Harry Potter and the Price of Being Noble

Harry helps Fleur in the second task of GOF and pays the price. HP/Fleur/Gabrielle/Hermione. A Veela bonding fic based on love. T Rated and it will stay that way. Thirteen year old Almost fourteen Gabrielle to start the story. Good Dumbledore.



10. Chapter 10 The Grangers

Every parent of a teenage girl is always concerned about hearing four words from their daughter. Those words are 'We need to talk'. This isn't "the Talk" that the parents give the teenage girl concerning boys and hormones and sex. No, this is the possibility of said wonderful innocent child showing up with some scumbag boy and the first words she says is "Mum, Dad we need to talk" and the final words are "I'm pregnant," That is the fear of every parent who has a teenage daughter. Now throw in the fact that the teenage girl goes to a coed boarding school ten months of the year, and the level goes from concerned to being worried about hearing 'We need to Talk'. Mix in the fact the school said teenage daughter attended is in a location the parents cannot visit nor call and is in a world of its own and the parental concern rises to terrified of hearing those words. The parents of Hermione Granger were no exceptions. Though they trusted their daughter who showed a level of maturity far beyond a normal child of her age, Mr. and Mrs. Granger were dentist and as such had a pretty good medical background and thoroughly understood the effects of hormones on a teenage girl. They had also seen plenty of teenage mothers and pregnant teens come through their dental practice and each and every one of them reminded them of their own daughter and what could happen.

On a cold March morning, a snowy white owl pecked at their window with a message from their daughter.

Mum, Dad,

Can you please plan to come to my school on Friday evening for dinner? My * friend Harry and I have something we have to discuss with you that is too important to write in a letter. The Headmaster, Professor Dumbledore will personally meet you at home to escort you at 6pm Friday. Please use Hedwig (the owl delivering this message) to confirm if you can make it.



The fact there was an ink blob right after the 'My' in the letter seemed to indicate to the Grangers that Hermione had paused to consider what she should call Harry in her letter. And that brought them to the only conclusion they could arrive at; this was it, Hermione needed to talk. Could their daughter and this friend be going to tell them she was pregnant? Why else would the Headmaster himself be involved? With a sense of dread they had composed their acceptance and the beautiful owl had flown away with their reply.

For the next day and a half the Grangers worried and fretted, trying to figure out any other news that Hermione and a friend might need to see them in person to deliver. Nothing else came to mind. As the hours passed Richard Granger kept thinking of more and more painful ways to kill the bastard that had touched his daughter if their suspicions were proven true.

Mr. and Mrs. Granger canceled all of their appointments on Friday. They just couldn't bring themselves to go into the office, instead they stayed home where they paced and fretted while waiting for the appropriate hour to arrive. At precisely six pm their doorbell rang.

"Good evening, I am Professor Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. I believe your daughter wrote to expect me. May I come in?"

Richard Granger who had answered the door looked at the strangely dressed elderly gentleman. "Uh…yes please do," he finally stammered.

Jean Granger who had been sitting in a chair chewing on her bottom lip, a habit her daughter had picked up from her, jumped to her feet an immediately started bombarding the Wizard with questions, "How is Hermione? Is she okay? What does she need to talk to us about?"

Dumbledore raised his hand and said "Hermione is just fine, but I am not the one to tell you what they need to discuss with you. That is something she and Harry Potter must do."

A look passed between the two Grangers as their suspicions turned to fears. Once again Richard's thoughts turned back to the different ways he could inflict pain upon the boy who would do such a thing to his only daughter.

Professor Dumbledore reached into his robes and produced an empty soda can, "It is time for us to be on our way. If I could get each of you to put your finger on this?"

Richard and Jean both looked at the Headmaster in confusion. "Why does he want us to touch an empty can?" They thought as they wondered about the sanity of this strange Wizard in front of them.

At the look of confusion on the Grangers' faces, Professor Dumbledore said "I'm sorry, I should explain, this is a portkey. I have enchanted this item to take us directly to my office at the school. All you have to do is touch it and it will whisk us away as you might say. I will warn you, it can make you dizzy, but it will be over quickly."

Richard and Jean each put a finger on the can and as they saw it glow blue, they found themselves speeding through wind and color until a few seconds later their feet hit a hard surface and they tumbled to the floor.

