Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



11. Chapter 11

When Harry awoke the next morning he found himself staring at silvery blonde hair through his blurry vision. His arm was draped over a petite figure and he had no clue what was going on. He pulled back startled and found his glasses.

"Good morning 'Arry," The owner of the hair said quietly as she rolled over and looked at him.

"Fleur? What are you doing in my bed?" Harry whispered.

"Sleeping of course, love," Fleur said.

"But…but why?"

Fleur smiled at her bond mate. "I wanted to. I enjoy being close to you," Fleur ran her fingers through his hair. "But also after last night, I didn't want you to wake up to zat being your first zoughts of ze day. 'Ermione and I were talking and she was concerned you would try to find a way to blame yourself for what 'appened last night."

"But…" Harry said with exactly those thoughts.

"Love," Fleur said gently looking into Harry's eyes, "Don't. You've never 'ad a female adult who cared about you in your life. We don't expect you to be an expert on women," She smiled at him, "but wiz three bondmates, you will be shortly enough. As we will be very familiar wiz the intricacies of ze inner working of men or at least one very special man."

Harry blushed and then remembering what started last night "Gabriel.."

"She's fine. When she wakes up just remind 'er 'ow much you care," Fleur said. "But it will be sensitive to 'er for a while, so don't ask about it zis morning, but don't try to ignore it either."

"So don't ask, but don't ignore it," Harry repeated.

"Exactly," Fleur smiled. "Old 'er, give 'er small kisses. Don't tease her.."

"I wouldn't.."

"I know 'arry. Zat's why you are special," Fleur said smiling. "Until she does wake up, lay back down and 'old me some more. It will give you something to remind you of ozer aspects of women zat are much more enjoyable," Then mentally "Not to mention very enjoyable for myself as well. I could definitely get use to waking up in your arms 'Arry," Harry could feel her love and contentment as he laid back down and draped his arm over her.

When Hermione left her bedroom she found her parents already awake and sitting out in the common room looking lost as to what to do.

"Good morning Mum, Dad."

"Good morning Princess," Her father said turning to her. "We...uh…didn't know what to do this morning."

"You could call Dobby if you wanted something to drink," Hermione suggested.

"He…he would come if we called?" Jean asked.

"Give it a try," Hermione said with a slight twinkle in her eye. "Just please be nice to him."

"Uh…Dobby?" Jean asked to the air.

The small house-elf popped into existence right next to Hermione's mother. "How can Dobby help Harry Potter's bondmate's mother?"

"Uh…could I get a cup of tea please Dobby?" Jean Granger asked.

"Could I get coffee?" Richard Granger asked.

"Right away," Dobby was gone in an instant.

"Is everything about Harry?" Richard sighed to his daughter.

Hermione smiled, "When it comes to Dobby, yes. Harry tricked his old abusive master into setting him free. The little elf worships the ground Harry walks on, but Harry always treats him as a friend."

Dobby popped back in with a large tray with tea and coffee pots, cups, sugar, honey, and cream. "Will yous be eating breakfast here this morning?" He asked.

"I'm not sure Dobby," Hermione said. "We'll let you know. Thank you."

"Harry Potter's Hermione is welcome," And Dobby was gone.

Jean Granger poured herself a cup of tea and sitting back in her chair she looked at her daughter. "Are you okay this morning Hermione?"

Hermione had gotten a far away distracted look on her face. "Harry, mum and dad are awake and out in the common room. So you might not want to walk out here with Fleur at the moment," Hermione mentally suggested to Harry.

"I presume you are speaking to Harry?" Mrs. Granger guessed correctly.

"Yes mum."

"Is he coming out soon?" Richard Granger asked. "After last night, I wonder if I should discuss other matters with him."

"Dad, if you are planning on giving him the other talk, you need to know the magical world has umm… charms and potions instead of pills and protection for such matters," Hermione said then quickly adding when her mother raised an eyebrow, "I read mother, plus I have three other dorm mates who talk nonstop about boys."

"I wasn't accusing you…" Her mother started.

