maybe," Hermione said. "Or Professor Berceau would have found another way. Besides without the bond, do you think Harry would have been able to work through his emotions? Or either of us would have risked our friendship without knowing for sure the other felt the same? I mean I only realized my love for him a few days ago and that was because I was worried when he was in the hospital wing. I was going to hint at it but at the first sign he wasn't feeling the same way I…well I wouldn't have risked his friendship."

Fleur smiled, "We'll call us even zen so we can concentrate on making our bond mate 'appy?"

"Even," Hermione agreed then she remembered another question she had, "You mentioned earlier that you had the power of beauty, what does that mean? Is it something besides your allure?"

"Yes eet ees different," Fleur replied. "Ze magic gives us a natural beauty. Veela never get a rash or acne, nor is zere ever a need for makeup," She held up her hand, "We don't even have to clip our nails. I'll paint them occasionally, but even if one is damaged my magic will fix it. Same if we get scratched or cut. Our magic will fix it. You'll never see a Veela with scars, well unless they were caused by dark magic. Then there is our hair. We can do many things with it."

"I thought you wanted me to like you," Hermione joked as she looked at her own uneven nails. "I know I'm going to regret this considering the unruly stuff I have, but what kind of magic do you have over your hair."

Fleur closed her eyes and Hermione watched as Fleur's silvery blonde hair glowed and an instant later soft curls ran down the length of her perfect silvery blonde hair.

"That really isn't fair," Hermione complained but her smile clearly made it light-hearted. "I have to spend an hour brushing this bushy stuff out."

"Get your brush 'ermione. Let's see if I can 'elp," Fleur said.

Hermione looked at her curiously but disappeared into her bedroom and brought her brush out. Fleur took it from her and motioning for Hermione to turn around, she started pulling the brush through the younger woman's hair. When the brush made no resistance, but came through the hair, Hermione whirled around, "How did you do that?"

"Actually, I didn't do anything yet," Fleur said as she looked at the brush. "Ere, you try it," And she handed the brush back to Hermione.

Hermione took the brush and start brushing her hair only to find it gliding through her hair easily. "But..how?" She ran the brush through her hair again and again with no trouble.

"I don't know," Fleur said. "But you 'ave Veela magic touching you. It's possible you're picking up some of zat magic," At the look on Hermione's face. "I doubt your 'air is going to turn blonde and you'll start enchanting men…outside of enchanting ze only one zat matters, but ze magic might be affecting you. I doubt you'll complain if it 'elps you calm your hair."

Hermione looked toward the ceiling and shook her brush up at it, "If I'm dreaming, I better not ever wake up."

Fleur giggled. "I don't think zis is a TV dream sister," She looked over at her homework. "I think I'm finished for tonight. Eet's going to take a little while to catch up. What are we doing tomorrow?"

"Besides more homework?" Hermione asked. "Maybe we should work on it down in the Chamber tomorrow; keep Sirius company. Harry will want to go to Hogsmeade. If we go there first thing, he can buy Sirius some joke stuff and candy," She remembered something she had told Harry. "Oh we should get Harry to buy himself some clothes. The things he wears are horrid."

"Zree women taking zeir boyfriend clothes shopping?" Fleur asked. "Sounds like fun to me."

"It'll be more fun after the bond announced," Hermione said. "Then we can all have a go at him."

"Okay, Hogsmeade, zen Chamber for 'omework," Fleur said. "Anything else?"

"Snogging Harry time?" Hermione said smiling.

"I would like zat," Fleur said. "I also want to learn to open ze Chamber."

"And we can see about learning spells with Harry," Hermione said. "I really want to learn the Patronus Charm."

"His Patronus is impressive?" Fleur asked. "I can not believe 'ow solid eet seems?"

"It is isn't it?" Hermione said. "It's almost like a living animal."

"Anozer thing to try in ze Chamber tomorrow," Fleur said and then yawned.

"Well at least Veelas still yawn," Hermione joked. "I guess it is really late."

"Are you going to sleep with 'Arry tonight?" Fleur asked.

"Wh..What?" Hermione blushed.

"Sleep. Curl up in 'is arms and sleep," Fleur said. "Eet was very nice last night."

"But…I," Hermione stammered.

"Last chance before summer," Fleur reminded her. "If you're not, zen I am."

Hermione looked toward Harry's door her cheeks still red. "Well I..I guess."

Fleur smiled at Hermione. "Eet'll be fine and I'll see you in the morning," Then she strolled into her bedroom.

Hermione stared at Harry's door for a couple of minutes then she went her to own room and changed into her nightgown, brushed her teeth and walked back out into the common room. Hesitating for just a moment, she walked over to Harry's door and opened it. Hesitating again for a few seconds, she finally steeled her nerves and strolled over and sat on his bed. She smiled as she looked at him in the moonlight coming through the window. His unruly hair was jutting out in a different directions and he had a smile on his lips.

"Are you dreaming?" Hermione asked her bondmate, but knew he was asleep. "Are you dreaming about me?" She bent down and lightly kissed him on his cheek. She then lifted the edge of his covers and slipped into his bed. Nervously, she stayed as far away as she could on the edge of his bed facing away, but slowly the heat of his body beckoned and soon she found herself in contact with his body. She almost jumped when he rolled slightly and his arm wrapped around her. She was sure she'd awakened him, but his breathing stayed steady and she could feel him still sleeping in the bond.

Hermione relaxed and there next to Harry she felt a sense of peace and security. Feeling warm and safe, her eyes closed heavily and soon she fell into a restful slumber with dreams she could remember as pleasurable.

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