"What was that?" Richard asked as he scrambled to his feet and then helped his wife up.

"As I said, it is what we call a portkey. It's a magical transportation device," Professor Dumbledore explained, then sweeping one arm out "Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are currently standing in my office. If you will follow me, I'll lead you to your daughter and her friend."

He strolled out of his office and led the Grangers through the hallways of the infamous castle that their daughter had told them so much about, finally arriving at the Hospital wing.

"Hospital? You said she was fine. What is she doing in the hospital?" Jean Granger said.

"They aren't actually in the hospital, just in private quarters adjacent to here."

"They're sharing a room?" Richard's voice raised a few decibels as he spoke.

"No, only a common room, they each have private bedrooms. I'm sorry but this is something your daughter really needs to discuss with you," Dumbledore replied causing both of the elder Grangers to give up their final hope that it wasn't what they feared it to be.

The Headmaster led the Grangers through the hospital wing into a small hallway and stopped in front of a door. He opened the door and led them into the room.

Richard and Jean entered behind the headmaster and looked around the room for their daughter. It took a few seconds to register that the young lady wrapped in the arms of the black-haired young man while engaged in a rather stimulating kiss was in fact their daughter. Though they thought themselves mentally prepared for this encounter, seeing their daughter so engrossed in this young man brought back all the memories of her growing up and their mouths opened as they stared in shock. It was another few seconds before Hermione and her friend ended the kiss with a jerk and both of them spun to look at the door while simultaneously moving away from each other.

"Well now that you are safely here," The Headmaster said with a twinkle in his eye. "I shall leave you. Call me when you're ready to depart," And he walked out the door.

"Mum, Dad," Hermione started. "You know my friend I have written to you about in my letters? This is, of course, Harry Potter. You met him before our second year when we were in Diagon Alley."

Fleur and Gabrielle were watching the exchange. What they found interesting was that Mrs. Granger was looking at her daughter with concern in her eyes, while Mr. Granger was glaring at Harry with pure loathing in his.

Harry was used to the look Mr. Granger had transfixed upon him. It was very similar to the look his Uncle Vernon used quite frequently. It seemed to Harry as if Mr. Granger was doing everything in his power to keep from attacking him.

"Hermione, why is your father so angry at me?" Harry thought. "Is it because I was kissing you? Or do you think Professor Dumbledore mentioned our bond to them?"

"I don't know Harry," She replied.

"Well I promised I would tell them, but remember it's your fault if they kill me," Harry thought.

"Nonsense love, we'll do this together. I love you Harry," Hermione replied.

"I love you too. Just remember that at my funeral."

"I think Gabrielle and I shall retire for a while," Fleur thought. She nudged her sister and they both walked out of the common room into Fleur's room.

"Sir," Harry extended his hand to Mr. Granger who just kept glaring at him refusing to accept the offered hand.

"Mum, Dad. Why are you angry at Harry? We were just kissing," Hermione asked, her voice quavering at how her parents were treating the man she loved. She could feel his hurt, especially as the treatment reminded him of the Dursleys. She walked over and stood defiantly beside Harry. "Or did Professor Dumbledore say anything? He promised he wouldn't."

"Your Headmaster wouldn't tell us anything, but dear are you okay?" Her mother said with obvious concern in her voice.

"I was fine until you showed up Mother. I haven't seen you in seven months and instead of being glad to see me, Dad comes in and starts acting like my… my boyfriend was doing something wrong by kissing me," Hermione said finally putting a term to her relationship with Harry. "I'm sorry if that bothers you but I am fifteen. It isn't like we were…" The pieces fell into place in her mind; it made sense, her mother's note of concern, her father's anger at Harry. "That's why isn't it? You think we asked you here to tell you…"

Harry glanced at Hermione, and picked the words up in her mind and his face turned a bright red.

"You thought we were going to tell you I was pregnant?" Her parents' change of facial expression told her instantly she had hit on the truth. "How could you think that? You know I would never…we have never…even if we did…it…it," Hermione's voice trailed off.

Harry felt the turmoil in Hermione and he put his arm around her and pulled her closer to him. Then to her parents, "Sir, Ma'am, maybe we could start this again," He once again held out his hand to Hermione's father. "I'm Harry Potter and we...I mean Hermione is definitely not pregnant," This time a much relieved Richard took his hand and shook it. Jean came over and hugged her daughter.