"I know mum," Hermione sighed, "but after last night, I'm still a little defensive about my relationship with Harry. Why don't we go into the bedroom and I'll transfigure your clothes back. I can even change the colors if you want."

Once they had entered the Granger's bedroom and closed the door, Hermione suggested to Fleur that now would be a good time to get to her room and to Harry, "My father is planning on giving you the talk this morning. I'm sorry, but you'll get serious boyfriend of his daughter points if you just listen."

"It's alright. I'm just glad he is accepting us," Harry replied. "I prefer him talking to me, rather than yelling. I'm going to hop in the shower and will be out in a few minutes."

"Dobby wanted to know if we wanted breakfast here."

"Breakfast here and lunch in the Great Hall?" Harry suggested.

"Sounds good, I'll let Dobby know," Hermione said. "Right now I have to get my parents dressed," Harry could almost hear the smirk in her voice at that statement. Fleur used that time to head for her own room to get ready for the day.

Harry could feel Gabrielle stirring, "Good morning beautiful," Harry could feel a few emotions coming over their bond. Embarrassment was the leading one. Harry pushed his concern for her down the bond. "Breakfast soon. Are you hungry?"

"I'm fine 'arry. Thank you," Gabrielle replied. "I'll be out soon."

When Harry exited his bedroom, Mr. Granger had had his clothes transfigured back and was waiting for him. He took Harry aside and started discussing the other matter with him. His bondmates did their very best in not embarrassing Harry, but he could hear the various giggles and laughs. "There will be revenge you know," He sent back to them.

A half hour later a still blushing Harry was sitting at the table with everyone at the table enjoying a good breakfast. He started thinking of the things that they need to get done today and realized there was one thing the Grangers needed know before they went out for the day.

"Sir, Mrs. Granger," Harry started. "One thing we need to explain before we show you the castle. We..." Harry smiled at his bond mates, "are going to try to conceal the existence of our bond until the summertime."

"Is there a reason?" Richard asked.

"In the wizarding world Harry is very famous Dad," Hermione said.

"Famous? In what way?"

"Think Prince Charles meets Sean Connery type of famous," Hermione replied.

"Hermione, what do your parents know about me?" Harry queried.

"That you are a wonderful friend who is a great seeker on the Quidditch team," Hermione replied.

"So nothing about our adventures?" Harry asked.

"Would you let your twelve year old daughter go back to a castle where she was attacked by a mountain troll? Or a Basilisk? Or plants that try to kill you, or friends who were attacked by a Dark Wizard? Or who spent a couple months of her life jumping back in time an hour at a time only to help a mass murderer escape?" Hermione replied.

"I wondered why you kept me from talking about them last night," Harry replied. "So they don't know about how I lost my parents?"

"No. I'm sorry Harry. I did tell them you lost your parents when you were one, but again I was afraid to tell them about Voldemort then."

"I love you. So shall I tell them now?"

"Yes. You'll need to explain why you are famous," Hermione replied.

"Sir, Hermione says she told you I lost my parents when I was one year old," Harry started. "They were killed by an evil Wizard named Voldemort. On Halloween when I was a baby, this Dark Wizard found where my parents were hiding and killed them and he tried to kill me. I'm famous because not only did I survive the curse, but it somehow rebounded back at him and destroyed his body. For some reason the people see me as the person who defeated Voldemort. They call me the boy-who-lived."

"This Wizard tried to kill you as a one year old baby?" Jean Granger cried out.

"Yes ma'am," Harry replied.

"Why?" She asked.

"Voldemort was very evil mother," Hermione said. "For some reason he targeted the Potters and they went into hiding. Unfortunately one of their friends betrayed them, allowing Voldemort to find them."

"You mentioned that the curse destroyed his body," Richard said. "That's a very strange way to say it killed him."

"Uh…it didn't," Harry replied. "Somehow though his body died, his essence exists as something else. But anyway that is why I am famous," Quickly ending the conversation to prevent anything else from coming up.

