Black Galleys

Mythos poetry.


1. 001

The race of the moon-beasts
Inhabit the far side of the Moon.
Sailing Earth's Dreamlands,
In sinister black galleys,
Trading for gold and slaves.

Hideous to look upon,
Concealing themselves below decks
When they come into the port
Of the ever-beautiful Dreamlands.
One I recall is Dylath-Leen,
Whom no man has ever seen.

The horned-men of Leng,
Take care of all trading marks.
The galleys take the slaves
To an island in the Cerenerian Sea
Called the Nameless rock,
Where they are tortured till eternity.

The evil vessel galleys
Sail off the edge of the world
Past the great cataract in the west,
And through the gulf
That separates the Earth from the Moon.

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