"I'm sorry," Mrs. Granger said looking chagrined "We shouldn't have thought that, but…no we shouldn't have. I'm sorry dear, and to you too Harry," Hermione nodded at her. "Now what did you bring us up here to tell us?"

"Maybe you better have a seat before we tell you," Harry suggested swallowing hard. "Think the bond is better or worse than being pregnant?"

"Definitely better," Hermione answered. "Well until we mention Fleur and Gabrielle."

Richard and Jean took a seat on one of the love seats while Harry and Hermione sat on one across from them. Harry looked at Hermione's parents who were definitely looking relieved, he swallowed and then started. "Uh...can we get you something to drink? Water? Juice? Something stronger?"

"Thank you, but not right now," Jean said. "Now why are we here?"

"Uh...yeah about that. I guess we should start by saying Hermione and I are in love," Harry said as he took Hermione's hand in his.

Though Mr. Granger was not extremely happy about that proclamation, it was much better than the other statement, "I presume you didn't go to all this trouble just to tell us you have a boyfriend princess?" Richard asked his daughter.

"No Dad, it's deeper than that," Hermione answered as she blushed at his nickname for her.

"Er…there is no easy way to say what we need to say, so I'm just going to get it over with," Harry said. "Hermione and I, well our love is bonded, with uh...a magical connection between the two of us."

"Magical love?" Jean asked. "What does that mean?"

"It means our hearts and minds are connected Mum," Hermione answered. "Permanently connected."

The Grangers took a few seconds to digest this before Jean asked the obvious question, "As in you are married? Is that what you're trying to tell us?"

"No, we aren't married, nor are we sleeping together," Hermione said quickly. "But this is permanent, and someday," Hermione turned to look at Harry, "we will be," Then realizing the possible misinterpretation, she quickly added "Married I mean."

"But you are so young, what if this is just a crush?" Richard asked.

"Maybe a demonstration of how we know its love?" Harry suggested. "To let them see our connection."

"That might work."

"Sir, to better answer that question we would like for you to understand something about our bond. Mrs. Granger, could you stay here with Hermione? Mr. Granger could you come with me please?" Harry asked his bond mate's parents. "We want to demonstrate something. We think just saying it won't get the point across."

Harry and Mr. Granger went into his bedroom. "Love, why don't you ask you mother to tell you three things in the room?" then turning to Mr. Granger, "Sir, ask me anything only your daughter would know."

Mr. Granger looked at Harry curiously then decided to play the game. "What color is her room?"

"Love, what color is your bedroom?"

Hermione projected an image of her room to Harry, "but remind him he never painted behind the larger bookcase because it was too heavy to move, it's still pink there."


"YES Pink, I AM a girl you know."

"Yes, I do know. I was just asking," Harry replied. Then to Mr. Granger. "Sir the color is currently a light blue, but Hermione says to remind you that it's still pink behind the larger bookcase," Harry smiled as Richard Granger frowned. "Try something much more obscure."

Mr. Granger frowned at the fact this boy knew the color of his daughter's bedroom. If the boy wanted to try to prove how well he knew his daughter, he'd make him fail. He pulled out his wallet and showed Harry a picture of Hermione, "If you know my daughter so well, then tell where this was taken?"

Harry sent the image to Hermione, "Well love, looks like that was after our first year. Where was it taken?"

"That was good one, that's the front of my grandmother's house, his mother."

"It's your mother's house sir. Hermione's grandmother," Harry responded to Mr. Granger and smiled again as his jaw dropped.

"There's no way you could know that. How did you do that?" Richard asked.

"We'll discuss it further out there, but first I have to pass your wife's test," Harry replied and heard, "Mother pointed to three things in the room Harry. Guess she thought you might be listening somehow. Her earrings, a book that she then sat on," Harry almost heard Hermione's snort, "and the chair closest to the fireplace."

"Okay, love."

"Shall we join them back in the common room sir?" Harry asked Mr. Granger.

Once they were back in there, Mrs. Granger looked at Harry, with a smile, he said, "Mrs. Granger your earrings are quite lovely, and I am sure that is a wonderful book you are sitting on. And the chair near the fireplace is a wonderful place to read," Harry grinned when she pulled the book from under her and looked at her husband in astonishment.