"Because he is famous, the press goes crazy about any small thing that comes across about him," Hermione said. "We are hoping by waiting until summer, the press can do all of their stories before school starts back up and minimize some of publicity that will happen. We will have reporters outside of home as soon as the story breaks."

"So what does this mean to you and Harry and…and..." Richard said nodding to Fleur and Gabrielle.

"We are going to say that only Gabrielle is my girlfriend," Harry started. "Hermione has been my friend since first year, so no one is going think anything of her being with me, and Fleur is Gabrielle's older sister so she will be my friend and sister's chaperon."

"Complicated relationship?" Richard asked.

"You can say that," Harry responded. "That reminds me. We need to tell the staff about what we are planning on doing so they don't spread it around. Dobby!"

The house elf was there immediately. "Yes sir, Harry Potter sir."

"Hi Dobby, could ask Professor Dumbledore if we could have a meeting today of all the people who know about our bond including Fleur and Gabrielle's parents?" Then Harry turned to his bond mates, "Is there anyone we want to include?"

"Madam Maxime if she doesn't already know," Fleur said.

"Professor McGonagall?" Hermione suggested. "As head of our house she can run interference if necessary."

"I agree," Harry replied then to Dobby, "Ask Professor Dumbledore to include Madam Maxime and Professor McGonagall if they don't already know."

"Yes sir Harry Potter sir," And the elf was gone.

"Now shall we show you the castle?" Hermione asked her parents. "Oh, I just realized, you don't have coats do you?"

"I can do a warming spell on zem when zey get cold 'Ermione," Fleur said. "I'll 'elp you take care of your parents."

Hermione smiled at Fleur. "Thanks."

Harry noticed Gabrielle was staying very quiet. "Are you alright Gabrielle? Ready to go out and be introduced as my girlfriend?"

A smiled played over Gabrielle's lips. "Do we get to try out a 'ogwart's broom closet?"

Harry choked on a swallow of tea he was drinking at the time. "How…wha...Hermione suggested that didn't she?" Harry mentally accused, then glancing over at the culprit who guessed what just happened.

"Thinking of broom closets already Harry?" She asked innocently.

Dobby popped back in about that time, "Professor Dumbledore says late afternoon about five in his office would be best. Teachers are needed right now to gets students off to Hogsmeade. He also says Professor McGonagall will join you, but she also has given your homework assignments to your Wheezy."

Harry first thought was he really needed to get Dobby to stop calling Ron "his wheezy," But that was for another time. "Thanks Dobby. You have been wonderful helping us. I really appreciate it."

"Dobby always willing to help Harry Potter sir. Harry Potter is a great wizard," And the elf disappeared.

Harry turned to Hermione, "Think Ron went to Hogsmeade?"

"Probably, my guess is he's already in Zonko's or Honeydukes, but we are going to show Mum and Dad Gryffindor Tower so we can make sure he isn't there."

A short time later the six of them were standing in front of the portrait of the fat lady and a password later they were showing the Grangers, Fleur and Gabrielle Harry and Hermione's home. Harry did not follow the others when they ascended up the steps to the girl's dorm, the steps obviously recognized Mr. Granger as someone safe, but Harry wasn't going to push his luck. After Hermione's quick tour of her dorm, they all went to the Boy's dorm, and everyone could see where Harry lived. They then traipsed over the castle, showing the Grangers the various points of interest. They took them up to the Owlery where they could see all the owls that roosted there. They were properly introduced to Hedwig who flew down to land on Harry's shoulder. After that they found the diminutive Professor Flitwick and Professor Vector in their offices and got to hear glowing remarks about their daughter.

After a lunch in the Great Hall mostly filled with first and second year's students due to the Hogsmeade trip, the Grangers were shown the ground of Hogwarts. Including a trip down to Hagrids' where fortunately no blasted-ended Skrewts were around. They took them for a walk near the black lake, and finally ended up near the Quidditch field. He explained the rules of the most famous sport in the Wizarding world. After a visit to the Greenhouses where the Grangers had to be warned about the more dangerous plants, they realized the time to start toward the Headmaster's office had come.

