When A Mermaid Loves A Man

a horrible tornado whips through the ocean one day and throws a mermaid onto land where she see's the man who she falls so easily in love with. She will follow him wherever he goes even if he doesn't love her back. But if a man loves the mermaid back he will hear her thoughts.
but a problem is looming. Their gruesome fate has been placed with them repeating history of their past lives. will they find out in time? and will they be able to change the course of events?


6. 6.

Mermaid POV: 

I watch him as he goes. Into the elevator never looking back and smiling brightly straight ahead. He must be happy I am with him now. I look down at my shoes and watch the people walking by. 

The elevator dings as it comes to a stop at my level and I lean over to look who's getting out. Lots of people but not Jae, the man who would come back for me. 

I stare at a clock on the wall unable to read it. Cocking my head right and left it doesn't make any sense. all i can tell is a long pole pointing to a 6 and a short pole pointing to a 3   (3:30pm)

The elevator dings again as another group of people exit, but yet again no Jae. 

the elevator dings again. And again. And again. still nothing. where did he go?

The people that once walked by me start to lessen, the sky darkens and people come washing the floors. As i sit and wait a figure approaches me. I don't know this man. He stands tall with a navy outfit with a belt full of weird things i saw in the police station. 

figure: the shops closing you need to leave now

He struts away as soon as he said that I blink after him not knowing what he said and keep waiting. Jae told me to stay here and he'd come back so i will wait for him.

The figure approaches a second time this time pulling me off the seat and pushing me away from the chair. I don't know what he's doing so i let him push me. We open a set of doors and The whistling air hits me, I immediately wrap my arms around my self to stay warm. 

The rain pelt the ground relentlessly. and I stay under the small cover. I can't get wet. the people will find out. I nod to myself, I shall wait here for Jae.

i crouch down and hug my knees listening to the calming noise of the rain. 

Please Jae, I think, Please come back.

After waiting and the rain still not showing any signs of stopping, a pair of feet stop infront of me and as I look up to see who. It's Jae. He holds an umbrella over me and hold out his hand for me to take. 

He came back. I smile and take his hand. 

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