"Yeah he got me too," Richard admitted.

"What we were doing was showing you that we are connected mentally," Harry explained. "We can hear each other in our minds if we want to, but to answer your earlier question how do we know it's not a crush, we can feel the each others love. In our connection the love takes on an almost physical quality. I know Hermione loves me and she knows I love her. The bond is actually built on that love."

"But how?" Jean said. "Is this something all magical people can do?"

"Good question mum, no it isn't. But before we get into the how, we just want you to understand what it means," Hermione said. "Understand that this isn't something that will go away. This is a forever type of love."

"So you are saying that you are our daughter's boyfriend and future husband?" Richard asked Harry. "You'll live in a magical castle and live happily ever after?"

"Well I doubt we'll live in a castle once we are married, and no one can guarantee happily ever after, but yes we are together and will always be together," Harry replied.

"And you really love him princess?" Richard asked his daughter.

"Yes Dad, I really do," Hermione replied as she took Harry's hand.

"Well considering what we had expected to hear when we arrived," Mr. Granger said, "I guess this is far better, though five or ten years in the future would have been better."

"Dad, that's...eh...the easy part," Hermione said. "There is another part to this that is a little more…" She looked at Harry who shrugged his shoulders, "complicated."

Richard looked at Jean then turning back to their daughter, "More complicated?" Then to Harry, "About that drink you offered earlier. Can I still take you up on the offer?"

"Yes sir. That might be a great idea," Harry said, "Dobby."

The house-elf popped up next to Harry causing Mr. and Mrs. Granger to jump out of their seat. "How can I help Harry Potter sir? Are you ready for your dinner now Sirs, Ma'ams?"

"Not quite yet Dobby," Then turning to the Grangers, "I'm sorry I should have warned you about that. Mr. and Mrs. Granger, please meet Dobby; he is a house-elf who works here at Hogwarts. Dobby, this is Mr. and Mrs. Granger, Hermione's parents."

"It's an honor to meet the parents of one of Harry Potter's bondmates," Dobby said.

"Dobby could you get the Grangers' something to drink. I would like a butterbeer please," Harry said and then looking at Hermione, "make that two," and then turning back to Grangers, "They have just about anything you can ask for."

"Do you have Brandy?" Richard asked the diminutive elf.

Certainly sir, one Brandy coming right up," Dobby replied.

"What about a glass of white wine?" Jean asked.

Dobby popped away and within twenty seconds was back with a bottle of Brandy and a glass for Richard and a chilled bottle of white wine and a glass for Jean. He also had the two butterbeers for Harry and Hermione.

"Thanks Dobby," Harry said. "We'll call when we would like dinner."

"Yes sir, Harry Potter sir," And Dobby disappeared.

"Service is excellent it seems," Richard said as he poured himself a drink and then poured Jean's. "And you said that is a house-elf."

"Yes," Harry looked at Hermione and smiled, "But they are a touchy subject with your daughter."

Mrs. Granger took a sip of her wine and thought for a moment, "Harry, Dobby said the parents of one of your bondmates, what exactly did he mean by that?"

Harry winced, "I see where Hermione gets her skill of observation from. That brings us to the more complicated part of this story," He gave a quick look to his girlfriend "Hermione, want this part?"

"No, it seems you're doing a wonderful job," Hermione smirked at him but still had a look of concern as she looked back at her parents.

"Thanks love," Harry replied and then back to the Grangers. "Have either of you ever heard of what you would consider the mythical entities called Veela?" When both of the Grangers shook their heads, he continued, "They are of course real, and they have certain magical powers, one of which is to create the bond that Hermione and I share."

"Fleur, Gabrielle, could you join us?"

"Of course love," Fleur responded.

The two Delacours walked into the common room. "Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I would like to introduce Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour, my…uh other bondmates," Harry said quietly, "and Hermione's bond sisters."

Richard Granger's mouth open and closed several times before anything actually came out. "Three? Three women bonded to you? You have some kind of Harem and you dragged my daughter into this?" His voice rose in anger as his face turned red.

"Dad," Hermione exclaimed, "Calm down and listen. Harry didn't drag me into anything. It was my choice and it's not a Harem."