Harry was walking beside Gabrielle holding her had, "Are you feeling okay? Want to help me get back at Hermione," He thought to Gabrielle.

"I'll be fine 'ArryHow?" came the reply.

Harry pull Gabrielle back behind everyone else and with a wink pulled her into one of the infamous Hogwarts' broom closets. Hermione who was leading the way felt a familiar sensation creep over her mind and stopped dead in her tracks.

Mrs. Granger noticed her daughter get a faraway look in her eyes. "Is there something wrong dear?" She asked.

"Yeah mum, like I'm going to tell you that my boyfriend is kissing my sister and I'm enjoying the kiss?" Hermione thought, "That's not going to happen."

"Harry what are you doing?" She mentally yelled.

"Just showing Gabrielle a broom closet. I thought it was your idea?" Harry replied innocently, then pulling Gabrielle back out of the closet they turned the corner and met back up with the group.

"I like your broom closets 'Arry," Gabrielle thought. "You can give me zat tour anytime."

"Nothing Mum, Harry was just telling me, uh…that it's really close to the time and we need to hurry."

"Fibbing to your parents Hermione?" Harry asked.

"Hmmp," Harry could hear the annoyance in her mental voice.

"I love you Hermione," Harry thought soothingly and could feel the annoyance disappear.

"As long as you plan on taking me on that tour as well."

The Grangers were amazed at the Gargoyle and the revolving staircase that led up to the Headmaster's office. They hadn't paid much attention to it the previous evening going down the staircase. As they approached the headmaster's door, Fleur asked Mrs. Granger for a quick word alone.

"Ma'am," She said politely to Hermione's mother. "Zere are going to be two 'alf Veela's in zis meeting. My muzzer and a Professor from ze Veela Magical Institute."

"And that is important for me to know why?" Mrs. Granger asked with a questioning look.

"Veela 'ave an innate power called allure, Mrs. Granger," Fleur explained. "Eet is possible for your 'usband to…uh…fall under zose charms. If 'e starts acting strangely, don't take eet personally, just try distracting 'im, maybe by stepping on 'is foot."


"Yes, when 'e was younger, did 'e do silly things to try to impress you?" Fleur asked.

"Oh god yes," Jean responded remembering some of her husband's sillier antics.

"It is possible 'e might start trying to do zings like zat, or at least get a very glassy eyed look and stare at either my muzzer or Rachelle," Fleur explained.

"So Veela have power over men?" Jean asked looking wearily at the young Veela.

Fleur winced. "Yes, if zey wish to," She said "Zough I find ze practice distasteful. But in zis meeting ze 'alf Veela will not be trying to but just the vicinity might cause a reaction from your 'usband. I just wanted to warn you."

Thank you, I guess," Mrs. Granger said, then realizing what she said. "I'm sorry. I'm still confused about your relationship with Harry and with Hermione. I look at you and your sister and wonder how my daughter can compete with you?"

"Compete with us Mrs. Granger?" Fleur asked then smiled. "You 'ave it backward. We 'ave to compete with 'er. 'Arry loves your daughter more than you could possibly imagine. Never should zere be a doubt in your mind who will always be first in 'Arry's life. Zough compete is not a good word for us. Your daughter is my bond sister. I want 'er to be 'appy. If she isn't 'appy zen 'arry will not be 'appy and I will feel zat sadness in our bond. Competition suggests jealousy, and zat would go against our relationship. We can't afford to be jealous of each other because it will hurt us just as much as ze other person."

"Oh," was all Jean Granger could say, she hadn't thought of it like that.

The two of them rejoined the group and they knocked on the door.

"Enter," The voice of the Headmaster said. When the group came into the office they looked around and saw Madam Pompfrey, Professor McGonagall, Rachelle Berceau, Madam Maxime, Apolline and Alian Delacour, Padfoot was curled under the window and Professor Dumbledore even had Dobby in the room. He was looking rather uncomfortable as he stood in the corner looking at everyone.

"Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Granger," The Headmaster said. "Have you enjoyed your day exploring our castle?" When they had answered he continued. "May I introduce you to everyone else in the room?" He then started the introductions. Mrs. Granger was thankful of Fleur's warning when Richard was introduced to Rachelle. He seemed very reluctant to let go of her hand and his eyes went out of focus. She stepped on his foot and brought his attention back to where it needed to be.

"Now Harry, you asked to see all of us," Professor Dumbledore stated.

"Uh, yes sir," Harry started, then to all of his bond mates "I don't see Dark Wizard, Basilisks or Dementors, so shouldn't one of you be doing this?"

"Non, you're doing very well love," Fleur responded with a hint of a smile in her voice.

"I'll do it Harry," Hermione said and then looking at everyone in the room she said out loud "Is this everyone who knows about our bond?"

Professor McGonagall's eyes turned first to the Headmaster and then back to Harry and the three ladies around him. "What bond Miss Granger?"

"I'm sorry Professor, give me a moment and I'll explain. So everyone else knows, and this is everyone?" Hermione asked.

"Mr. Delacour spoke with Hagrid, but only in context of Harry saving his daughters' lives," The headmaster said. "He didn't mention the bond you share. There are the two persons who assisted Professor Berceau in the bonding," He turned and looked at Rachelle.

"They will not speak of it. A bond is considered a private matter and only with permission would it be discussed," She assured everyone.

"The portraits in this room are honor bound not to reveal anything stated in here while house-elves who are bound to the castle," The Headmaster noted the scowl on Hermione's face, "cannot discuss the matter. I did invite Dobby who is a free elf, but I am quite sure he would not disclose your secrets."

All eyes in the room turned to the small elf. "Dobby would never tell anyone Harry Potter's or his bond mates secrets," He said fervently.

"We know that Dobby," Hermione said smiling at the little elf. "We really do appreciate all you have done for us," She turned to Professor McGonagall who was still looking confused. "Professor, we wanted to let you in on this secret and then we will discuss what we want to do about it. You see, Fleur, Gabrielle and I are uh...bonded to Harry via a Veela bonding," She said.

"But how…what…you're not Veela," The Professor sputtered.

"No Ma'am, but when Harry and I had a choice to allow it to happen while completing the bond between him, Fleur and Gabrielle we chose to let it happen," Hermione said.

"So, what does this bond do?"

Hermione quickly explained about the love bond, its permanence and the special abilities it gives.

"So all three of you…to Harry?"

"Yes Ma'am," Fleur said speaking up.

Professor McGonagall stared at Fleur and then over at Harry; with a sigh she just shook her head and muttered something that sounded like "Only Harry Potter."

"I will admit I did not know you were part of the bond…Miss?" Madam Maxime asked.

"Granger, Hermione Granger."

"Thank you," The Beauxbatons Headmistress said. "I knew about Fleur and Gabrielle. Zeir parents let me know since zey are my students, but…" she trailed off as she looked at Dumbledore.

"It wasn't for me to disclose Olympe," Professor Dumbledore said. "It was a choice by the bonded."

"Thank you Professor," Hermione said. "Now to why we wanted to speak to you today is to deal with that exact issue, information control. We thought because of all of the issues surrounding Harry this year, including the Triwizard Tournament and the articles by Rita Skeeter, it would be better to not disclose our bond until the summer. We plan on meeting at the Delacours then and at that time we will announce the bond has formed. We will not disclose when or the circumstance surrounding it. It will give plenty of time for the Daily Prophet and other newspapers to cover it before school starts back. For now, our plan is very simple, Harry is dating Gabrielle, I'm still his best friend and Fleur is our friend and her sister's chaperon."

"Can't 'ave 'er out with just some old English wizard even if 'e did save our lives," Fleur said smiling at Harry.

"And Mr. Weasley?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"We..uh…we are going to see how that plays out. We aren't going to tell him yet," Hermione said.

"And Gabrielle? She will attend Hogwarts?" The Headmaster asked.

