Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



12. Chapter 12

Sirius quickly transformed into Padfoot and a couple of minutes later he, Dumbledore, Harry, Fleur, Gabrielle and Hermione were out the door and down the staircase. They all paused at the bottom where the Grangers and the Delacours were waiting for them.

"We apologize, but we had an emergency matter come up in our discussions," Professor Dumbledore said as he addressed the parents. "It shouldn't take very long. Let me have Dobby escort you to the dining room we have set up for you. You can make yourselves comfortable and maybe spend time getting to know each other," He turned and called "Dobby?"

"Yes sir, Professor Dumbledore sir," The house elf said as he popped in beside the Headmaster.

"Could you show the Delacours and Grangers the way to the dining room?" Dumbledore asked.

Harry turned and looked at the young women beside him. "You don't have to come. It's not a very pleasant sight down there."

"I'm coming." Hermione replied. "I want to see the Chamber."

"Me too 'Arry," Fleur also replied.

Gabrielle hesitated but the words of the sorting hat came back into her mind. "It's your potential for bravery I look for. You most definitely have that," She looked at Harry nervously, "I need to come 'Arry."

Harry stared for a few seconds at his youngest bondmate, and then nodded. "I'll be right beside you if you need me."

"I know."

Once Dobby had led away the parents, the group made their way quickly to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. The sounds of the ghost emanated from the last stall. "Who's there?" The voice of the ghost called out.

"It's just us Myrtle," Harry answered. "We need to go into the Chamber."

"Hi Harry, you're welcome in my toilet anytime," The ghost said almost happily.

Fleur recognized the ghost from the lake. She was the one who pointed Harry in the right direction. " 'Arry should we be jealous?" She teased.

Harry's cheeks turned red, "Of course not."

"You should thank 'er for 'er 'elp in ze lake," Fleur reminded him.

"You're right," Harry responded, then turning to the silvery ghost of the long dead student. "Myrtle, thanks for the helping Fleur and me in the lake. It really was appreciated."

Myrtle cheeks turned darker silver as it looked like she was blushing. "You..You're welcome Harry. I'd do anything for you," And then she ducked back into her stall.

"Shall we get to the Chamber?" Dumbledore asked reminding everyone what they were there for.

"Of course Professor," Harry replied.

Harry found the correct sink and looking at the snake etched into the pipe. He took a moment to study it, convince himself it was a snake before he hissed "§Open Up§". The tap glowed a brilliant white and began to spin just as it had two years ago. The sink sunk out of sight and the large pipe that led the way to the Chamber was exposed.

Harry was getting ready to hop into the pipe when Hermione held him back. "Wait," She said as she looked into the pipe. "How do you get back out?" She asked.

Harry looked at her and shrugged. "Well last time Fawkes flew us out."

Hermione looked again at the pipe and then back at Harry; she spent a few seconds chewing on her bottom lip as she concentrated. "Can you imagine Tom Riddle or Salazar Slytherin jumping down into a slimy pipe like that?"

Professor Dumbledore glanced into the opening. "You are quite correct Miss Granger. Tom would never have sullied himself in such a manner."

"But Ginny made it down to the Chamber," Harry said.

"I agree and she also made it back out without being flown up by Fawkes. Which suggests..." Dumbledore paused and looked around the bathroom, "There is another entrance for people to enter, and this one was used purely for the Basilisk."

Hermione looked around the bathroom. "Obviously this bathroom wasn't a bathroom a thousand years ago so Salazar didn't enchant that sink, that really only leaves Tom Riddle. When the bathroom was configured it must have covered up the actual entrance and he enchanted the sink to do what it does. There must be another entrance somewhere that has steps down. The problem though is when the bathroom was being installed, a pipe might be ignored, but a set of steps wouldn't be. So it would have to be somewhere that wouldn't have been modified," She walked over to the exterior wall and started looking closely. "It's most likely on this wall somewhere. Does anyone see anything that looks like a snake?"

They spread out and looked around, until Hermione spotted a symbol she recognized from her non-magical math classes and her Ancient Runes class. A symbol that looked like the number eight lying on its side. "Of course, infinity or in Runes, Eternal. A symbol that looks like a forward and reversed joined S's but lying down like two joined snakes. The perfect symbol for Salazar," She thought.

"Professor Dumbledore, would Salazar have used the Rune Eternal for his symbol?" Hermione asked.

The Headmaster walked over and was looked at the Rune carved into the stone. "He often used it in his texts, but never made claim to it as his mark. But looking at it here, I could imagine his fascination with that Rune. It also fits with his pureblood views since one of the basic rules of Alchemy is that only something pure can last forever. Harry could you concentrate on this Rune and see if it is a door?"