"Thanks love," Harry thought.

"What do you call having three women at his beck and call then?" Richard said glaring at Harry.

Gabrielle and Fleur both snorted at that comment.

"Sir," Harry started and then breathed deeply to calm himself. "Sir, a Harem suggests some type of dominance or control. I guarantee that these women are my equal in this relationship if not my better. Yes it is unusual, but it exists," Harry took another deep breath. "It isn't something we had planned on, but it happened and I do not regret it happening. Each of these ladies is very special to me."

Jean looked at the young man in front of her. Her daughter's bond mate? "Harry, you said you didn't plan on this, so may I ask how it did happen then?"

Harry looked at the three ladies he was bonded too, feeling their love. He smiled at Hermione's mother and started his explanation. "Ma'am, Fleur and Gabrielle are both part Veela. They initiated the bond with me after I helped them with some difficulties."

"Difficulties? 'e saved our lives," Fleur said. "Without 'Arry we both would be dead. But zat was only ze final thing, we both love 'Arry very much."

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger," Gabrielle said quietly, "Eet wasn't 'Arry's idea for 'Ermione to join ze bond. Ze bond was originally between 'Arry, my sister and me. 'Ermione was just zere to 'elp us. But...but Fleur and I found out zey loved each other and we wanted 'Arry to be 'appy, so we invited 'er to join."

"If he loved my daughter so much why was he bonding to you two?" Mr. Granger asked.

"That's not important..." Harry started.

"Non, 'Arry. Zey need to understand," Fleur said and then to Mr. Granger, "'Arry was sacrificing 'is future to save our lives sir. If 'e 'adn't bonded with us we wouldn't 'ave survived."

"I do not regret bonding with you. You are my family," Harry said and felt the warmth of her happiness spread over the bond with her.

"And you are ours 'Arry."

"I love your daughter sir, and will be forever glad she agreed to bond with me," Harry said. "As I said, all of these ladies are very special, they are my family."

Hermione looked nervously at her parents, she wanted so desperately for them to accept Harry and her bond sisters.

Mr. and Mrs. Granger looked at each other before their eyes started moving between their daughter and Harry. Then Richard asked "Not saying I would but what would prevent us from removing our daughter from this school?"

Hermione eyes watered, and Harry felt her pain through the bond. "I don't think he would love, he's playing what if."

Harry's eyes narrowed and Richard saw the intensity in them increase, "Absolutely nothing sir," He said coldly, "except it would make your daughter, me, and the Delacours miserable for the next year and a half, if that long. Now say you did do that, what do you think would happen when she turns seventeen?"

"What do you mean?" Richard asked.

"Seventeen is the legal age in the magical world, so when Hermione turned seventeen she would probably rejoin us. Physically that is," Harry tapped his head. "We'll always be together here," Harry sighed as he looked at Hermione's father. "Sir I can feel the pain that question and my answer caused your daughter. Do you really want to force her to choose between us? All she wants is for you to accept the decision she made. She wants you to be happy that she is happy. Is that too much to ask from loving parents?"

"But she is only fifteen years old," Jean exclaimed. "She…she can't be deciding her whole life…I mean…"

"Mum, I love Harry," Hermione replied. "And I know he loves me too. Yes I know this relationship thing seems strange, but it's what I want."

Jean studied her daughter for a few seconds before replying. "I feel like I'm losing my little girl."

Harry's eyes softened as he looked at Mrs. Granger. "Ma'am, you're losing the little girl she was, only to have her replaced by a beautiful young caring woman she is. I can see both of you love your daughter, and I know she loves you. I'm not asking you to give her up, only to share her with me and her new sisters. I know this relationship is unusual, but it is real. You can fight against it and make Hermione miserable or you can accept it and share in her happiness."

"We really don't have a choice do we?" Richard Granger asked as his eyes darted from his daughter to Harry.

"Recently a wise man told me there are always choices, but sometimes the choices are not always equal," Harry replied. "I hope you choose your daughter's happiness."

There was silence for several seconds. The Grangers kept looking at each other and then back at Harry and Hermione. Finally Jean spoke up. "Richard, we accepted that Hermione was going to live a different life than us when we found out she was a witch," Jean paused and took another sip of wine. "I know that I'm not totally comfortable with this, but Hermione is happy with it, and Harry seems like a nice young man who loves her. Obviously we don't understand this bond of theirs, but it definitely exists."