"Yes sir," Harry said looking around and smiled at his youngest bond mate. "Still feeling okay?"

"Yes, thank you 'arry."

Harry turned back to his Headmaster. "But though she will not enroll until next year, we wondered if she can start classes here this year. Maybe with the excuse of it would be difficult to continue her education as the only third year with the Beauxbatons."

"We can arrange that," Professor Dumbledore said after a questioning glance at the Beauxbatons Headmistress who nodded.

"Do you think she can go ahead and sleep in the dorms?" Harry asked.

"That might raise too many questions," Dumbledore said.

"She can share Fleur's room in the carriage," Madame Maxime suggested. "We can expand 'er room to give enough additional space for another bed and desk."

"Excellent," Dumbledore agreed and looked at the youngest bondmate. "We can go ahead and see what the sorting hat says if you would like. Or we can wait until next year and just have you sit with what class works best for you now."

"I think I would like to try to make friends zis year and be in zeir classes again next year," Gabrielle spoke up. "So I prefer to go ahead and see where I would be sorted."

"Very well," The Headmaster walked over to the shelf where a patched and frayed hat sat upon a shelf.

"I've been listening Headmaster," The hat spoke. "Put me upon the young lady's head and let's see where she shall go."

Gabrielle looked apprehensively at the hat as the Headmaster placed it on her head. "Do you know of the four houses dear girl?" The hat asked.

"Non, I know 'Arry is in Gryffindor and Fleur spoke of 'Ufflepuff."

"Each house values a different trait. Knowledge, Loyalty, Bravery and Cunning. I'm not going to tell you which is which. Your bondmate wouldn't let me put him where I thought he belonged just because he heard bad things of the house. Now of those traits which do you think fits you the best? I'll see if I agree with you," The hat said.

Gabrielle considered, "I don't think it would be cunning, and I'm not very brave…"

"Don't sell yourself short young miss. You have plenty of bravery, but it might not be your strongest attribute."

"So Knowledge or Loyalty, but it would be loyalty to the 'ouse. Presuming 'arry and 'ermione are not in zat house, I would 'ave more loyalty to zem zan to my 'ouse, so I would say zhe 'ouse zat values Knowledge would be my best choice," Gabrielle said.

"Just the reasoning you just used, suggests you are correct. I will let you know that your Bond Mates are in the house of Bravery. Does that knowledge change your mind?"

"Ermione isn't in ze 'ouse zat values knowledge?" Gabrielle asked in genuine surprise.

"I tried to put her there, but you will notice a pattern amongst your bonded. They both requested the house of Bravery," The old hat said.

"Am I brave enough?" Gabrielle asked.

"It's not if you are brave enough now, but it's your potential for bravery I look for. You most definitely have that."

"Zen if you will allow me to select, put me wiz my bondmate."

"As you wish Miss Delacour. As you wish. GRYFFINDOR!" the hat spoke out at last.

Harry and Hermione smiled at Gabrielle as she removed the hat. Before she handed it back to the Hogwart's Headmaster, she said "Thank you," to it.

The Headmaster took the hat and put it back on the shelf, and said "So Miss Delacour will take classes with the Gryffindor third years. Minerva if you would make sure to get with her to find out what electives she is currently taking at Beauxbatons and turn that into a schedule for her.

"Yes Albus."

Hermione turned back to everyone in the room. "I guess that only leaves one last thing to deal with. What is the reason for us to be out of commission for the last few days?"

Dumbledore turned to Madam Pomfrey. "Poppy?"

"Well Harry can easily still claim magical exhaustion. Gabrielle went through Veela transformation and we can claim we were monitoring her since it was done earlier than it should have been," The nurse turned to Madam Maxime, "did you tell your students anything about Fleur?"

"I only said she was in your care because of ze tragedy in ze lake," The Beauxbatons Headmistress replied.

"Excellent. We can always say after she was treated she stayed to take care of her sister. Hermione's reason is going to be the trickiest. She became isolated after everyone else."

