Westland: The Story of Us

Follow Harlow Vanderburg, Lena Oliver, and Nicole Wood in their equestrian adventures. There will be friends made, enemies discovered, and a whole lot of drama.
Along with a few horse stealers. And a few dearly loved horses lost.
So, remember to keep your eyes up and your heels down, and hang on for this wild ride!
**Disclaimer, this description sucks! So please give this story a chance!**


2. Meet the riders and horses of Old Creek Pastures

Old Creek Pastures:

Owner: Andrew Davis


English: Hunter/Jumper, Pleasure, Flat

Western: Gymkhana, Pleasure, Showmanship

Location: Big Sky, Montana

Size: 24 acres



Name: Andrew Davis

Age: 46

Description: tall, 6’1; brown hair with white starting to show, green eyes

Horse (owned or not): Twist, owned


Name: Vanessa Miles

Age: 17

Description: tall, 5’8; blonde hair, blue eyes

Horse (owned or not): Gold, owned


Name: Lena Oliver (main character)

Age: 13

Description: medium, 5’5; red hair, blue eyes

Horse (owned or not): Hershey, not owned


Name: Joy Richards

Age: 14

Description: short, 5’2; blonde hair, brown eyes

Horse (owned or not): Kizmet, not owned


Name: Marianne Gordon

Age: 18

Description: medium, 5’4; black hair, blue eyes

Horse (owned or not): Charm, owned


Name: Tiffany Barton

Age: 15

Description: tall, 5’7; blonde hair, blue eyes

Horse (owned or not): Valentino, owned


Name: Faye Weber

Age: 10

Description: short, 4’9; brown hair, brown eyes

Horse (owned or not): Emma, owned


Name: Drew Harris

Age: 14

Description: tall, 5’7; blonde hair, blue eyes

Horse (owned or not): Yankee, not owned


Name: Noah Schultz

Age: 16

Description: tall, 6’0; black hair, brown eyes

Horse (owned or not): Silver, owned


Name: Levi Adams

Age: 13

Description: medium, 5’7; brown hair, grey eyes

Horse (owned or not): Winner, not owned


Name: Carolyn Briggs

Age: 13

Description: short, 5’1; blonde hair, green eyes

Horse (owned or not): Santelli, not owned



Barn Name: Twist

Show Name: Twist N’ Shout

Age: 15

Height: 16.0

Description: chestnut standardbred gelding


Barn Name: Yankee

Show Name: Yankee

Age: 10

Height: 17.2

Description: bay thoroughbred gelding


Barn Name: Santelli

Show Name: Santelli

Age: 7

Height: 14.3

Description: seal brown appendix horse mare


Barn Name: Silver

Show Name: Quick Silver

Age: 16

Height: 17.3

Description: dapple grey thoroughbred gelding


Barn Name: Valentino

Show Name: Valentino

Age: 12

Height: 15.3

Description: palomino pinto gelding


Barn Name: Winner

Show Name: Play ta Win

Age: 17

Height: 15.3

Description: blue roan quarter horse gelding


Barn Name: Charm

Show Name: Lucky Charm

Age: 13

Height: 15.2

Description: dapple grey arabian mare


Barn Name: Emma

Show Name: Emma Lee

Age: 19

Height: 12.2

Description: chestnut pony mare (Faye in picture)


Barn Name: Kizi

Show Name: Kizmet

Age: 14

Height: 14.3

Description: black quarter arab mare


Barn Name: Gold

Show Name: Ima Gold Champion

Age: 17

Height: 15.3

Description: palomino dutch warmblood gelding


Barn Name: Hershey

Show Name: Hershey Kisses

Age: 22

Height: 14.0

Description: bay dappled pony gelding



Outdoor Western

Indoor English

Outdoor English

Round pen


Barns and Stalls:

4 Stall Barn - Gold, Valentino, Silver, and Winner

Tack and 2 stall barn - Emma and Hershey

Hay Barn


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