Harry walked over and again stared at the image, imagining it was really a snake. "§Open Up§" He hissed and immediately a section of wall started to sink out of sight. Set into the very wall itself was a set of steps leading downward. Harry immediately started to walk into the opening.

"Wait," Dumbledore commanded as he put his hand on Harry's shoulder. "I'll lead the way. I expect either Salazar or Tom might have left traps for the unsuspecting," The Headmaster pulled out his wand and made a few casts around the opening. Then ducking his head into the entrance, he lit up the end of his wand. Carefully he examined the passageway before turning back to the rest of the people waiting. "Everyone follow at a safe distance," He turned and started down the steps. Harry followed the Headmaster, while Fleur, Gabrielle and Hermione followed him. Sirius, back in human form after he was on the steps, brought up the rear.

Once the group had descended about a thirty yards, the door to the bathroom closed on its own, cutting off all light except that coming from the tip of Dumbledore's wand. Every other person in the group pulled out their own wands and cast the illumination spell. It was only another fifteen yards when Dumbledore stopped and started looking at the walls.

"Notice how the footsteps in the dust seem to move around on this step?" He asked the group in general as he pointed down. "Small feet, obviously Ginny Weasley. I believe she, or I should say Riddle was disarming a trap of some sort," He cast his wand around and muttered a few phrases under his breath until a rock about shoulder high glowed blue. "Ah…there it is," A few more waves of his wand and he was satisfied. "It's safe enough now. I have permanently disabled it," He found two more similar traps before they reached the end of the long staircase.

The steps ended in a small tunnel which went on for about twenty yards where it ended in a larger tunnel with bones scattered everywhere. "There were a lot of bones where the pipe came out, so it might be around here somewhere," Harry said. He started moving around until he found the pipe jutting out of the wall. "Here it is, so the Chamber is that way," He pointed in the opposite direction.

They started down the tunnel and when they rounded a bend they came to the caved-in spot where Harry and Ron had got separated. "That hole looks much smaller than it did two years ago," Harry thought to all three of his bond mates. He thought how small the second years looked to him now.

"Professor, can we expand that hole some?" Harry asked.

"I think so, but first I think we need to make sure the ceiling is secure. With this much rock loose, it would be easy to have another cave in." Dumbledore and Sirius both pulled out their wands and started casting spells that softly impacted the walls and ceiling of the tunnel. Where it hit, the rocks and dirt seemed to fuse together.

"What spell is that?" Hermione asked.

"Permanent sticking charm," Sirius replied. "It's a very useful spell. In this case, it is sticking the dirt and rock together. As long as you do the whole ceiling and walls, they can't cave in."

"Can you show it to me?" Hermione asked with the gleam in her eye that appeared

"Sure, the incantation is 'Propri Limitoand' and you make this movement with the wand," Sirius replied showing everyone the correct movement. Soon everyone was able to cast the spell.

"I think that's good enough," Dumbledore said a few minutes later. "Now shall we move some of these rocks? Levitate what size rocks you are comfortable with and pile them over there," He pointed to a spot off to the side of the tunnel. Soon there was a five foot wide path through the cave in.

"What is that?" Sirius asked as they got their first view of the basilisk skin.

"Uh...just a skin," Harry replied.

Everyone was staring at the pile of skin now. Gabrielle backed away a few steps and Harry could feel the fear she had. He quickly moved over to her and put his arms around her.

"It's okay. Just an old skin," He said gently. "And the thing that left it behind is dead," He could feel her fear start to ease away but still asked over the bond. "Are you really okay Gabi? You can go back."

"I…I'll be fine," She replied.

Sirius let out a whistle. "That large pup?"

"Uh…actually somewhat bigger," Harry replied as he led then further on down the tunnel.

Several turns later, the tunnel ended at a blank wall. Harry remembered the last time he'd been there. Seeing the two serpents carved into the wall with the giant emeralds they had for eyes. He remembered the fear, knowing a basilisk was around.

Hermione's thoughts were similar, but of her failing Harry. "I should have told him," She thought.

"You didn't fail me Hermione," Harry said out loud causing his best friend to look at him.

"You...you could have been killed."

"I would have, if it hadn't been for you."

"You and Ginny wouldn't have been down here if I'd just said something."

"Think about it," Harry argued. "I'd have probably gone to the library with you wouldn't I've?"

"Ye...yeah probably, well there was a Quidditch game so...so I'd probably have stayed until it..."

"Then Penelope Clearwater would have been dead," Harry reminded her. "And if we had gone there immediately, I doubt I'd have used a mirror. I'd have looked around the corner and died," He walked over to the woman he loved and put his arms around her. "Hermione, trust yourself as much as I trust you. You've always had a convincing argument, especially during the bonding."