"Maybe I can suggest something," McGonagall said. "The last I saw of her along with a lot of other students before this meeting was her leaving the Great Hall via phoenix and then today she is with her parents. May I suggest we tell people she had to go home due to a family emergency?"

"That sounds perfect since you are my family now," Harry thought to Hermione and saw the bushy haired witch smile as her almond brown eyes looked into his emerald ones.

"You know that calls for me snogging you later don't you?"

"I sure hope so."

"Does anybody else have any questions?" Hermione asked. "We really do appreciate your time this evening."

"Headmaster, may we speak with you alone?" Harry asked as everyone started to leave the office.

"Certainly, I wanted to have a word with you as well," Professor Dumbledore said, turning to everyone else. "Thank you all. Mr. and Mrs. Delacour, Mr. and Mrs. Granger, could you wait near the Gargoyle downstairs? I am sure this won't take long and you can maybe have dinner with your children."

Harry walked over to Professor Berceau, "Professor, uh…I just want to say thank you for all that you did. Is there anything I can do to repay you?"

"Actually there is," She said smiling at the young man. "Let me know of anything strange that happens in your bond. You are in a unique situation Mr. Potter and anything you can tell me about the bond might help the next people who need my expertise," She gave the young man a hug, "You and your bond mates are always welcome at Veela Magical and if you ever need a question answered or just want to chat about the bond you know where to find me."

"Thank you," Harry said.

When everyone was gone except Padfoot, Professor Dumbledore sent a locking and silencing spell to the door. Turning back to Harry, "I presume you wanted to actually speak to Sirius?"

"Yes sir and with you as well."

Sirius transformed back into his human form. "How are you doing pup?"

"I'm doing great Sirius. We have a question for you."

"Ask away."

"I would like to tell my Papa about your case," Fleur said. "Not zat you are 'ere of course, but just zat you are 'arry's godfather and didn't get a trial."

Professor Dumbledore turned contemplative as Sirius asked "Why? What would that do?"

"Sirius," Dumbledore said, "When you were talking to Mr. Delacour, did he mention what he did for a living?"

"No, the subject never came up. It was always about Harry, Fleur and Gabrielle," Sirius replied.

"My father is ze Deputy Minister of Magic in France Mr. Black," Fleur said.

"Mr. Black? From my godson's girlfriend? You have seriously got to call me Sirius," And he smiled at his joke.

"It's only funny the first thousand times Sirius," Harry said trying to control his smirk.

"Fine," Sirius said to his godson, then turning to Fleur. "Deputy Minister?" He let out a whistle. "So do you think he can do something about my case?"

"Actually yes, but maybe not until after they are publicly bonded," Professor Dumbledore interjected. "He could then do a complete background investigation on Harry on the pretext of making sure he doesn't have negative things that could affect his political career. He finds out you're his godfather. Escaped mass murderer is a godfather to his daughter's bond mate, he pushes for a full public investigation so everyone know he isn't trying to hide anything, and it comes to light you never had a trial. He can then publicly request a trial to lay to rest any possible problems."

Sirius looked at the Headmaster, then at his godson and then finally at the three ladies who were all smiling at him, he spoke quietly. "Yes please tell him. I want my name back."

"And we seriously want you to have Black back Sirius," Harry smirked at the double joke, then turning to Dumbledore, "What do you see happening with my summer now?"

"Harry," Professor Dumbledore sighed. "Before I answer that, I have something I want to ask you. I know from what I saw in your memories how bad it has been for you. How you still managed to be the young man you are is amazing. But say you could take any action against the Dursleys, what would you do?"

Harry sat down in a chair in front of Dumbledore's desk and pondered that question, and then he looked at each of the ladies he now considered his family. "Sir, to tell you the truth, I probably wouldn't do anything to them. That doesn't mean I don't loathe them, but realistically they aren't worth my time. If their house blew up tomorrow I doubt I would weep at their graves but I wouldn't light the match that set the fire."