Richard was silent as he digested what his wife had said. With a loud sigh he nodded.

Jean smiled as she looked at her daughter. "Hermione, I support your decision, but I will always be here for you if you need me."

"I love you princess," Mr. Granger said softly to his daughter. "I just want to protect you. You use to come to me when you needed a hug against a cruel world. It just hurts to be replaced. Good luck in this, you know I'll always love you."

Hermione dashed over to her parents and wrapped them both in a hug. Harry could feel her relief pouring through the bond. He looked over at Fleur and Gabrielle and noticed both were smiling and both had tears in their eyes.

"I love you Hermione," Harry said, "and I am so happy for you."

"What about that dinner now?" Harry asked the Grangers. "You can get an idea of the food your daughter gets to eat while she is away from you."

"That sounds wonderful," Mrs. Granger said from the middle of the Granger family hug that was still in progress.

They spent the next couple of hours enjoying a pleasant meal. The Grangers were shocked when the food and plates kept magically appearing and disappearing from in front of them. Hermione was beaming with happiness that her parents were accepting her and Harry and their unusual relationship. She knew it hadn't been easy for them and it would be time before they became comfortable with it, but they had accepted it. Eventually though the topic did come back to the relationship.

"Harry, you and Hermione mentioned you would be married someday," Jean said, "How will that work with Fleur and Gabrielle?"

"Uh…I don't know exactly," Harry said swallowing hard, swearing the small bite of pudding he just swallowed had turned into a lump of coal on the way to his stomach. "I was told that exceptions would be made for such relationships in the magical society. But I don't know exactly how it will be reflected in the Non-Magical world."

"Magic 'Arry," Fleur smiled at her future husband. "At least in France ze wedding bands will 'ave a charm placed on zem zat will make non-magical people believe it is perfectly normal for us to all be married. As will ze Marriage licenses. Then once they are not around, they will forget that we are married. All except those we want to remember."

"I love magic," Harry thought.

"Have you given any thought to what you are going to do when you graduate Harry?" Mr. Granger asked. "With having three wives to support?"

"Er...uh...not really," Harry admitted nervously.

"Dad, that wasn't fair," Hermione said. "First of all career counseling happens during our fifth year before our OWLs and second do you think I am the type of person who will be a housewife and expect my husband to support me? Nor do I think Fleur or Gabrielle will be either."

"I'm sorry princess," Richard said. "I didn't mean to upset you. It's a question fathers are supposed to ask of suitors of their daughter."


"Ermione is right though," Fleur said. "I will be getting a job next year. I would never expect 'Arry to support me. We will take care of each other."

Richard's fork clamored down on his plate. "Get a job? Next year? What about school?"

"I graduate Beauxbatons zis year sir," Fleur replied as she winced at Harry. "I'm sorry love. I know our age is still uncomfortable to you and zat is going to be 'is next question."

"Not as much anymore. I know you love me," Harry smiled at Fleur.

"Miss Delacour, uh, how old are you?" Richard asked proving Fleur right.

Jean smacked her husband on the arm. "Really dear, asking a lady her age?"

"It is alright. I am seventeen, and will turn eighteen in August," Fleur replied.

"And you are?" Richard asked Harry.

"Fourteen sir."

"I see," Was all Richard could say. Not that he could see a damn thing. Here was a young man who had three young ladies including his own daughter and two young women who any young man in the country would kill to get a date with proclaiming their undying love for him. One of the young ladies was three years older than him. Richard didn't know whether to be envious or feel sorry for the young man. He just shook his head numbly.

Harry looked over at Gabrielle who had been very quiet during the evening. He could feel she wasn't feeling very well. He sent a mental smile at her causing her to look at him. "You're beautiful. I hope we haven't left you out too much. Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm fine. Just some discomfort," Gabrielle replied. "I might be getting sick."

When the meal finally ended and the Grangers were ready to leave, Hermione came up with an idea. "Mom, Dad. Would you like to see if you can stay the night and let us show you around the castle tomorrow? You can meet all of my professors."

"Good luck introducing them to Snape," Harry thought.

"And you can meet our parents," Fleur said. "Zey would love to speak with you."

