Westland: The Story of Us

Follow Harlow Vanderburg, Lena Oliver, and Nicole Wood in their equestrian adventures. There will be friends made, enemies discovered, and a whole lot of drama.
Along with a few horse stealers. And a few dearly loved horses lost.
So, remember to keep your eyes up and your heels down, and hang on for this wild ride!
**Disclaimer, this description sucks! So please give this story a chance!**


3. Meet the characters of Yellow Rock Equestrian Center

Yellow Rock Equestrian Center

Owner: Sarah Riche


English: Hunter/Jumper, Equitation

Western: Gymkhana, Trail, Pleasure, Showmanship

Location: Casper, Wyoming

Size: 20 acres



Name: Sarah Riche

Age: 32

Description: tall, 5’9; brown hair, green eyes

Horse (owned or not): Peter, owned


Name: Sally Cooper

Age: 10

Description: short, 4’10’’; brown hair, green eyes

Horse (owned or not): Buttercup, not owned


Name: Nicole Wood

Age: 14

Description: short, 5’2’’; blonde hair, brown eyes

Horse (owned or not): Watson, owned


Name: Becky Logan

Age: 12

Description: short, 5’1’’; brown hair, blue eyes

Horse (owned or not): Lady, not owned


Name: Ramona Abbott

Age: 17

Description: tall, 5’7’’; black hair, brown eyes

Horse (owned or not): Ace, not owned


Name: Alison Reid

Age: 13

Description:medium, 5’5’’; brown hair, green eyes

Horse (owned or not): Dream, owned


Name: Myra Burns

Age: 14

Description: medium, 5’4’’; red hair, green eyes

Horse (owned or not): Zippo, not owned


Name: Evan Palmer

Age: 15

Description: tall, 5’9’’; blonde hair, brown eyes

Horse (owned or not): Quick, not owned


Name: Maggie Palmer

Age: 11

Description: short, 4’9’’; blonde hair, blue eyes

Horse (owned or not): Izzy, not owned


Name: Ricky Sharp

Age: 14

Description: medium, 5’6’’;  brown hair, brown eyes

Horse (owned or not): Kricket, not owned


Name: Opal Fletcher

Age: 15

Description: medium, 5’4’’; black hair, blue eyes

Horse (owned or not): Elmo, not owned



Barn Name: Peter

Show Name: Peter Pan

Age: 15

Height: 16.2

Description: bay thoroughbred gelding


Barn Name: Watson

Show Name: Watch This

Age: 10

Height: 15.2

Description: chestnut appaloosa quarter horse gelding


Barn Name: Lady

Show Name: Lady Boots

Age: 12

Height: 15.0

Description: chestnut arabian mare


Barn Name: Ace

Show Name: Ace of Spades

Age: 9

Height: 16.3

Description: black and white thoroughbred gelding


Barn Name: Dream

Show Name: Olympic Dream

Age: 14

Height: 15.1

Description: flaxen liver chestnut quarter horse mare


Barn Name: Buttercup

Show Name: Buttercup

Age: 17

Height: 12.3

Description: buckskin pony mare


Barn Name: Zippo

Show Name: Zips Dima Day

Age: 14

Height: 15.2

Description: bay tennessee walking horse gelding


Barn Name: Quick

Show Name: Quick Split

Age: 16

Height: 15.1

Description: black mustang gelding


Barn Name: Izzy

Show Name: Izzy Fine

Age: 12

Height: 14.2

Description: palomino quarter arab mare


Barn Name: Kricket

Show Name: Kricket

Age: 10

Height: 14.3

Description: black welsh cob gelding


Barn Name: Elmo

Show Name: Elmo’s World

Age: 15

Height: 17.2

Description: big chestnut gelding


Barn Name: Rush

Show Name: Russian Gold

Age: 15

Height: 16.1

Description: white friesian mare


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