"Good," Professor Dumbledore said then a twinkle developed in his eyes, "But I sense that you would like to make life a little difficult for them. I know you have your mother's heart Harry, but do you have your father's sense of fun?"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, but then saw Sirius looking at Dumbledore.

"Are you really thinking of that?" Sirius asked.

"WHAT?" Harry exclaimed.

Professor Dumbledore said, "I've already sent for Remus. I'm thinking the marauders might want to have some fun at the Dursleys' expense. Something that might make their lives a little more interesting."

Harry looked at the Headmaster, "Did I hear that correctly? The Headmaster is telling us to go and prank the Dursleys?"

"That's what I heard Harry," Hermione replied. "I think he is trying to reach out to you. It won't fix the hurt you have suffered, but it's something."

"I agree 'Arry," Fleur said. "E has mentioned a couple of times that 'e is concerned about you losing 'is trust over zis. Zis is probably a token to 'elp get eet back. I think 'e is trying."

"Yeah, he knows exactly which buttons to push doesn't he?" Harry replied. "But I like the idea."

"Sir, I like that idea," Harry repeated out loud to the Headmaster, "But may I suggest that we include the two greatest pranksters currently attending the school."

"The twins Harry?" Dumbledore asked in surprise. "They couldn't see Sirius."

"They can work with Lup…" Harry suddenly had a horrible thought as he connected the twins and Remus. "The map. The bloody map. Moody has it. We have to get it before he sees Sirius."

"What map Harry?" Dumbledore said.

"The Marauder's Map sir," Harry said. "Moody found me with it before the second task. He asked to borrow it. It shows everyone in the castle."

Sirius's face had turn almost white, "I've got to get out of here," He said. "Moody is the last person I need finding me."

It was at that time Hermione spoke up "Sir, about Sirius. That thing we used earlier to view Harry's memories. Why can't we show the Wizengamot our memories of what happened when we found Sirius and Pettigrew last year?" She asked. "Shouldn't that verify that Sirius is innocent?"

"The pensieve is not a viable testimonial device Miss Granger," Dumbledore replied. "Memories cannot be used as evidence."

"But...but why not?" Hermione asked clearly not understanding.

"Because what one sees and experience might not necessarily be what they believe it to be," Dumbledore replied. "For example there is a potion you will learn about in the sixth year called Polyjuice," Dumbledore wondered why Harry turned and smiled at Hermione but continued. "It is a potion that allows the exact duplication of another person. Now you will agree that Harry and Draco Malfoy are less than friends would you not?"

"Everyone knows that," She replied.

"Exactly, now say Mr. Malfoy were to acquire some of this polyjuice potion and made himself look exactly like Harry here. Now say Mr. Malfoy were to attack someone right in front of you. Well not you anymore since you have an advantage of knowing what he was doing at that time, but say you before you bonded with Harry. You would have a memory of Harry Potter attacking someone. Would you want that memory being used in a court to convict and send Harry to Azkaban?"

"No of course not," Hermione said.

"Exactly, a pensieve is an excellent way to research memories as long as you have total confidence they are accurate memories," Dumbledore said. "Though you can tell if someone has tried to modify their own memories, no memory conveys a guarantee of truth. Now let's see what we can do about Sirius," Dumbledore turned to Sirius, "The cave?"

"That might be best," Sirius said with a look of misery. "I prefer to be cold than kissed."

Fleur had been listening to the conversation and offered a different possibility. "'Arry, can I presume ze Chamber of Secrets isn't on ze map?"

Harry looked at the Fleur and gave a smile. "Beautiful and intelligent, seems to be a common theme among all of my family," He turned to Sirius "What do you say? Probably isn't the best smelling place, but it might be better than being cold, and I guarantee it's secure. I'm the only one in the castle who can open it."

Dumbledore looked at Harry and Sirius. "It does offer possibilities. We can see about making you a portkey that will get you out if you have an emergency. You would only need to stay there until we can recover this map Harry's talking about."

"Won't hurt to look," Sirius said. "But let's hurry, I feel like that magical eye is on me right now."

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