When A Mermaid Loves A Man

a horrible tornado whips through the ocean one day and throws a mermaid onto land where she see's the man who she falls so easily in love with. She will follow him wherever he goes even if he doesn't love her back. But if a man loves the mermaid back he will hear her thoughts.
but a problem is looming. Their gruesome fate has been placed with them repeating history of their past lives. will they find out in time? and will they be able to change the course of events?


5. 5.

Jae's POV:

I can only stare in awe as i'm Pulled from the police station by this woman. how could she just beat a bunch of cops.

As she drags me by the hand I notice a bracelet on her wrist. Looks like jade. I stop her and pretend to hug her and say, I'm so glad you're ok. But in actual fact i quickly pulled my phone out and shot a few pictures of her bracelet capturing the engravings as well.

I let go of her hastily and slip my phone back in my pocket as nothing had happened. She's still wearing my sweater and she has no shoes on. I internally cringe at the sight of being seen with her so I take her to the shops and put her into a dressing room after asking a lady to help pick her a dress. 

I sort through a bunch of dresses on racks for her as she sits waiting for me at the couch. I pull out this Sparkly pink dress and smirk at it. This should be good enough. I toss the dress at her and tell her to go change as I sit on the couch next to hers facing the changing rooms. 

When she doesn't move i lightly push her

J: Go already. we don't have all day. don't you talk either?

She doesn't say anything but get's up and the assistant must take her to the change rooms.

Ah she's so weird. what kind of girl doesn't have a family of clothes or anything.

As I sit on the couch I pull out my phone and send the photos to my friend Nate asking if he knows what that bracelet is. He immediately replies telling me that that bracelet was apparently lost by the king from the 16th century after he disappeared in a boat voyage. I almost scoff at the reply and look it up myself but it's true. that'l be worth at least a million dollars. I have to get it from her.

After a while The door slowly swings open and I sit up in my seat my heart fluttering for some reason. I take a deep breath, Stop it heart, I don't like this girl. When she appears standing there the dress slung over her shoulder I almost burst out laughing. this girl has no idea how to wear clothes.

I quickly rush into the stall with her and close the door as people began staring. 

J: ah come here. i'll do it for you.

I yank her closer to me and she stiffens, eyes wide as I put her into the dress. After i'm done she goes and sits on the couch again.

I shake my head and pay for her dress before going and buying her some emerald green shoes, Noticing she had cuts and scars on her feet as I put her shoes on was awfully strange. 

(mermaid look) 


I try slipping her bracelet off but she clings to it relentlessly. I sigh and roll my eyes. why is she so difficult.             After we leave the shoe shop i sit her down on a chair near the elevator and grab her hand. She doesn't smile or pull away so i'm not sure how she feels. I tell her i'm going to go somewhere and come back later. I lean in to hug her and she doesn't seem to notice this time as her braclet slips off and i put it into my pocket. As I move away and toward the elevator i can feel her gaze pressuring me through my back. I ignore it as I smile about having an extra million dollars. 

Anyway, she has to have a family or someone. she can't truly be alone. Someone will get her later, not me.


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