"Well you've always been a bit stubborn," Hermione replied.

"Will you kiss me every time I'm stubborn?" Harry asked with a grin.

"Prat," Hermione replied but returned his smile.

"Well that was enlightening, but shall we go into the chamber now?" Dumbledore asked. "We've already been gone quite some time and I can imagine your parents are getting concerned."

Harry nodded and looked at the snakes before he hissed the parselmouth command. Just as it did two years previous, the snakes separated and the entrance was revealed.

When they entered the dimly lit Chamber of Secrets, Dumbledore sent a ball of light from his wand that illuminated the entire Chamber in a much brighter light that seemed to leave no shadows anywhere.

"Wished I had had that spell two years ago," Harry thought as he looked around the cavern. Everyone else was focused on the poisonous green body of a sixty foot long and six foot wide Basilisk laying dead on the floor, looking like Harry had just killed it yesterday.

No matter how many times a story is told, or in the case of the young women, Harry sharing the memories in his mind, seeing the monster in its entirety puts the enormity of what Harry had done in perspective. Harry found himself surround by three women as shock, pride, horror, love and admiration flowed through the bond to him.

"This is what petrified me and you had to face?" Hermione asked.

"It was two years ago love. Thanks to Fawkes I'm alive," Harry replied.

Gabrielle had buried her face in Harry's shoulder. He put his arm around her and held her. "It's a battle two years past Gabi. The basilisk is dead and nothing to be frightened of," Harry felt Gabrielle nod softly into his shoulder. He put his lips to her hair and kissed. "Stay with me. I won't let anything hurt you."

Fleur looked at Harry then her lips were on his and as she pulled away he heard. "Never doubt yourself 'Arry. Even wiz ze 'elp you 'ad most adult wizards and witches would 'ave fainted or ran away at sight of zat monster."

"I didn't have a choice," Harry thought. "Ginny would have died and Voldemort would have returned."

"You 'ad a choice and you chose to fight," Fleur responded. "Most would 'ave ran and let ozzers fight and die."

Harry had no response; he just nodded at his bond mate.

Dumbledore himself was having trouble imagining Harry standing in the chamber with nothing more than a sword in his hand being confronted by the monster before him. He chuckled a little to himself, "Two hundred points wasn't nearly enough," He started walking toward the giant carcass and Sirius joined him.

"Can you believe this thing?" Sirius asked in awe. "How did the pup do it?"

"A little luck I imagine and a lot of courage and heart," The Headmaster replied. "When Harry told me it was sixty feet long, I thought it was a young man's imagination of size. But if anything it's more than that."

Sirius turned to the Headmaster, "Why is it still here? Or I should say why isn't it decomposing?"

"This beast was a thousand years old Sirius," Professor Dumbledore said. "The amount of magic in it was enormous. It will take a long time before the ravages of time can catch up to it, even in death."

"Are we sure it's the only one down here?" Sirius asked.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, "That's for you to find out isn't it?" Then seeing the startled look on Sirius's face he continued. "I really doubt there is enough food down here to sustain more than one Basilisk. If there was ever more than one, they would have turned on each other for food a long time ago."

"I guess all in all, this is better than the cave," Sirius said. "At least until it warms up outside. What about Buckbeak? I've been going up there to feed him, but I can't now."

"Do you think he would mind being down here?" Dumbledore asked.

"It's more spacious than the cave." Sirius replied as he looked around. "With the ceiling this high, he might even be able to stretch his wings. But how do you plan on getting him down here?"

"I think I know of a way," Dumbledore replied. "Now what else do you need down here?"

"I'll conjure myself a bed and other niceties but I'll need food and would like things to read," Sirius replied.

"I think we can manage that," Dumbledore turned, "Dobby?" and waited…finally after a minute. "I guess he can't get down here or can't hear me. That makes sense. If the elves could apparate into here, the Chamber would have been found well before now," He found a rock on the ground and pointing his wand at it, he murmured "Portus," and the rock glowed blue. "We'll test this on the way out to make sure it works and get you a new one if it does. As for food, I'll get Harry and Dobby to bring you a trunk full of food that will last you for a couple of weeks just to be on the safe side."

"Weeks?" Sirius asked.

"It could be longer if Alastor has noticed you on this map," Dumbledore replied. "We'll see about different accommodations if it goes on too long."

By then Harry and his bond mates had walked over to them "Don't worry Sirius, I'll come visit you."

"WE will come visit you," Hermione corrected him.

"Yes we will," Fleur said as Gabrielle nodded. "You're 'Arry's family. It will be good to get to know you," She pulled out her wand with a couple of spells a table and chairs had been conjured. "We can always come down 'ere and do 'omework togezer."

