No give aways


1. Him


I wake up in the middle of nowhere, having no clue of anything at all, and not remembering how I got there.Wait there is one thing I remember a boy, this boy had red hair and freckles, his smile seemed to light up the whole world, I soon remember his name, George I needed to find him I just wanted him more than ever. Just then I saw someone walk to me and I look up to see a boy with sleek blond hair" hi I'm draco, draco malfoy and who are you" the boy asked"well I'm , I don't remember who I am but I know one thing I need to find someone his name is Geroge"I said to the boy "I'm sorry I can't help you with that but I can help you find someone who can" as he said this pointed to the bushes. A girl with fluffy brown hair came out "Okay come with me" she said at that I grabbed her hand , I got a feeling of sickness and felt as being squeezed through a tube then we arrived at a house ( a odd one mind you ) but I didn't care as long as I got to see George as I thought that I looked up and In a window I found him it was George.


Hi I hope you like it so far. I am not that good at this kind of stuff.But I have to say peace to everyone and god bless you all!

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