Jean looked at Richard who nodded. "Would your Headmaster allow it? Isn't he waiting to take us back home?"

"One way to find out Ma'am," Harry replied. "Dobby."

Again the Grangers flinched as the little house-elf appeared. Harry laughed a little. "You do eventually get used to it," Then turning to Dobby he said. "Could you ask the Headmaster if the Grangers can spend the night and have a tour of Hogwarts tomorrow?"

It was only a couple of minutes before he was back. "Headmaster says it is fine with him for the Grangers to stay. But to remind you that this weekend is a Hogsmeade visit and the Grangers should not leave the castle grounds until they are ready to go home. He also said to remind Harry Potter and Hermione Granger that you need to catch up on your classes before Monday."

Hermione's hand shot to her mouth.

"Did you actually forget about homework?" Harry asked.

"I've had other things on my mind. We'll get our assignments when we introduce my parents," Hermione replied. "Then we can spend the rest of the weekend catching up."

Harry did a mental groan. "So no Hogsmeade for us?"

"We'll see love. Depends on how much effort you put into your studies."

"Why can't we leave the castle grounds princess?" Mr. Granger asked his daughter.

"The castle is surrounded by Muggle or non-magical repelling wards Dad," Hermione explained. "If you were to leave the grounds, you wouldn't be able to return to the castle without Professor Dumbledore's help. In fact you wouldn't even be able to see the castle. That is why he personally had to bring you earlier."

Richard just shook his head again as he tried to figure out exactly how you can hide a castle. "I'll never understand magic," He thought.

A different house-elf appeared to make up an unused bedroom for the Grangers. Once they were shown the bedroom they got to see their daughter do magic for the first time when she transfigured their clothes into pajamas for them. They all set off to their own bedrooms for a goodnight sleep after a stressful evening.

A couple of hours later Harry awoke with a start. He could feel something wrong. Something was wrong with Gabrielle. He reached out to her, and found her crying and there was blood and she hurt. He grabbed his wand and rushed out of his room yelling "GABRIELLE!" only to hear sharp mental yell from Fleur that stopped him.

"ARRY, I'm wiz Gabrielle. Everything is fine."

By then everyone was pouring out of their bedrooms into the common room to find out what the commotion was about.

"But what's wrong with her," Harry asked urgently.

"Nothing serious 'Arry, just 'er first period. It can be upsetting."

"Her what?" The confusion was evident in his question.

Hermione put her arms around Harry, "It's her time of the month Harry."

Harry still looked at her in confusion.

"Oh Merlin Harry, you don't know about the female menstrual cycle?" Hermione questioned.

"Obviously not," Harry shot back in annoyance.

"But you lived with your Aunt, didn't…no I guess not. I'm sorry Harry. I shouldn't have been short," Hermione apologized.

Jean Granger having heard the conversation walked over to the two, "Do you want me to do this dear? Otherwise he might not want to look at you for a while, and something tells me this isn't something you want to communicate in your mind connection."

Hermione looked at Harry, "Mother will explain it Harry. I think she will do a better job."

Jean Granger took Harry aside and gently explained to the blushing young man what exactly happened every month in the human female body. After she left him sitting there, Mr. Granger came over at sat beside him, and gave him the best advice he had garnered over twenty years of marriage on how to deal with these cycles. Nothing endeared the innocent young man into the hearts of Jean and Richard Granger more than that evening.

After everyone returned to their bed, Richard turned to his wife and said. "You know, earlier I wasn't sure if I should envy Harry or feel sorry for him. I now know I should feel sorry for him."

"Why dear? I thought it was every man's dream to have beautiful women all around him."

"Maybe, but he also is mentally connected to three women who all will suffer through menstrual cycles each month. God help him."

That comment earned him a non to gentle swat from his wife.

%% %% %%

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office contemplating Harry Potter and the three females that had bonded to him. He knew there was nothing he could have done to prevent it from happening once the bonding had initiated. But he was deeply concerned about how this turn of events played into the prophecy. He would have to think on that awhile. Now in the meantime, he needed to make sure he still had Harry's trust and an old proverb played upon his mind. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," After what he had viewed in the bonding, Harry definitely considered the Dursleys his enemy. It's time to bring in a friend to help Harry get revenge in a way that would not damage his soul.

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