"Excellent," Dumbledore said. "Sirius as of now do you need anything else?"

"I think I'll manage," Sirius said, "Just don't forget about me."

"We wouldn't do that," Harry said.

"Is there anything I can do about big, green and poisonous here?" Sirius asked pointing to the monster.

Dumbledore looked at the carcass, and then looking at Harry, "I think it should belong to you Harry."

"What would I do with it sir?" Harry asked.

"Harry, most of that creature can be sold. It's worth a substantial amount of galleons."

"I…" Harry had begun to say he didn't want any of it. But Mr. Granger's words came to mind, "With three wives to support?" He would need Galleons to support them if it was needed and this would be a good start he thought to himself.

Hermione and Fleur looked at Harry, "You don't have to do that Harry," Hermione thought. "We already told you it's not just your responsibility."

"But isn't it better to have the Galleons and not need them, than need them and not have them?" Harry asked. "Besides we can give it to charity of the House-Elf cause if we don't need it," Harry smiled at Hermione before he turned to Fleur. "What do you think Fleur? Take him up on the offer?"

"What would 'appen to the money if you didn't take it?" Fleur asked.

"Good question," Harry replied and turning to Dumbledore, "What would happen to the money if I didn't take it sir?"

"The school board or the Ministry would end up with it," Dumbledore replied. "Presume most of it would be embezzled by certain influential members and the rest squandered on some pet project."

"Definitely take ze galleons 'Arry," Fleur said. "You've earned it."

"Fine sir, if there is money made from the remains, please have the Galleons put in a vault in mine, Hermione, Fleur and Gabrielle's names," Harry replied to the Headmaster. "Also I will want some of it to go to the Weasley's or at least Ron and Ginny."

A mixture of surprise and shock poured over the bond. Harry smiled at being able to get some surprise in on them.

"Non 'Arry," Fleur said, "It's your money."

"Harry, what was that?" Hermione asked. "I can't take your money."

"Ladies, you are all my family. What is mine is yours, including this money," Harry responded firmly. "I'm not changing my mind."

Professor Dumbledore looked at Harry, "Very well. I have an associate who can make arrangements to sell the remains. He'll of course want a cut of the profits."

"That's fine Professor," Harry responded. "I'm sure whatever you think is fair will work."

"I'll contact Mundungus immediately. He specializes in finding buyers for unusual objects," Dumbledore said. "Of course if people are down here rendering the beast down, you'll need to stay out of the way Sirius. Look around and see if you can find places to hide."

"It'll give me something to do." Sirius said as he looked around the cave. "I'll map out this whole chamber. See if I can brighten it up some."

"Okay, since that is settled," Dumbledore started. "We need to get the rest of you to a dinner. I am sure the ladies' parents are wondering what the emergency was. Now as we are leaving, we should have someone test the portkey… not you Harry." As he saw Harry getting ready to volunteer, "We might need your Parseltongue abilities."

"Is there any risk Professor?" Harry asked.

"No there should be no risks with it. It will either take the person to the bathroom upstairs or it will not work."

"I'll do it Professor," Hermione spoke up.

"Excellent, just tap the rock with your wand and say bathroom."

A few seconds later Hermione disappeared.

"Harry, you can tell Professor Dumbledore it worked. I'm in the bathroom," Hermione told Harry.

"Sir, it worked, she's there," Harry relayed.

"Excellent," Dumbledore "I was worried when Dobby didn't come that portkeys wouldn't work either," He thought for a few seconds. "House-elves were around at the time of the founders, but portkeys have only been around for the last three hundred years. I would guess Salazar configured the Chamber to block house-elves from the Chamber. They would not be worthy of entering his hallowed grounds," He reached down and picked up another rock and with a "Portus" another portkey was created. He handed it to Sirius. "This will get you out of here if there is an emergency," Then turning to Harry, Fleur and Gabrielle, we could portkey out, but I want to walk back the way we came to make sure there isn't a problem getting out on foot."

Harry turned to Sirius, "We'll bring that food down in just a couple of hours. Once we finish the dinner with the parents."

"That's fine pup, I'll start doing a little exploring and see if there is any place to put a bed," Sirius replied.

"Harry, I want to try something while I'm up here," Hermione said over the bond. "Could you remember yourself asking this wall to open?"

"I guess but why?"

"Just do it Harry. I want to see it."

Harry brought up the memory she wanted.

"Thanks," Hermione said and a few seconds later. "I did it. I actually did it."

"Did what love?"

"I opened the wall," Hermione replied.


"Do you remember when you cast your Patronus against the Dementors, you said you knew you could do it, because you had already done it?"


