Westland: The Story of Us

Follow Harlow Vanderburg, Lena Oliver, and Nicole Wood in their equestrian adventures. There will be friends made, enemies discovered, and a whole lot of drama.
Along with a few horse stealers. And a few dearly loved horses lost.
So, remember to keep your eyes up and your heels down, and hang on for this wild ride!
**Disclaimer, this description sucks! So please give this story a chance!**


4. Quick Authors Note

Hi! So this story is coming soon. Get ready for it, I have a lot of plans.

Keep in mind that this is my first story here on Movellas.

Also keep in mind that I have a lot of experience in the horse world. All the styles of riding and training, terms, and opinions of the characters in this book are what I was and am being taught.

As you can see, there are A LOT of horses and riders and it will most likey confuse you in the beginning. Don't worry! You will learn all of them soon enough!!


Thank you and I will see you in Chapter One,



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