When A Mermaid Loves A Man

a horrible tornado whips through the ocean one day and throws a mermaid onto land where she see's the man who she falls so easily in love with. She will follow him wherever he goes even if he doesn't love her back. But if a man loves the mermaid back he will hear her thoughts.
but a problem is looming. Their gruesome fate has been placed with them repeating history of their past lives. will they find out in time? and will they be able to change the course of events?


4. 4.

Mermaid POV:

Where are these people taking me? Why didn't that other man at the house come with us? what are these things on my hands?

I begin to panic, feeling my heart pumping in my chest. Until I look out the window. The beautiful scenery flies past the window as we speed for the station. High rise buildings surround us with a view of the ocean. As we come to a stop at a light I manage to make eye contact with the people walking on the streets. My how they look at me so disgusted. Is it because i'm in this car?

As the car slows and pulls next to others cars to stop I feel my stomach rumble, an achy pain that I can't get rid of. I've missed my meal time. I wonder where they keep their fish, I'm terribly hungry. Just as I try to get out of the car my seat belt pulls me back. 

What is this?

I start scrambling out of the seat belt restraining me into the seat by climbing out the top of it. The door suddenly swings open and I nearly topple out of the car as I had been leaning against the door only to be pulled out roughly by the collar of this jumper to my feet. The pull me now by my handcuffs into the police station and sit me at a desk at the back of the room. I look around me, my eyes darting between each person and object that moves. I am in a room full of humans. Humans that take and destroy everything they find. 

I sit in my chair staring at my hands not wanting to aggravate them, when one sit's directly opposite me. I glance up cautiously and when he meets my eye with a stern glare I immediately look away. It seems I have already Aggravated them.

"State your name and why you were in his house." The officer says tiredly. As if he's done this too many times.

I stay silent. 

But I don't have a name.. And I was in his house because he is the man I love. Mermaids can only love once in their lives.

I suddenly stiffen at the thought of me just telling him I was a mermaid. He doesn't seem to react, as if he can't hear me. Just like the man in the house. Perhaps human's cannot hear me.

I smile at the thought as I suddenly lurch back in my seat as the officers hand reaches across the table and pulls a tissue out of a tissue box.

What is that? he pulls it out but there's another one still there?

I reach forward warily and gently touch at the tissue. It folds before the strength of my hand and I pull away startled, only to reach forward with more confidence and pull on it just as the officer did. The tissue slides out easily and another reappears in the same spot. I giggle with delight and pull them out one by one becoming more and more exited and faster. I see out of the corner of my eye the officer inquisitively glare at me and wiggle the gun at his side.

"Hey!" He suddenly yells at me. "stop that. are you crazy or something?"

I jolt at his suddenly loudness but continue pulling out the tissues until.. where did they go? The last tissue slipd from my hand and falls to the floor with the pile of other tissues surrounding my still bare feet.

My eye catches the glimmer of the officers gun and I lunge for it, wanting its shine for me to see closely. I rip it from the officers belt and he suddenly screams out, alerting everyone to watch us and suddenly the all go silent. I flips the gun around in my hand looking at it. 

What is it? It's not as shiny anymore.

I swing the guns around and everyone ducks before me their hands on their heads or in the air as the get down on the floor. I hear begging and pleading for me not to kill them.

I smile at the thought they are surrendering to me and I start marching around the room swinging the gun at anyone who dares to move when I hear the door creak and someone walk inside. It was him. The man from the house. He came back to save me. I try to rush over to him but an officer tackles me down to the ground. 

Why would he stop me from going to the one I love? how rude.

I I push the guy off with my legs and he goes flying to the other side of the room. As I approach the man I love I see him raise his hands in surrender. remembering I still have the gun I suddenly throw it back at the officer and pull my man out of the room slinging to his arm smiling happily.

He must really love me too if he came to save me from these people.


hope you enjoyed so far!!! Please keep reading ahah

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