"Well this was similar, I have your memory of it, and I could feel what you did. So I just did the same," Hermione explained. "I can't speak parseltongue, but I can mimic what you've done using it."

"But how? I can't even tell if I'm speaking it or not," Harry asked.

"That's because you can speak parseltongue, so the words come natural to you," Hermione said. "I don't speak it so I can hear the difference. Does that make sense?"

"Not really but I'm glad it works," Harry replied. "It means you can get down to Sirius if I'm not available."

"It means a lot more than that Harry. Don't you see?" Hermione replied excitedly. "If we can do this with other things, the potential is limitless. I might be able to learn the Patronus Charm from you by just reliving your memory of casting it."

"Do I get your limitless supply of spells?" Harry asked with happiness of a smile across the bond.

"As long as you figure out which ones you want to ask for," Hermione replied. "But think of the potential if this works. We could learn twice as many spells or actually four times as many if you include Fleur and Gabrielle," Hermione's excitement was pouring over the bond.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Harry said. "Let's get Fleur and Gabrielle and test it tomorrow to see."

"OK…fine," Hermione said obviously annoyed that Harry wasn't sharing in her enthusiasm.

"Run the idea past Fleur and Gabrielle while we are walking back up," Harry said. "We might test it later tonight. Okay love?"

The thought of Hermione learning at four times her normal speed frightened Harry. "Well it wouldn't be four times her speed, since I can't learn as fast as she can."

Hermione was listening in on him and Harry could hear her smirking as she thought; "Guess I need to get your studying habits changed some."

"Remind me again why I love you?" Harry thought.


Harry had an arm around Fleur and the other around Gabrielle as they and Dumbledore left the Chamber of Secrets, once past the guarding snakes the walls closed behind them with a hiss. A few minutes later they were past the snake skin and further on they found Hermione waiting for them at the bottom of the staircase.

"How did you come to be down here Miss Granger?" Professor Dumbledore asked. "Harry said the portkey took you took the bathroom."

"It worked fine sir," Hermione replied. "We just figured out a way for me to open the door."

"But you're not a parseltongue?" The Headmaster countered.

"True sir, but I was able to mimic the action exactly because I have an exact image from what Harry did," Hermione explained.

Professor Dumbledore studied her for a short time "I wonder if the same could be done through a pensieve memory?"

"I doubt it sir," Hermione said. "The pensieve only deals with external senses, sight, sound and such. With Harry I can feel what he did and was able to mimic the actions exactly."

"Ah, a very useful talent," Dumbledore said. "I can already see that you are imagining ways to utilize it?"

"Yes sir," Hermione said as a blush crept onto her face.

It was another few minutes before the group had made it back up the steps and into the bathroom. Once the wall had closed behind them Professor Dumbledore turned and cast several spells at the spot where the door was located. "Amazing magic," He murmured. "Nothing I do reveals either a door or an opening behind that wall. I think after Sirius is gone from there, we might see about opening it permanently."

The youth made a quick stop by their rooms for a shower, each of them felt like being next to the Basilisk made them feel grimy. When they were all showered and dressed they made it to the private dining room that had been set up for them. As they entered, Mr. and Mrs. Granger looked at their daughter.

"Dear, we have been having a lovely conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Delacour," Jean Granger said. "Have you forgotten to tell us things that go on at this school?"

"Oh no!" Hermione screamed to Harry then to her mother. "Like what mother?"

"Oh, we must have missed the owls mentioning Trolls and giant snakes and Dragons?" Richard Granger said looking sharply at his daughter.

"Yeah…um," Hermione sputtered as she blushed and looked at Harry.

"Ma'am, sir," Harry jumped in. "Hermione just didn't want you to worry about her. The magical world is much more dangerous than the non-magical world."

The elder Grangers looked at their daughter's boyfriend. "So why should she stay in a place that is much more dangerous?"

"Your daughter is magical sir," Harry said his gaze steady on Hermione's father. "Though the dangers are greater, the ability she has to defend herself is also much greater."

"Zis is true sir," Fleur spoke up. "Your daughter with a wand in the magical world is more able to defend 'erself zan in your world without one."

Richard Granger let out a sigh as he looked at his daughter. "I can't protect you anymore can I princess? You have your castle and your prince," He looked at Harry who had moved to Hermione's side and put his arm around her waist. "She looks to you now," Mr. Granger shook his head a little, "You have to understand that when I look at you Harry, I see a young man who should be out playing football or lounging around watching the tele with a group of friends, not fighting real monsters in some medieval castle," He held out his hand to Harry. "Take care of my girl, Harry. If anything does happen to her, I will find you."

"We look to each other sir," Harry said taking Richard's hand. "She's already saved my life more than once. I will promise you this though; I will always do my best when it comes to protecting your daughter," Harry looked over at the Delacours who had been following the conversation "And your daughters as well. I can't promise their safety, only that any danger they face will have to come through me to get to them."

Hermione wrapped her arms around her father's neck. "Dad, I'm always going to be your daughter as long as you accept that I live in a different world sometimes."

Mrs. Granger took her daughter's hand. "So tell us about this troll."

"Do you remember my first few letters that I wasn't really happy? And then after Halloween I had met Harry?" Hermione started. "Well on Halloween night, I had been crying in a bathroom because a classmate had insulted me again. While in there a twelve foot tall monster shows up with a huge club and a boy with the most dazzling green eyes leaps out of nowhere onto the back of it…" and for the rest of the dinner the Grangers were told of all the adventures their daughter had gone through with Harry except the rescue of Sirius. The Delacours even brought out a copy of the newspaper article that showed Harry's picture riding on his broom against the dragon in the first event earlier in the year. By the end of dessert Mr. and Mrs. Granger were looking at Harry in an entirely different manner. They now understood what they saw lurking behind the innocence in his eyes.

After dinner was over and a final hug for their daughter, promises of letters, and seeing them in a few months for the summer, Professor Dumbledore created another portkey and transported the elder Grangers back to their house.

After the Grangers had left, Fleur turned to her father. "Papa, before you go, can we tell you something?"

"Of course."

"Sir," Harry started. "Are you familiar with Sirius Black?"

"Ze murderer who broke out of your Prison?" Mr. Delacour said. " 'E killed a lot of muggles and..." He hesitated.

"And supposedly betrayed my parents," Harry finished for him.


"Yes sir," Harry replied. "Sirius is innocent. I met him last year, along with the person who really betrayed my parents and killed those people."

"We've seen it Papa," Gabrielle said. "Harry and Hermione both were there when Sirius confronted the real murderer. The other person, Peter Pettigrew confessed, but he escaped."

Mr. Delacour looked cautiously at Harry "And you wanted to tell me zis why?"

"He's my godfather sir," Harry said quietly. "He was my father's best friend. He broke out of Azkaban risking being kissed by a Dementor to protect me because he knew the real murderer was close to me. Fleur," Harry looked over at her, "Thought you might be able to do something."

"Dementors," Mr. Delacour spit out, "Barbaric. We do not use zem in our prisons," He got a thoughtful look on his face. " 'Arry, once we can formally announce your bond to my daughters, I can do something. I will 'ave a legitimate reason to investigate you. Understand, if I do call for an investigation, everything will come out. You 'ave to consider if you 'ave any secrets you don't want revealed."

"Compared to my godfather's freedom?" Harry asked. "Nothing of that importance," Harry didn't think anyone could uncover his and Hermione's helping Sirius and Buckbeak escape.

"Very well 'Arry. We will discuss what we can do when you visit during ze summer," Mr. Delacour said.

"Thank you sir," Harry said. "I am sorry to impose upon you."

Alain smiled at Harry. "My eldest knows I would do it for 'er."

"Of course Papa. You're the best father in ze world," Fleur said.

"Thank you Fleur," Harry thought.

"Anything for you my love," Fleur said.

"Now if you will excuse us," Mrs. Delacour said. "We need to get back to our room. We will be leaving tomorrow to go back 'ome."

"Will you be back for the third task?" Fleur asked.

"With both you and 'Arry as champions? Of course ma petite," Mr. Delacour said. "Any idea on what zey are planning for you?"

"No Papa. Not yet."

"Well I expect you two to be careful," He said addresses Harry and Fleur "Take care of each other, your safety is more important zan anything else."

"Of course sir," Harry said.

Mr. Delacour shook Harry's hand and gave hugs to each of the girls. When he got to Hermione he said, "I am serious when I say you are now part of our family. When you come in ze summer you're more zan welcome to invite your parents. We 'ave plenty of room and it will give zem a chance to experience a magical 'ousehold."

"Thank you sir," Hermione smiled. "I appreciate that and I will certainly invite them."

Mrs. Delacour hugged her daughters, and then when she got to Harry she smiled at him. "Again 'Arry welcome to ze family. You are a very special young man. I look forward to seeing you again later in ze year and definitely during ze summer."

"Your daughters are very special ma'am," Harry responded blushing. "I will try to make them happy."

"I think you're off to a good start," Apolline said and kissed Harry on his cheek then after giving Hermione a hug, she and her husband left the bond mates alone.

"We need to get food down to Sirius," Harry said,

"And get our homework started." Hermione said. "We have Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and you have Divinations while I have Ancient Runes on Monday."

"Fleur, what classes are you taking this year?" Harry asked.

"I'm taking Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Ancient Runes and Magical Government and Law," Fleur said.

"We don't have a Government and Law class," Hermione reflected. "I wish we did, it's hard to find out how our government works sometimes."

Fleur snorted. "We do comparison studies between our government and yours in class. Yours keeps ze power in ze 'ands of very few people."

"But we have elections," Hermione argued.

"When's ze last time a non-magical born person was elected to your Minister of Magic position?" Fleur asked. "Ze answer is never. Ze problem is your ministry controls ze major information outlet for your magical world. Your Daily Prophet is a joke when eet comes to election coverage. Galleons control which stories are published and which are not."

Hermione sat back in her chair and looked at her bond sister. "Are you sure?"

"Eet is ze belief of my Government Professor and Madam Maxime," Fleur said. "From what I've seen ze paper definitely 'as issues but we can discuss it another time. As for my 'omework, Madam Maxime gave me mine as zey were leaving Professor Dumbledore's office. She also gave me ze work Gabrielle would 'ave needed to work on, but not sure 'ow zat is going to go over with 'er switching to 'ogwarts classes."

"Okay we have a couple of hours until curfew and this is our last night together," Harry said, "So let's get the food down to Sirius," then looking at Hermione "and get our homework from Ron. Why don't you and Fleur run the food down to Sirius and I'll take Gabrielle with me to Gryffindor tower and get our homework. Where's your book bag?"

"It was on my bed earlier. Have one of the girls grab it for you," Hermione said.

With that division of labor, Fleur and Hermione got the shrunken trunk of food from Dobby and headed off toward the Chamber of Secrets while Harry and Gabrielle went off toward the tower.

Harry and Gabrielle entered the Gryffindor common room a short time later. Ron was playing Dean Thomas in a game of Chess. Neville was in front of the fireplace reading. Ginny was sitting at a table chatting with a girl from her class and the twins were causing a commotion at the back of the room.

"It's Harry," Neville said and all eyes turned toward the two of them.

"Hi guys," Harry said as he was swarmed by everyone. Several of the boys were focused on Gabrielle.

"I..we've been so worried Harry," Ginny said as her eyes flickered over at Gabrielle as she tried to conceal a frown.

"Why didn't you tell us you were coming back tonight?" Fred said. "Wait, we can make a run and still get a party in. Give us forty minutes," They got out of their chairs and started for portrait hole.

"Wait guys, first those of you staring at the young lady beside me please don't. Now," Harry said stopping George from getting out of the common room. "I'm not back officially until tomorrow. I just need my homework tonight. They want to keep me..uh..for one more night."

"Okay, so party tomorrow night?" George asked. "We have a getting Harry back and Harry finishing the second task and Harry saving lives parties to hold; though that last reason for a party is getting a little too common."

"How about Friday night?" Harry asked. "I'm so far behind in my homework it's going to take all week to catch up."

"You're starting to sound like Hermione," Ron said. "Homework before a good party?"

"I'm two weeks behind Ron," Harry replied, "Would you want to face Snape without two weeks' worth of homework?"

Fred noticed Harry's hand around Gabrielle's waist. "What's this Harry? Why do I see one of your appendages wrap around the waist of this beautiful young lady? Who is she? What's the scoop?"

"Everyone, this is Gabrielle Delacour," Harry said smiling at his young bond mate. He could feel her nervousness through the bond. "She's Fleur's, I mean the Beauxbatons champion's sister and…my girlfriend," He pulled her close and kissed her on her head.

Harry noticed Ginny's eyebrow go up and a frown appear on her face.

Fred and George slapped Harry on the back. "Way to go man," Fred said. "If I had known they were this beautiful of prizes at the bottom of the lake I would have jumped in, Champion or not." He raised his hands in an innocent gesture when Harry smile disappeared. "I'm kidding Harry. We've heard some of the rumors and we know it wasn't fun for you. We're just glad you're okay," Then turning to Gabrielle, "And you too Miss Delacour."

"Gabrielle please. Nice to meet you…"

"I'm Fred or am I George?"

"They are the school pranksters but you couldn't ask for better friends," Harry though to Gabrielle.

"Nope..that's right I'm Gred and this is Forge," Fred said with a wink, "at least for tonight."

Gabrielle found herself smiling at their antics.

"Now if you need anything, just ask. In fact we have some great creams over here just begging to be eaten."

"Don't take ANY food from them," Harry thought. "They gave my cousin a candy that made his tongue several feet long. Now Dudley deserved it, but they are creative."

"No thank you," Gabrielle said.

Fred looked at Harry, "You warned her didn't you?"

"She's my girlfriend, of course I warned her," Harry replied then turning to Ron, "Do you have my homework mate?"

"I put it in your book bag," Ron said. "Have you seen Hermione? She's been gone all week."

"Yeah she..uh had her parents here today and I helped her show them around. We are going to study together tonight since we are both so far behind."

"Where are you staying?" Ron asked. "I stopped by the hospital wing, but you weren't in one of the beds."

"I just needed rest so they put me in the rooms off the hospital wing they have for people who are visiting."

"Oh, I didn't know. I should have asked Madam Pomfrey," Ron said. "Well I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Of course mate," Harry replied.

Ron turned to Gabrielle, "I'm Ron...Ron Weasley, Harry's best mate."

"Nice to meet you Ron," Gabrielle said as she smiled at Ron.

"Uh..yeah. Uh...nice to meet you as well."

Harry turned to Ginny. "Gin could you grab Hermione's book bag? She says it's on her bed. Also Gabrielle is going to be taking classes here at Hogwarts for the rest of the year. She's going to be in your classes. Can you tell her what homework you have for the next few days?"

Ginny was staring at Gabrielle now. "Why are you taking classes here?"

Gabrielle could feel the dislike radiating from Ginny. "Arry, Ginny doesn't like me. I think she still likes you," She looked at Ginny and replied. "Personal reasons concerning my transformation. Besides my sister is a seventh year and zis gives me a chance to spend time wiz 'er. Not to mention wiz 'Arry," She emphasized the last bit by kissing Harry on the lips. "Isn't 'e ze bravest man? 'E saved mine and my sister's lives."

"Mean aren't you?" Harry asked.

"Just making sure she knows you are unavailable," Gabrielle answered.

"I..yeah Harry's very brave," Ginny replied. "He saved my life two years ago," Her eyes glanced to Harry's. "I'll get Hermione's book bag," She turned and went up the steps, and a few minutes later she returned with the bag and a parchment. Harry could see she was fighting back tears. "Here," Ginny said. "I wrote down my assignments for this entire week."

"Thank you Ginny," Gabrielle said.

"Well we better get going," Harry said. "I have a lot of homework to do."

"Arry can you go ahead, I'll catch up," Gabrielle said. "I want to 'ave a quick word with Ginny."

"Don't hurt her. She's always been nice to me," Harry replied.

"Zat's why I want to talk to 'er. I need a friend in my class. I hope it can be 'er."

"Okay," Harry replied then to Ginny and everyone else. "I'll see everyone tomorrow. Party on Friday."

Once Harry was out of the portrait hole, Gabrielle turned to Ginny. "Ginny, 'Arry 'as told me a lot about you. But I know you like 'im."

Ginny inhaled sharply. "No..." she started but then let out the breath as her shoulders slumped. "How?"

"I'm part Veela Ginny. I can tell," Gabrielle said. "You know 'Arry thinks of you as 'is little sister."

Ginny looked down. "I know, but…"

"E's my bon..boyfriend Ginny," Gabrielle said. " 'E's your friend. Can we be friends? Or will zat be too much of a problem for you."

"You've only known Harry for two weeks," Ginny said. "Is it really something serious between you two?"

"I think so," Gabrielle said looking at the red-headed witch in front of her. "I love 'im Ginny."

Ginny stared at the silvery blonde girl in front of her. "Are you sure?"

"Yes I am," Gabrielle replied. "Again it comes from being Veela. I also know 'Arry wouldn't want to lose your friendship. So can we be friends?"

"Honestly?" Ginny replied. "Let me sleep on it. It's been a shock to see Harry with you."

"Of course," Gabrielle smiled. "Maybe we'll see each ozzer tomorrow. If not zen in class on Monday?" She then turned and walked out of the Gryffindor common room.

"That was nice of you," Harry said as he fell in step beside his girlfriend and put his arm around her.

Listening in?"

"Of course. Ginny has a temper," Harry replied. "She's also famous for her bat-bogey hex."

"What's a bat bogey 'ex?" Gabrielle asked.

"Her brothers say having bats coming out of your nose and attacking you isn't a lot of fun," Harry explained.

"Gross. You English people can be disgusting," Gabrielle exclaimed.

"Harry, food has been delivered and Sirius asked me to tell you he is all comfy and not to worry about him," Hermione's mental voice said. "We'll be back in the room in fifteen or twenty minutes."

"Okay love," Harry replied. "See you then."

When they were all back in the common room of their temporary quarters, they got started on the homework that was due on Monday. Harry really wanted to get into Hogsmeade the next day but he knew he was only going to have time to do that if he got a significant portion of his homework done in the next few hours.

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